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The first couple of weeks back at school had Al and Robyn at the centre of all the gossip. Tegan had been correct in that everyone had seen the picture in the Prophet. Most of the comments Al got were questions of what she was like to kiss, did he get her into bed or did they do anything else. At first he enjoyed the attention and the envious looks from his peers but this soon wore off. By the end of the first week he wished that something major would happen so people would have something else to talk about. Robyn hated the attention from the moment she got off the train at Hogsmeade station. One of the boys she had used the previous year was trying to proposition her. He suggested she would be better off with him than with Al. This was just the first of several offers that Robyn had to fend off. The other girls saw the kiss as either very romantic or as a wanton act and Robyn had no time for either group. After one particularly bad run in with a group of girls that Rose and Robyn had dubbed as the puritan bitches Robyn threw her self on the bed and said to Rose “Maybe I should just shag Al brains out. Then they would really have something to talk about”

Taking Robyn’s word in jest Rose said “Just tell me where and when, I could make a fortune selling tickets.” They both giggled at the idea. Each girl started to embellish the idea until they were laughing about setting up a bed in the middle of the Great Hall and having a ticket booth outside the main door where people could pay to get in. 

The problem was that once the idea had been planted it started to grow. All that night, Robyn started to seriously think about sleeping with Al. He was tall, dark and handsome. He was a gentleman and he would not hurt her. He was fun to be with and he was her friend. The only negative thing was her heart was confused; she did not know how she felt about him. When Robyn did go to sleep she dreamed of lying in bed with Al and it was fantastic. She woke up the next morning feeling very aroused. Robyn just lay in bed feeling very uncomfortable and thought I really needed to do something about Al. Her problem was she just did not know what to do.

For the remainder of the week Robyn had thought a lot about Al and sex. By the weekend she had worked out, in her mind, two facts. Firstly she was not in love Al; unfortunately she wasn’t out of love with him either. Al currently was a borderline case that could possible go either way. The second fact was that she did not believe that sex and love were inseparable therefore she felt she would be quite happy having sex with someone she did not love.

Robyn did not think she would be willing to have sex with someone she hated but she could not see any reason for not have sex, for fun, with someone she did like. So the only real decision she needed to make was did she want to sleep with Al or was there someone better. A few seconds of thought answered that question; there was no-one better. 

Saturday morning Robyn went to the Room of Requirement and paced backward and forwards in front of the blank wall thinking over and over “I want a comfortable place to make love where we can’t be discovered by anybody”. After the third time past the wall a small door appeared. Robyn opened the door and saw a small room with a large bed and soft lights. To one side was a warm inviting fire with a soft thick carpet in front of it. Robyn walked into the room thinking that it had everything she would possible need. When she reached the bed she saw a very sheer babydoll nightie lying across the bed. “Yes, this will be perfect” she said as she left the room in search of Al.

She found him as everybody was heading in for lunch; Robyn put her arms around Al neck and gave him a kiss on the lips. “Meet me outside the Room of Requirements in an hour.” Robyn had spoken in a whisper to Al but Rose was close enough to over hear what she said. It was obvious that Robyn did not want the meeting common knowledge so talking to her about it now was out. Rose followed Robyn when they left the Great Hall. They had walked all the way back to the Slytherin rooms before Rose felt it was private enough to ask Robyn what was happening.

“I am planning on sleeping with Al” was Robyn’s straight forward answer as she got undressed and walked to the showers. Rose was so shocked that she just stood there watching Robyn’s back as it disappeared into the bathroom.

A few minutes after the door closed Rose burst through it yelling “What do you mean you’re going to sleep with Al?”

Robyn looked out of the shower “Exactly what it sounds like. I am going to met Al, we are going to get undressed and then we are going to make love.”

Rose was again lost for words; eventually she said “Are you out of your mind. Just like that you and Al are going to . . . to . . . you know.”

“As a matter of fact, yes; just like that.” Robyn turned off the water and wrapped a towel around herself. She then came out and stood in front of Rose and explained “To me virginity means nothing. I don’t see any advantage having it nor will I feel any lose at loosing it. However up until now I not felt ready to sleep with anyone, but now I am ready to take that step. I honestly believe that it will be better to sleep with someone I like rather than someone I don’t like.”

Rose was drowning and she grabbed the last sentence as if it were a life jacket. “You like him. What about love?”

Robyn grew serious “I do think I could come to love him but honestly right now I just like him an awful lot. He is a good friend.” As Robyn got ready to spend the afternoon with Al, Rose could not rid her mind that this was a very very bad idea. Rose started to argue that picking a guy out of the crowd just to have sex with was wrong but Robyn disagreed and said it was like eating at a restaurant, it was something you did for pleasure and you did not know if the restaurant was a good one until you had finished your meal. Rose tried to explain that giving oneself to a person was the ultimate sign of love and to hand it out so freely would only demeaned that gift. In the end Robyn asked “Do you ever touch with yourself?” When Rose blushed bright red Robyn said “I’ll take that as a yes. Well you are just giving yourself pleasure. Sex is just letting someone else give you that same pleasure instead of doing it yourself.”

Rose could see that they had a very different and unchanging view of sex. Neither of them was going to convince the other to change before Robyn and Al were due to meet so Rose shifted tracks. “Robyn, lets say you and Al do spend the night together, how is he going to feel when you tell him you don’t love him.”

Robyn stopped brushing her hair to think “I have already told him that I don’t love him, he will understand this will be purely for the fun of it. I have never heard any of the boys complaining about get any sex. Usually they complain about not getting any.”

