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Chapter 6: Classes

Lily woke up the next morning feeling very happy. Alice was already awake while Athena was lightly snoring. It was only 7:10 so Lily decided to take a shower and get dressed. When she got back to her dormitory Athena was still sleeping. Lily decided she better wake her up. Although, Athena had other things in mind.

"Athena..." Lily said softly, but she did not make any sign that she knew Lily was even there.

"Hello! Athena!" Lily said more loudly now lightly shaking her, but she didn't move.

"Athena!" Lily yelled in her ear, "Wake up!!" Athena just covered her head with a pillow and said, "Five more minutes mum..."

"Athena, wake up now!" Lily said again while taking her pillow and whacking her with it, "If you don't you will miss breakfast!"

Athena looked up sleepily, "Food? Where?"

Lily smiled now that she knew how to wake her up. "In the Great Hall, remember!"

"No," said Athena sitting up still half asleep and apparently not listening, "I don't see any food!"

Lily just rolled her eyes. "Well get dressed and we can go get some!"

Then Lily walked over to Alice. "I have a feeling that food is the only way to wake that girl up!" said Lily smiling and pointing over to Athena. Alice smiled to Lily and then walked away, over to the two girls that shared their dormitory. Lily followed.

"Hello," said Lily cheerfully, "I'm Lily Evans! And this is Alice Turner!"

"Hi" said one of the girls, "I'm Emily Cauldwell!" Emily was very pretty. She had long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes.

"Yeah," said the other, "And I'm Laura Balet!" Laura was also very pretty, with short brown hair and hazel eyes.

"Hi!" Said Lily and Alice again.

"Who is that?" ask Emily as she pointed to Athena who was dozing off again.

"Oh, that's Athena Muring,” said Lily as she turned around. "Athena! Wake up!"

Athena, who was beginning to doze back off whilst in a sitting position, jumped up, "I'm awake, already!" Lily just turned back around, rolling her eyes.

When they were finally ready, which took awhile because of Athena, they headed down for breakfast. During which they got their schedules for their classes. Lily and her fellow Gryffindors had History of Magic, Transfiguration, lunch, and then Charms.

There was also something else that happened during breakfast. To Lily's great surprise hundreds of owls came into the Great Hall carrying letters and packages. It reminded Lily about her promised that she made to send her mum and dad a letter, once she arrived. ‘Ah well’ she thought, ‘I'll just send one today, no big deal.’

Lily got up and followed her friends to the History of Magic classroom. Lily wanted to sit in the front, while Athena wanted to sit in the back. Alice however didn't mind where they sat.

"Come on Lily!" said Athena, "I don't want to sit in the front, it makes you seem like you want to pay attention!"

"And that's a bad thing?" asked Lily surprised.

"Well, yeah, I don't want to pay attention!"

"Well I do!"

Then Alice cut in, "Why don't we just sit in the middle, that way it’s in between!"

They settled for that and sat in the middle. While Lily got out a quill and parchment to take notes, and Athena just rolled her eyes at her. When class started Lily wondered where the teacher was. She gasped when he just floated through the wall.

Lily had no idea that Professor Binns would be a ghost and she got very excited. He didn't even introduce himself to the class nor take any notice that any of them were even there. He just started writing on the board, and Lily quickly began her note taking.

James and his new three friends quickly took the desks in the back in the History of Magic classroom, much to Remus' dislike. James just sat talking to Sirius while Remus got out all of his things to take notes.

After about fifteen minutes of class practically everyone was asleep, and only two people where still taking notes, Remus and the red head Lily Evans. James was practically asleep himself, but he watched as the girl named Lily sat wide-awake writing down everything that Professor Binns said.

Every time one of her friends began to fall asleep she would quickly jab them in the side with her elbow. Her friends didn't seem too happy about it. She got one of them with dirty-blond hair, whom he believed to be Alice something, to actually take notes for about five minutes before drifting off again.

The other one with brown hair, who he knew as Athena, just got tired of getting hit in the side so she just elbowed her back much harder and Lily then seemed to decide it was best to just leave her alone. He had no idea why he felt so strangely every time he was around this girl.

'Come on James!" he thought, 'your only 11! Plenty of time to thing of girls later!' The next thing he knew he was falling asleep and didn't wake up until class was over. At that time, they got up and headed for there next class, Transfiguration.

Professor McGonagall spent the first five minutes of class lecturing them on how Transfiguration is the most difficult form of magic. She then turned herself into a cat and back again.

