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The Meeting- Sirius Black

I stood, awed as the Phantom Phoenixes dueled. First, we found out they’re girls, then we watch those same girls kick ass.

“Well, that was interesting,” I heard James say beside me as they were led off the sand by medi-wizards.

“Yeah,” I said. “Didn’t see that one coming.”

Remus smirked, “Well, Mr. Potter did tell us that girls participated.”

“Moony!” I turned to face him. “Did you see that one throw that punch? That was amazing!”

He smiled, “Really impressed?”

“Defiantly,” I said, “I wish I could meet them.”

“Well, didn’t that Burns guy ask my dad to talk with them after the Duel?” James stood from his place on the floor. “Isn’t he their idol or something?”

“Oh, yeah,” I chugged the last of my water and stood up also.

The door opened and Mr. Potter came through, “So, you enjoy?”

I nodded eagerly. “There are some good Duelers here.”

Someone laughed behind James’ dad. “Good?”

Mr. Burns and Mr. Potter came into the room.

“Well, boys,” Mr. Burns was saying. “We’d better be getting a move on.”

“Why?” I asked.

He laughed again, “The award ceremony is on in a few minutes.”

“Ceremony?” James asked from my right.

“Yes, it’s where the winners will be presented with a trophy, very quick, trust me.”

“Yes,” Mr. Potter agreed. “Only about seven minutes.”

“Where is it held?” Remus asked Burns.

“Great Room,” he responded.

“This place can get bigger?” I blurted out.

He looked at me and smiled, “You have no idea.”

I raised an eyebrow and he went out of the room.

“Well, let’s go then,” Mr. Potter said and I went to the door. “Sirius, don’t forget your mask!”

“Right,” I grabbed my mask from the table and put it over my face.

Once we all had gotten our masks on, we followed Mr. Potter to the ‘Great Room’. Upon seeing two large golden doors, he pushed through. The room was bigger than the others combined, probably because it’s holding all the people that had been in the stands.

Pushing through the crowds, we only got to a good spot when the doors opened again and everyone started cheering.

“What is it?” I asked, trying to look over a beefy man blocking my view.

“The Phoenixes,” Mr. Potter whispered to me.

I saw the three girls get onto the stage. Wearing jeans and the Phantom Phoenixes shirt, they all are dressed the same, but everything else about them is different.

The first has red hair, almost resembling Lily Evan’s, and is average height. The second has dark brown hair and is taller than the red-head. The final has golden blonde hair and was also around average height.

“And now,” Mr. Burns said as the crowd quieted down on the cheering. “Here are the Phantom Phoenixes, the Champions of this summer’s Final Duel.”

He handed the blonde a trophy and said something to the girls, away from the microphone. The brunette looked to the other girls and they nodded. She went up to the microphone.

“Speaking for myself and the Phantom Phoenixes, we would like to thank the D.D. for all it has taught us and the Dark Dementors for giving an effort to beat us, even if we kicked your asses,” she said. I snorted and the rest of the crowd laughed. They took bows and went off the stage.

As soon as they were out the doors that everyone had come through, the doors on the opposite side opened into the outside world.

“That was it?” I asked.

“Told you it was quick,” Mr. Potter smiled. “But don’t go anywhere, just stay put.”

We nodded and waited as everyone tried to get out.

“Oww,” I mumbled as a man pushed past me.

As the last few left the room, Sam Burns came down from the stage.

“Sorry ‘bout the mess there,” he said.

“Its fine,” Mr. Potter told him, “No injuries.”

“Well then,” he motioned toward the door, “Right this way.”

We followed him up and down stairs, and what seemed like all around the building. 
We didn’t stop moving until we got to a door marked, ‘Phantom Phoenixes.’ Burns knocked three times and the blonde opened the door.

“Hello, Mr. Burns,” she said sweetly. “Come right in.”

“Thank you, Phoenix,” Burns replied and entered the Phoenixes’ domain.

We followed him in and saw red. Blood red, on the walls, and wooden floors. To the left there’s a counter against the wall, and to the right there were two couches and three chairs with a small table in the middle. On one of the chairs, the red-headed girl was reading a book and on a couch the brunette was upside down, feet dangling off the top of the couch.

The blonde cleared her throat, signaling the guests had arrived. The red-head looked up from her book and stood to greet us.  Too bad I can’t see her eyes, I wonder if James can tell if it’s Lily or not. I doubt it’s her.

Mr. Burns cleared his own throat. The girl with dark-brown hair’s feet twitched and flipped backward. She came to a standing position, the top of her arm bandaged and looking to be in slight pain.

“Sorry,” she grinned.

“Why don’t we have a seat?” Burns says, directing us to the couch.

As soon as we sat, James, Remus and I on one couch, the girls on the other, and Mr. Potter and Mr. Burns on chairs, the girls bombarded Mr. Potter with questions.

“What was it like being a Snargaluff?”

“What was or is your favorite hex?”

“Did joining the D.D. make your life better or worse?”

Mr. Potter looked overwhelmed. “One question at a time, ladies, please.”

The questions went on and on, Mr. Potter even asking some himself. I looked over to James, who was staring at the red-headed girl. I nudged him and he looked to me, ‘Look away,’ I mouthed.

He rolled his eyes, but glanced to his father who is in a heated discussion about his first duel.

“I remember the thrill of hexing my opponent and watching them fall to the ground,” he sighed, “Coming here was probably the highlight of my fifth year at Hogwarts.”

“Eh hem,” Mr. Burns made a choking sound, “To much information.”

“Oh, um,” Mr. Potter frowned, “Girls, would you be so kind as to forget I said that?”

“Of course, sir,” Red answered.

“Wow, look at the time,” Mr. Burns stood up, looking at his wristwatch, “I’m sorry girls, but I do believe we need to leave.”

The three stood up, one wiped her hands together.

Mr. Potter stood up and shook each girl’s hand.

“Excuse me, but would you sign my spare?” The dark-haired girl held out another mask and a pen with unremovable ink.

Mr. Potter smiled, “Of, course.”

After he signed it, Remus, James and I stood and headed to the door with him.

Mr. Potter turned before heading out, “Oh, and girls? You were fantastic today.”

I thought I heard a sigh before I closed the door.



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