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Chapter 2: Drinks Anyone?

“So? Tell me the story, it sounds funny.” Penny prodded.

“Fleur please don’t, I have only just managed to get past it. That night is something I just want to block from my brain. It is too embarrassing.” Hermione cried out, burying her head in her hands. Ginny meanwhile resembled a setting sun, her face literally glowing in her embarrassment.

Fleur however was shaking her head, laughing brightly, “Nonsenze, eet iz a good story! Eet ‘as been yearz now, and Penny ‘asn’t ‘eard eet yet.”

The two younger girls sighed resignedly flopping backwards in defeat as Fleur sat up, her hands already moving in an effort to enunciate the story that she so clearly would enjoy telling.


“Oi Harry! Wait up, we’ve had an idea!” Ginny called as she and Hermione raced up to the two boys.

He raised an eyebrow, “Oh? This should be interesting.”

“Not to mention dangerous.” Ron added, grinning at his girlfriend who was rolling her eyes at him.

Ginny plopped onto the grass, gesturing for the other three to copy her. Once they were all settled she grinned and said, “Look, since we are all leaving to return to school for our last year in a week, why don’t we have a party this weekend? Like with alcohol and everything? We are of age now, and I am sure there would be plenty of people who would love to come.”

Ron looked impressed that Hermione was agreeing to the plan and even Harry raised his eyebrows, “I am surprised that you would support such a frivolous exercise Herm.”

She shrugged, “Hey, even I like to have fun now and again you know! And Gin is right; we are all of age now.”

Ron sat up, “And have you thought about where you would plan on having this night of drunken debauchery? After all, I doubt Mum would be too keen on offering up the Burrow.”

That stumped the two girls, but they needn’t have worried as a voice from behind them said, “Well, you could alwayz ‘ave eet at ourz. I wouldn’t mind an’ I doubt Bill would eeether.”

Startled, they turned to face Fleur who had appeared. Harry, still twitchy from everything that had happened, already had his wand out, but lowered it quickly when he saw who it was. Fleur grinned at him, “Sorry ‘arry, I didn’t mean to scare you. So what do you think?”

“Hey, if you are willing to offer up your house to a bunch of drunk teenagers, who are we to knock it back?” Ron replied, smiling at the beautiful woman.

She shrugged, “Eet can’t be any worze than the party after You-Know-Who’z death. Az long az I approve of the people coming, I ‘ave no problemz, an’ Bill will do az ‘e iz told!”

The two younger girls laughed, “Cheers Fleur! That would be fantastic.”

The part-Veela plopped herself onto the ground next to them, “Eef you want, you can just give me a list an’ I’ll get what you need.”

Hermione nodded thankfully, “If you are willing to do that for us, you are a legend Fleur! Thank you so much, this is going to be such a fantastic night.”

“Not to mention our first ever drinking night!” Ginny squealed excitedly.

Harry laughed, “Just as long as the next day isn’t going to be our first ever stay-in-bed-‘cause-we-are-hangover day!”

Hermione looked at him like he was crazy, “Harry, the point of a drinking night, a proper one anyway, is to get tanked! You’re part muggle, you should know that !”

Ron nodded, “Wizards too you know Herm.”

She shrugged, “I am not a pure-blood, I wouldn’t know the first thing about a wizard’s drinking night.”

Fleur laughed, “Well, the party will be an education for you then!”

Ron grinned, “Even at a party, Herm can’t help but learn things.” Hermione shoved him over in mock annoyance and the other two laughed.

“Well, let’s get these lists happening then.” Ginny exclaimed rubbing her hands.

The day of the party saw many changes to the Shell Cottage, with balloons, music and a marquee all erected quickly. There were so many people coming that the house was not practical to use. Only the people who would be staying overnight were allowed in there. The majority of the populace were to be banned to the garden.

All of the Gryffindors from the Trio and Ginny’s year were coming as well as most of the Hufflepuffs and several Ravenclaws. Not only that, but there were a large number of past Hogwarts students set for arrival as well as all of the Weasley siblings.

