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Disclaimer: Still just a preschool teacher - I have not morphed into JKR.

Chapter 6: Hearts Afloat

Rose awoke to an obnoxiously bright light streaming onto her pillow. Odd. She never fell asleep without drawing the curtains around her four poster. She cracked one eye open cautiously, and noticed a smirking Bree leaning toward her. Ugh. It’s too early to be assaulted. What’s going on?

“Rose! You have a game in like, twenty minutes. You weren’t at breakfast. Malfoy – who looks particularly drool-worthy today, might I add – stormed over to the Slytherin table, insisting I attempt to rouse you… apparently, he is not Ravenclaw enough to figure out the new password you set over your door…I, however, only needed all of two seconds to guess where your mind has been this past week.” At this, she snickered.

Rose groaned and sat up.  “I know, I know. I'm pathetic. Please get all of your merciless teasing out now, I do not want to risk being overheard.”

Rose jumped out of bed and reached over Bree to gather her Quidditch uniform, which she had carefully laid out over her trunk the previous night. Slipping out of her flannel pyjamas, she hurriedly threw her Quidditch gear on and hastened to the bathroom to wash her face.

Bree, of course, followed. Rose fastened her bed-mussed hair in a high ponytail and braced herself for her best mate’s taunts.

“Well, Rose, I guess he would never think that you would use his own name as your password. I mean, honestly, “Scorpius” is not a common word to cross his lips, I am sure. However, as your best friend and someone who is concerned for your privacy, I do recommend changing it shortly. Otherwise, any time my darling twin or one of his other  mates shouts out Malfoy’s name, your chambers will stand un-protected from prying male eyes,” Bree drawled lazily, inspecting her nail polish for non-existent chips.

“Bree, hon, I would love to stay here and listen to your sage advice. However, I am obviously running a tad bit late. I am going to jump on my broom now and fly out this window to the pitch, okay? Otherwise Finnegan will sell my starting Seeker position to the highest bidder,” Rose stated while grabbing her newly aqcuired Lightning Bolt from its esteemed corner.

“Alright, Seeker-girl, I will let you off the proverbial hook… for now. Al and I will be rooting for you from the Gryff stands, as usual, but if Bray asks, I wanted him to win,” Bree laughed as she headed for the door.

Rose sighed and headed for the window, opening it to reveal a rarely-seen Scottish blue sky, free of clouds. As she mounted her broom and leaned out of the window, she smiled to herself. Well, luck seems to be on my side. No wind. Now I just need to remember what Vic told me about flirting from my broom, because I obviously had no time to follow her first command: dress to impress.

Oh well. Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor. This was bound to be a game Rose would remember for quite awhile, regardless of the outcome.

*** Roughly 3 Hours later, Quidditch Stands ***

“’Mione. What is Rosie doing up there?,” Ron Weasley asked his wife for the third time.

Hermione sighed, set down her book and glanced at her agitated husband. His ears were taking on a rather red tint. “Oh, honestly, Ronald. As I stated the first two times you asked, I am not certain what our daughter is doing. I would imagine she is Seeking, as that is her job at this point.”

“But, ‘Mione! All she and that Malfoy boy do is keep on circling each other! We have been sitting here on these blasted bleachers watching her circle the pitch for an eternity! This is uncomfortable – I am certain these ruddy benches were not this narrow when we went to school in this place. They are gnome-sized! I reckon we pop on over to the Burrow for a bite, and then head back here to finish the game. At this rate, they will still be playing in the morning!,” Ron whined.

“Ronald Weasley, we will do no such thing. And the seats have not shrunk, dear – you have grown. Obviously. Now, Rosie must have her reasons for doing what she is doing. I have never really understood this family’s obsession with the game, but I do know some form of strategy is typically involved. Oh, here come Ginny and Harry. They must have had enough fun embarrassing Al and his new girlfriend.” Hermione turned to wave at the Potters as they made their way across the stands.

“Harry! Ginny! Please tell Ronald that his daughter is more important than his stomache,” Hermione said as the couple sat directly behind them.

Ginny, her long red hair tied back in an emerald ribbon, rolled her eyes. Harry merely snickered and pulled something out of the rucksack slung over his shoulder.

“Here, Ron, catch,” Harry said, tossing his mate what looked to be a mountainous sandwich and handing another to Hermione, “Your Mum must be a Seer. She knew you would be beyond all point of reasoning at some point today unless we kept your system clogged with good old-fashioned Molly-Fuel.”

Hermione ignored the men’s easy chatter, which had now turned to the finer points of the game at hand. She turned to Ginny after taking a delicate bite of her own lunch. “So? What is she like? Do she and Albus appear serious?”

“The Zabini girl seems a rather sharp match for our Albie, I must admit. True Slytherins, the both of them. They are quite a striking pair. Their children would be gorgeous, I imagine, what with Brianna’s hair and Al’s eyes,” Ginny giggled.

