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Howlers Charms and Potions o my

The next morning Albus was woken up by Scorpius."Hey everyone is already up sleepy head.""Ten more minutes mom."Was his sleepy reply."No now and I'm not your mom Potter and it won't be my fault if you're late for breakfast or our first class.Rose will blame it on me though so get up."

That did it. Albus quickly sat up in his bed. "Scorpius?"

"Of course. Now get up Rose is waiting in the common room."

Albus quickly got up and got dressed in his school robes. Then he finally noticed all the boys in the room were staring at him except for Eric and Sam."Are you really Harry Potter's son?"One of the boys asked.

"Well yes." Albus answered it felt a little wiered having all these people staring at him."And your mom was the chaser for the Harpies when they didn't stink like they do now?"another boy asked "Yes.""And your aunt wrote that book The Trio right?" the third boy asked while he got the book out of his suitcase.

"Yes my Aunt Hermione did write that book."

"And now he is friends with a son of a death eater."Eric put in while his back was turned away from them all.

"Barton if you or anyone else says anything about Scorpius your going to have to answer to me."This made everyone in the room look at Scorpius and then back at Albus and then at Barton.They were all silent and then Eric left the room with one last evil look at Albus and Scorpius.

"Wow so you actually hanging out with Malfoy then?" It was the first thing Frank had said, and then he quickly finished "Not that I have anything against it or anything I was just making sure, and I completly trust your opinion on Scorpius."

"Yes Frank I am.""Well then I"m Frank Longbottom and it's very nice to meet you Scorpius."he held out his hand and Scorpius took it."Same here."then Scorpius looked at me."Your cousin came barging in here this morning and was very angry that I hadn't woken you up and that I wasn't ready for breakfast!"

"Huh that's Rose in the morning she's like that for a couple hours before she's her usual self. Not a morning person at all."Albus chuckled at the thought of Rose doing this.Just then Rose came through the door."Are you two ready yet?"

"Ya Rose we're ready.""Well good cause at this rate snails could get there before us, and I'm hungry."

"Hi Rose." Frank said with fear on his face. "Hi Frank haven't seen you in a while. Whatcha been up to?"

"Oh not much mostly helping dad with his herbology. Which reminds me he gave me my schedule and we all have the same classes so it's Charms with the Hufflepuffs first, then Potions with the Slytherins, Herbology with the Ravenclaws and finaly Transfiguration with the Slytherins again."

The four Gryffindors walked into the great hall and even though all the students and the staff were looking at them they didn't really care. They found there seats with Albus and Scorpius sitting on one side will Rose and Frank were across from them.

Not long after the mail arived and an owl droped a red letter in scorpius's lap."O no it's a howler!" Rose went pale, but not as pale as Scorpius and with his skin tone he almost looked white, but there was no time to do anything. The letter poped up into the air and opend like a mouth."Scorpius Malfoy I am apalled to here that my grandson is a goody to shoes Gryffindor!!"Lucius Malfoy's voice could be heard throughout the hall.All the Gryffindors where glaring at Scorpius will the Slytherins were laughing and pointing at him."Your father seems to have a different opinion on the subject but I will not stand to see the Malfoy name be discraced like this. Because that's what you are a discrace and I don't want you to get to comfortable their because I am going to find a way to get you out of Gryffindor if it's the last thing I do!!" And with that the letter exploded. Another owl droped a letter for Scorpius and thankfully this was just a normal letter, also Rose and Albus both got letters from home.They didn't read them yet though.

They got up and left the great hall as fast as they could and went to Charms class.Scorpius was mumbling all the way in a very angry tone. They would have been late if it weren't for Rose who had memerized the whole castle at the beginning of last summer, but she wouldn't tell them how she did it.Profesor Flitwick (and yes he is still teaching) had them do a rather simple spell Wingardrium Leviosa, and after having them memerize it and teach them the wand movement let them start with feathers. At the first try Scorpius was levitating his. This made Rose a little angry considering she couldn't even get her's an inch off the desk.After finding this amusing for a while Scorpius finally did something about this."Do you want some help?" Rose looked at him and she was starting to go a little bit pink with anger."No I do not nead your help." This made Scorpius laugh a little. "Alright fine I'll see if Frank dose then."Scorpius turned to Frank and Albus could tell Rose was trying not to look like she was listening to there conversation.