Mrs Weasley had not been too impressed with their plan, but Arthur had contained her wrath and she merely told them off with a warning that if they felt ill in the morning not to go crying to her for help.

However, Fleur, prepared for every eventuality had a good stock of potions in her kitchen, knowing that she wouldn’t have to be storing them for very long.

Around 5pm the guests started to arrive, and the drinks were flowing immediately. Ginny and Hermione had decided that the party should have a theme, and had decided on ‘swapping faces.’ Most had adopted a simple approach, which made it easy to see who they actually were.

Ginny couldn’t help but laugh at the number of ‘Harry Potters’ running around, especially since the real one had a scowl on his face. He wrapped his arms around her, “So is this what it would feel like if I had an identical twin?”

Ron grinned, “More like octuplets I think. I have seen at least 8 of you, heck, even Neville donned your likeness.”

Hermione shrugged, “Well, it wouldn’t be all that hard to do him.”

Harry rolled his eyes, “Nice choice of words Herm, but I am afraid that honour belongs to Ginny.”

Hermione flushed red, “Oh you know very well what I meant.”

“’ere you lot, I brought drinks.” Fleur’s voice said from behind them. She was levitating several glasses of firewhisky, a broad smile plastered on her face.

Each of them took a glass, murmuring thanks, Ginny replying, “Fleur, thank you again so much for doing all of this. It means a lot, and I know how much of a hassle everything has been to get everything ready.”

The older woman waved her hand, “Nonzenze, all I ‘ad to do waz drop the name ‘arry Potter and everything seemed to ‘appen on it’z own! Besidez, I am enjoying myself enourmouzly.”

“Right, time to don our faces and enjoy!” Harry said, pulling a mask from his pocket and pulling it over his face. It was a very non-descript face, which suited him well considering his love of blending into the background.

The other three did the same, kissed each other and entered the party, quickly splitting up to talk with various people.

The night was flying by and the noise was gradually increasing as most people got more and more intoxicated. Ginny and Hermione particularly had been knocking back the drinks extremely quickly, and were staggering slightly.

Fleur, who (being part Veela) could hold her alcohol extremely well, watched in amusement at the two younger girls as they flitted between people. Ron and Harry had taken off to the opposite side of the marquee and were not aware of their girlfriends’ actions.

“Ron! There you are, I have been looking for you!” Hermione exclaimed loudly, making her way over to a red haired individual.

Fleur took a single look at the male and burst out laughing as she examined her husband’s somewhat shocked face. He himself was already pretty far gone and she knew he would be making use of her potions.

She watched as Hermione pushed him into a seat and plopped down next to him. However, before she could get a look at what was happening, George appeared before her and was laughing really hard, “L-L-Look at Gin!” he gasped, pointing to another patch of red hair.

When she did, Fleur lost it completely, having to lean on the wall to stop herself from falling over, she was laughing so hard. Ginny, girlfriend of Harry Potter was hugging a black haired boy fiercely, her hands wandering pretty freely.

But it was the look of horror on the boy’s face that caused Fleur to laugh. Neville Longbottom did not seem to have a clue what to do, if his wide eyes were to go by. Obviously being able to face Voldemort was easier than throwing the fiery red head off.

Fleur grabbed George’s arm, “Listen, I’ve got a plan. Go and find Ron an’ ‘arry, an’ do not let them come here until I say so!”

George grinned evilly and nodded, quickly leaving to find the two boyfriends. Already in his intoxicated mind he could imagine the looks on their faces when they saw their girlfriends.

Fleur meanwhile was trying to watch both Hermione and Ginny at the same time, finding it very difficult as they were a fair distance away from each other.

Ginny had managed to get Neville onto a loveseat and was cuddling up to him, completely disregarding any protests he might have been making. His hands certainly weren’t doing anything and his face, still disguised as Harry, was showing only shock.

Hermione meanwhile, to Fleur’s amusement, had managed to get onto Bill’s lap. He was protesting quite strongly, and was trying to push her off, but she was having none of it. She tried to kiss him, but he turned his head just in time, his eyes locking onto Fleur’s.

