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A young woman stood silently at the edge of the familiar cliff, around the same spot as in prior years. She was trying to hold back tears, even as a few fell down her tan face, her chocolate eyes were shimmering and her chocolate hair was being whipped around by gusts of wind. She had started a tradition of coming to this mountain when she was eleven; it was the same one her father would bring her brother and her to when he needed to get away from the city distractions.
She’s been through many things that not many people had to deal with; she has had to deal with losing her brother when she was seven due to cancer and then when she was away at school her father passed away from the same illness when she was twelve. It was around that time her mother stopped talking to her and became reliant on alcohol. Although  her brother was only five when she lost him, they were best friends, the type that they were together constantly, joined at the hip, but when her brother died so did the sparkling, outgoing, bubbly girl she had once been.

Now being seventeen and in her last year of school, she felt extremely alone and the losses were more present now than ever before. She had always dreamt her brother and dad would be there with her when she graduated and to be proud of her and cheering her on when whoever called her name. She wanted them back to support her, praise her and be there to talk to when she needed advice only a father or brother would be able to give her or even teach her. She wished she was dreaming and when she woke up her brother and dad would be smiling down on her and when they went out and did something her dad would say ‘that’s my baby girl’ but with all the pinching, it was confirmed that this life was very much real. She can come off a sweet, innocent girl but that doesn’t necessarily mean that is who she is; in the last five or six years, anyone who crossed her, was demeaning to her, said something that upset her, or just plain bothered her or her friends they would get what they deserved. She would fight anyone regardless whether they were female or male, it was her way of dealing with the pain and emotions as well as hiding the small, weak, little girl she was inside. Sure she had best friends and friends alike at school but once they all graduated this year, would they all bother to stay in touch? Many might promise they will, but there is something different with this girl, she held a secret that no one knew about, it was a promise, a promise she made with her brother and there would be no way she would never break it.


Two carefree adventurous children were running around in the yard, running around in the sun, Britianee started twirling around, letting her bright yellow skirt fly about in the wind, giggling, when she was tackled from behind and went flying onto the ground and rolled a few times

“Sister?” the little boy said with a weak smiled, Britianee looked at him briefly with a huge smile, as he stood up then walked over to a patch of flowers she had spotted earlier and started to pick some

“Do you think Mom and Dad would want some flowers for the table today? It’s been so long since we got to come out here” Britianee asked and he walked over, coughing lightly, and sat next to her, he grabbed her hand roughly causing her to look at him, surprised she dropped all the flowers she had picked

“Charlie what is it?” she asked worriedly, he smiled, looking her in the eyes, “are you okay? Are you feeling sick again we could head back in” she said concerned

“No, I wanted to talk to you before I go back” he said slowly not breaking eye contact from her, “I always want to remember you happy” he reached out and ran his index finger down from her forehead to her chin, delicately, just as a five year old would, “I love you” he kissed her cheek,

“Charlie, don’t talk like this again, we’re going to beat this thing remember?” she asked knocking lightly on her brother’s head, she shook her head “we’re going to be together forever silly” she finished fixing his hair with a sad look in her eyes and a smile that didn’t reach her eyes. She wasn’t dumb, she heard the whispers and worried glances at Charlie, she knew there wasn’t much they could do with this progression of cancer, they all knew

“I want you to promise me something” he said softly and she nodded absentminded, she reached down and picked up some disregarded flowers “will you just listen?” he asked and she looked over

“Charlie, you can tell me another time, I will listen, but… just watch” she said calmly and smiled as a gust of wind came and she threw the flowers into the air and the two siblings watched as flowers and petals swirled in the wind, some landing and some flying higher “I wonder what it would be to fly” she mumbled, catching a confused looked from her brother, “like a flower petal goodness, just the feel of floating and zooming, dancing in the air, it must be a wonderful thing” she gushed getting a smile from her brother before the laughter came out as giggles before she heard him, he was coughing, coughing badly

“Charlie we should get you back in” she said standing up, helping him up as well, there was no amusement in the little girls’ eyes

