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I ran along the corridor panicking “shit, shit, shit, shit,” I muttered spinning around in a circle searching for a wall to kick.

“Ouch!” I yelled as my foot connected painfully with the wall “shit!” I continued to limp franticly along the corridor moaning and cursing under my breath, thoroughly alarming a group of second years on my way to the common room.

“Scarlett Summers!” I heard a familiar bellow and I began to limp even faster muttering under my breath. Unfortunately Oliver was much faster than me and I soon found myself pinned to a wall.

“You know it’s not polite to pin girls to walls,” I muttered as I wiggled away.

Oliver shook his head and held me tighter “you know it’s not polite to kiss people then run away locking them in a classroom.”

“Oh right,” I muttered blushing, then I looked up curiously “how did you get out.”

Oliver gave me a bemused look “I do own a wand Scarlett.”

“Oh, right.”

“Now what the hell is wrong with you?” demanded Oliver.

I blinked and thought for several seconds before I responded “what the hell is wrong with you?” I yelled screwing up my face aggressively.

Oliver looked taken aback “what?”

“Exactly!” I yelled using my free hand to jab him “it’s all your fault.”

Oliver looked confused “What's all my fault!”

“The poltergeist is on the loose and the jabberwocky is mad!”

Oliver blinked several times “are you drunk?”

“Are you?” I yelled before bursting into noisy fake tears.

Oliver abruptly let go of me and looked panicked “Summers are you alright?”

“Run!” I yelled sprinting off towards the common room. I heard Oliver swear and I simply ran faster.

He blundered through the portrait hole after me still yelling my name. Luckily I made it to the girls’ staircase before he reached me and I quickly dashed into my dormitory slamming the door behind me.

“Shit!” I muttered kicking Alicia’s bed soundly “shit shit shit!” my injured foot connected with the wood sending a throbbing pain through my leg.

“Shit!” I muttered before flopping down onto my own bed and bursting into tears.



Almost an hour later Alicia, Katie and Angelina returned from charms in a whispered conversation.

“Hey Scarlett?” Alicia sat on the end of my bed “funny question, but why the hell did we find the room we left you in trashed?”

“No reason,” I said in a small voice.

“Really because there was a very pissed off suit of armour we had to re-assemble,” said Angelina in the same sickly sweet tone as Alicia “it mentioned something about a little blonde kicking walls?”

“There are other blondes in the castle you know,” I muttered still burying my face in my pillow “and I'm not that little!”

“True,” agreed Katie “but none of them kick walls or lock their quidditch captains in abandoned classrooms.”

“I'm sure some of them do,” I said.

“By the way?” asked Alicia thoughtfully “why is Oliver sitting at the bottom of our stairs muttering.”

I shrugged “how should I know?”

“Scarlett,” said Angelina in a warning tone “what did you do?”

“I kissed him,” I mumbled under my breath.

“WHAT?” the three of them shrieked incredulously.

“Yes!” Alicia and Angelina high fived triumphantly “we knew it!”

“wait!” said Katie cautiously “if you kissed, why are you up here and he’s down there looking like the grim reaper just turned up to his birthday party?”

“Oliver’s birthday is in October,” I muttered.

“Answer the question,” said Angelina sternly.

“I locked him in the classroom and ran away,” I mumbled quickly under my breath.

“Scarlett!” wailed Alicia “why would you do that?”

“I didn’t mean to kiss him!” I exclaimed “it was an accident! He was yelling at me!”

“Snape yells at you all the time and you don’t kiss him!” exclaimed Angelina “no wonder Oliver is pissed.... wait...” she noticed my guilty face “What else did you do?”

“Nothing!” I exclaimed.

Alicia pinched me “what did you do?”

“He broke out of the classroom and ran after me,” I said sheepishly.

“That’s so sweet,” exclaimed Katie.

“Focus,” said Angelina sternly “what else did you do Scarlett?”

“He caught me,” I said “and I confused him into letting me go.”

“You confused him into letting you go?” repeated Alicia slowly “how the hell did you manage that?”

“I yelled random things and then burst into tears,” I muttered sheepishly “he was surprised enough to let go so I ran away.”

Angelina shook her head in despair and Alicia wailed “What is wrong with the two of you?”

“Well at least you're on the same page as the rest of us now,” said Katie cheerfully.

I blinked “huh?”

