Ring. Ring. Ring. Alright. Who calls at 7 in the morning? On a Saturday?
"What is it" I spoke irritably into the receiver, sitting up in my bed.

"Get out of bed Malfoy, you have to work today." said Harry Potter, head Auror for the Ministry.

"Get out of it Potter, I never work on Saturdays." I scoffed.

"You do today. This is punishment for skipping off yesterday." he said.

"Thats not fair, I had a very good reason." I said, smirking.

"I know. Your ‘reason’ answered the phone yesterday morning when I called looking for you."

"Look Potter, if you had had the night I had, then you wouldnt feel like going to work either."

"I don’t care what you ‘felt’ like doing. You skipped a day, you make it up. Be in the office for 8am. You’ll be helping out teaching the new recruits. No excuses, if you don’t show up, Ill come down there and haul you out of bed myself." and on that dramatic note, Golden Boy himself hung up.

"Good fucking morning to you to Potty" I mumbled, slowly getting out of bed. I walked across my room, through my London flat and into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and stripped off my boxers. Stepping in, I let the water wash over my well defined chest and arms before washing my blond hair. Turning the shower off, I wrapped a towel around my waist and used my wand to dry my hair. Id cut it shorter then what it had been like in my school days. Shaved, deodorized and teeth brushed I dropped my towel, grabbed my boxers and headed my to my room. Changing into a pair of slacks and a white with blue stripes dress shirt. Hauling my robe on over it.

In the kitchen I toasted a piece of bread with my wand and made myself a cup of tea. I sat down at the table, munching on my toast and looking over the sports column in the Daily Prophet. After checking the scores of the Quidditch games for the day before, I glanced at my watch and saw that it was 7:45am, better Floo before Potter has a hissy fit. Folding the paper, I pushed back from the table and walked over to the fireplace in the living room. I grabbed a pinch of the powder and threw it in the fireplace. It burned bright green as I stepped in and shouted "Ministry of Magic!"

"‘Bout time." said a man with very untidy pitch black hair, as I stepped out of one of the many fireplaces.

"Im ten minutes early!" I said, outraged, I thought I made quite good time.

"Your on time when your early. Your late-" he started

"When your on time. Yeah, heard it before Potter. Lets just get this over with. Where am I sposed to be?" I asked, catching up with him as he walked toward the lift.

"Your working in the Training Room. Your going to be helping Ron teach the newies some basics." he said, pushing the button for the lift.

"Great, second face I get to see on a Saturday is Weasel." I grumbled, stepping into the lift.

"Oh, shut up complaining. Your lucky Ron agreed to this, if I didnt put you with him, you would have been stuck with paper work." he said.

"Id much rather-" I started.

"Paper work, with Lucille." he informed me. I shuddered at the thought of being in the same room as the 45 year old cougar for the day..

"Remind me to thank Weasel when we get there." I said as the lift doors opened up onto the fifth floor. Potter laughed and strode ahead, leading the way. I followed him down the hallway, glowering as people smiled and waved to him, while they nodded and looked away at me. Even though I was an Auror, and publically stated that I had changed sides, people took a long time to get that through their thick heads.

"Right through here. You’ll be working till noon, if Ron says you’ve been good. If not, you’ll go till 5." he said, opening up the big oak door.

"Im not 4, Potter. I can be good." I told him, pushing past him and into the brightly lit room.

"You sure act like your 4." he mumbled, making to shut the door.

"Oh, go save the world Potter!" I yelled, catching the door and shouting at his retreating back. I saw him throw his head back in laughter, but he kept on walking. Few people stuck their heads out of their cubicles at our spat. When I first began working here, people were astounded that I would talk to "Harry the Hero" in such a manner. Just because Potty saved the world, doesnt mean I have to drop to my knees every time he walked in the room. Besides, I thought he liked it better this way. At least he knows that some things, no matter how famous you are, will never change.

"C’mon, Malfoy. Were almost ready to start." I heard an annoyingly familiar voice say behind me. I turned to find one of my least favourite people in the world. Even though I and Potter were some what.. Friendly. Doesnt mean I have to be nice to his pet Weasel too.