“But what does your heart say. Do you really think that he would believe that you want to have sex with him and not love him. You have told him that you didn’t love him a long time ago but since then there have been a few serious kisses and I don’t know what else you to have got up to alone. Is it possible that he could think you have changed your mind and do love him?” Robyn knew that what Rose had said was true. While they had never gone past the petting stage they had become very close and she had not told him that they were only friends for months.

“I will make sure he knows where we stand before we do any thing.” Robyn finally said.

Rose shook her head “I don’t think Al would be a person who could enjoy casual sex. He would be the type of person who would have strong attachments with who ever he slept with.”

Rose sat next to Robyn and held her hand “Look, I don’t want to see either of you hurt by this. I don’t want you to wake up tomorrow thinking this was a mistake and regretting what you have done and I don’t want to see Al get hurt because you two don’t have the same feelings about sex.”

By the time Robyn met Al outside the Room of Requirement she had convince herself that they could keep this on a physical level, after all sex was like sharing an ice cream wasn’t it.  She greeted Al with a big kiss and said “I have a surprise for you; close your eyes.”

Al closed his eyes and Robyn took him by the hand and led him into the room she created. After closing the door she turned to him and said “Open your eyes.”

Al scanned the room taking in the bed, the fire and the lights. There could be no doubt that this room had been created so a couple could spend a lot of time together and do whatever they want to. It catered to their every need. Al looked at Robyn and felt he knew what was coming next; she wanted to take their relationship to the next level. Robyn moved into his arms and said “Remember, this is just for fun. This is nothing but sex; we are two adults enjoying each other. Right!”

Al’s mind was interrupting what he heard; this room and Robyn’s actions were telling him that this was love. He understood her words were her way of taking any relationship pressures off him. She said them in case he was not ready to admit he loved her; but he was ready.

Al answered Robyn by gentle tilting her face up and softly kissing her lips. The kiss slowly got stronger and deeper till it felt that they had merged into a single being. Robyn eventually broke away from the kiss and said “Sit on the bed while I change.”

With that she picked up the black babydoll nightgown and walked behind a screen in the corner of the room. Al lay back on the bed to wait. It was only a few moments later when Robyn emerged from behind the screen. The nightgown finished just above where her finger tips rested on her thigh. It was sheer, translucent and was absolutely the sexiest thing Al could have ever imagined. Robyn walked towards him completely unconcerned that the clothing she was wearing hinted at more than it hid her body from Al’s eyes and judging by his reaction that fact had not gone unnoticed by him. Al did not know what to look at first, there were her soft breasts that seemed to hypnotically swaying as she walked over to him. As he slid his eyes down her body they passed over her smooth tight waist and flat stomach until they arrived at the top of her legs.

Al was so excited he thought that he would burst and he wasn’t sure if he could control him self long enough to get his pants off before that did happen. Al closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths to try and calm his raging hormones. He had just about succeeded when he felt Robyn’s lips on his neck and her hands undoing his belt. He was again felt he was ready to explode and breathing became impossible.

Between each item that Robyn removed there was a lot of kissing and touching so it took a long time before Al was naked except for his boxers. At some stage, though neither could say when, Robyn’s babydoll had also been removed. In order to have the maximum contact possible, she hoisted her right thigh over his legs and her breasts were then held tightly against his chest. Al closed his eyes so he could focus on feeling her skin which was pressed all along his body. This was better than Al had even dared imagine. The skin of her back felt smooth and warm against his hand as he whispered into her ear “I love you so much”

Robyn felt like a bucket of iced water had been poured over her. This was not what she had planned and it was not going to be like sharing an ice cream. Rose had been correct; Al had formed strong feelings for her and these would be even stronger if she finished sleeping with him. She had to stop this before it went too far and Al’s emotions messed up their friendship. Robyn stopped responding to Al’s caresses and kisses and gentle pushed him away. “Al. I think that we need to stop.”

Al was very flushed when he looked at Robyn “I don’t understand. What is happening?”

Robyn found Al’s shirt and pulled it on, “I was serious when I said this was just for fun. I like you a lot, more than I have liked anybody before but I can not honestly say that I love you.” Robyn sadly noted that as she said this Al’s excitement subsided a little. “Did you mean it when you said you loved me or was that just your hormones talking?”

Al picked up Robyn’s nightgown and for the next few minutes he ran the material through his fingers his eyes locked on his hands.

Finally he looked up and said “I think I did mean it. When I held you and felt your smooth skin under my hands I think I would have said or done anything to have you. Even now.” Al gestured at Robyn sitting on the bed dresses in nothing except his shirt. “I know I am never going to be able to put on my school shirt without becoming excited. But if I were by myself under a cold shower I would still have feeling for you that I have never had for another person. I want you to be happy and I want to protect you from anything that might hurt you. In a way I feel the same way about Lily and Rose but I never want to be with them in the same way I want to be with you.” Al looked deeply into Robyn’s eyes “I don’t know if what I feel is love as I have never been in love but if it isn’t it is the nearest thing I have ever felt.”

Robyn felt awful, in her desire to please herself she had come so close to hurting one of the few people she thought of as a true friend. “I am so sorry. You are my friend and I wanted to share this enjoyment with you. I just wanted you so much. Sorry.”

Robyn stood up and went behind the screen to dress. Al let out a huge sigh and started to redress himself as well.  When they were ready for the public again Robyn gave the room one final look, it would have been great if she had not screwed up the signs Al had been giving her. “I am so sorry I didn’t understand how you felt about me.”

Al nodded and kissed Robyn on the forehead “And I am sorry I read too much into our friendship. But we are still friends and that is the main thing.” The two friends spent the rest of the day sitting in the Great Hall talking. Sometime other people would come over and sit with them for a while, but most of the time it was just Al and Robyn.

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