His face turned redder and his eyes implored her for help, but she only laughed and shook her head. Turning around, she saw that George was clutching to both Ron and Harry’s arms. He was looking at her intensely and she nodded her head, waving him over.

Cracking a grin, he started to pull the two boys over to where she stood. “Oi George, what are you doing? We were talking to them!” Ron complained, his words only slightly slurred.

George said nothing merely gesturing to Fleur who grinned and pointed to the two girls. Their reaction was everything she could have hoped, and she quickly snapped a picture. Mind you, she reflected, they had good reason to be shocked. Their girlfriends had quickly become the showcase for the party.

Hermione, obviously fed up with Bill’s protestations that he wasn’t Ron, had clambered onto his lap and was straddling him so that he couldn’t move. Her hands were around his face and she was loudly berating him for refusing to kiss her.

Ron’s eyes were huge as he saw his girlfriend trap Bill’s face and plant a kiss on his lips. The older Weasley man’s face was one a mixture of amusement and exasperation, still trying to explain to the trashed girl that he was not her boyfriend.

Ron turned to Fleur, “Aren’t you going to stop them?” he gestured in astonishment to his girlfriend and her husband.

Fleur shrugged laughing, “Why? Eet is ‘ilariouz! I am not upset, she obviously iz in no control of ‘erself right now!”

Harry meanwhile had his arm wrapped around his mouth in an effort to stop himself from cracking up. Ginny was sitting quite happily on Neville’s lap, not straddling him like Hermione had been, but she had managed to capture both of his hands and had wrapped them around herself in an effort to have him hold her.

She was obviously kissing his neck by the way her face was nestled between his head and shoulder, and the look on his face was priceless.

However, when Neville saw Harry, terror quickly replaced whatever look of shock had been present before. He tried to move Ginny once again in an effort to look like he was protesting, but she very firmly kept him seated. He turned pitiful eyes to Harry, obviously terrified that the wizarding saviour was going to have his head, or something even more valuable.

Fleur exclaimed, “Eet is pricelez no? Talking point for yearz!”

“Assuming they remember you mean. Hermione especially seems to be completely gone.” Ron replied, his eyes still glued to his girlfriend.

Fleur gave a grin that was too much like George’s for comfort, “Ah, but that iz the brilliance of the ‘angover potion! Eet restorez all memories!”

Harry laughed, “Oh Ginny is going to be red for the next few days. Anyway, I better go and help Neville, he looks like he is going either faint, or have an apoplectic fit!”

Ron looked at his best mate, “Good luck!”

Harry grinned back at him, “You too! Especially since Hermione seems to be more pissed off than Ginny.”

The boys separated and approached their respective girlfriends. Harry placed a gentle hand on Ginny’s shoulder, “Gin? Um, do you think you could come with me please?”

Pulling her head out of Neville’s shoulder she gazed with unfocussed eyes onto Harry, “Sssurre.” She peered at his face before turning back to Neville. Confusion crossed her face, obviously signifying the fact that she realised that something was not quite right. “How come you’re Harry? When you’re Harry too?” She gestured to both of them.

Harry grinned, “I felt like cloning myself, meant that I could do more than one thing at a time.”

She gave a nod, “Oh, that’d be cool.” She started to push herself up off of Neville, but had not control over her muscles, so Harry took her by the waist and helped her up before swinging her into his arms. She giggled, her eyes trying to focus on his face, “You have bbbeautifulll eyes, you know that Larry?”

He smiled, “Thank you Gin, that is very nice of you.” He carried her over to where Ron was still struggling to get Hermione to leave Bill.

She was arguing quite strongly, “You’re not Ron! There are many Ron’s here, you think I wouldn’t know my Ron?”

Harry grinned at Ron, “Even wasted, she is logical.”

Ron rolled his eyes, “Yeah, but it is working against me here. I see you got Ginny no problems.”

Harry nodded, “Yeah, though I think Neville has been scarred for life.”

