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    Well this is my first fanfic. Hopefully you like it.
    Everything you recognise belongs to J.K Rowling everything you don't belongs to me!

    Thanks To ariana_tithe for the amazing banner

    Severus looked up from his piece of parchment as a soft knock sounded at the door.He stood up and walked over to the door, lifted the latch and opened it just in time to catch the woman as she collapsed. He quickly lifted her over to his ebony bed and lied her down softly. Summoning a bowl of warm water and cloth and placed it onto the bed side table. Severus unwrapped her cloak that was twisted around her starved body. Carefully avoiding her chest, Severus cleaned her dirt-covered body before casting a brief Mobilicorpus charm so he could cleanse her brusied back. Even with the dirt removed, she still looked horrible. He cleaned the sheets quickly before lowering her carefully down onto the bed again. Severus waved his wand over her body, casting a health detection spell, and waited the standard minute. Suddenly a bright light flashed above her, and a sheet of parchment listing her injuries appeared, floating above her. He grabbed the paper and skimmed it, relieved to see that there were no serious internal injuries. Everything should be able to heal eventually, he thought to himself. Walking into his storeroom Severus grabbed two healing potions to ease the pain. Walking briskly back over to the bed he poured the contents down her throat. Then waved his wand to clear up the brusies. Happy with his work, Severus walked back to his oak desk and started writing.

    Scratching his ear he noticed the woman moving, his gaze raised and lowered from her feet to her glossy locks of chestnut hair, he noted they were laced with shades of blonde. The image of her ivory skin with cherry stained cheeks was mesmerizing in the flicker of the candlelight, it was at that moment he decided that she was truly beautiful.


    A couple of hours later Severus sat at in one of the tattered arm chairs reading. Looking up he noticed the woman tossed and turned in her sleep. Severus rose from his seat to wake her but at that moment she sat up a let out a terrible scream. Noticing there was no danger she stopped and cried. Tears fell from her eyes as she lowered her head into her hands. Severus noticing this rushed over to calm her.

    “Shhhh” he hushed.

    She took no notice of he soothing sound. Sighing he raised his voice. “Shhhh quiet girl.”

    “S-sorry” she managed to say between sobs. “I w-was just s-so scared.” she said while breathing in. “I had nowhere else to go. He killed my parents, my friends just to find me!” She began to cry again.

    “Shhhh calm down, tell me who?” he said trying to get through to her.

    “M-my husband Avenir” she said with a sigh and another wet sob.

    Rubbing her back awkwardly he replied “It’s alright he is not here”

    “He'll come. He'll come looking. I know he will!”

    “I'm very sure I can protect myself as well as you,” he said matter-of-factly

    “Y-you don't know him,” She said, wiping her eyes.

    “Exactly. Why would he come here, to someone’s house he does not know? Hmm?”

    Her gaze rose to his, and it was only then that he noticed her lovely blue eyes, the same color of the sea at summer time. Staring too long in her eyes, he accidentally looked into her mind. He saw torture, hate, all of it. He pulled back, shocked, and looked away.

    “I can't stay here,” she said pulling the blanket away from herself.

    “ You can and you will. At least until your bruises have healed, and you are safe.” he replied

    Looking at him she realized she was indeed safe here with this man.

    “Thank you, erm...”

    “Severus, Severus Snape. And your name is?”
    “Nolicia Mews,” she said with a sad smile. 


    A couple of days passed and Nolicia’s bruises were fading fine. Severus and Nolicia often took walks down to the stream near Spinner’s End. Nolicia would often take a book down to read. Occasionally Severus would join her but more often he would decline as he had a whole knew year to plan for a Hogwarts.

    Nolicia and Severus sat at the corner of the stream, between them sat a basket full of food. They sat on a green striped rug that Severus suggested because he didn’t want to sit on the wet grass. Severus stared at the women as she ate. Her small mouth even though filled with food still looked so beautiful. Severus snapped out of his gaze as she spoke.