“You like Oliver,” said Katie slowly “surely you’ve figured that much out by now?”

I blinked again “no I don’t.”

“Yes you do!” said Alicia “and another thing...”

Whatever she was about to say was interrupted when a loud banging sounded from outside our door “Summers open the door or I’ll break it down!”

“Shit!” I squeaked “how did he get up the stairs.”

“Open up Titch!” Fred’s voice floated through the door.

“Don’t open the door!” I begged looking around desperately for a place to hide before sprinting for the wardrobe and locking myself inside.



I heard the door bang open and I hid myself behind one of Alicia’s coats.

“Where is she?” I heard Oliver demand.

“Wardrobe,” said Alicia flatly.

“Traitor!” I yelled. I peeped through the keyhole and watched as Oliver crossed the room and stood outside the wardrobe door.

“Scarlett have you completely lost your mind?” he demanded flatly “hiding in a wardrobe to avoid confrontation is ridiculous.”

“I'm not hiding!” I yelled back “I'm looking for Narnia.”

Angelina snorted “I should never have let her read those books,” she confided to George “she spent an entire week searching every wardrobe in the castle for magical lands.”

“It was in first year!” I said sulkily “you don’t get to hold it against me.”

Alicia snorted “it was last month and it isn’t the issue here.”

“There is no issue here!” I yelled “I'm happy, you’re happy, now why doesn’t everyone go to dinner and let me continue my search for magical lands in peace!”

“Scarlett,” said Oliver in a warning tone.

“Oh look!” I exclaimed cutting him off “I’ve found Narnia! There’s a friendly jabberwocky over there!”

“Jabberwockies are from Alice in Wonderland and they aren’t friendly,” said Katie flatly “now come out and talk to Oliver.”

“No!” I said stubbornly “I'm moving into the wardrobe! I’ll live off mothballs if I have to!”

Oliver began to lose his temper “Scarlett this is ridiculous!” he yelled “you kissed me and then ran away what the hell is going on?”

“I don’t know!” I yelled back “it was an accident!”

“It was an accident?” he repeated his face like stone “you accidently kissed me?”

“Well it’s not like I’d do it on purpose!” I blurted.

He looked momentarily hurt before he glared “you know what Summers? I'm done being constantly confused!” he turned around and left slamming the door behind him.

Tentatively I unlocked the door and stepped out as Alicia clapped slowly “well done.”

“Shut up,” I muttered flopping down on my bed “I wish I lived in Narnia.”




I skipped dinner and spent the next hour hiding under my blankets feeling like a terrible person. Alicia and Angelina conducted a whispered conversation in the corner and Katie lay spread across her bed reading a muggle romance novel blushing furiously.

After almost a minute of watching her flaming face my curiosity finally overcame me "What are you reading?”

She sighed dreamily “in the arms of a pirate.”

Alicia burst out laughing “let me see that, is that one of my novels?” she plucked the book from Katie’s reluctant fingers, and began to read aloud “his strong firm hand trailed across her tender milk white skin, she shivered delicately savouring the delectable feeling of his touch as it brought the liquid flame in her veins roaring to life...”

“Ok ew,” I exclaimed “we don’t need to hear that!” the book bore a picture of an extremely muscular, tanned man with no shirt and an earring standing on the deck of a ship. His blonde hair was almost as long as my own and in his arms he held a pale red haired woman with extremely large breasts who seemed to be on the verge of fainting in his arms.

“Ok wow,” I muttered “for a pirate that guy is weirdly metro sexual.”

Katie glared “it reminds me of you and Oliver.”

I blinked “wait so I'm a busty woman in a red dress and Oliver is a gay pirate!”

“He’s not gay!” exclaimed Katie indignantly “he and Brandy have had sex four times already and it’s only page 128.”

Alicia snorted “judging from what I read they’re heading for a fifth time.”

“Wait!” I exclaimed “you think I remind you of a busty red headed woman named Brandy?”

Katie sighed “Brandy and Victor are....”

“Wait!” exclaimed Angelina giggling uncontrollably “the gay pirate is called Victor?”

“He’s not gay!” yelled Alicia and Katie at the same time.

“Anyway,” continued Katie “Brandy sneaks onto Victor’s ship and joins his crew but over time they try to repress their longing for each other and they end up fighting all the time... sound familiar?”