Ron shook his head before turning back to his girlfriend who was clutching Bill tightly, obviously not willing to let go.

“Are you going to help me here? Or just stand around talking?” Bill said, his face a mixture of annoyance, humour and bemusement.

Ron grinned down at him as Fleur joined them, “Na, I am not sure I want her right now, besides she seems quite at home there.” He replied.

Bill turned eyes to his wife, trying not to look too guilty, “Please hon, can you help?”

Fleur laughed, “Why? You look so happy and comfy!”

He glared at her in mock anger, but Harry interrupted, “Come on Ron, get your girl and then we can put them to bed. Goodness knows they need it!”

Ron gave a mock sigh before grabbing one of Hermione’s arms and forcefully lifting her off his brother’s lap. She protested loudly, but he ignored her, merely tossing her over his shoulder like a naughty child.

She started to yell out, causing many people to turn their way and laugh. Fleur shook her head, “You could ‘ave been more gentle Ronald!”

He gave her an incredulous look, “Gentle? Did you see how she was being with your husband? There was no way she was letting go!”

Harry, whose arms were starting to ache with holding up Ginny, (who incidentally had snuggled into his shoulder and had passed out), interrupted, “Come on, let’s get them to bed, before Hermione passes out from lack of oxygen to her brain.”

Bill snorted, “Why not? She is going to pass out anyway.”

“Put me down! I am gonna puke!” her shrill voice broke through their conversation.

Ron, in his horror literally dropped her onto the ground in a heap. Harry laughed loudly, stepping out of the way as Hermione started to hurl. Ron hastily knelt down by her and held her hair up. Fleur gave an ‘awww’ sound but that was drowned out.

Ron helped Hermione up and was relieved to see that she wasn’t struggling any more. She looked at him, “I’m tired.”

He nodded, “I know, come on, let’s put you two to bed.” He half carried half supported her as they started to walk up to the house, Harry following.

George called out, “Now don’t you two take advantage of their somewhat inebriated states!”

Simultaneously Ron and Harry turned around with insulted stares, Ron exclaiming, “We were not the ones with our hands all over other people!” the older people laughed loudly as the boys took the girls inside and put them too bed.

The next morning was beautiful, with clear blue skies as Hermione cracked an eye open groaning in pain. Another groan next to her signified Ginny’s awakening as well. Hermione moaned, “Gin, make the room stop spinning please!”

There was a grunt, “I don’t think the room is spinning, just us.” The red haired girl tried to sit up but quickly lay back down, her hands pressed around her head.

After a moment, she looked over at Hermione and said, “You look as bad as I feel Herm.”

The older girl nodded, “Yeah, you look bloody awful as well.” She squinted at her wrist, trying to read the time, but gave up after a moment.

A confused and worried expression crossed her face, “Gin? Why do I get the awful sense that I did something last night? Something that I never ever want to remember?”

Ginny shrugged carefully, “Dunno, but I got the same feeling. What could we have done?”

At that moment, the door opened and the two boys entered, Ron carrying two potions. Harry immediately went over to the window and opened the curtains, letting in the warm bright sunshine.

Instantly, he had to fend off two pillows that were hurled at him as Ginny cried out, “Close the bloody drapes! Are you trying to kill us?”

Ron grinned, “Well, it is after midday, and Fleur wants everyone up so that she can cook us brekky.”

“Brekky?” Hermione groaned, “I couldn’t possibly stomach anything, not to mention the fact that I can’t remember a thing about last night.”

She almost missed the swift look that passed between Harry and Ron, but the swooping feeling in her stomach reinforced the dread of those missing memories. Ginny mean while was quickly turning white, “I think I am going to be sick.”

Harry, the ever attentive and practical boyfriend conjured a bucket and stuck it under her face, holding her hair up. Just in the nick of time, as she started to hurl.

Ron sat next to Hermione and stroked her forehead, “How are you feeling otherwise?”

She glared at him, “How do you think I am feeling? I feel like a train ran over me! And how come you are so chipper this morning?”