    “Severus I must admit I never thought of you as a cook, but this is just divine.!” she said between chewing.

    “Indeed it is” he admitted, while nodding his head slightly

    “I think I have found my light in all this darkness,” she said as she grabbed his hand. Severus looked at their hands as they intertwined. Then turned his gaze to her beautiful sea coloured eyes

    “Nolicia may I ask you something”

    “Mhmm” she said without moving her gaze from her plate.

    “May I spend the night with you?” he blurted out. Then quickly realized what he’d said

    “I mean, erm..” But she interrupted “Its quite alright, we are both adults. But you may” she said leaning to give him a tender kiss.


    Nolicia woke to the early morning sun shining threw tattered curtains. She rolled over so she was lying on Severus’s chest. Sleepily she lay there listening to the beat of his heart. How it enchanted her. Slowly she rose up from her sleepy daze and dressed her naked body. Slipping on the green velvet dress Severus bought her the previous day. It hugged her slim waist, showing her beautiful features and flaring out at the bottom like a fairy dress. She strolled down to the river, cutters in hand she clipped some red roses and lay them in a bundle. She gently lay back in the long grass and gazed up into the pale, fluffy clouds. Eventually she fell asleep dreaming about lovely and beautiful things. 

    Severus woke in his comfortable plump bed with a start! He jerked open his eyes, looking around frantically for Nolicia, wondering where she was. He flew out of bed running out of the house shouting and yelling her name. He ran down to the river and noticed the freshly cut flowers the sight of them made him feel relaxed knowing she here somewhere. Looking around he spotted Nolicia sleeping in the wheat grass. He walked over to her and gently shook her. She opened her beautifully colored eyes and sat up.

    “Severus?” she said, “what’s the time?”

    “Well about 10:30 I think my love” he stated

    “Ohh I'm so sorry I must have dozed off”

    “I think so,” he said with a smirk

    “Uhmm Severus” she said pointing at his lower half. It was then he noticed he was fully naked. 

    Turning bright red he turned on his heel and ran full blast up the hill and out of sight. Laughing out loud she stood up and picked up the flowers.

    In the evening Severus and Nolicia took a stroll down to the village in the hot holiday sun.. Hands intertwined they were completely oblivious to their surroundings. He took her to the bookstore where she bought a book about Cinderella. And Severus’s looked earned him a swat with book, which got them both kicked out.

    “Nice going love.” she said plainly.

    “Hey, you did pick the book!”

    “So what?” she replied and stormed off.

    Severus ran to catch her, lifted her on to his shoulder and walked up the hill.

    “Severus honestly we look ridiculous,” she complained.

    “I do not care what they think and neither should you” he said flatly

    Sighing she wriggled out of his grip and took his hand.


    “Severus I’m fine, it’s just a stomach cramp” she explained.

    “When was your last period?” he replied while looking around for his wand “ where did I put the blasted thing” he said furiously.

    “Severus please, I’m not pregnant,” she said with a smirk “ I mean my last period was.” counting her fingers she realized just maybe she just might. But her train of thought was interrupted by a yell of triumph.

    “Ok lie on your back and breathe normally” He placed his wand on her lower abdomen and whispered the incantation “pregnante incanteo” he whispered. It slowly turned a light blue. Severus totally shocked, that he fell backwards and landed painfully in a heap..

    “Severus,” she said sitting up. “What does blue mean?” she asked but she already knew what his answer was going to be.

    “Yo- You You’re pregnant” he said shocked

    “Oh my,” she said leaning on her forearms.

    The next couple of days Severus was frantic with worry. He didn’t understand what had gone wrong he had given her the morning after potion right he asked himself.

    “Oh merlin” he sighed. Now that he thought of it he had left it on the side table for her. She must have tipped it out without realizing.

