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A/N Sorry for taking ages to get this chapter done. I have been doing many different things lately.


I looked over back into the living room. I can see that Maya is smiling away; I watch as she looks up and makes eye contact with me. A shiver runs through my spine. She smiles lovingly at me and waves. I automatically smile back, that is when I realised how I truly felt.

"I think your right Sam. I feel love towards her. I want to keep her safe. Gosh so many things, things I can’t even name”

“That’s what has happen Jacob. Trust you to fall for a vampire”
At this, I heard Sam burst out laughing,

“Bye Sam” I hang the phone up not waiting for his replied.

Chapter Eight

****************Cullen house, Hermione’s PVO

I watch as Jacob walks into the kitchen. A smile creeps onto my face.

“So… little sister of mine, what do you think of Jacob?” asks Jasper sitting down next to me. “And don’t lie I will know. Remember I can feel your feelings”

“Erm….” I start not wanting tell the truth

“I’m so confused, his scent drives me crazy, and there is something else too. I just want him to hold me, to be near me, never leave me. Does any of this make sense?” I say before placing my head in my hands.

I then feel Jasper rubbing my back trying to comfort me.

“It make perfect sense Maya, when I fist saw Alice, I felt all of those feelings. Edward felt then towards Bella, Rose towards Emmett.”

“What are you saying Jazz? Are you saying that you think that…?”

“Jacob is your mate. Yes, that’s what I’m saying” Jasper cut in.

Just as jasper finished his sentence, Jacob walked back into the room. I move along the couch a little to make room for him. I watch him walk over to the couch then sit next to me, taking a hold of my hand as he sits down. Electricity shoots through me.

I smile, looking towards our joint hands.

“Maya, there is something I need to tell you” he says moving my head to face him with his free hand.

“We’ll leave you along for a bit” I heard Esme saying as she and the others stood up and walked out of the room

“There’s something I need to tell you too,” I whisper softly

As I stare into Jacobs dark eyes, I see then light up with love and affection.

“Maya, Hermione. You know about me, and the fact I am a werewolf.”

“Yes” I replied never once removing my eyes from his.

“Well, sometime, one of our packs meets a certain someone; they get a strong connection with them. All they want to do is protect them, keep them safe, and love them. We call it imprinting. Sam, our pack alpha, imprinted on his wife Emily, and there are others but they have to go into a lot more explanations. Maya, all I want to do is protect you; I want no harm to reach you.”

“Jacob, I feel the same towards you, I think you are my mate too.” I whisper to him, after taking in his tale of imprinting.

I look at his face. A shocked impression stuck on it. I give a small giggle. A smile appears on his face. I lean forward slightly and let my lips brush his.

“I think I love you Jacob Black,” I whisper

“I think I love you Hermione” I hear him reply

************** Jaspers PVO

I watch hidden behind the door, as our Maya, held hands with what should be our enemy.

I could feel the love from both of them radiating round the room.

They are truly mate; the love is the strongest I gave ever felt. Worried

I am a little worried through, how is my wife, brothers and sisters going to take it.

Their little angel, our precise rose, all grown up.

I watch as their faces grow closer together again, their lips brush one another’s once more.


I jump in fright hearing a bird squawk from outside the window.

“I’ll get it” I hear Maya from the living room, laughter bubbling in her.

“I never thought a great big wolf would be scared of a barn owl,” she laughed

I make my way back into the living room. I hear that Jacobs’s heart is beating extremely fast. I guess he got a bit of a fright.

“It’s from Ginny,” said Hermione excitedly

************Hermione’s PVO.

I take the package off the bird’s leg gently as I could. The bird then flies from the window onto my shoulder.

I turn it over to see Ginny’s neat handwriting on the front.

‘Hermione, you left this in my trunk’

I unravel the package to find a golden frame. Turning it over I smile to myself,

I hear Jasper sitting down on the couch, and Esme and Carlisle coming into the living room.

“What did your friend send you dear?” asked Esme

I look over to her with a smile on my face, “A picture which I have always had by my bed for the last ten years”

I slowly turn the picture around for them all too see.

Within the picture was my family.

Esme had my six-year-old self on her lap, Carlisle at the right hand side of us. Edward at the left. Alice and Jasper sat crossed legged in front of us. And Rosalie and Emmett stood behind us.

“You still have it” I hear Esme whisper as she comes over to get a better look at the picture.

“Yes, I could never part from it, I even have the Christmas gifts you gave me still” I say putting my head down in embarrassment.

“You still have them?” asked Carlisle still in shock

“Yep every one of them” I hand the picture to Esme before dashing up the stairs to my room. I pull my trunk out of the cupboard, just as I smell Jacob coming into my room.

“What was all that about?” I hear him ask, confusion sounding in his voice

I sit back leaning onto the bed in my room. “When I was little, after the accident, we got a family picture done. Only one picture was ever printed. When I was being taken away to go aback to the UK, Esme gave me the picture. She told me I would need it more than her. I never let go of it. That picture has been my lifeline,” I say smiling up to him.

I watch as Jacobs head moves closer to me.

“You’re so sweet you know that” he whispers before catching my lips into a passionate kiss

“I sure do!” I giggle before turning back to my trunk and opening it.

As soon as it is open, I pull out a large white box. I stand back up, carrying the box in one hand and holding Jacobs in the other. We make our way back downstairs.

A/N hope you all liked, sorry about the long delay through. Updates should become a little quicker now, as I know what I want to happen. Please review

lady_nite x

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