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That afternoon, Laine sat with Kylie in the Hufflepuff Common Room. Kylie was explaining a few basics things about Laine's quest. Although it seemed she was droning on and on, Laine hung on to her every word. She was worried about her friends. Were they OK? Were they injured? Were they lost? Or - heaven forbid! - were they dead?

When the clock struck 5pm, Kylie jumped. She was just about to finish talking. After holding Laine back for a minute or two in order to finish talking, Kylie allowed her to leave. "Good luck, Laine! You're going to need it." she called. Laine nodded. She promised to return at 6pm.Then, without a moment to lose, Laine literally ran out of the Common Room. If she was going to save her friends in an hour, then Laine had to be quick.

* * *
Some time later, she was standing outside, in the cold Winter air. Laine shivered. Taking out her wand, Laine muttered, "Lumos Maxima." A yellow light appeared out of her wand. She decided to pull out the worthless map.

All of a sudden, Laine began to walk. Her brain hadn't even ordered her legs to walk and here she was, walking along the grass, towards a place that Laine did not know. She was walking towards the Whomping Willow.

Laine walked for about half an hour. When she emerged, the sight that met her eyes was so astounding, so horrifying Laine jumped her back.

A girl with mud brown hair, grass green eyes and white skin, along with a girl with a red hair, electric blue eyes and soil brown skin were tied together in the room. They were propped up against the ebony wall. Laine knew who they were at once. They were Adelle and Mary.

Mary opened her eyes, and when she saw Laine, screamed so loudly that Adelle woke up.

"Laine!" both girls exclaimed with relief.

"Adelle! Mary! Don't worry, I'll get you out of those ropes!" Laine promised.

She set to work, using her penknife to cut at the ropes, whilst Adelle and Mary told her the full story. As it turned out, it was a different version to Kylie's. "Kylie had been lying," Adelle accosted when Laine told them Kylie's story, "she didn't want to worry you. We really shouldn't have gone exploring. We didn't know that Kylie was strong - and insane - enough to throw both of us in here."

Laine stopped dead. Mary nodded. "That's - that's - that's so mean! When we get back I know exactly the first question I am going to ask her." Laine exclaimed.

Her friends nodded in agreement.

Finally the job was done. The famished Adelle and Mary got up for the first time in 24 hours. Laine got up too, and guided her friends right into the dark underground tunnel of the Whomping Willow. Next, she took her map out and expected to take off.

She didn't.

After sometime, and explaining the purpose of this map, Adelle gasped.

"I've got a good sense of direction. Follow me!" she ordered.

The girls nodded. For half an hour they walked, following Adelle. They hoped she hadn't lied.

Thankfully, Adelle hadn't. For soon they were standing in the Hufflepuff Common Room. Kylie was staring at them, wide-eyed.

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