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I do not own anything; NO Harry Potter, nor the characters, just a little harmless fun. I do not wish to sale or steal anything. I will never be as good as the real thing, but here I go anyways. Enjoy Chapter 1:Horrible dreams; Happy reunions It had happened many times before, but this was by far the worst. A young man of 16 had just woken up drenched in sweat in his Uncles house of Little Winging. This was no ordinary 16 year old boy, nor an ordinary dream, Harry Potter was his name and he was one of the most famous wizards in London, or the world for that matter. Harry had just relieved the night at the Department of Mysteries when his best friends were injured and his Godfather; Sirius Black fell through a veil in to nothingness. Only, do to the extreme circumstances, his Godfather died, and on the way to his death he repeated to Harry in his dream “Why Harry, Why did you do this, Whyy?; his voice fading as Harry woke with a jolt. He was doing this to him, Harry knew it, yet he did not dare tell anyone because he believed that his Godfather’s death was his fault, all of his fault. With a deep sigh he grabbed the book he had out on his nightstand, looked at the time which read “3:00 am”. He was sixteen by three hours, yet there was no glee on his face, he did not care. Hedwig was out delivering letters to his friends and responding to Professor Dumbledore’s incessant inquiries about his dreams. Aunt Petunia had finally snapped after the thirteenth night of Harry waking up screaming and wrote to Dumbledore about what was going on. “I can’t stand it any more, that boy wakes me, poor Duders, and practically the whole neighborhood up ever night. He is a freak that has gone crazy and I won’t take it anymore, not until he or YOU get control of him!” Aunt Petunia screamed when Dumbledore called. Harry was relieved that he would soon be leaving in four hours time, to where he did not know. He had inherited The Grimwald Place and most of Sirius’s fortune (Sirius gave Lupin part of it for some long deserved payback or something like that, and more to him for safe keeping), however Dumbledore felt that the effects of the house would not be good on Harry so he opted to choose a more controlled environment away from the normal places (no burrow), so as to keep Harry safe and still informed. Harry started reading his Chudley Cannons’ book for the hundredth time until he slowly nodded off into a fitful sleep. Wham! BOOM! “Wake UP!” Aunt Petunia screamed and Uncle Vernon yelled in unison. “Your... er... People are here, and I am bloody not well feeding them because you took too long!” Uncle Vernon added in an urgent whisper as he shut the door to Harry’s bedroom. Harry sprang up. “Alright I am coming” he said half asleep, half excited. He wondered who it was that was here to pick him up. He grabbed his things, combed his untamed hair feebly and headed down stairs. When he got to the landing at the bottom of the stairs, his jaw dropped, it was none other that Albus Dumbledore and Hermione Granger, or at least what looked sort of like Hermione. This girl was at least three inches taller, oh wait, that was because of the heeled shoes she was wearing. She had long straight brown hair and was wearing makeup. But it was Hermione, her beautiful brown eyes were staring contently at Harry, waiting for a proper welcome. Harry shook his head and scolded himself silently, ‘This is not the time to think that’ he thought ‘At least wait until you find out if she could forgive you and has the same feelings.’ His thoughts ended as abruptly as they had started when Dumbledore spoke up. “ Ah Harry, thought I’d make the trip myself to escort you but someone just wouldn’t take no for an answer” he ended with a slight twinkle in his eye. Hermione blushed slightly but stood firm. “ I see you are ready, I have just finished speaking to your lovely Aunt and we really must be going now, Tonks is waiting outside with Moody and she very specifically said that she would give me or Him a hex if I were too long.” He ended with a smirk. “I will help with that” Hermione said. She ran over to Harry and hugged him quickly before blushing again and picking up the other end of his trunk. “Hi Mione” Harry managed to see between the flip of his stomach when their eyes met and the unbreakable hug that was thrown on him unexpectantly. Dumbledore opened the door and Harry saw Tonks and Moody? Tonks looked normal, she had bubblegum hair, but Moody was looking really strange, his chunk of a nose was bright red and his hair, his hair was bright purple. “I guess you couldn’t wait Tonks?” Hermione managed to squeeze between her giggles. “Nope” Tonks replied before glaring once again over to Moody and then to Dumbledore. “Hi Harry” Tonks said brightly, while Moody kind of just mumbled “Potter” and nodded. “Where are we going” Harry asked as soon as he was away from ear shot of the Dursleys and their neighbors. “We are taking a port key to.. er.. well, you will see when we get there okay Harry?” Hermione said gently so as not to rouse Harry’s famous temper. “I guess” Harry said, realizing that his friend was uncomfortable and decided not to push the question any further. Hope you all liked it. It will be at least a week or two before the next chapter. I have finals coming up and they are not easy, you know Sociology and all. Thanks for reading, review if you like, good or bad comments are welcome. I am always looking forward to trying to improve myself. Thanks Essra

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