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“It’s today! It is today! It’s today!” Molly screamed in my ear and shoved me out of bed.

“What?” I asked groggily as I got up off the floor to stand.

It was 8:30 a.m. 22 Aug. Since when does an eleven-year-old girl want to get up at 8:30 a.m. in the middle of summer when she was up late the night before?

“Today’s the day we go to Diagon Ally!” As she said this, Fred and George walked into my room. I was wearing an old nightgown that was way to short for when two hot guys walk into your room and you have a big crush on them.

Fred quickly looked me up and down then looked away maybe a little slower than he should have. At least he was a lot faster than George was. George just stared and said, “Nice Pyjamas, I really like the fairy,” wile elbowing Fred in the ribs.

“Now’s not the greatest time! We’ll come back later,” Fred mumbled, turning to leave and pulling George with him into the hallway.

“YOU,” I yelled at my sister. “You knew they were here! You knew and you still pushed me out of bed! You knew!”

She started laughing and could not stop! I could just hear laughter in the hall over her, and I knew it was not Fred.

I thrust Molly into the hallway and slammed the door shut. After I was dressed I went downstairs to where everyone was bustling about, quickly eating breakfast and making sure they had there list of school supplies for Hogwarts. We had gotten our owls weeks ago but both families had not had a free day yet, or at least not the parents. I grabbed a piece of toast off Fred’s plate and the bag of money with my name on it off the table.

“Everyone here?” my mom asked to the room at large. “Good!” she answered herself before anyone else could respond. “Okay. Emily got your list of school supplies?” my mom asked me because I almost forgot it last year.

“Don’t need it,” I answered, still not quite awake even through all the excitement. “I took all the same classes as Fred and George. I can just copy there lists. Oh, and mom, do we have to stay with you the whole time? This is our third year already. I know that place like Hogwarts.”

This was a very useful statement seeing as I knew most of
Hogwarts better than the back of my hand and my own bedroom. Now, no one knows quite all of Hogwarts secrets, not even Professor Dumbledore who has been there for who knows how many years, but I know it just as good if not better than most teachers, seventh years, and even Filch. Now the three of us (me, Fred & George) would be nowhere near as knowledgeable of the castle without the Marauder’s Map presented by none other than: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs more commonly known as Remus Lupin (our Defence against the Dark Arts Teacher), Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black (The supposed mass murderer), and James Potter. These all, to Molly and mine likes, were also our Godfathers. Yes, we both had four godfathers, even though most normal people only have one (who said we were normal?). The thing is you cannot know one without knowing the others. It is just like Fred and George, you know one, and you know the other.

“I’m not worried about the three of you getting lost,” she said, turning to look me in the eye. “I’m worried about trusting you.”

“We won’t go down Knockturn Ally,” we said in harmony. “No crossed fingers,” Fred added this just to be sure she believed us.

“Come on Mom. You can trust us,” I stated honestly, with a ‘hurt’ look on my face.

“Well,” she said looking to the other parents for help. “Okay. I guess you guys don’t have to stay with us the whole time,” she said this with a sweet but frantic look on her face. There also was a little worry in it if you looked long enough.

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