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                                                        Chapter 12: Where the Heart Is

     Harry and Ginny lay in bed together, and at that particular moment they were both laughing so hard they could barely breathe.

“And then what happened?” gasped Ginny.

“Well I sort of started saying random words that sounded like what Muggles think magic spells are and my Uncle Vernon turned even purpler, but I got to do whatever I wanted for that summer. Later they found out about the statute for underage wizardry and I got it good... but it was totally worth it.” Harry was still laughing at the memory.

     When Harry had returned from the mission in Germany he and Ginny had started playing a game every night.  Asking each other questions, and also telling each other things that they thought the other one didn’t know. There were no specific parameters, just anything that popped into their heads. It had now been a month and Harry was absolutely amazed with all the things he’d learned about Ginny, and how much he still had to learn.

“Ok so you heard about the best prank I pulled on my aunt and uncle, now it’s my turn.” Said Harry, “I want to know. What’s the biggest lie you ever got your Mum to believe?”

     Ginny’s face spread into a huge grin and she rolled over and put her head on his chest so she could watch his face as she told the story.

“When I was nine, my Mum had a beautiful china tea pot, and one day Fred, George, and I broke the handle off of it while we were playing tag in the house. Which we weren’t supposed to do, so they came up with this brilliant plan, where I would convince Ron that he did it in his sleep, because Ron had a sleep walking problem when he was little. So I did it, not only did I convince Ron that he knocked over the tea pot in his sleep when he was coming downstairs for a glass of water, but he was so upset that he went to Mum crying about it, and she felt so bad for him that no one got punished! He still thinks that he did it to this day.” She grinned evilly.

“Ginny Weasley remind me never to give you a reason to lie to me, because I’m fairly sure I’d never know it if you did. You are the master conniver.” said Harry in awe.

    Ginny gave a small mocking bow of her head and then laughed.

“So my turn now?” she said, absentmindedly tracing little circles on his chest, which sent shivers down his spine but in all the right ways.

“I was wondering…” she continued, “When was the first time you knew how you felt about me?” she looked at him carefully.

“The first time I knew I had feelings for you? or the first time I knew I loved you?” asked Harry.

“Both.” Said Ginny with a sneaky grin, knowing she snuck in an extra question.

“Well the first time I knew I had feelings for you was when Ron and I pulled back that tapestry and saw you and Dean snogging.” said Harry, he began playing with a strand of her hair as he talked.

“Really??” said Ginny, “That early? I thought it was sometime in the spring…”

“Nope… after I saw you kissing him, the image of you kissing me refused to get out of my head.” said Harry with a smile and Ginny giggled happily.

     Harry gently ran his index finger across Ginny’s cheek until he reached her lips, he traced them gently and she kissed his finger.

“I knew I loved when I came upon you comforting that little girl outside during the battle” He said softly.

“What?? You were there?” whispered Ginny.

“I was under the Cloak, and I was headed to the woods. Headed to my death, and then you were there. I almost couldn’t go, because I loved you so much. You were the one thing that had the power to hold me back, my one selfish reason to want to stay on this earth. I wanted to say goodbye to you so badly, but if I had held you even for a second, I would have never had the strength to let you go.” He pulled her close to him, and she willingly cuddled into his arms.

“So same question.” He said with a smile.

“Well I knew I had feelings for you the first moment I saw you, but you knew that already.” said Ginny with a teasing smirk.

“Yeah… but I’d like to hear the whole story if you don’t mind.” said Harry.

“Well… You walked over to ask Mum how to get to the platform, and I remember that I thought you were the most handsome boy I had ever seen. Being that I was only nine at the time, that was quite a new feeling for me. I think it was your eyes,” she gently put her hand to his face and touched the corner of his eyes as she said this, “I had never seen anyone with such green eyes before. Then I heard Fred and George whispering about how you were Harry Potter. I knew who you were of course, everybody did. So after the Hogwarts express left, I turned to Mum, and I asked her if you were a prince. She laughed and asked me why in the world I would think that. I told her that princes were very handsome boys who saved people, and did brave things. And everybody always talked about the great Harry Potter and what he did, and now I saw that you were very handsome, so I thought you must be a prince. I remember Mum gave me the funniest look that day… now that I think about it; I bet she suspected I would fall in love with you…” Ginny paused for a moment contemplating that thought.