A lot of people were disappointed when they learned that they must register if they ever wish to transform into an animal. They spent half of the class taking complicated noted. After that they spent the rest of the time trying to turn a match into a needle.

James did by far the best in the class. Nobody else even got close, except that Lily Evans who managed to turn her match red when she started to get frustrated, though it was still a match. Professor McGonagall wasn't too happy about it though.

"Miss Evans!" she started to yell at Lily, "Please try to keep that for Charms! This is transfiguration, and your job here to it transfigure!
Though I am sure that Professor Flitwick will be delighted." And then for some strange reason she smiled at Lily a little before she continued on.

Lily and her friends walked out of Transfiguration and headed to the Great Hall for lunch. They whole time was spent talking about their first ever class with Professor McGonagall.

"Well, that wasn't as bad as History of Magic!" Athena said.

"History of Magic wasn't that bad!" said Lily, "Maybe if you paid attention..."

"I was trying to pay attention!" Athena explained while Lily raised an eyebrow. "I was trying to pay attention to falling asleep, but you just had to keep on jabbing me with your bloody bony elbow!"
Lily just rolled her eyes at that.

"So, how did you turn that match red, Lily?" asked Alice, "I wasn't even close to changing mine at all!"

"I have no idea!" said Lily truthfully.

Then they reached the Great Hall.

"Yes finally we get to eat!" said Athena happily.

"We didn't eat that long ago!" said Alice.

After Lunch the three headed over to the Charms classroom. To Athena's displeasure Lily made them all sit in the front, telling them that this was the class that she was looking forward to. Athena finally agreed.

Their teacher Professor Flitwick was so short that he had to stand on a pile of books to see over his desk. For the first class they were to try to work on making a feather fly with a charm called 'Wingardium Leviosa'.

To Flitwick's great delight Lily managed to do it on her first try, and she also was the one to make her feather fly by the end of the class. Flitwick was so delighted that she managed to do it that she got ten points for Gryffindor. She was so happy, she managed to get her first points in her now favorite class.

After dinner Lily finally remembered that she decided to write her parents a letter that day. So she sat in the common room trying to figure out what to say.

Dear mum, dad, and Petunia, (Even though she knew her sister was probably never going to read it)

It is amazing here! I got into this house called Gryffindor, which is one of the four houses that they separate you into. I was surprised that I got into Gryffindor because the students are all suppose to be brave more than anything. I thought I would make it into Ravenclaw where everyone puts brains before everything. Oh well, I made friends! We get along really well.

Anyway, like I said it is amazing here! Hogwarts is a giant castle on a giant lake, and there are mountains in the distance. It’s beautiful! And in the castle there are so many floors, I got lost just trying to find the Great Hall, which is where we eat. Anyway I love the classes, and oh yeah would you believe that they have ghosts here! They aren't what you would think though they are all pretty friendly!

Well I am sorry this letter was delayed but I was busy with school. I hope that you are all well, and I love you! Can't wait to see you at Christmas!



Lily being satisfied with the letter got up and left the common room to go to the owlery to go find her owl Hestia. It took her about an hour to actually find the place but she finally managed. She walked inside but she wasn't alone. There was a boy who Lily knew from the feast as James Potter, even though she had never talked to him before.

She walked into the owlery a little further; seeing as how the boy didn't even know she was there she decided she wouldn't disturb him. She looked at all the owls trying to find her own. Then she finally spotted her. She was sleeping, but she knew she had to send the letter so she called her anyway,

"Hestia!" called Lily a little louder than she intended too.

James jumped and turned around. By the look on his face she could tell that she had startled him.

"Sorry..." said Lily as her owl swooped down to her.

"Its okay." he said as Lily started to tie the letter on her outstretched leg.

"I didn't mean to scare you," Lily said rather shyly.

"You didn't scare me!" He said quickly, "You just...startled me, that's all!"
Okay," said Lily trying to see the difference in between the two. "No need to get angry!"

"I'm not angry!" he said rather angrily. Lily giggled.

"What's so funny?" He asked, his face squinting in both confusion and frustration.

"Nothing!" Lily said while shaking her head. Her owl flew away and Lily turned and left.

A/N: Okay so not such a great place to meet your future husband, but hey that's the way the cookie crumbles! Anyway I hope you liked it, please R&R! Sorry this chapter took forever to get up, I’ve been super busy!

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