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a/n: it's been ages :) truly, it has. this story is still on hiatus. I'll get to it whenever I feel inspired. I just... I have the hots for my other story, is all :) But hey! I hope you like this chapter. Feel free to leave a review!

Chapter 24: How it's Supposed to Be.

Lily trudged through the rain, mud splattering all over her clothes. She didn’t think about a water-repelling charm until it was too late. Being around James Potter must have affected her judgment or something of that nature. 

She held on to his hand, and he put his hand over her shoulder, pulling her into his side, trying to keep the wet off of her. It was an epic failure , truly. They were both soaked to the bone. The thunder crashed in the sky, causing them both to jump. 

James squinted, his keeper’s eyes looking in the sky for the couple. Looking on the ground for the couple… “I don’t see them anywhere,” he shouted, so that Lily could hear him. 

She turned to him, worry on her face, rain soaking her hair: it was plastered to her forehead. James had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. “We need to keep looking.” 

Suddenly, the lightning flashed only feet away. James grabbed Lily and launched her to the ground, covering her with his body. His hands flew up to cover her ears. 

Even through his hands, she could hear the loud crack of the thunder that echoed through her very bones. He waited a second, and then snatched her up into his arms and began running back to the school. She looked at him agog, and then tried to get free. “We have to find them, James!”  Her voice cracked with desperation.

James didn’t even look at her; his eyes were looking straight ahead. She beat his shoulder and began to cry, her tears meshing with the rain. “We have to find them…” 

James didn’t stop until he was under shelter. He looked at Lily crying and wiped away what he thought were her tears. “They’re going to be fine.” 

“How do you know?” she asked, sobbing. “How could you possibly know?” 

He smiled at her and lowered his mouth to hers, gently kissing her wet lips. “I’m just lucky, I guess.” 

Ayra’s mouth went open, as she hovered in the air. “You’re serious?” she asked, face inches from his. 

His lips quirked into his famous smirk. “Well, obviously, love. That’s my name.” 

“Do you know how dangerous that is?” Ayra asked him, ignoring the stupid pun, anger suddenly running through her veins. It was boiling so fiercely that it was a wonder that the rain didn’t start to steam and hiss off of her body. “Do you know how dangerous this is?” She said, refusing to look away from his entrancing, grey eyes. 

He simply raised a brow. “Do you know how dangerous you are?” 

Ayra was taken aback. “We’re not talking about me.” 

The lightning flashed, and before she could say anything else, the thunder crashed so loudly, that it knocked them both right out of the air.

And suddenly, Ayra was falling….. 

Sirius snatched his broom as he fell, the sound waves knocking him sideways, and he brought it beneath him as soon as he could. His eyes flew around as if he was the seeker, then he saw her falling to the ground at neck breaking speed. 

Suddenly, something snapped in him. Then, he was racing to the ground for all he was worth, with everything he had and more… 

He was so close to getting her... Merlin pray that he wasn’t too late!

And just as she was inches from the ground, he snagged her with an arm and hauled her onto his broom. He flew straight to the changing rooms. He picked her up and threw his broom to the ground and shoved her into the men’s locker room. “Don’t you ever do that to me again,” he said lowly, looking at Ayra, who trembling on the floor. 

“I thought you were going to let me fall.” 

Sirius felt the desperation leave his body, leaving him soaked and breaking inside. “I would never do that,” he said, still standing. 

Ayra felt a hot tear fall down her rain riveted face, and turned her head to the side so that he couldn’t see. “I know,” she whispered quietly. “I know.” 

He fell to his knees and sat beside her, hugging her to his side. “Why can’t we just get along, Ayra. Can’t we at least be friends?” 

Ayra looked at him, warm with his arm around her back. Her blue eyes met his green ones. She felt her heart break into little pieces. “Because I know you’ll always want more than that.” 

“You could ignore that fact,” he pleaded. 

Ayra looked at him sadly. “You could have denied it.” 

She took her free hand and pried his fingers away from her, letting his arm fall to his side. She stood up and looked down at him, an odd, cold anger filling her soul. “We can’t do this. I can’t fix you. You’re going to have to find someone else. We hate each other, Sirius, you know that,” she said, trying to make him see that this was in fact, impossible. 

She could tell from the look in his eyes that he was never going to see it that way. “What if I don’t want to know it?” 

“You can’t hide from yourself forever!” Ayra said, suddenly going cold. “You can’t. So just leave me alone. Tomorrow, we’ll hate each other how we always have.” 

Sirius looked at her, his blood boiling ice hot. “Do you truly want that?” He walked up to her, standing so close to her but not touching. He noted the goose bumps that rose on her arms and the way that her mouth parted at his close proximity. “Do you really want to walk out of here as enemies, because I swear, Ayra, I’ll play up to my part of that bargain, and you won’t like it one bit.” 

Ayra looked into his angry eyes. This is how it’s supposed to be, that nefarious little voice in her head told her with satisfaction. Then, the other voice inside of her answered. But this isn’t how you want it to be. 

“Yes.” Ayra answered. “I want that.” 

Sirius looked her in the eyes, seeing the hesitation, and then, the cold confidence. His heart tore to pieces inside of him. He was finished, through with this game. He just couldn’t take it anymore. He closed the distance between them and shoved her back into the wall, grabbed her hands, putting them above her head, and meshed his lips to hers. 

He plundered her mouth punishingly, ravishing as if he had been hungry for days. He invaded her mouth, stealing the harshest kiss from her lips. 

Ayra knew it was going to happen right before it did. She almost wanted it to. Hot lava ran through her veins as he kissed her. She kissed back. She had to kiss back. His hands were forcefully keeping hers pinned to the wall. Just as she started to tremble and succumb to his skill and passion, he stopped, stepping back. His eyes were a dangerous, flat grey. “Then I hope you enjoy disappointment, Woods. Because you’re about to get a huge dose of it.” 

He looked at her one more time, refusing to feel sorry. He walked backwards and then forcefully opened the door to the rain, and without looking back, he walked through and slammed it shut with finality. 

Ayra’s hands went up to her lips. They were bruised and swollen from his kiss. A kiss she would never forget. She fell to the floor, hands covering her face, refusing to let the tears out. This is how it’s supposed to be. 
And what I want doesn’t really matter. Ayra stood up, tears burning her eyes. Still, she refused to let them go. She went and closed her hand over the door handle that he had touched just moments before: it was already cold. Just like her heart. 

She opened the door to the rain, and let it wash over her skin. 

So I guess this is what it’s like, to catch lightning. She thought wryly.

The thunder rumbled through the air, and the rain kept pouring as if she and Sirius had never argued, never were. It went on as if nothing ever happened.  

I guess it’s not as spectacular as I made it out to be.

With that thought, she lay down in the middle of the quidditch field and just let the rain fall and wash away the tears that she had finally set free.

This is how it's supposed to be: But what if it isn't how I want it to be? But what if that doesn't really matter?
This is how it's supposed to be.

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