    “What an insolent idiot” he said while running his hands through his greasy hair. How was he suppose to handle being a father and a professor? What would Dumbledore say, Ha he’d just twinkle those annoying eyes he thought furiously. This was not going to be easy.


    Nine stressful months had past and Nolicia was sure Avenir was gone. She was getting quite big and she was due any day now. Severus had painted the room yellow just in case it was a boy. He didn’t want a daughter in a pink bedroom let alone a son. 

    While Severus was at Hogwarts Dumbledore offered Nolicia to stay there as well before the birth, and was able to stay until a couple of week after the birth.

    “Severus!” Nolicia yelled. “The baby is coming” Severus with her bag of clothes steadily helped Nolicia off the bed and into the fireplace. With a poof of green flame they were gone. 

    Four hours later Severus stood pacing in front of a set of St. Mungo’s infirmary doors. Every so often he would place his head against the cold door to listen for the cries of his new child, but all he could hear was the painful cries of the woman who stole his heart. Severus sat down and gathered his face and hair into his hands. Breathing heavily he tried to calm his nerves by thinking about other things he even thought about going to sleep at one point but it was hopeless with the loud screams.

    The squeak of the door told Severus someone was coming out. He slowly noticed the screams of the woman he loved had died down actually they had stopped completely. Taking his head out of his sweaty palms he noticed the look on the healer’s face it was full with despair and misery. Even without looking into the man’s eyes he knew something was wrong. He stood and rushed over to the man.

    “ What’s wrong?” he asked, “Why has she stopped screaming? Why is there no screaming at all?”

    Severus’s onyx eyes roamed his face searching for the answer.

    “There was a problem...” but he was cut of by Severus question.

    “Is the baby fine?”

    “The baby is healthy and thriving,” he replied. “But giving the circumstances Nolicia’s body was not fit enough to give birth. We are wondering why the woman who was giving regular check ups never told you that. We are sorry we didn’t consult you but we had no choice but to perform a Caesarean section as muggle would call it.”

    “Will you stop blabbering on and spit it out?” Severus demanded.

    “I’m very sorry to say but she didn’t survive. She lost a lot of blood…” he faded out.

    Suddenly a wave of disbelief crashed over Severus. She can’t have died. She has survived this far she can’t die. Not now. We were supposed to die old. NOT NOW. He argued in his head. But he knew deep down the healer would not lie to him. But he knew he would have to see her for proof.

    Spinning on his heel he flew passed the shocked healer. Rushed through the closed doors.

    Lying there was his beautiful bumblebee. She looked horrible, but still beautiful but she looked almost peaceful. She wasn’t screaming anymore the thought made him cringe. Slowly walking over to her he searched her body for any signs of breathing but he could find nothing. Tears erupted form his eyes. Pushing past on of the witches he picked her up and cradled her body.

    Some hours later Severus looked at his surroundings. He noticed the woman and men cleaning up. No one even took any notice of him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw one woman staring at him.

    “What?” He asked furiously

    “I-I’m sorry sir but I wanted to know what you would like done with your daughter.” He had totally forgotten about his brand new baby…no, wait…brand new daughter.

    Placing Nolicia back on the bed he slowly walked over to the woman who was carrying his daughter. Blood on his hand he quickly wiped them on his cloak and picked the adorable baby up. She had her mother’s beautiful sea blue eye’s, he noticed the tint of green around the pupils. Her beautiful locks of jet black hair flowed down her head and how they curled at the bottom was enchanting. His heart broke as he took in the sight of her perfect, beautiful little button nose placed perfectly on her chubby face . Her tiny hands fidgeted with his black cloak. She had both Severus and Nolicia in her. 

    The smell of red roses filled the room. Severus could hear a soft whisper. He noticed it was Nolicia’s voice. “Suri my love, Suri.” Was he hearing things he thought before turning his gaze to the baby in his arms.

    “Suri” he whispered and looked into her sea colored eyes.

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