“I want to be there for you, when you need me” he said looking up a little to her, tears coming to his eyes, “but we know I’m dying, I feel like I am letting everyone down, letting Mom and Dad down, but most importantly you, I don’t want to lose my best big sister” he heaved heavily, “I just want you to be happy, even when I am not around”

“Charl-“ she began but he started coughing more violently and she got scared and jumped up, the flowers forgotten. “DADDY!” she screamed and ran as close to the house “MOM” she yelled, her dad was the first out the door and ran to Charlie, as soon as Britianee seen he dad she ran back to Charlie, kneeling down beside him,

“Adriana, we need to go now” he yelled as soon as he seen his wife close by, there was nothing happy about the moment, Britianee looked to her dad, scared to death,

“Daddy?” she said and let a tear slip down her face, he looked down at his daughter and kissed her forehead “I am sorry, so very sorry!” she sobbed

“It’s not your fault Cookie” he said, his wife picked their son up with a worried look, her dad nodded his head and took Britianee’s hand “we need to go to the hospital okay?” he said and she nodded and in a blur they were gone. At the hospital her Mom had her head in her hands in the waiting room while she waited for the doctor

“Paul, It’s worse, he’s only got a few more hours” she said and Britianee felt her Dads’ grasp on her tighten, “the doctor said he was going to try something but the most we’d have is another day maybe two” Britianee walked over to her mom and hugged her tightly and she glanced over to her dad. He seemed out of it completely, people walked by, some curious glancing over to see what was going on

“Is he conscience?” she heard her Dad ask as the doctor came back a good hour later, he  had a weak smile

“For now, we gave him some medication to steady his breathing and we have oxygen nearby if he has another attack” the doctor sighed “I would try something more but his body is already heavily medicated as it is, I’m afraid there’s not anything I could give the would help” Britianee’s dad shook his head and looked at his daughter with a small smile

“How long?” he asked and the doctor looked at Britianee and her mom

“I would say long enough to say your goodbyes, maybe a little longer, I’m sorry” he said briefly then walked off to help other patients,

“Adriana, you and me should go together” he said and his wife nodded and sat Britianee in a chair “Cookie, stay right here, we’ll be back soon ok?” he said and she nodded, and looked into his eyes, their brightness was slowly fading, “if you need anything St. Mungo’s is equipped, just ask a nurse” then her parents walked down the hallway and out of view. Britianee curled up in the chair as she felt someone sit next to her, she had her eyes closed tightly, like if she didn’t open them this would be a nightmare.

“Would you like a chocolate, or maybe, perhaps my favorite a lemon drop?” a voice said cracking her barrier, she looked up curiously and shook her head “I know your parents, such a thing for young parents to go through” he said carefully, watching the little girl wiped furiously at her face as more tears fell, she was trying to hide them and be strong, he chuckled halting Britianee “it’s okay young Miss Prewitt, it’s okay to be afraid but it’s also wise to be strong” he said softly and held out his hand, she grabbed the lemon drop slowly as he looked up, he glanced at her who held the lemon drop up into the light, as to be checking if it had been tampered with, he smiled slightly “I must take my leave now, I’ll see you soon” he said winking, he stood up and walked to where her mom was standing, her arms wrapped around her and she nodded to something the old man was saying

“Okay Cookie, your turn, just pretend it’s another relapse, it might make it easier” her dad said softly walking to the door with her, she shook her head and grabbed his hand

“Daddy, I’m a strong young lady, I can handle it” she said smiling slightly, he just stared at his seven year old, she took something out of her pocket and put it in his hand and curled his hand around it, she stepped around him, opened the door and stepped in shutting it behind her “I hope” she sighed, her father unfolded his hand and seen the lemon drop and looked up, there the old man was as always with the look of unseen knowledge with a twinkle in his eye, looking at him before talking to the nurse and heading towards another door and another hallway. Britianee seen her brother laying on a somewhat comfortable looking bed, hooked up to machines, she cautiously walked over to his bed, she sobbed and took his hand