"All right. Keep your panties on." I said, striding over to where he was standing, in the middle of a large arena type room. There were cushions and mats all over the floor. All the cushions pushed up to the walls. Leaving a large open space for practising. A bunch of nervous looking newies were sitting on the cushions. Looking at I and Weasley as if we were the most interesting people in the world.

"What are you looking at?" I snarled at a particularly annoying starer. He blushed and looked away quickly.

"You know Malfoy? This is why people still don’t like you. Maybe if you tried being more social-" he began.

"And maybe if you tried shrinking your ears, you might not be such a grumpy ol’ bastard in the morning, if you catch my drift." I snapped and smirked as his ears in questions turned bright red.

"You. Shut up. Thats none of your business." he snarled. "Now, before you say anything more inappropriate in front of the newies, lets finally get started. Everyone stand up, and line up." he commanded. The newies jumped to their feet and scramble to form a line. Once all the pushing and shoving was over, I could see that they looked like a pretty lousy lot. Half of them either didnt have their wand out, or were holding it so loosely that I could easily pluck it out of their hand.

"Right, first everyone take out your damn wands. And hold them firmly in your hand. Never hold it loosely." I said. They all did as they were told and straightened up a bit at my tone of voice. You still got it Draco, I thought to myself, smirking.

"Now you." said Weasley, pointing at the first boy in line. He jumped at being addressed but other wise stayed still. "Whats your name?" asked Weasley.

"Luke Hurley." he said proudly.

"Right, Luke. All were doing for the first time is stunning. I just wanna see where everyone is at, as to how strong your stunner is. Malfoy, come here. He’ll be practising on you." he said, as Hurley stepped forward.

"Yeah right, Weasley. If you think-"

"Do it Ferret, or you’ll be coming in tomorrow as well." he growled. I hissed, but stepped forward, placing myself about ten feet away from Hurley. I waved my wand and a bunch of cushions flew over surrounding me. Weasley looked at me as if to ask why I needed so many of them.

"I am not risking ruining this glorious body just so some git can get some practice at stunning." I told him, he shook his head. But turned to face the line and glare at the few girls their that had giggled. They blushed even harder as I glanced over at them and winked. A few of the boys shot me the stink eye, no doubt due to the fact that their girl had giggled.

"Just face Hurley, Malfoy, and stop flirting with their girls. Remember that they will be shooting spells at you." said Weasley.

"Yeah, and any one of them that does more then stun me will be in for it." I told the line, glaring at the boy who Id yelled at previously.

"Alright, just try to stand still for a few seconds. Go for it Hurley." Weasley told him. I saw Hurley raise his wand, shout Stupify! And a jet of red light shot out of his wand coming straight for me. I stood stock still, showing off just a bit for the girls, then nothing.




"All right, Malfoy. Last one before I send them out for a break." said Weasley, helping me up off the cushions. I took his hand gladly this time. For all those stunners had done some funny things to my head. I stood up and swayed a bit, the room spinning.

"Perfect." I said. Standing up for the last time in front of the boy I had yelled at. The rest of the newies stood to the sides, by the walls, watching expectantly. So far, everything had gone wonderfully. But I had a bad feeling about this kid.

"Stup- Stup- Stupachoo!" sending a jet of pink light out at me. It hit me square in the chest but did not knock me out. I fell back on the cushions, slightly stunned.

"What the hell was that!" I yelled at him, feeling an odd tingling in my chest.

"I- I- I sneezed sir. Im sor-" he stammered, but I wasnt listening, I had hauled my shirt up, the feeling in my chest becoming unbearably annoying. I gasped, and so did everyone else, as we saw large green welts, all over my chest.

"You alright Malfoy?" asked Weasley, looking down at my chest.

"Do I bloody well look alright!" I growled, I touched a welt and it sparked. Everyone jumped back as if I was contagious. "You!" I said, pointing over at the kid who sneezed, he stepped back under my deathly glare. "Im going to St. Mungo’s. And when I get back, I had better not see you." I pulled my shirt back down and got up angrily. He kept stammering apologies as I strode angrily out the door. Muttering curses the whole way. I reached the lift and pushed the button. Thank Merlin no one was in there. In fact I met no one my whole way to the fireplaces. Seems Weasley had already spread the news about my bad mood.

