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Chapter Two: Gits, Hogsmeade.



Emily got up and changed into her school uniform. Glancing around the room, she saw Lily’s bed was empty; she had probably went to go get the schedules. Karma was snoring in her bed. She quickly woke Karma up before returning to the bathroom to fix her hair. Back in the dormitory, Karma was slowly getting ready so Emily sat down and continued the book she had been reading on the train. Finally Karma was ready and they went to the Great Hall.


Lily was handing out schedules to the seventh year. They joined the crowd around Lily, waiting to get their schedules.






“Black” Lily called.


Sirius got up and took his schedule to quickly examine.

“Fuck! Defense with Slytherins first period!” Sirius groaned.


“Language!” Lily scolded at him.


“Bell” she called.


Karma came up and took her schedule, groaning as she realized she too had Defense with Slytherins first period.

“Bennett, Cullen, Emerson, Giovanni, Hale, Lupin, Potter” Lily finished.


James came up to take his schedule, “Hey Lily, will you-”


“No” Lily quickly said as she walked over to Emily and Karma. James followed, sitting close by them with Sirius and Remus.


“The schedule sucks!” Karma said, stuffing a piece of toast in her mouth.

Emily shrugged.

“You guys are coming to the quidditch pitch right? I’m trying out!” Karma said excitedly.


“For what?” Emily asked.


“Beater.” Karma said, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Isn’t that Black and Cullen’s position?” Emily asked curiously as she cut her food into small equal portions.


“Yeah but when I try, James will have to kick out Black and take me! And then me and Edward can be beaters!” she replied, glancing down the table to where Edward Cullen was sitting.


“Potter is best friends with Black; there is no way that he’ll kick him off the team. And I don’t know if I’m gonna come to see you. Potter will be there, he’s captain right?” Lily asked peeking at him from under her eye lashes.


“You guys are my good luck charms! You have to come! James wouldn’t notice you; he’d be preoccupied with picking his team and everything.” Karma lied.


James would find Lily even if she was a mile away.


“Fine, when is it?” Lily asked dejectedly.


“Right after breakfast.” Emily informed.


“Great, I’m gonna go get my new broom! Father got it for me, it’s a Lightning 650! The best ever! I’ll see you guys on the pitch” Karma said as she ran back to the girls dormitory.






Lily followed Emily to the pitch. James was standing near the edge in front of a giant crowd of Gryffindors. Lily sat down in the stands next to Emily and Remus.


“Hey Emily, Lily.” Remus said smiling at them.


“Hey Remus,” They both greeted him.


After a whole hour, they finally had their Keeper, Zane Bennett, the three Chasers, Jasper Hale, Amanda Gresham, and Charlie Giovanni, and Potter was obviously playing Seeker.

It was time for Beaters.

Lily and Emily crossed their fingers and watched Edward get on his broom. Lily had to admit that Karma had been right; he did look pretty good, his bronze hair glistening and his topaz eyes scanning the crowd.






James watched as one by one the Gryffindors tried. It was very boring. Every one was basically the same, except for the small exception of the fifth year, Amanda Gresham, a new addition to the team. He had promised Sirius that he would save Beaters tryouts for last so Sirius could show off his moves. James snorted at the thought. Sirius, show off his moves. More like being an arrogant prick.

There were only five people trying out, Sirius, Edward, Karma, Angelina, and Mark.

First was Angelina, she was in her second year and didn’t look at all like the type to be a Beater but he let her try anyways. He handed her a bat and watched her fly up. It was a bit wobbly but that could be improved…


“NEXT!” James shouted.


“What!? I didn’t make it?” the girl cried, tears were forming in her eyes.

“Well, you only hit two out of eighteen of the Bludgers.” James pointed out.

The girl went off crying. James rolled his eyes.

Next was Mark, who turned out to be a Ravenclaw. Finally Edward, Karma, and Sirius went.


Karma was really good; James was surprised she hadn’t tried out earlier. Sirius was, as always, a show off and also the best. Edward was also good.


“Karma, Sirius you’re on the team. Sorry Edward.” James said guiltily. He felt slightly bad for picking his best friends.


“No problem.” Edward said.


This made James feel guiltier but he brushed it off as he heard her voice.


“Karma! You were brilliant!” Lily said as she and Emily ran to congratulate Karma.





“Thanks guys, hold on I’ll be right back.” Karma said as she broke free of their group hug.


“Hey Edward,” Karma said.

“Hey, congrats on making the team.” Edward said smiling at her.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take your position,” Karma replied guiltily.

“It’s okay, I have to study anyways, with the N.E.W.T.S.  and all.” His topaz eyes laughing as if they held a secret.


“By the way, you were really good.” Edward added.

Karma blushed.


“I’m sorry to disappoint you Bell, but Edward isn’t that type.” Black said.


Karma spun around. Black was standing a few feet away, his arms crossed over his chest, smirking at her.


“What do you mean that type?” Karma asked in a dangerous voice.


“Well I think that he’s interested in girls, and your, well…” Sirius said gesturing at her clothes.


She was wearing a purple T-shirt and gray baggy pajama’s. Her eyes widened as she realized what he was saying.


“Your gonna be sorry for this” Karma whispered in a dangerous whisper before storming back to her dormitory.


“Ooh I’m scared.” Sirius said mockingly.





Lily, Karma, and Emily sat outside under the beech tree near the Black Lake. Lily was helping Emily make study schedules for them while Karma sneakily aimed her wand at a second year boy.

