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Author's Note: I want to thank you guys so much! The reviews were very encouraging! So here I put the next chapter up.

Strarberry Pudding

"Baby, wake up." No response.

"Wake up!" No response.

"WAKE UP!!" She bolted right up.

"I've been trying to get you up for the past decade, woman!"

Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t tell you of the delightful thing that has happened to me. Apparently, Hermione has moved in, right after her proposal. Cravings! She might've not shown it at work but it’s true. I can't wait till our wedding. Ahem.

I have been trying to wake her up so she could sign for the Baby Magazine she ordered. It’s freaking 7:00 in the morning and Saturday. The poor mail guy has been standing out there for the past hour and a half. The blasted guy won’t leave till he gets only her signature.

"WHAT!" Hermione seethed. That’s right. Hermione Granger can seethe.

"Mione, baby, the post man wants your signature for-"

"THEN GIVE IT TO HIM!" she all but bellowed.

I winced. "Baby, you need to be there to give the signature." I grinned. Hopefully she wasn’t in a bad mood.

She glared at me. But she got up. She was in her nighty and huge. Her hair was a birdie's nest. But she didn’t seem to care as she headed toward the door. She arrived and snorted at the mailman.

"Oh! ma'am! Here just sign right here." his voice cracked. He was probably terrified by the sight of her. After she signed her name he seemed to run away as fast as he could.

Hermione closed the door. I would've run away too if it wasn’t for the ecstatic smile she was giving me.

"Draco?" Hermione grinned while batting her eyelashes.


 "I want food!"

"Oh." I breathed a sigh of relief. "Have you checked the fridge?"

"We're out." she smiled sweetly.

"Uh...ok… of what?"

 "Strawberry pudding," she spoke, batting her eyelashes again.

Ok. So she wanted me to go to the freaking store at freaking 7:30 in the freaking morning for some freaking strawberry freaking pudding. Im feeling so freaking happy.

"Anything for you love!" I got my coat, grabbed the keys and went out still dressed in my pajamas.

Arriving at the grocery store, I browsed through everything. I picked up pickles and cheese, just in case she wanted me to prepare a pickle cheese blob like last time. I shuddered.

Arriving at the pudding section, I browsed to look for strawberry pudding. Spotting a whole big box I lunged for it, noticing it was the last box. But it vanished, gone, disappearing beneath by hands. I looked up. There was an old lady holding my precious strawberry pudding!

I needed that pudding! Or else Hermione would shred me into pieces. What do I do?!

"Excuse me? Ma'am?"

She old lady looked at me.

"You see, I’m in desperate need of that pudding your holding there. My fiance needs it. And since it’s the last box, I’m requesting you if I can take it."

She stared me up and down, and plunked the strawberry pudding box into her cart.

"My son is coming tomorrow, and I need it to make strawberry pudding cheesecake, his favorite."

No! I won’t let that wretched woman take it! NOOO!!!!!!!!!

 "How about this, ma'am, If you let me take it I’ll pay you double the price its worth!?!!"

"My son is coming tomorrow, from Africa, he's a researcher." she sniffed, "and he loves strawberry pudding!"

Researcher my ass. That pudding is mine.

"Please ma'am. My fiance is pregnant; she needs to have that strawberry pudding."

That wretched woman was walking away! I ran after her.

"Ma'am!!! No wait!! Pleeeeaseeeeee!!!" Now people were staring.

She abruptly turned around making me shake my hands like a mad man to stop me from falling on top of her.

"I'll give it to you if you pay me quadruple the amount. It's original price, not sale. And still it won’t be worth it, but it shall do."

I’m telling you, the woman is crazy. She was looting me!!

"Ma'am!! Please that's-"

"Take it or leave It." she snapped.

I scowled. She can just go die in a hole. A very deep hole. With snakes and lions. And they could eat her all up. Lemme see her get strawberry pudding now!

I checked out and started walking toward the car. When I suddenly tripped and fell. All the blasted grocery fell every where!! I started picking it up when I felt a drop on my nose. Then I felt it again. And again! I looked up... and I saw.... gray freaking clouds. IT WAS FUC- FUDGE'IN RAINING! I fell to the ground devastated. I hate this day.



Arriving back at home, I found Hermione sleeping on the kitchen counter. Normally, I would've been concerned, but who said that this is a normal day? Anyhoo, I dropped the sodding groceries on the floor, and went up to her. She automatically woke up.


"Draco? Honey, I love you." she whispered. "I missed you quite terribly." 


I smiled a huge goofy grin. This totally made up my morning.


"I missed and love you too, love." I whispered back. "Why are you on the counter?"


She snorted. 
"Maybe you should ask your mother."


"My mother!?" I all but squeaked. The last time I saw my mother was when she left for Italy with my father, which was two years ago. I had, though, earlier sent her an owl about Hermione's and my child. But that was a month ago. She couldn't possible be here! No! No! No!


"Yes your mother." Now that was unmistakably my very own mother's voice. I cringed and turned around. My mother had definitely changed. Her blond hair was cut short to her ears, and she was wearing some sort of robe.


"My, oh, my! Do tell me why you are so wet? Did you not take an umbrella, Draco?"


"I-I f-f-forgot." My mother is here. My mother is here. My mother is here. My mother is-


"Draco dear won’t you give your mother a hug?" I hope my eyes didn’t ball out, because it sure felt like it.


I penguin-walked up to her and stuck my arms out. She laughed.


"Draco! Have you forgotten how to hug?" Hug? What? There then I noticed my arms were sticking out. Suddenly I heard a muffled crack, and the front door opened. I turned and saw,


"Do you not lock your front door Draco?" 


My father!





We were sitting at the coffee table drinking tea. Everyone was staring at each other, oh so VERY awkwardly. But Hermione broke the silence.


"Have you brought my strawberry pudding, Draco?"

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