Hermione stepped forward, her name had been called and she was worried. Breathing in slowly she smiled and looked up at Hiril Launi, the Lady of the Woods.

“Hiril Launi” Hermione bowed her head.

“Neth Min, how are you on this fine day?” the woman asked.

“Well thank-you Nîn Hiril” Hermione smiled weakly and watched as the Lady rose from her seat, her Ohtar walking beside her at all times.

“Come walk with me Hermione” the Lady spoke, holding out her arm for Hermione to take. “Neth Min, you know the Wheel is turning…” Launi waited for Hermione to nod. “I have foreseen that you have to return to Hogwarts, there is someone there that needs your help and in return…” The Lady paused.

“Yes Nîn Hiril?”

“They will be your Ohtar” Launi sighed, she stopped and sat on the stone bench behind her, her toes curling around the grass below her.

“My Ohtar? But Nîn Hiril only Ar Min receive Ohtars!” Hermione knelt at Launi’s knees, Launi smiled and started to stroke Hermione’s hair which had grown lighter over the years and was know a light brown-dark blonde.

“That is not true, Neth Min. In the Old Times, when the Wheel turned for our ancestors all who could wield the One Power had an Ohtar. Now… we Edhels believe only Ar Min can wield the One Power”

“But Nîn Hiril, I can not wield the One Power”

“As of yet” Launi replied knowingly.

Hermione sat in silence waiting for Launi to continue speaking.

“Hermione, Neth Min, one of my sisters has foreseen you wielding the One Power and a man standing next to you, she believes him to be your Ohtar. She said ‘The blonde you seek is closer than you think’”.

Hermione stared up at Launi in confusion, what blonde man did she know?

“Hermione, be careful, the One Power is dangerous. Someone will come to teach you when you have gained access to the One Power”

“But, Nîn Hiril, how do I access the One Power?”

“Through patience and meditation” Launi smiled as Hermione’s faced winced. “This will be hard Hermione, but I know that something great will come of it. I feel a New Age is coming”



Hermione sat, straight backed, in the compartment waiting for her friends to come; they were late as usual.

Looking out the window she tried to seek a man of blonde but only saw Draco Malfoy who had a sneer across his face. Shaking her head she knew that he would never be her Ohtar, they hated each other to much. Turning away from the window she missed the curious gaze of the blonde that had realised she was watching.

Pulling on a stray strand of hair she closed her eyes and muttered to herself.

“Calm… patience and the One Power will come” slowing her breathing she tried to settle her body into a position easiest for meditation. Crossing her legs she smiled and relaxed her muscles before losing track of everything around her.

“Hermione!” someone yelled startling Hermione out of her meditation and causing her to jump off the chair and reach over her head where her bow and arrows would usually sit but we now at the bottom of her trunk. Blinking in confusion her arm dropped to her side and she stared into the face of Ron Weasley.

“We’ve been shouting your name for the last five minutes, it was like you had gone deaf or something” Harry said from beside her.

“Sorry… I was… sleeping” she mumbled before sitting back down and rubbing her temples, they hurt from being brought of her meditation quickly.

“Yeah, well McGonagall came by before and said she needed to see you in the front carriage as soon as possible” Ron said, he watched as Hermione quickly got back up and ran to the door.

“Thanks guys” she rolled her eyes and opened the door before walking briskly down the corridor to the front compartment.

Upon entering the first compartment, she noticed the complete difference of the compartment to the others. It was twice the size of any other and had couches instead of chairs, a coffee table and even a desk which she noticed Professor McGonagall was sitting at.

The woman looked up and smiled, “Ah, Miss. Granger good to see you” Hermione smiled weakly. “Well take a seat then” Hermione shuffled over to one of the couches that was vacant, she had noticed out of the corner of her eye that one was already taken.

Sitting down she watched as the Professor came over and took the other couch, smiling she looked at the two teens and started to talk.

“Now I am guessing you are both wondering why you are here” she began, Hermione took her first glance at the other occupant in the compartment and froze. It was Draco Malfoy, the only blonde she had seen on the station before she had started her meditation. He didn’t look very keen on being there at that moment. “You have both been, since you started at Hogwarts, excellent students. Always at the top of the grade and so, as this is your last year here, I have decided on giving you the title of Head Boy and Head Girl”.

Hermione and Draco’s heads turned to look at McGonagall in shock.

“I know this is a shock for you… but I hope you will both accept these duties” the woman smiled hopefully.

“I’ll do it Professor” Hermione smiled

“As will I” Draco said straight after causing Hermione to look at him oddly. She was surprised he had actually agreed to do something along side someone he thought to be a ‘mudblood’.

“Very well… I will leave both of you to organise the first Prefect meeting, the lists of the Prefects is on the desk as are pens and paper” she smiled before standing up and walking to the compartment door. “Oh, and as you are both Head’s… I would like you both to attempt to put aside your differences” she looked from Hermione to Draco and back before opening the door and leaving.

Hermione blinked a few times and heard Draco sigh, as if he had been holding a breath the whole time McGonagall had been talking.

“So… shall we start preparing for the meeting?” he asked, Hermione turned around quickly and nodded.



After three hours of organisation the two sighed and sat back on the couches, both happy with how the meeting would run. Hermione, realising they had three more hours to go until they reached Hogwarts stood up to go and get changed into her school clothes.

“Where are you going?” Draco asked.

“The bathroom… to get changed” Hermione watched as Draco just nodded and turned away. Leaving the compartment she walked down to Ron and Harry, got her school clothes while saying she would be back in a few hours, got changed and went back to the Head’s Compartment.

Opening the door she walked in and bumped straight into Draco, gripping onto his jumper to stop her falling she realised he had wrapped an arm around her waist to stop the fall also. Looking up at his face she smiled weakly.

“Thanks” she mumbled before releasing his jumper and removing his arm. Moving over to the one window she laid her robe on the floor and sat cross legged on it, getting back into a meditation position she sighed and went completely oblivious to the world around her.

For those who don't speak Elf:
Hiril Launi – Lady Launi

Neth Min – Young One

Ohtar – Warrior-Protector

Nîn Hiril – My Lady

Ar Min – Royal One

Edhel – Elf

I haven't been writing in ages... so I hope this is okay. Please review, feed-back is always helpful :)

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