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Disclaimer: I'll say it once more: ME NO OWN HARRY POTTER! Though I own the stupid people that I made up and make no money off of…shame…
Chapter 7: Classes- Part 2

The next day the first years set off for their next set of classes. Lily hoped that the classes would be as fun as charms, or at least not as complicated as Transfiguration. Lily and her friends headed towards Herbology, in which they had to go out of the castle to the greenhouses for class.

Professor Sprout, the Herbology teacher, was also the head of Hufflepuff. They had Herbology with the Hufflepuffs, and though Professor Sprout didn't seem to favor her students it was obvious that Herbology was a lot of the Hufflepuffs’ best subject. Nonetheless, Lily managed to earn a few points for Gryffindor for answering a lot of Professors Sprouts questions on the strange plants that they were to learn about.

There next class was Defense Against the Dark Arts. Lily thought the subject seemed interesting enough. Their teacher Professor Claude was a friendly middle age wizard who believed in practical lessons but that understanding must come first. So for their first lesson they took notes the entire time, though it was more interesting than the notes that they took in History of Magic. They were also a lot less complicated than the notes taken in Transfiguration.

After Lunch the first years headed off to their last class of the day, potions, which they had with the Slytherins. Lily and her friends walked through the dungeons toward the classroom. They were almost just outside the door when Lily accidentally ran into one of the Slytherin first years.

"Watch were your going, you filthy little mudblood!" he said rather rudely.

Lily had no idea what a mudblood was but she knew an insult when she heard one. Several people gasped and looked at Lily to see her reaction. She had no time to say anything because the next thing that she knew James had his wand out and was pointing it at the Slytherin. Lily knew that they didn't know much magic, but she didn't know how much this James person knew.

"You'll pay for that one!" said James.

Lily didn't need to think twice. She got out her wand and pointed in at James.

"Leave him alone!" yelled Lily. She could tell that James was surprised because he just stood there staring at her puzzled. But no one had time to react, because the next person to step in was their Potions professor, Professor Baddock.

"What do we have here?" the Professor asked while surveying the three first years. "Ah, are you threatening one of my students?”

It wasn't really a question because he didn't wait for an answer, nor for any sort of explanation to what was happening.

"Well then, you may join me in detention tomorrow evening at seven o'clock sharp. And let's see twenty points from Gryffindor. Now if you all will-"

"But Professor," said James, who seemed to recover first, "He called her a mud-"

"That is another five points from Gryffindor, for interrupting me with pointless things. Now everyone make your way into the class before I take away even more points."

"Thanks a lot Potter!" Lily whispered angrily while the professor walked into the classroom.

"What did I do?" James asked shocked.

"Thanks to you I now have detention!" Lily said and without waiting for a reply walked into the classroom to sit next to her friends.

Lily asked her friends what the word ‘mudblood’ meant. What she found out didn't surprise her. Now she knew what to expect in the wizarding world. Lily didn't talk much the rest of the day; she was upset that she would never really be accepted anywhere, in the muggle world or in the magical one.

James sat down at the Gryffindor table for dinner. He still didn't understand why Lily was mad at him. He also didn't understand why she pointed her wand at him when it should have been pointed at the bloody Slytherin. However, his thoughts were soon interrupted by Remus.

"Hey guys, I am leaving tomorrow to go visit my mum," he said rather sadly.

"Oh, is she ill?" Sirius inquired.

"Yeah," he said while looking down at his plate.

"When will you be back?" asked James.

" Um, Friday," he said still looking down.

"Oh, alright," said James, "I hope she feels better."

James and Sirius started up a conversation about Quidditch. They had no idea what Remus had no plan to go visit his 'sick' mother, but was actually planning to spend Wednesday evening in a certain house for a certain reason.

A/N: Right well… before everyone gets all huffy. I KNOW Slughorn is there professor. But I don’t really want to rewrite every potion scene with him, so I’m just going to have him come in later… namely third year. So anyway, I know its short. I’m going to go ahead and start editing the next one.

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