“Don’t go planning a wedding so soon. You know Al is more like Harry than he’d care to admit – it may take him years to even consider popping the question, when the right girl does strike his fancy,” Hermione warned with a laugh.

“Don’t remind me. Honestly, men can be so blind, eh? I mean, it is obvious that poor Victoire is waiting on pins and needles for Teddy to ask for her hand, yet he is off gallivanting around in the States,” Ginny replied with a grimace.

“Gallivanting around? Gin, I would hardly call studying under one of the most gifted Herbologists in the world as “gallivanting.” It was an honor for Ted to even be considered for that prestigious internship, and Vic is quite aware of that. Besides, Teddy is yet another man raised by your Harry, and therefore is likely weighing his decisions very carefully in regards to becoming an “official Weasley” – I am telling you, he may not be a Potter by name, but he has more Potter in him than one would imagine,” Hermione mused.

“I suppose you are right. Maybe I will have a talk with Al, though, just in case. I want him to know that we will support any decision he makes in regard to his choice of bride when that time—HEY! What is Rose thinking? She almost lost Gryffindor the game just then! The Snitch was in view! I am certain she saw it… in fact, I would have to say that Scorpius saw it as well, yet neither of them reached for it… it almost seems as though they are both trying to prolong the game for some reason…” Ginny trailed off as Scorpius suddenly dashed over to the right of the field, heading straight toward the commentator’s stand.

“Hey, Mum, Dad. Aunt Ginny, Uncle Harry,” Hugo suddenly appeared behind the foursome with a rather sour expression on his face. He slumped to the bench beside Ginny.

“Darling, what’s the matter?,” Hermione asked concernedly, instantly in Mother-Mode.

“Nothing, Mum. At least, I hope its nothing. Its just… well, I am sure you will find out soon enough,” Hugo stated in an uncharacteristically bothered manner.

“Hugh, have you any idea what game your sister has been playing up there? ‘Cause it sure as Merlin doesn’t seem like its Quidditch to me,” Ron turned to question his son.

“Dad, uhm… I am staying out of this one. Catch you all later,” Hugo said as he quickly pulled himself to his feet and made his way over to Lorcan Scamander, who was seated several rows behind and to the left of the group.

“Odd. I wonder what that was about,” Harry murmured, his Auror-instincts swinging into high-gear.

At that moment, everyone’s attention was drawn back to the game as an unidentifiable  voice suddenly rang loud and clear over the pitch, “Erm… can I have your attention, folks?” A hush fell over the crowd, the game momentarily halted in surprise.

“Ron, look, its Scorpius! And he is smiling… at Rose!,” Hermione breathed.

Hermione watched as Rose quickly looked over at Scorpius in apparent shock, obviously unsure of what was about to occur. What is going on there, Hermione wondered.

“I wanted to take a moment, while everyone was still gathered together – I mean, where else would you be, right? Yours truly has yet to claim the Snitch! – to make an announcement. A rather significant announcement. But before I do, I just want to let certain more hot-tempered members of the audience know that if any howlers are to be sent in response to my news, I hope that they are directed at me. Now, as I am about to lose my nerve, not to mention my mic as I see ol’ Longbottom making his way up here, I will just go ahead and say it. Rose Weasley – I am sure it is no surprise to you, but I am in love with you. I would be honored if you would consent to be my girlfriend. Officially, I mean. You can think about it if you want to. There. I have said what I needed to say. Now, the game can commence.”

And with that, Scorpius handed the microphone to a spluttering, slack-jawed Neville and flew nervously over to the center of the pitch, where Rose was clearly hanging on to her broom with a stronger-than-necessary grip. The audience was still stunned into silence.

And then several things happened at once.

In the Ravenclaw stands, a man’s voice was heard, “Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, you will be hearing from your mother and I later this evening, you can bet on it!”

In the Gryffindor stands, several red-heads were whispering among themselves and shooting furious glances at the center of the Quidditch pitch. One man in particular leapt unsteadily to his feet, and then promptly fainted in disbelief as his wife rolled her eyes.

And high above the arena, the game long forgotten, one red-headed girl had eyes only for the blonde boy in front of her. Acting on instinct, she flew as close as her precision-accurate broom would allow and angled toward him. As she did so, she noticed something glinting in the sunlight near his right ear. She leaned over and clasped it in her fist as a grin spread across her face, and she pressed her lips to his.

As she pulled back several heated moments later, she opened her fist and smirked at her breathless boyfriend. “I guess you may need to relinquish the title of ‘Star Seeker.’ But don’t worry – I still love you,” Rose said with a cheeky smile.

And the crowd cheered.

A/N: Only one more chapter before the epilogue! *Sniff* I cannot believe it! I hope all of you lovely readers enjoyed this bit of fluff. ☺ Oh – If you are following my Dramione story, “Confessions,” I have recently posted a companion piece to that called "Stolen Schatzi." I should also have another chapter to GG up shortly! Happy reading!

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