"Now you and Rose are doing the same thing. Your saying the spell perfectly but your using your wrist to much. You have to gently twist it just a little and use your arm mostly. Like this."Rose couldn't help but turn her head as she wached Scorpius do the spell again.She turned back to her feather and tried to levitate it again, this time doing the same motion as Scorpius. She did it. Her feather was going higher and higher with the movement of her wand. "I know you could do it if you just did what I said."this made her lose her focus and her feather was gently falling back to the ground."I didn't need your help I figured it out all on my own." She answered glaring at him. "Sure."Was all Scorpius replied and this made Albus chuckle a little."Your saying it wrong Albus it's levi oo sa not leviosa."Rose was glareing at Al."Sure change the subject how typical."Scorpius said will rolling his eyes.

Just then the Professor who had been overhearing the whole conversation started laughing as he went towards them. "You sounded just like your mother there. She too on her first day of Charms had to correct someones grammar about how to say this spell.""Really?"Rose asked with a small smile on her face."O yes and I think we can expect to see some real talent from Mr. Malfoy here as well." He said as he was beaming at the two of them.Scorpius gave a polite "Thank you sir."

The rest of the class was normal. Albus figured out how to do the spell and Frank got his fether an inch from his desk for about two seconds. Now they were going into the dungeons and Albus thought that it was a damp and slightly scary place. They found the potions class room very easily.Most of the class was already standing outside and after seeing them the Slytherins started laughing about the howler. They didn't laugh long because just then the Profesor came out and ushered everyone inside. The potions class room was a lot warmer then the rest of the dungeons and a lot more frendly. It also was a lot brighter and there were potion bottles on shelves everywhere except a spot in the front of the class room where a painting of a man with greasy hair. You wouldn't even know he could move if it weren't for his eyes that were watching the students take their seats.There were three to a table so Albus, Rose, and Scorpius sat at one in the front while Frank sat at another table with some other Gryffindors."Hello I am Profesor Parkinson and I am the Potion master." She started to do role and when she got to Scorpius some of the Slytherins started to quietly giggle."Is something funny?"Profesor Parkinson asked three of them."No Profesor it's just didn't you go to breakfast this morning?""Yes I did Mr. Baker and I don't see the humor in it and if you do please don't comment about it in my class room." She gave them a look that could kill and all of them quickly mumbled "Yes maam."

She walked back to her desk and was surprised to find the painting there."Ah yes.Profesor Snape you usually aren't in here during classes?"

"Well seeing as it's the first years I wanted to see what pathetic excuse for a class you had this year."Even though it was just a painting talking it sent shivers down Albus's spine.

"Class this is Severus Snape he was the Potions Master while some of your parents were at school here and later was the headmaster."

Albus was shocked. This man was who he was named after. Rose looked at him but he was staring at the panting of the Profesor and didn't notice anything for a few seconds until Proffessor Parkinson called his name."Albus Potter?""Here."He said and was only halfway listening."Of course the spitting image of your dad right down to the eyes."She said as she gave him a little smile."Thank you Professor."He replied a little bit embarassed.All the sudents started mumbling and Rose gave the Slytherins her Hermione look as they started ot talk in hushed voices.

The Professor commented on a few students when she called there names and when she got to Rose she was quite pleased."You're Ron and Hermione Weasley's oldest aren't you?"

"Yes maam" Rose said in a polite voice."Well if you have your mothers brains then I am very lucky to have you in here, and it seems like we have a new trio."She said as she looked at Rose, Scorpius and Albus.All of the class started talking out loud about this, but all Albus could get out of it was something about a Potter, Malfoy and Weasley being friends and quickly tried to look invisible in his seat.

"Alright that's enough turn to page 12 in your books and start reading."Rose stuck her hand up straight in the air.At the sight of this Parkinson was shoked."Yes Miss Weasley I'm gessing you have already read this chapter if not the hole book?""Yes Profesor."

"Well then you can start on the potion on the bord and if you need eny help you can ask me or look in the book."She quickly got her caldrans ready and started on the potion.Fifteen minits past and profesor Parkinson was going around makeing sure that all the kids were reading and sometimes comeing over to look at Rose's caldrans she would smile and give some tips and then would leve them to there work.Albus was intreged by the chapter.He was the first one dune."Profesor Parkinson I'm dune."The Professor came over and said "Well then start on the potion Miss. Weasley and good luck."