"St Mungo’s!" I shouted standing in the fireplace and throwing down some green powder. I spun wildly in the grate until I was thrown out and landed unsteadily on my feet. Those spells were still messing with me. I looked around and spotted the check in desk. A witch of about 30 sat there. Flipping through Witch Weekly. I strode up to her casually and leaned on the desk.

"Hello." I said, I watched as her eyes came up and widened at the sight of me, either because I was the son of a Death Eater, or because of my outrageous good looks. Probably the latter. "I need to see a Healer."

"For- for what?" she stammered, putting down her magazine.

"A new Auror recruit sneezed while shooting a stunner at me." I told her.

"Spell damage is on the fourth floor." she said "It may be a wait though. We just had a birthday party come in. 12 young witches and wizards in a Hall of Mirrors. Magic coming off of them uncontrollably, scared out of their wits. Spells bouncing off all the mirrors."

"Oh, it cant be that difficult to get me in, can it?" I breathed, leaning in closer to her. I heard her draw in breath and I knew I had her.

"Um- well. I guess I could get you in. Take this slip and show it to the witch at the desk up their." she stuttered, drawing up a slip of parchment.

"Thank you darling." I said, taking her hand with the slip in it. Bringing it up to my mouth and grabbing the parchment between my teeth, lightly pressing my lips to her hand. I grabbed the parchment from my mouth and smiled charmingly at her. She blushed furiously, but snatched up her magazine to try and hide it. I smirked to myself and headed to the lift. Seems the women didnt care if Id switched sides or not. The lift opened up and a few people came out, while it was just me going in. Up on the fourth floor, their was a crowd of people sitting on the chairs in the lobby. Looking around anxiously, no doubt they were the children’s parents. I walked past them and up to the desk. An older witch sat their. I smiled at her and handed her my slip.

"Office 403." she said simply. Seems she was having a bad day too.

"Thanks." I said, walking briskly down the hall. My chest still tingling, but only sparking when touched by skin. I passed 400, 01, 02. Coming to a halt outside office 403. There was no name plaque on the door. Either it was a new door, the Healer inside was not important enough to have their name on the door, or the person inside was just starting, hopefully a very young witch. Perhaps I could at least get a date out of this whole shitty day, I thought, knocking on the door. I heard footsteps approaching the door, the handle being turned and a women stood in front of me. She was looking down at her clipboard so I couldnt see her face. She had beautiful chocolate ringlets that glowed gold in the light. Her Healers robe, white, stopped halfway up her thigh, revealing gorgeous tanned legs. She was still looking down at her clipboard so I chanced a glance at her chest, where she had graciously left her cloak open. Revealing a perfectly formed chest.

"Hey honey." I drawled, stepping in and closing the door. Her head jerked up at my voice. We both gasped as she looked into my familiar storm cloud eyes, and I into her liquid toffee ones.

"Granger?" I gasped.

"Malfoy?" she squeaked, stepping away from me. I didnt answer, as I was still trying to process that this goddess of a women in front of me was know-it-all Granger from school, and also, that I had just been fantasizing about her in my bed.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

"What do you mean? You’re the one whos sposed to have something happened, as you’re here." she said, putting her hands on her hips. Ah there was good old pushy Granger.

"No. I mean you look different. Much better I might say, then when you did in school." I smirked, watching her blush.

"Yes, well, that was 4 years ago. You’ve changed as well. I might add." she said, looking me over "Your not the scrawny little snake you were before." she added, matching my smirk.

"I was never scrawny." I said, sitting down on the bed that was next to the wall.

"Yes you were, but I guess I shouldnt be talking. I wasnt exactly good looking. But unlike you, I didnt fuss over my looks every minute of the day." she scoffed, setting her clipboard down.

"Then why did you change?" I asked, never taking my eyes off her.

"How was I sposed to get a guy, bundled up in all the cloths I was wearing? Well, except for Victor, but hes different" she said, taking a seat in front of me.

"How so?" I asked.

"He wanted me for who I was on the inside. He’s more mature then anyone I know when they were his age." she said "Now enough about me, why are you here?"

