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“Draco! It’s cold, can we please go back?” Crabbe whined for the hundredth time that night.

It was well past midnight and bitterly cold. They had been crouching behind a large bush for going on two hours. Draco had heard Harry talking to Ron about sneaking out to see Hagrid after hours and knew that he’d be out here but even Draco was starting to get a chill. They were all still wearing their school robes and didn’t think to layer their clothing. The night turned out to be colder than they had expected.

“I’m telling you! Potter’s out here. He’s up to something. And I’m going to catch him!” Draco shot back.
“We’ve been here for HOOURS” Goyle moaned, “He’s never going to show up!”
“SHH!” Draco silenced them both. “Someone’s coming!”
The three boys huddled closer to the edge of the bush to get a better look. A tall figure was emerging from the forbidden forest and approaching the school. As it got closer they realized that it was Professor Dumbledore; their headmaster. Draco slumped back, clearly disappointed.

“Who’s that?” Crabbe asked trying to get a better look.
“It’s Dumbledore, you idiot.” Draco snapped.
“No. Who’s that with him?”
Draco leaned closer and peered through the branches. Sure enough, there was a small, waif-like figure walking with Dumbledore. The two were in complete silence. When they were clear of the forest Dumbledore stopped, surveyed the premises and whispered something in his companions ear. It was too dark to see the other person’s face and before they could get any closer Dumbledore through a cloak around his guest and immediately pulled up the hood.

Dumbledore took another quick look around, his gaze briefly settling on the bushes where Draco and his cronies hid, and then he quickly ushered the stranger one of the school doors.

He knocked an intricate pattern onto the wood and Professor Minerva McGonagall emerged from the door. She nodded to Dumbledore, looked the new arrival up and down and ushered them quickly inside the door. Dumbledore then handed her a roll of parchment, a bag and a small cage that contained a cat. He whispered something in her ear and she nodded. After waiting outside for several more minutes and watching their surroundings she nodded once more to Professor Dumbledore and followed suite.

Dumbledore, however, turned on his heels and headed back into the forbidden forest.
Draco sat there for another moment, contemplating what he had just seen.

“Let’s go.” He ordered to Crabbe and Goyle and got up from his hiding spot. It felt good to stretch his legs. He started to walk back towards the castle just in time to see Harry, Ron and Hermione slipping inside through a back exit.
“Turns out they were out here.” Crabbe scratched his head absent minded.
“Yes, I suppose they were.” Draco answered but his mind was replaying the event that he had just seen. Who was this strange visitor? Why did they arrive at night? And why was Dumbledore keeping them so secret?

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