“No,” I said with a snort “because Oliver isn’t a gay pirate and I'm not a slut named Brandy.”

“He’s not gay!” insisted Alicia “just slightly metro sexual.”

Angelina looked thoughtfully at Katie “go on, what happens to Brandy and Victor?”

“Well,” continued Alicia “they are unable to repress their virile longing any longer and they end up having sex, but Brandy starts to think she’s pregnant and she knows Victor has sworn never to marry so she runs away but gets kidnapped by his enemy. But Victor realises he can’t live without her and he goes and rescues her and then they get married and spend the rest of their days sailing the sea’s on Victors ship.”

“Virile longing...” I repeated incredulously “Oliver and I do not have virile longing! Besides, who even uses a phrase like that?”

Alicia shrugged “call it what you like Scarlett, but the fact is you and Oliver want to do each other and you’re both to stubborn to admit it.”

Angelina snorted “wow Alicia, don’t tiptoe around the issue there,” she looked at me solemnly “Scarlett what do you think of when you think of Oliver?”

“Quidditch,” I answered immediately.

Alicia rolled her eyes and resumed whispering with Angelina and Katie returned to her book. I lay back down and tried to clear my mind. However I couldn’t stop thinking about Oliver, after several minutes I sat bolt upright “oh my god!” I breathed “I like Oliver.”

Alicia and Angelina whooped in elation “finally!” exclaimed Alicia.

“Took long enough,” grumbled Katie good naturedly.

I blinked several times “I like Oliver!” I repeated dazedly.

“Well go tell him that!” exclaimed Angelina.

“No!” I exclaimed vehemently “no way!”

“Here we go,” muttered Alicia “for once stop being stubborn and obsessive and just do what we tell you!”

“but I cant!” I wailed “it’s a matter of principle!”

Alicia looked murderous as she poked me several times “I am so sick of that phrase!” she exclaimed “and you're not using it as an excuse this time! Now go and tell Oliver that you want him to be the Victor to your Brandy!”

I blinked “but I don’t want him to be a gay pirate.”

Angelina sighed “we don’t mean that, we mean you like him, he likes you so go explain it to the poor boy and put him out of his misery before he finds someone else!”

I nodded breathlessly “I can do that,” I squeaked “I'm going to tell Oliver!”



I sprinted down the stairs and into the common room running into Fred and George as I exited the portrait hole.

“Have you seen Oliver?” I demanded.

Fred shook his head his customary grin missing “last I saw him he was leaving about ten minutes ago.”

“Don’t screw with him again Scarlett,” said George “poor blokes confused.”

“I'm not going to,” I said with a grin “I like Oliver!”

The twins looked flabbergasted “you finally caught up with the rest of us then,” said Lee with a grin “congratulations, took you long enough.”

I stuck out my tongue and jogged out the portrait hole “Wish me luck!” I yelled over my shoulder.

“With what?” Richard grinned and caught me by the arm “where are you hurrying off to?”

I blushed, I’d forgotten about him “doesn’t matter,” I said quickly “have you seen Oliver?”

Richard nodded thoughtfully “yeah, I think I saw him before, he was in the library.”

“Great,” I said cheerfully “bye...”

“Wait a sec,” laughed Richard “I need to find Madison anyway, I’ll walk you there. I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages!”

“I know,” I said with an uneasy laugh. Richard slung his arm over my shoulder and as we walked along towards the library I continued to make uneasy conversation with him.

“So...” I said my eyes darting around nervously “how about those jabberwockies?”

Richard blinked “huh?”

“Never mind.”

He grinned “you really are a strange girl, you know that?”

I sighed “you have no idea.”


When we reached the library I practically skipped inside wishing desperately that Richard would just disappear so that I could talk to Oliver. Richard however didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving.

We finally spotted Oliver sitting in a desk by the window and I felt my heart stop when I noticed what he was doing.

His arm was slung over the back of the chair of the girl next to him and from where I was standing they appeared to be trying to eat each other’s faces.

When the girl spotted Richard she pulled away and waved. To my immense horror I recognised Madison.

Richard grinned “Well I never would have pegged those two huh?”

I blinked “I have to go!” I blurted.

Richard looked stunned “hey, you are ok with them being together aren’t you?”

“They’re dating!” I exclaimed “when did this happen?”

Richard shrugged “he asked her out at dinner, I was sitting next to her.”

