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Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Harry Potter universe, just the plot! :) Oh, the chapter image is done by hannah17 @ TDA! <3



Harry was standing out on their patio, looking at the stars.

He was thinking of how he'd missed his family since he had left for his business trip with his fellow Aurors. They were scheduled to be gone for a month, but he had come home a week early.

When he had told Ginny about his early arrival, it had "slipped her mind." She had been wrapped up in so many other things that she had completely forgot about his arrival that night.

Knowing exactly when their father would be home, the children had gotten a muggle calendar and marked in bright red when their father would be returning. And, with each passing day, they would mark it off. Closer and closer.

When Harry had apparated home, Ginny was in the kitchen, cleaning up the mess from dinner. Not making a sound, he just simply stood there, admiring his wife.

Hearing laughter out back, Harry made his way towards the backyard where his children were found playing Find the Nargles In the Mud. Of course.

To their utter delight, the three Potter children had looked up to see who had come out back and ran to greet their father. Covered in mud or not, Harry didn't care. He was too happy to see his three children after a long time away.

Wondering what the commotion was all about, Ginny had heard screams of "Daddy," and came out to see that her husband had come home.

Demanding that they get a bath, Ginny ordered the children to go upstairs and get ready.

"But, Mum. Daddy just came home. Do we have to go to bed now?" Albus whined.

Without a word, Ginny pointed in the house, and the three children stomped their feet in protest and made their way upstairs. Smirking, Harry turned his attention to the muddy yard, and whisked his wand, and freshly cut grass reappeared.

A small breeze brushed against his face, brining him back to his days of playing Quidditch. The feel of flying on his broom high up in the air and chasing the snitch brought back memories.

Feeling a tug of his shirt, Harry looked down to see that it was only his two year old daughter, Lily.

"Daddy, what are does spwarkily tings in da sky?" She pointed as Harry had picked her up.

"Hmm, what was that, sweetheart?"

"Does sparkles. There are so many. What are they?" she asked in amazement. "Are you keeping Mummy's pretties up there?"

"No, they're not for Mummy."

"Oh! Den who are de for?" Lily asked.


"Uuuummm… Aunt Minnie?" Lily questioned.

"No, they're not for Aunt Hermione."

"Uncle Won Won? But daddy, sparkles is for gwirls. Uncle Won Won is a boy!"

Harry chuckled.

"Well, then it's a good thing that they aren't for Uncle Ron then. Isn't it?"

"Daddy, just tell me!" How was he going to explain this? This was a simple explanation and he was failing. What was she going to ask next? For a new broom?

"Alright," Harry began. "They're little diamonds. Every time I think of a special girl, I put one up there. You know that big bright sun that's out during the day?"

Lily nodded.

"That's Mummy's diamond. I think of her every second of every day. I hired him, you see. But he gets tired. So that's what the stars are for. They remind me of a special little girl I think about all the time."

"But I 'fought you said they weren't for Mummy?" she gave him a puzzled look.

"Mummy isn't the only girl I think about. And the girl I'm thinking about is even smaller."

Lily thought for a moment, her little pink lips forming an "O." Harry pointed his finger to her chest and she whispered. "Meee? Weally?"

"Well, one or two are for your brothers when I think about them. But don't tell them. They won't like that very much!" Harry told her as she put a finger up to her lips.

With that, Ginny hollered for Lily to come in and get ready for bed.

"Do I have to?" Lily asked Harry, her bottom lip facing downward.

"Harry James Potter, don't you dare tell her she can have five more minutes!" Ginny's voice was domineering and Harry would receive disapproval from his wife if he allowed Lily to stay up.

"You don't want me to get in trouble with Mummy now, do you?"

Lily shook her head.

Harry carried Lily back into the house and Ginny asked. "Where have you two been? The boys want a bedtime story, Harry."

Harry put Lily down on the floor and she piped. "Daddy was telling me what the stars mean."

Taking Lily's hand, Ginny asked, "Oh? And what did Daddy tell you?"

In a singing voice, she spoke. "That he 'finks of me more dan you!"

And with that, she skipped off to her room with a smile on her face, only too happy to know that Harry had put the stars up just for her.

Author's Note: I hope you all enjoyed my little one-shot as much as I had writing it! :) I'd like to thank Drue [Pheonix_Flames] for betaing it! She's uber amazing! :D Please review! :)

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