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Chapter 1: Blame

“Get-away-from-me!” I shouted, pushing him away from me with all the strength I could muster, which compared to his tall frame and broad chest was not much.


“I would gladly!” he yelled back at me, slapping my pushing hands away, “but as you very well know Granger, that’s not possible.”


I huffed, turning my back on him; I made to walk away, but three steps away from him a piercing pain tore through my chest, making my knees buckle under me a ruff curse behind me echoed my sharp yelp of pain.


“Damn it Granger, Stop doing that!” I opened my eyes as the pain began to recede, finding Draco Malfoy leaning against the wall next to where I lay, his hands massaging his chest.


“I absolutely abhor you Malfoy” I threw at him with the iciest voice I could muster once I caught my breath, and gingerly tested the strength of my weak knees.


“Nice to know the feeling is mutual” He retorted his, chest raising and falling in a normal pattern now and his eyes shooting daggers at me.


“Just to make sure you know, I am fully blaming this whole ordeal on you.”


“My fault!” he answered outraged at my words. “May I remind you that you where the one annoying the fuck out of me, if this is anyone’s fault then it’s yours” he continued pointing his long pale finger at my face.


“I did no such thing!” I replied my voice indignant as I crossed my arms to my chest, feeling my blood boil through my veins and a staggering desire to throttle his stupid blond head against the wall rising inside me like an enormous and inevitable tide.



“Oh yes, because spending three hours breathing down my neck and criticizing everything I do is a sure as hell way to help me concentrate” I saw a vein jump in his neck as he shouted, I hid a smug smile glad to know that I was at least making him feel as angry as he was making me.


“I was merely trying to show you the correct way of brewing the potion” I added simply to annoy him all the more.


“I didn’t need your help Granger!” his hands fists at his sides and a slight flush to his pale cheeks.


“Seeing as how well your stupid potion turned out I would say you did, if you had just listened to what I said we wouldn’t be in this mess.” I was getting worked up again.


“Shut up, just shut up Granger I’m sick and tired of having to listen to your ranting!” his hand pulling at his pallid hair in frustration.


The urge to throttle him returning, I turned from him, but didn’t dare move away lest the pain return again, shutting out the sound of his dark mutterings as best as I could, though I still caught the sound of a ‘stupid Granger’ coming from his lips. It was his entire fault; if he hadn’t been doing so dreadful in advanced potions then professor Slughorn would have never assigned me as his tutor, If he had listened to the direction I was giving him then the stupid potion would have never blown up on us, and now we would happily be able to walk away from each other without a piercing pain ripping through us both.


“We should go find Professor Slughorn, I don’t know how much time I can spend in your presence without being squashed under you enormous ego.” I said once I heard his heavy breathing return to its normal rhythm.


“You should consider it an honor to be spending so much time in my presence Granger, most girls would kill for the opportunity” he answered in a haughty tone.


“I would rather spend the day attached to a Blast-ended Skewert.” He threw me and irritated look and opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off before he could retort.


“Are you going to be moving any time soon Malfoy? I do have more important things to do then spend the day standing here with you.”


He pushed off the wall and began to walk along the empty hallway; I hurriedly followed him not wanting to end up on the floor withering in pain as he moved away.


I glanced out the large windows longingly, watching as other students were outside having fun and enjoying what was probably one of the last warm days of the year, except for a few passing ghost that took no heed of us, the castle hallways where mostly empty.


I felt so extremely weird to be walking so calmly next to Draco Malfoy that I kept moving away from him without noticing, a sharp throb of pain running through us both and a pointed hiss escaping him when I did this, finally fed up with me he grabbed my wrist pulling me next to him and keeping a strong hold on it so I wouldn’t be able to move away.


A shock of electricity went through my arm when he touched me, ‘stupid static electricity’ I thought bleakly, but ignored the tingle that remained. To say the truth the warmth of his touch surprised me as stupid as it sounds I had related him with snakes for such a long time that subconsciously at least I had expect his touch to be as cold as the animal its self.


When we finally reached professor Slughorn’s office he dropped my wrist and knocked sharply on the large timber door. A sudden urge to have his warm fingers return to my arm sprung inside me and I stumped it down franticly, shaking my head to rid it of the traitorous thought.


I saw Malfoy raise an eyebrow at my movement, but I ignored him, I was not going to allow him to play with my mind in a few minutes professor Slughorn would give us the antidote to the wretched potion and I would be able to finally get away from him.