“I have to go!” I repeated desperately.

Richard looked suspicious “do you like him?”

“What? No!” I gave a high pitched laugh “why would you think that? I just have to go and tell the girls about this!”

Richard looked confused “why?”

I gave a huge fake grin “because Alicia is always the first to know everything and this is the first time I have gossip....”

Richard relaxed and laughed “alright,” he kissed the tip of my nose making me feel like a rabbit “off you go.”



I sprinted through the corridors until I reached the common room where I bolted up the stairs and into our dormitory only to find Lee and the Weasly twins sitting on our floor chatting to Katie, Alicia and Angelina.

I blinked “ok have I mentioned how disturbing it is that you three can get in here?”

“Forget that!” exclaimed Alicia “how did it go with Oliver?”

“Don’t want to talk about it,” I muttered “I don’t like him anyway.”

Angelina and Katie exchanged despairing looks

“What is it now?” wailed Alicia.

“He’s dating Madison!” I yelled.

Everyone fell into disbelieving silence “the snotty Ravenclaw?” demanded Fred “no way!”

“He is!” I insisted “I walked in on them making out in the library; apparently he asked her out at dinner!”

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Alicia “what I wrong with the two of you?”

“It’s not my fault!” I wailed.

George looked disgusted “but of all the girls in the world he had to choose a pretentious bitch?”

Lee looked horror-struck “so now we have to have her and Richard at our table!”

Fred swore “that’s it; I'm eating in the kitchens from now on.”

“Does Richard know you like Oliver?” asked Katie curiously.

I shook my head “no, I told him the reason I ran away when I saw them kissing was because I had to tell Alicia the gossip.”

George snorted “guys an idiot if he bought that.”

“Shut up,” I muttered burying my head under my pillow “I'm running away to Narnia.”

“Great,” muttered Alicia “well it should be safe for you now since the White Witch has left Narnia and decided to date Oliver.”

“I am not spending every day listening to her making pretentious comments about everything,” said Angelina flatly, she mimicked Madison’s snobby tone “quidditch is a chauvinistic, antiquated ritual that enforces negative stereotypes.”

Fred exchanged a solemn look with George and Lee “we’ll have to kill her.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake,” muttered Katie “we’ll just have to put up with it, that’s what friends do.”

I gaped indignantly “you didn’t do that for Richard!”

George snorted “because you’re incredibly naive and Richard was going to screw you over. Oliver is a big boy, he knows what he’s getting into.”

Angelina sat bolt upright “Scarlett did he hit his head trying to escape the classroom? It could be temporary insanity.”

I shook my head “I don’t think so...” I said slowly.

Katie hugged me sympathetically “Are you alright?”

I nodded “I'm fine, just peachy.”

“If you’re using the word peachy then you’re clearly not fine,” said Alicia flatly. She continued in a more gentle tone “it’s alright to be upset that he’s dating someone else Scarlett.”

“I'm not upset,” I insisted “I didn’t even like him... much.”

“Back to the point!” insisted George “we have to get rid of Madison!”

Fred’s face lit up “operation MIASBWNTGRO”

Katie looked confused “what on earth is MIAwhatsit?”

George grinned “operation “Madison Is A Snooty Bitch We Need To Get Rid Of.”

“Too long,” said Angelina firmly “We’ll never remember it, how about operation GROM?”

I blinked “huh?”

Angelina shrugged “operation Get Rid Of Madison.”

Alicia grinned “I like it!”

George looked mutinous “There was nothing wrong with MIASBWNTGRO!”

“Except no one can remember it,” said Katie gently “it’s ridiculous.”

“This whole thing is ridiculous!” I objected “and unnecessary! I'm fine with Oliver dating someone else.”

Lee looked apologetic “sorry Scarlett, we love you but we aren’t doing this just because of you.”

I blinked “then why?”

“Because Madison is a snooty bitch we need to get rid of,” said George “imagine the hell we’ll go through being around her.”

Fred looked pleading “please Scarlett! You have to help us.”

“Why me?”

George shrugged “because you’re good at this sort of thing.”

I sighed “fine.”

“Yes!” Fred and George high fived “operation GROM is a go!”

“Oh god,” I muttered flopping back on my bed.






Reviewer challenge: What will operation GROM consist of?

A/N so, bet no one was expecting that? What does everyone think of Madison by the way?


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