"I was mature when I was his age." I muttered, which is partly true, I was just turning 18 when the war ended, and the war had definitely matured me.

"Im sure you were." she said, smirking. "Now whats the problem? Or are you just her to waste my time?"

"This is what happened." I told her, lifting up my shirt. This was not the way I wanted my chest to look, trying to impress her. Wait, was I trying to impress her?

"Oh! Malfoy! How did it happen?" she asked, jumping out of her seat, she bent her head closer to examine my chest. My fingers slipped and they grazed my chest. Sparks emitted from the welts and Granger jumped back in surprise.

"They do that when I touch it." I said, smiling at her interest. It was clear she hadnt seen anything like it before.

"How did it happen?" she asked again. Peering at my chest.

"I was helping Weasley-" I started

"You were helping Ron?" she asked. Disbelief etched on her face.

"Well, it was punishment for skipping work." I said, shrugging.

"That sounds more like it." she laughed. I was mesmerized by the sound of her laugh. Id heard it before, but it sounded different now. I snapped out of my reverie and continued.

"So, my punishment was to train the new recruits. One of them sneezed when saying a spell and this happened." I said, gesturing to my chest "Can you fix it?" I pleaded.

"Don’t worry Malfoy. You’ll have your perfect abs back in no time." she laughed.

"So you admit I have perfect abs?" I said, cocking an eyebrow. She rolled her eyes at me and bent closer. But did not deny my accusation. Making me smile harder then Id smiled in a while.

"What spell?" she asked.


"Good, at least its not a complicated one. Your going to need to take off you shirt so I can fix it." she said, seriously.

"I cant." I told her.

"Don’t worry. I wont dirty your perfect body with my impure blood. Im only gonna use my wand" she said, looking me in the eyes. Well, that hurt.

"I don’t think like that anymore Granger." I said seriously. "Im not my father. I was brought up to think you were filth. I made my own ideas about life when I was free. Starting in fifth year when Potter got Father locked up. You are no different then any pureblood. In fact, your better."

She looked shocked at hearing me say it. Even though Id announced it long before. She smiled then, a beautiful smile that filled the whole room. "Thats good to hear." she said. I smiled back and she continued "But you still need to take off your shirt."

I laughed and said "It will spark a lot if I touch it."

"Well, stand up, Ill do it. So as not to cause anymore pain." she said, standing up.

"Thats the best excuse I’ve ever heard to get me to take my shirt off." I smirked. She rolled her eyes at me and began to unbutton my shirt. When she reached the last one, she touched my chest to make sure it would not spark. My chest didnt, but my heart did. Her touch sent shivers up my spine and my heart racing. She slid her hands up my collar bone and the shirt off my arms. When my shirt was off she draped it over her shoulder and muttered a few spells. Slowly the green went away. Then the welts shrunk. And finally, they were gone. I was left with my perfect chest, thank Merlin. Granger was still staring at my chest. Long after the welts had vanished.

"Their gone Granger." I whispered, leaning down to breath in her ear. Her breathing hitched and she looked up startled.

"Ye-yes. They are. Well, I guess your free to leave." she said, blushing furiously and busying herself with her clipboard.

"I guess I am. Thanks Granger." I said, leaning in and kissing her on the cheek. Impulse was the only way to explain it. She seemed startled but otherwise showed no reaction to it other then blushing even more red.

"Well, Ill see you soon, Malfoy." she said, rubbing her cheek absentmindedly.

"See you soon indeed." I said, opening the door and walking down the hall. I don’t know what had caused it, whether it was the fact that Granger was the most beautiful women I had ever seen, or that she had healed me when I was in pain, or that she had accepted that I had changed sides, whichever, I knew something for certain. Id had a taste of her, and liked it. And I was not about to give her up. I knew she’d broke it off with Weasley and that she was not currently with anyone. I had a few more accidents up my sleeve to get Hermione Granger to notice me, the way I noticed her.




[ soo, new story ! What do you think ? And don’t worry, im still working on my other story, iv just been reading a lot of dramione and really wanted to write one. And don’t get mad if I don’t update right away, this time of year is my busiest, iv got a lot of stuff to do ! So bear with me . Please review, makes my day ! ]




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