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A/N This chapter will be from many different views; it may not be great as it is my first time trying to do it like this. The chapter will continue from the last time at the Cullen house.

I do not own Harry potter or Twilight


Chapter 7

Jacobs’s pov

“Jacob, get out of bed, it’s nearly lunchtime” shouted Billy Black from somewhere in the house

“Am up dad” I reply jumping out of bed and grabbing a black t-shirt and jeans from my drawers.

After getting dressed, I make my way into the kitchen.

“I take it your going to the Cullen’s?” asked Billy

“Yeah, I’m going to find out why they never turned up last night, and why I haven’t heard from Bella for a few days” I say before biting into an apple that I took from the fruit bowl.


I make my way to the door grabbing the keys for my bike.

“Remember you have housework to do today!” Billy shouted

As I ride up to the Cullen house my mind seems to buzz with many thoughts, Are they ok? What’s has happened? Has one of them….
In the middle of my thoughts, I catch hold of a strong sweet rose smell. I get off my bike and walk up the drive. As I get closer the stench of vampires, grow stronger as does the scent of roses. I hear rustling of movement inside the house.

As I knock on the door, I hear everything go silent. The smell of the roses has completely over my sense of smell.

The door opens, I see Esme behind it. Just metres from the door I see a sight so beautiful. A girl no older than seventeen.

Her dark brown curls cascading down her head, her eyes glowing black as the night sky. Her lips lush red and plump. Her legs seem to go on for miles, and her clothes stick to her body like a second skin.

The second thing I notice is the pair of arms, belonging to Jasper, wrapped around her waist trying to hold her back, and Carlisle’s hands on her arms in death grip.

I look again before speaking, “What have I missed?”


****** Hermione’s pov

After laughing with Aunt Esme and Uncle Carlisle about our little joke, the atmosphere changed. I looked towards the door to where Jasper was coming in.

Carlisle gripped Hermione’s arm as hard as he could. Jasper had then ran to behind Hermione and grabbed her around the waist, holding her still. Therefore keeping her away from the door.

A voice from the front porch spoke. “What have I missed?” asked the rustic voice of Jacob black


“Erm Carlisle, what is today’s date?” asked Jasper in a serious voice

“It’s Saturday the 21st ….” started Uncle Carlisle also realising what the date was.

Aunt Esme then gasped too, realising what was going on.

As this happened I stood looked at the three wondering what was so special about today’s date.

As I blanked out the next thing, I heard was Jasper whispering.

“It’s too late,” said Jasper

That is when I smelt it. The most glories smell I had ever smelled. It was a mixture of a woody smell, like walking through a forest or wooded area after it has rained. Along with the woody scent, there was also a touch of musk. As the scent grew stronger, my feeling of wanting to know what is was also grown.

I turn to face Uncle Carlisle, “What is that smell?” I asked, “

As I looked at the others, their faces showed shock, did it not smell good to them. I notice now that their faces seem too screw up a little as the scent grew forever stronger. I wanted to get to it. To taste it.

“Mai, did you say like in the woods?” asked Uncle Carlisle

“Yes” I replied turning to face the door and slowly standing up. What ever it was, it was calling to me. I could now hear a faint beat of a heart. Boom boom, boom boom; it went.

It smells like being in the woods, all woody and musky.”
I turned back to face Uncle Carlisle, I heard him and Aunt Esme both gasp. I saw him move closer to me before taking a tight grasp on my arm.

“Jasper we have a small problem” said Uncle Carlisle

I heard Jasper walk further into the room

“We have to get her out of here Carlisle, for his own safety,” he replied after looking at me.

The scent grew stronger, as we all feel silent. I tried to move closer to the door, to the smell, and the sound of someone or something’s heart.

The door went.

I watch as Aunt Esme walk towards the door, just as feel Jasper came up behind me.

As Aunt Esme opened the door, the scent multiplies. I wanted to see what it was that smelled so amazing. Therefore, I make a break for the door. Nevertheless, I then felt two arms wrap tightly around my waist, Jasper. I struggle against him, hoping to get free. However, I was in no luck.

As the door opened further, I saw what was making the scent. There on the front porch stood a young man. A smile upon his face showing his white teeth, his eyes the deepest brown (I cannot remember what colour Jacobs eyes are) I had ever seen. His hair, was as black as coal (or his hair lol), and fell gently onto his face. I could not look away from his face. The need to move a strand of his hair, which had fallen towards his eyes.

“What have I missed?” came his voice, sounding rustic.
I look from the young man at the door, then too Uncle Carlisle.

“Uncle Carlisle, who’s that” I asked

Just after I spook I hear the young man talk once more.

“Cullen, please tell me that one of you lot did not turn her. Oh and where’s Bells, none of you never turned up last night?”

“Jasper, take Maya and sit on the furthest away coach, Esme help Jasper” I heard Uncle Carlisle talk, before Jasper lifted me into the air and carried me over to the coach.

“Jacob, please come in, we will explain young Hermione’s case to you,” he continued

I watched as the young man named Jacob walk into the room and sat on the couch opposite me. Never once, did we take our eyes away from one another.

“Jacob, this is Hermione, but we call her Maya. Maya this is Jacob Black,” Uncle Carlisle said, as a heard his name, I straight away thought of Sirius. That is when I heard Uncle Carlisle continue. “Before you ask child, no they are not related”

“So…” started Jacob, his voice once again enchanting me, “What happened to you?”

