She traced the line that ran down the side of her deep red satin dress her mom thought would bring out her beautiful brown hair and greeen eyes. The eyes of her father the hair of her father. She was a female version of the great harry potter. She even had her own scar and curse to prove she was. She side and let her hands slip down to her sides. She had at first refused to go to the ball that had been planned for her since the beginning of this year in celebration of her sixteenth birthday. Her burn inccident had been her reasoning for not going. What if it happened again what would they say to explain her bursting into flames. She had exhausted the idea until her mother had been blue in the face from lack of breathing. 

"I refuse to let my only daughter become a hermit because of something we dont even know is really real," Ginny snapped after Lily had stopped her ranting about going to the ball. "It is your birthday and you will go and not burst into flames because the sun will be down!"

Her mother had been right. It would be night when the ball would take place and nothing would be able to stop her from going then. So she had agreed to her mother's demands. Let herself get primped for the last day of a normal life. She already felt different. Her eyesight had sharpened. She could see cracks in the wood no one else could see. She could see past the farthest hill side in the country. She could smell something coppery and it was stronger when she was near other people. She wanted to just hide, knowing full well what this change was. Knowing full well she wanted the death of all her family memebers because of her awful curse. And the dress' color only made her thirst more for the blood she wanted. She let out an exaperated sigh and sat down on the edge of her bed. Her thoughts were jumbled and angry. Angry at the situation of her existence. She piled her thoughts and stood from her bed. Her stance was tense. 

"Stay true to what I've given you dear Lily. It is now your nature become what you are. become the monster i have made you," The dark voice sounded off in her ear. She turned to see His form in the mirror.

A man of great stature stood behind her. His pitch black hair was slicked back to a point making his sharp features more pronounce. His crimson eyes seemed to smile as he appeared behind her. She stepped away almost knocking the mirror over as she tried to put space between them. He wore and armani suit something muggles where to impress. It was a deep shade of crimson with black intwined with it. he smiled at her fearful expression. She felt her heart, for the first time today, beat faster. The man who had cursed her stood in her room staring at her with a strange twinkle in his dangerous eyes.

"Now Lily stop your cowering its so strange to see my destined wife to be like that towards me," his voice was smooth.

"get out of my house Carthen," Lily hissed.

She wasnt going to let him try and control her now, not ever. He chuckled and sat down on her bed. An odd jesture to see this man of her nightmares do. He was trying to calm her nerves down make her trust him as he invaded her space. She wanted him gone. Every fiber of her being screamed for him to be gone. 

"Why do u fight me like this my sweet," he said.

"I said LEAVE!" She said with malice.

He chuckled and stood taking two steps towards her and the then dissapearing into the shadows of the room. She relaxed. Her heart still calming down as she took deep breaths. But then arms were around her waist and his lips were againtst her neck as he choose his next words.

"I will kill them if you choose them over me my lovely Lily and they will die a slow and painful death." he said darkly "Remember that in your descision." 

And with those words Carthen was gone and his words left a sting in her heart. She would have to choose him for her family to live. That was his plan for her if she choose some other life then the destined one. She felt like crying but held it together. Tonight she would hold herself together for her family. She would be the Lily Potter she should have been. 

The ride was boring, muggle transport seemed to get more and more boring as the potter family used it more often. Harry didn't want to seem suspicous around his muggle group of friends. Ever since the incident that had happened so long ago Harry had tried to keep the relations between both worlds confidential, only the important muggles knew of the wizarding race. So the ball was not in the muggle newspapers; to them it seemed to be a party that was of no importance. If their queen was not attending they seemed not to notice it. Lily could relax somewhat. Only wizard eyes would be set upon her tonight, it seemed to help her relax. 

"Who all has been invited to this ball?" Her mother was asking her father who seemed all to cuaght up in driving. Somehow he was really horrible at driving, even though he had lived in the muggle world his whole teenage life. 

"Everyone, even the Malfoys," he noted her mother's upset face and cleared his throat, "It is to show that there is no more hatred to any of the wizarding family that had been forced into Voldermort's evil plan." He seemed to be disgusted with the very idea himself. 

Her father hated the Malfoy family with the utmost passion. One Draco Malfoy had tried killing her father back in their hogwarts days. He hated the Malfoy family becuase of all the pain they had cuased the entire community. Lucious had been exiled to a place that no one would ever be bothered by him ever again. Narcissa had left the country fleeing to America to live a peaceful life. Draco had tried forgetting his past transgressions and married. His son had been fond of Lily's attention, which she refused to give him, for the last five years of her stays at Hogwarts. She didn't mind his unwavering affection, she just didn't want to know what her father would think if she fell for Draco's son.

"I just wish that we could forget that the Malfoy's ever existed," Her mother spat. "It would do the whole wizarding world a lot of good."

The car was silent then. Even as much as her father had and still hated Draco Malfoy, he would never wish that they were dead. It was the fine line that seperated her mother from her father. After the death of one of her brothers she refused to care for anyone that had been associated with Voldermort. She hated when the wizarding community tried to be nice and show that they had forgiven them for ever being with the manipulative man, but she would gaga and refuse to forgive them. It was her fault and sometimes it stung her father. Tonight, she had stung him hard. Harry was silent as the came to a large building. It was enormous, big enough to fit thousands of people in. Was she really that imprtant that thousands would come to celebrate her birthday. She sighed. Im not worth this much attention, not after what Carthen said tonight. 

"Time to present my sixteen year old daughter to the world," Her father said softly

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