“Levicorpus” she whispered, grinning widely.

She bit her lips in an attempt not to laugh as the boy was hoisted into the air by his ankles. The boy looked around confused as the people around him started to laugh.

“Karma!” Lily scolded.

Karma turned around to face Lily, losing concentration and the boy fell down into a crumpled heap evoking more laughter. Lily gave Karma a look.

“Fine, I’ll apologize.” Karma said, rolling her eyes.

She got up and apologized to the boy until he started flirting with her. Karma snorted before walking away.

“By the way, tomorrow’s a Hogsmeade weekend” Lily pointed out as Karma joined them again.

“Why?” Emily asked, looking up from the chart.

“Because we’re going to be having a Yule ball next week. Professor Dumbledore told the Prefects yesterday.” Lily said smiling.

“hmm…” Emily said drifting off in her own thoughts.

“Ew” Karma said snorting, “I’m not going to no ball, but I’ll help you pick out the dress” Karma said as she stood up.

“Where you going?” Emily asked, coming out of her reverie.

“Quidditch practice, I’ll meet you guys at five near the staircase, Bye.” She said as she quickly ran towards the pitch.



“Sorry, I’m late!” Karma shouted as she ran outside behind Lily and Emily.

Lily rolled her eyes, “Anyway, Emily, You were going to say something.”

Emily nodded, “Remus asked me to the ball. But just as friends!” she added quickly before Lily could say anything.

“Oh, lucky. No one’s asked me yet.” Lily said frowning.

“Are you kidding, three people asked you but you said no, what are you waiting for?” Emily asked, pushing the door open to Madam Malkins’.

“I don’t know.” Lily admitted as she sifted through the dresses.

“So did Remus say ‘just as friends’ or is that what you think?” Karma asked.

“Well he didn’t say it but we’re just friends.” Emily said bending down out of view to pick up a dress that had ‘fallen’.

“So what do you think of this?” Lily asked, stepping out of the changing room, showing them a green dress the same color as her eyes.

It was a satin sleeveless full-length dress that clung to her body until the thighs, where it started to loosen. There was a long cut starting a bit above her knees revealing her pale leg.

Emily stared at her awed.

“Ni-ice.” Karma said appreciatively. 

“Thanks, I found a dress you might like.” Lily said blushing as she quickly went back into the changing room. A minute later, she came out carrying her own dress and the dress for Emily. It was a pale blue dress that came down to Em’s knees. The top part was covered with a pretty black design.

Karma and Emily nodded appreciatively.


They stopped at the Three Broom Sticks for drinks.

“Hey Rose” they said, greeting the pubs’ owners’ daughter Rosmerta.

“Hey, guys what can I get you?” Rosmerta replied flipping her curly blonde hair behind her, oblivious to the group of guys at a nearby table, trying to get her attention.

“We’ll have butterbeers.” Emily said.

“Us too.” James said, as they slipped into chairs next to them.

“So, Emily, I heard Remus here has asked you to the Yule ball.” Sirius said, winking at Remus.

Emily nodded as she stared at the table.

“Speaking of the ball, I was wondering whether you would like to go with me, Lily.”  James asked.

His eyes were wide, and he was chewing on his lower lip nervously as he stared at Lily.

“Of course, she’d love to go with you.” Karma said, grinning at Lily.

James turned around to stare at Karma. “You’re serious!?”

“No that’s him over there.” Karma said, laughing at her own joke, “but yeah, she’ll go with you.”

“No I wont.” Lily said incredulously, staring at Karma.

“Maybe you guys should go…” Emily said, to the guys.

Peter stared at his drink longingly before following the others out.


Lily turned around to face Karma, “Why’d you say I’d go with him?” she hissed.

“Because you want to.” Karma replied grinning.

“What?” Lily asked, spluttering on her drink.

“It’s true, if you hadn’t wanted to go with James, you would have said yes to Thomas or those two other guys that asked you, but you were waiting for James to ask you.” Emily said.

“That makes no sense.” Lily said, crossing her arms, as she pretended to be mad at Karma.

“You know you want to.” Karma goaded.

“Yeah right! He is so obnoxious and self centered. The way he runs his hand through his hair to make him look like he just got off his broom. And the way he shows off. He is so annoying!” Lily ranted, glaring at Emily and Karma.

“But you like him.” Emily said as she paid for the drinks and followed them outside.

“Yeah right.” Lily snorted, “I’m just not going to show up.”

“Yes you will.”

“No I wont.”



“Will, just imagine you and James holding hands, dancing under the moonlight. And then when it’s over, he’ll lean down and ki-”


“Hey Karma” a soft voice called.

Karma whirled around. “Oh hey Edward”

“We’ll see you later” Emily said, grinning as she walked away with a fuming Lily.


“So, I was wondering whether you’d like to come to the ball with me?” he asked, his pale skin glowing subtly.


“Mhmm, of course.” She replied, a little too eagerly, forgetting the fact that she didn’t have a dress, and that she hated going to balls.

“Though I might be a little late so how about we meet up at 9:30 instead of eight?” Edward asked. Karma nodded and practically ran all the way back to Hogwarts.


Ughh, I don’t like the way Karma is. She is too out of character. Please review and tell me how sucky I was. Anyways:

“Did you seriously just stamp your foot? I thought girls only did that on t.v.” –Jacob Black

“Cause tonight will be the night that I will fall for you. Over again. Don’t make me change my mind.” –Secondhand Serenade (Fall for You)

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