Albus made sure he had all the ingredients and cut them making sure they were all the same size. Then he turned on his burner and adjusted it to the flame he wanted before puting his cauldron on it.He started to add the ingredients and stirring them when he noticed he was actualy enjoying it.The only problem was that Snape was waching him the whole time and it was hard to concentrate because of it."Rose could you help me? It's supossed to be violet but it's this puck green color."Scorpius asked with a pleading look on his face."No you have to do it.It would be cheating if I helped you with it.""I'm just asking you to tell me what I did wrong."He asked in an even more pleading tone in his voice.All Rose did was firmly say. "No." He looked at Albus."Albus you look like you no what your doing could you help me?"Albus gave a sigh before turning to him."What did you put in it?""Three pounds of Werewolf venum, four peices of laswing flies.."But Albus cut him off. "It's two not four."Albus frowned at him thinking how could someone get that mixed up."Well how do I fix it?"Scorpius asked. "Look in the book." but he looked so helpless that Albus took the book and found the chapter on laswing flies and found the ingredient to disable it's use."Doogle blanders each piece is half a laswing fly so put four in and stir." "Thanks."

Albus went back to stirring and was done before Rose which shocked him considering she is the smartest person Albus new."Well Mr. Potter it seems that we have found your talent."


"Potions,please speak to me after class Mr. Potter,and Snape could you stay too, for a moment."

"Of course Miss. Parkinson." was all he said on the subject.

The rest of the class went by quickly and only Albus and Rose finished there potions completly even though a few were close.After class Albus's two friends gave him reassuring looks before they left the room.Albus went to the front of Professor Parkinson's desk and waited for her to speak."Well it doesn't surprise me with your name and all."

Albus knew exsactly what she was talking about but Snape was lost."His father was terrible at potions and so was his grandfather."

"I'm not talking about his last name Professor. Albus could you please tell Severus who your parents named you after? Your full name please."

"Albus after Albus Dumbledor,Severus after you sir."Albus could feel himself get a little red but he couldn't help but be embarased by talking to the man his father named him after about it.

After a long silence Snape finaly spoke"Did your parents ever tell you why you were named after me?""No sir. my father says he has his reasons and I've tried plenty of times to get him to tell me, but he won't."

"Well maybe I will speak to him the next time your brother gets in trouble.""Well I am sure that you have a class to go to so I will write you a note.What class do you have next?"Professor Parkinson said as she looked for a piece of paper in her desk."Herbology with Unkle, I mean Professor Longbottom."

She looked at Albus with a small smirk on her face."Well I'm sure it's wierd to call Neville Professor isn't it?"

"Yes Professor it is."She finished the note and went to the door.When she opend the door a very frightened Scorpius fell into the room.Albus couldn't hold back his laughter and an angry Rose could be heard from the hall as she went into the room."What did I tell you Scorpius? Sorry Professor I told him not to."She gave a sigh before answering."You remind me so much of your father Scorpius.I suppose you two want a note too do you?"

"Yes please." Rose said as she put on an innocent face.

They hurried out of the room after getting their note and were now headed for Herbology. "So you were named after that guy huh?"Scorpius asked when they were far enough from the dungeons. "Yes and I still don't no why. I thought I would find some answers when I came to Hogwarts."

"Maybe I could check the library for anything on him, but I know I read his name somewhere."Rose said with a look that showed she was thinking.

"Well if you find anything let me know. Do you want us to help?"Albus asked.

"Now you'll only get in the way. No offence."It was true Albus and Scorpius would only get in her way.

They spent the rest of the time not talking and when they got to the Green House they quietly went inside."Huh, I was wondering were you three went?"Neville said when he saw them come in.Albus handed him their note and Profesor Longbottom pointed to a table with only Sam at it."Hey I saved you guys seats."Sam said under his breath."Thanks."was all Scorpius could reply before the Professor started teaching again.The rest of the class period was spent with Neville indroducing them to the world of Herbology and Sam and Rose knowing all the answers to all of his questions of course.

Al was interested in the subject but not as much as he was in potions.

a few minutes before the bell Neville finally asked "Any questions?"A couple hands went up and Neville called on the boy that had asked about Albus's aunt."A Mr. Smith?" "Is it true that you fought in the Battle for Hogwarts?"He had a look of admiration when he spoke.

"Yes and were did you find that information?"

"In the book The Trio."He said."Ah yes I have heard that Hermione mentioned me in the battle."

"And during their school years too."The boy put in.

"I am proud to say that Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Weasley are good friends of mine.Did you know that during my seventh year I along with Ginny Potter back them Weasley and Luna Lovegood were co leaders of Dumbledor's Army?"Neville asked with a small smile on his face.

"No sir."

"Well it seems that that comversation will be for another time."He said as he looked at the clock." Please leave this class room the way you came in, clean, and have a great day." he said right before the bell rang.

Albus, Rose, Scorpius, and Sam all waved at Uncle Neville before they left the class for Transfiguration.

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