“Hey… what did I… say about th…at?” Charlie asked taking labored breaths, she looked him in the eyes, unshed tears threatening to fall

“You’re dying, it’s hardly a time to joke” she said harshly and he moved his hand to her face “I don’t want you to go, I don’t know what to do without you” she said softly and a tear fell from his eyes “stay with me please?” she whimpered and he smiled weakly and moved his hand to over her heart

“I’ll be with you forever in here” he said slowly before trying to catch his breath, she looked away

“But I’m supposed to go before you” she said sadly, he squeezed her hand causing him to look at her  

“You have to listen now” he said urgently, she nodded her brother had her full attention “promise me you will never break a promise” he whispered and closed his eyes, she nodded her head and he smiled “good, I know you’ve never broken a promise you’ve made me, you’re a special girl Brit, you’re true hearted” he paused and smiled like he was remembering or seeing a memory “you’ve always been true to yourself and others, never held anything back” he stopped again slightly “you always speak what’s on your mind, I tried so hard to be like you, at the playgrounds” he whispered slipping away

“I love you brother, I’ll never break that promise” she paused, kissing his cheek just as the machines started making more sounds, she squeezed his hand and walked out of the room, calmly, wiping her tears away and headed back to her parents. From that day she would never break any promise, or not fill a promise made to her.


Britianee glanced behind her, even standing in this spot in Ireland on this specific day, she wished her brother was right there with her, “why’d you have to leave me, why?” she asked, the question would go unanswered like always, when she felt someone wrap their arms around her, their chin resting on her shoulder, she leaned back “it will never just stop hurting will it?” she knew the other person heard her

“Well, you’ll always have an ache from the tragedies you’ve been through, but let’s say you get a specific Black boy, the pain just fades away” the girl joked as Britianee shoved her away “it’s not like you’re hurting their memory or are you replacing them, you are just becoming numb to it, and it’s easier when you have someone to keep your attention on them and not on the past.” She finished looking down at the ocean “just think, you could always be stuck in the past, standing safely on your cliff, or you could try new things and step forward, it might not be the wisest, seeing as it’s a cliff, but with every step you could be one step closer on finding happiness and fall in love with someone, you’ve got to make the first step” she paused, never once looking at her friends face “you always have me and Lily with you either way, but standing here, never moving forward, it doesn’t just hurt you it hurts us too, we don’t like seeing you like this as much as you don’t like hurting”

“Aspen” Britianee started, her friend shushed her and held her arms up like she was floating in the air

“Not quite done” she opened her eyes and smiling widely “I like you Brit, you’re my best friend, but two times a year I want to beat the hell out of you and make you wake up, it would never happen, because, well you know how to fight girl” she glanced to Britianee imitating Britianee fighting, “I’m not one to overstep my boundary line with this subject so I am going to stop talking about it, but I still say you’ve had the Black brothers eyeing you since day one” she knew she should have shut up, Britianees’ face was of disgust, “yep, should have just stopped talking,  like now, I am... yep” as she cautiously walked away from Brit

“Hell no!” she finally said snapping out of her stupor “I’d never touch either of those jerks and after all the shit with Regulus, never” she lashed out “the day I find either of them remotely attractive is the day I have my family back”

“Actually…Can I point something out?” Aspen sighed and Britianee raised an eyebrow “you told Lily in secret in then in fact told me, you had a crush on a certain Black boy back in what was it… fourth or fifth year”

“Fine, it was a bad metaphor, but after fifth year, I’d never give them a chance, ever” Britianee fumed, not liking being pointed out. Aspen smiled before sitting on a rock and glancing over at the taxi cab waiting for them, they had maybe ten minutes top before they had to head back to the airport

“You do need to experience love though Brit, just a thought” she added Britianee walked over and sat next to her so they were sitting opposite ways on the same rock, it wasn’t a very big rock.