“Afternoon Hermione, it is afternoon.” Harry piped up, still looking after his very sick girlfriend.


Ron gave her a curious look, “So you truly do not remember last night?”

Hermione narrowed her eyes, “I remember you and Lavender dancing, and Fleur going snap happy with the camera. After that, things get fuzzy, the last image in my mind is Seamus handing me a drink. After that, it is a complete blank.”

Ginny meanwhile was re-surfacing, her face still white, contrasting with her fire red hair. “I can’t remember much either, I seem to remember your face a lot though Harry.”

He gave her a wry grin, “Oh? And what were we doing?”

She shrugged, “Haven’t a clue.”

Harry sighed and reached for the two potions he had brought in, “Here, Fleur told us to give these to you. We both had some this morning, and it really helps the hangover.”

Hermione glared at him, “Well why on earth are you telling us this now? Why didn’t you give them to us when you first came in?”

Ron put a placating hand on her should, “’Cause love, Fleur told us to only give them too you after you had thrown up.”

She frowned, “But I haven’t!”

He grinned, “You did last night. Quite spectacularly I might add.”

Hermione groaned and dropped her head into her hands. Ginny meanwhile was still grasping for the potion, “Hurry up and give it to me Harry if you know what is best for you!” she growled.

Hastily surrendering the potions to the girls, Harry and Ron watched them down the liquids quickly. The reaction was immediate, their expressions cleared and a look of bliss appeared on their faces.

However, the contented look was quickly replaced by one of horror and Ginny cried out, “NO!”

Harry and Ron grinned at each other, “Yes!” they chorused.

Hermione was staring in abject dismay at Ron, “Bill…? I…? Bill?”

Ron nodded, “Yes you and Bill were getting it on quite thoroughly, not that he had much choice in the matter. I don’t think I have ever seen Fleur laugh that hard in my life, and that includes the time George threw Percy into the lake!”

Hermione was completely mortified, “I am never going to be able to look him in the face again!” she wailed, her face almost turning a Weasley red.

Ron laughed, “Oh Hermione, you needn’t be so embarrassed. Fleur was not upset, and Bill should not be either, considering what he got up to when the two of them were dating.”

Obviously not consoled, Hermione hid her face in her pillow, as if to block out the world. Ron stroked her back soothingly as she moaned in embarrassment.

Harry meanwhile was grinning at his dumbstruck girlfriend, “Gin? I take it you remember?”

She nodded, completely numb, “Harry, I am so sorry!”

He waved it away laughing, “Oh I am not angry Gin, it truly was funny to see. The only person I think that may not have been so pleased with the situation was Neville. The poor fella was absolutely terrified of you, but when he caught sight of me with you on his lap he just about dropped dead. I think someone had to give him CPR when I finally got you to leave him.”

Ginny flushed red, “I am never going to be able to talk to him again.” She imitated Hermione and hid herself under her covers.

Ron and Harry grinned at each other, “Come on you two, buck up! You aren’t the first girls to do something embarrassing when drunk.”

Hermione semi-resurfaced, “I don’t see why they didn’t just push us away. I mean they are men! They should have been able to get rid of us.”

Ron gave her an incredulous look “Ah Herm, they tried. But you two are both very capable and determined witches. I think Neville particularly was terrified that Ginny was going to curse him if he didn’t behave.”

Ginny groaned again, burying herself deeper into the covers. Harry stood up, “Come on you two, time to face them sometime, besides it is brekky time.”

Ginny’s face appeared disbelief written all over it, “You have got to be joking Harry. There is no way I am leaving this bedroom today. I couldn’t possibly face anyone!”

He looked like he was going to argue, but Hermione nodded, “That goes for me too! I am not leaving, you two can go if you wish, but it’ll be without us.”

Ron sighed, “Fine, but at least let us get some food and we’ll be back, Ok?”

He and Harry quickly disappeared to gather the food that Fleur was preparing. Hermione and Ginny took one look at each other before burying their heads in their hands once again. It was going to be a long time before either of them would re-surface to join the rest of the family.

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