When the door finally opened Slughorn stood in front of us wrapped in a red-velvet robe, his cheeks were flush, a faint scent of bourbon coming off him and I saw that the tips of his fingers where covered in sugar.


“Well, well how are those tutoring sessions going, here to show me the result of your hard work?” He smiled pointedly at me and I blushed embarrassed that I was not here to show him the result of a perfectly brewed potion, but the result of ineptitude which even if I would never ever admit it, was partly my fault.


With a shaking voice I recounted what had happened before Malfoy could blame the whole ordeal on me. I winced inwardly as the small frown on professor Slughorn’s face deepened as I spoke.


“You’re making it sound as if this is all my fault, if I could point out professor that Granger was doing nothing but criticize my work, when she should have been teaching me how to do it correctly.” Malfoy cut in before I finished speaking.


“I was trying to tell you how to do it but you wouldn’t listen, you can’t possibly blame this on me” I answered in a heated voice forgetting professor Slughorn’s presence.


“I can and I will, if you’re not going to accept your part of the blame on this I won’t take it for you.”


“Oh very mature Malfoy” I snorted, rolling my eyes at his childish comment.


“I think that is enough” I was startled by professor Slughorn’s stern voice I had forgotten he was standing in front of us. “With the two of you bickering in such a manner, I’m not surprised this happened”


“I am truly disappointed in you Miss Granger, I sincerely expected more of you, if the both of you cannot settle your differences how do you expect to be able to work together.” He continued and I felt my face flush red at his words shame settling deep in my chest.


“I’m sorry professor” I mumbled tears prickling the back of my eyes but I did my best to blink them away, like hell I was going to give Malfoy the satisfaction of seeing me cry.


“Professor if you could give us the antidote to this,” Malfoy spoke and I knew he was staring at me I turned away pretending to examine my shoes, “Then perhaps you could assign me another tutor.” He continued I bit down on my lower lip feeling like a complete failure, silently thankful that I would be able to walk away to lick my wounds in private.


“No , I don’t think so Mr. Malfoy,” My head snapped up at professor Slughorn’s voice. “I think it will be far more productive if I leave you this way until the effects wear off by themselves, maybe this way you will both learn to resolve your differences.”


My mouth dropped open at his words, spending Merlin-only-knows-how-much time attached to Malfoy was even worst then being told I was a complete failure as a tutor, I simply gaped at professor Slughorn who looked absolutely thrilled by his ‘brilliant’ idea.


“But professor I don’t think that is the best idea” Malfoy intervened and I knew he was having a hard time keeping the polite tone in his voice.


“But of course it’s a good idea my boy, one of my best if I do say so myself. Now off with the both of you, it’s a beautiful day so I dare say enjoy it!” He boomed in a voice that made it apparent that the wine and crystallized pineapples had finally made an effect on him.


“How long will it last?” I asked finally finding my voice.


“Well, I would chance a guess at around twelve hours” Slughorn answered cheerfully.


“Twelve hours!” Malfoy and I chorused.


“At best case scenario, there have been registered cases that have lasted months” He added thoughtfully.


I noticed as Malfoy’s face went milk-white his lips murmuring silently the word ‘months’ and I was sure his face was a mirror of my own shock.


“No more questions? Well then go along I’m sure you two will want to enjoy the rest of your day.”


“Bu-but…professor what are we supposed to do we can’t take five steps away from each other without physical pain, how are we supposed to go to our respective tables at dinner, what if we’re still stuck together by night how are we supposed to go to our houses.” I mumble a vast amount of embarrassing situation coming to mind. I felt my heart drop all the way down to my stomach.


“Oh well… there is the room of requirement, I’m sure you know about it Miss Granger, you can very well have everything you might need in there and I’ll have a house elf take any personal possessions you might need to you there, as for dinner well I guess you’ll just have to sit together.” Slughorn replied sounding annoyed, that we weren’t taking his idea with the necessary enthusiasm.


“If you’ll excuse me now I have a few things of my own to take care of.” With that he slammed the heavy door in our stunned faces.

A/N: Well this is my first attempt at some humor i hope i don't completly suck at it, please tell me what you think by reviewing they just make me so so so happy.

edited: 01/11/10 just polishing it up a bit now that i have more time.

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