“I turned seventeen, then became a vampire” I said, suddenly talking

This made him jump slightly, which in turn made me smile.

“How long have you…” he started before I decided to ct him off

“Been a vampire?” I said finishing his sentence, I watch him nod his head, “Let me see, I turned seventeen on the 16th; started to become ill on the 18th; was ill for 24 hrs, so that takes me to the 19th spend the next day feeding and talking so that’s the 20th and today’s the 21st. So all together from after the transformation, I have been a vampire for the total of… 48 hours.” I stated smiling

“But your eyes should be red then, not looking like a fire” said Jacob in shock.

I did not understand what he said so I turned to Uncle Carlisle. That is when he realised that I did not realise that my eyes where not the red colour a newborn is meant to have.

He moved down to in front of me.


“Maya, you understand that you where born into our world, your father being maybe one of us and your mother of magic blood. Well when someone is normally turned into a vampire, like Jasper, Esme, and myself- when we where first new to the world our eyes where blood red. You child, have eyes like a burning flame. I can only guess that because if it is true in that your father was once of us, then it might mean that you have always had the vamperic gene within your body. It only waited until a time it could react and come out. As I result your eyes are different from us because of this, or it may be because of the magic that flows in your veins”

I sat thinking about what was said, it did make sense, I was never bitten, yet I became a vampire.

In the background, I could hear Aunt Esme explaining my past to Jacob, by then I was too lost in my mind.

After sitting for a few minutes my eyes went blank all I could see was the whiteness.

Slowly I could see a fire appear.

Then I heard it, a coughing spluttering sound. Then a shout, “Carlisle, Carlisle!” “What has happened? My sight has gone blank.”

I recognised the voice as my sister Alice.

My surroundings came back to me. I was still in the living room. Carlisle still talking to Jacob.


That is when I spoke up, “Uncle C, I thought I would tell you Alice’s head will pop through the fire soon, she’s worried”

I felt everyone look at me.

Then once again, I heard the coughing and spluttering sound.

“Carlisle. Carlisle!” came Alice anxious voice.

I looked around and then replied, “I told you so”

I watched as Aunt Esme, Uncle Carlisle and Jasper up towards the fireplace. Leaving Jacob and I just looking at each other.

“How did you do that?” he asked leaning forward

“Do what?” I smile back to him, also leaning forward

“Know that Alice was going to call” Jacob asked standing up and moving so he now sat next to me.

As he sat down, I could smell him even better. I could also fell the heat pounding off his skin, too much heat for a normal human.

“I don’t know, I guess I saw it” I replied and I slowly look back up to his face and into his eyes.

I saw many emotions in his eyes, more than I had ever seen in someone’s before. There was loneliness, loyalty, happiness, love and I am sure there was also lust. I felt him move his hand closer to my own. Our breathing becoming quicker. We never broke eye contact once.

“Your scent” I heard him start, “it’s like nothing I have ever encountered before”

“As is yours,” I barely whisper.

Finally, his hand reaches mine. I felt it. He felt it.

A spark seemed to shoot up our arms from where our skin made contact.

Silence then fell over the two of us, and the conversation from the other side of the room could be heard

“I was just sitting there, I had been watching over you all to make sure nothing went wrong, the it happened, my sight went blank!” we heard Alice say

“Alice that may be because Jacob is here.” replied Jasper trying to soothe his wife.

“We also have a small problem Alice. We think that…” started Esme when the phone rang, “I’ll get it”

“Think what?” asked Alice,

“Jacob is Maya’s singer” finished Carlisle

“Shite, I’ll have to go, the others are coming. We will finish this little chat later”

With that, Alice’s head disappeared.

“Jacob, the phone’s for you. Its Sam” called Esme from within the kitchen.

“I better go and see what he wants” I heard Jacob replied, before removing his hand from on top of mine. I feel myself whimper with the loss of contact and he heart of him.

**** Jacobs pov

I reluctantly remove my hand from on top of hers, I hear her whimper at the loss of my contact.

What was wrong with me? There I was sitting next to a vampire, my hand on top of hers, as if it was the most natural thing to do. Gosh, what was happening to me?

I reach the kitchen and silently take the phone from Esme.

(Sam is in italic)

“Hey man, so what do you want?”

Well we all what to know why they where never the fire last night?”
“Bella, Edward, Rose, Emmett and Alice are not in the country, and the other three had to look after their new family member”

Did one of them do it?”

“No, she’s a hybrid”

Ahh, a female. Is that why we can fell all the lovely dovey feeling coming from you brother”
“What do you mean Sam?”

Well, we keep getting those warm feeling within us, like we all did when quill imprinted on Claire”
“Are you saying that you think that I have imprinted on Maya”

Yes. Jake how do you feel around her?”
I looked over back into the living room. I can see that Maya is smiling away; I watch as she looks up and makes eye contact with me. A shiver runs through my spine. She smiles lovingly at me and waves. I automatically smile back, that is when I realised how I truly felt.

“I think your right Sam. I feel love towards her. I want to keep her safe. Gosh so many things, things I can’t even name”

That’s what Jacob is happen. Trust you to fall for a vampire”
At this, I heard Sam burst out laughing,

“Bye Sam” I hang the phone up not waiting for his replied.

A/N I hope you all enjoyed it, the chapters will be come better now, the last two have been the hardest for me to write as I was unsure how to go about them. Anyway please review; I will be starting the next chapter within a few days


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