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Disclaimer- Everything Harry Potter is J.K. Rowling’s I own nothing of that except for my plot, and this particular idea of vampires comes from the amazing house of night series (and I totally suggest checking them out )but um… the story is mine so please don’t copy I can’t think of anything else so we’re good to go!

A/N - This chapter starts with a memory then transitions into what would be the present I guess? Lol who knows but it’s really just for some back ground b/c it would be weird without it trust me I wrote it that way first. This is a story I’m starting b/c I am stuck on “my new family” and if you have some ideas I would love to hear/see them in a review for that story or this one w/e but um… yeah until I can figure where to go from where I am on that story I am stuck and going to start working on other stories until I have less brain damage or something… sorry for all this you guys are great.  Enjoy the story and thanks for reading. Peace - Layla

~Memory thingy~

My life, or “the life of Hermione Granger”, is perfect or rather that’s what everyone else thinks it is. But my life is far from perfect, and this imperfect life will end soon, hopefully. At the moment I am trying to think of anything besides what is being done to me. For at the moment I am being held down by five drunken men, and I am screaming my head off because they are doing some rather unpleasant things to me. It doesn’t take much to visualize their actions. I am where I am, because my so-called best friends handed me over to these people. They thought I needed a good time and that this would be the perfect way to go about setting it up. They stole my wand and handed me over to a group of drunken muggles.

My face is wet now from crying, my throat sore from screaming, my body bruised and bloody from the beating, and my heart broke from the betrayal.  But the men are gone and if I really wanted to I could get up (maybe), and go get some help, but I don’t want to. I want to stay here, and I want death to take me.


~Present? ~

My angle of death took me to a hospital, and in result, saved my life. How ironic. My angle of death, who I now know as Aoi, was not really an angel. He was a vampire but he was just as beautiful as an angel should be, and was also just as good hearted. He came for blood, but when he saw me broken and beaten he couldn’t take my life, because he claimed that if he did he wouldn’t be able to live with himself, and he can live forever so I guess for him it was the right decision.

I was lucky I guess. I didn’t get any sexually transmitted diseases, I was alive, not pregnant, and with a little time ‘everything should go back to normal.’  The last part wasn’t true but that was not going to happen anyways. I would never be friends with Harry and Ron again, and after meeting Aoi how could anything be the same.

I had never had a vampire as a best friend, or a gay guy.  Aoi was both and as he puts it “We’re going to be best friends forever!” Which is possible for him, but unlike the truth about vampires living forever the rumor about them being able to change people is a lie. Few people know that vampires are normal humans or witches until they are marked. They are marked with an empty crescent moon until they become mature vampires then their empty, black outlined crescents are filled in and expanded with a tattoo that embodies that vampire. Most of the time vampires are attracted to soon to be vampires so Aoi is sure that I have a chance at being one, but I won’t know until my sixteenth birthday.

If I do turn out to be one I will have to go to classes at Hogwarts designed to train young fledgling vampires that use to be witches  to deal with their magical powers and the new physical abilities they gain as their bodies change. A lot of kids don’t make it through the change. Their bodies reject it and they die a horribly painful death.

“Aoi, my birthday is tomorrow. I’m so nervous. What if I’m not….” I said softly. As I lay next to my best friend and he tried to think of ways to comfort me.

“If you’re not… then you’re not but we are still going to be best friends, and besides you’ve got some sleep to catch up on, so go to sleep.” Aoi whispered back.

I sighed and snuggled closer to him. If he wasn’t gay it would be awkward to do this, but he so is, and he was surprisingly really warm. I enjoyed the heat that rolled off his body and slowly fell asleep listening to his deep even breathing.

“Hermione! Wake up! Oh my God wake up!” Aoi screeched in my ear.

“What, what is it? Oh my God its only 6pm go back to bed.” I sighed and rolled over trying to go back to sleep as Aoi kept poking me to get up. I had been following his sleep schedule for months and he was trying to wake me up at the equivalent of 6 in the morning.

“No Hermione look! You, you, you have the mark! Well actually you have a filled in mark… but that’s still a fledgling mark! Wait fledgling marks don’t get filled in oh my God Hermione get up!” he continued to trill in my ear like he was at a boy band concert. Then it hit me.

I screamed and ran to the mirror. There it was my fledgling mark, but why was mine filled in? They weren’t supposed to be filled in. At Hogwarts only adult vampires were filled in. This was either really good or really bad. I needed to get to Hogwarts immediately, and not just because of the weird mark. If fledglings aren’t surrounded by adult vampires their bodies will reject the change and they die. If an adult vampire isn’t already with the one is sent the minute they change, so they can be brought to Hogwarts.

“Get your stuff Aoi we’re going to Hogwarts.” I said and jumped up and down with him. We packed quickly and finally left for what would be my full time home for at least the next four years unless I died.

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