“Like your love for Lupin?” Britianee asked and laughed as Aspen hit herself in the head

“I’m going to die from embarrassment this year, I should never have said anything to you or Lily last year, but it was eating me up inside, I needed to tell someone” Aspen explained and glanced to Brit who was looking somewhere in the distance “but this year, I will tell him, secretly I think he already knows, I mean I haven’t been that discreet the last three years, my best friends are just blind” she joked. “One day we all will be happy, I just know it” she bubbled looking over at Britianee “as hard as it sounds darling even you” grabbing her hand before jumping up and stubbing her toe? “CRAP, that hurts” she growled she was about to kick the rock, but stopped quickly, Britianee was laughing silently before Aspen threw a ‘shut the hell up’ look. The taxi cab driver was growing impatient and began honking the cars horn

“We should get going right? Got to catch the plane in two hours, the train tonight, stopping at your house to get ready then London tomorrow afternoon” Britianee said unexpectedly

“We’ll have to sleep on the train, I’m not sure when we’ll get back to Scotland, or how the times will match up once we get to the train station. But its three now, we should find something” Aspen said grimacing “that means we might have to be on a train all day, isn’t school in Scotland?” she asked a frown appeared on her forehead “that wouldn’t work all out stuffs back at my house, plus we both need showers” No one had trusted Britianee to go by herself, so Aspen McCord and Lily Evans said they’d come with her the first time, along with Lily’s Mom, it wouldn’t have been good for three eleven years alone. Normally the three would come together, sort of like tradition nowadays, but a few times it was just her and Lily, or her and Aspen, everyone had summer plans with their families. Aspen was dancing to some song in her head when she remembered something, her foot was fine once the throbbing stopped “Be right back” she said and ran back to the taxi cab, the driver glared at her “we’re almost done, here” she threw more pounds at him which made him a little less sour. She grabbed the flower bundles and slammed the door before rushing back to Brit

“What’s this?” Britianee asked and Aspen handed her the bundle of five white lilies while she kept five white roses

“So this is a little something I thought of last minute, on the count of three we let the wind carry them away” she said excitedly, grabbing Britianee’s hand

“Okay… one…two…” she paused and looked over at Aspen

“Three!!” they shouted together and threw the flowers into the wind, watching as they twirled in the wind, Aspen was spinning in circles as Britianee watched as most of them made it to the ocean to be carried on the waves. Aspen smiled and snuck up on Britianee, “Boo!” she whispered and grabbed her and spun in circles and started jumping around like a lunatic, days never seemed dull or boring with Aspen around, she was glad that she had a friend that could make anyone seem brighter. “Brit?” she asked as the cab driver blared the horn again, this time it was time to go

“Yea, let’s go” Brit said looking to the cab herself, with humor in her eyes from watching Aspen. Aspen headed to the cab and tripped over another rock, landing in a puddle of mud, causing Britianee to burst out laughing

“Don’t worry about me Hun, I’m fine really” Aspen said now covered head to toe in mud, when an idea popped into her head and she crept closer to Britianee who took hesitant steps backwards as she approached “hey Brit come here, come see the chocolate pudding monster” she laughed, holding her arms out she began running after her as Britianee ran as far and as fast away from her.

“Stay away!!” Britianee said holding her sides as she picked up a dirty stick and pointed at her “I don’t want any love from the choc…ate pud… whatever the heck you said you were” she laughed as she slowly walked to the cab “get in the cab Aspen” she said as Aspen opened the door. As she was getting in, Britianee smirked “hey Aspen, did you trip over the rock with the toe you stubbed earlier? Just wondering is all” she asked, after seeing her friends face she doubled over laughing again.

“But Cookie, I want to give you some hugs, how about just one hug… come on” she whined looking defeated, like someone told a little kid they couldn’t get the puppy they were playing with at the pet shop.

Aspen, no” Britianee responded before walking to the cab, and went to get in when she heard

‘Sister, promise never break a promise, please don’t let me down’

“I promise, forever Charlie” she whispered before getting in the cab and sitting next to Aspen, who thought it would be funny to molest her, covering her with mud, the cab driver just shook his head, knowing it was going to be hell to get that mud out of his backseat.  

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