“So when did you fall in love with me?” prompted Harry.

“When? I have no clue… that just sort of happened along the way, but I know when I knew I was in love with you… it was when Hagrid carried you up those steps. Remember what Ron said to Hermione, about how he grew up the moment he thought she was dead. That’s exactly how it happened for me too Harry. Sometimes you don’t realize you’ve found your soul mate, until you are confronted with their death, and you realize that if they are dead, part of what makes you who you are dies along with them. That’s how I knew Harry.” She laid her head against his shoulder and his kissed the top of it. They lay there in silence for a few minutes, each of them reflecting on what the other had said.

“You know Harry…” said Ginny thoughtfully, “You spend so much time worrying about all the bad things that have happened because of the struggles you faced with Riddle, but did you ever stop to think of some of the very good things that came out of it?”

     Harry sat up and looked at her, he was very curious to see where she might be going with this.

“Like what?” he said.

“Well… this is just me speaking from experience, but I think that love like ours… is born out of hardship, you and I love each other so passionately because our love had had to endure so much, and it has, and we know it can, which means we’re bonded in a way that most other people don’t even understand. And look and Ron and Hermione, I honestly don’t know if Ron would have ever gotten around to growing up and loving Hermione the way he was supposed to unless he had been forced to realize that he couldn’t live without her. You have given us all the gift of knowing exactly what is most important in our lives, where our hearts truly lie. That’s a rare and precious gift.” Ginny put her hand over his heart and gave him a warm tender look. He shook his head and smiled at her.

“Ginny you always have a knack for making me out to be the best person on the face of the earth.” He teased.

“Well maybe not the best person… but I want you be able to see just a little, of how I see you.” she said gently, and she gave him a long sweet kiss.

     Harry put his arms around her and snuggled them deep down into the warmth of the blankets on their bed. He buried his face in her wonderful smelling hair and let her mold herself against the curve of his body so that lay together intertwined.

“Ginny I love you so much…” he whispered.

“I love you too Harry, more than you can ever imagine.” she breathed back, and they both drifted off to sleep.

     A few days later Ginny was running around the room trying her best to keep up with little Teddy who had master the skill of walking in the month and a half since they had seen him last. When they had taken him back to Andromeda’s after Christmas they had made an arrangement with her that Harry and Ginny would take him one weekend a month while they were in school and then every other weekend as soon as they finished. Yet with the mission to Germany it had still been almost two months since they had seen Teddy.

     At that moment Teddy came toddling over as fast as his little legs would carry him holding one of Ginny’s shoes and he hid behind Harry for protection. Ginny was close behind him and he squealed in delight as she grabbed him up and blew raspberries on his belly while taking her shoe away from him. Ever since Teddy had arrived and was walking he had been getting into everything, the first order of business was to baby proof their room before his next visit. Harry smiled over at Ginny and Teddy who were now playing with his cars on the floor, Ginny looked up and met his gaze and she grinned back. Harry couldn't help feeling like they were a happy little family.

     Later that evening Ron and Hermione came over to see Teddy for a little while. Ron took the baby in his lap for the first time and began to tell him the story of Babbity Wabitty and the Cackling Stump. While Harry was not one hundred percent sure that the baby even understood what Ron was saying but he seemed to find the different voices and funny faces Ron was making hilarious, and Ron seemed to be enjoying himself as well. As the story ended the baby sighed and then put his head on Ron’s chest and closed his eyes. Ron looked up and met Hermione’s gaze with a smile. Harry walked over and picked up Teddy so he could take him and place him in the crib at the end of the bed.

     A few hours later Harry and Ginny crawled into bed and sat peering over the edge of the crib at the sweet sleeping infant. Ginny gave a sigh and gently brushed the hair on Teddy’s head.

“I almost wish we didn’t have to take him home tomorrow…” she said, “It feels like he just belongs here, with us.”

“I know what you mean…” said Harry giving her a squeeze, “but once we finish school we’ll have him every other weekend, he can even have his very own room, if you like, and in a few years we’ll have a baby of our own.”

     Ginny looked up and him and smiled, he gave her a kiss and then looked back down at his sleeping godson, he leaned over and kissed the top of Teddy’s head, and then lay down with Ginny to have a peaceful nights sleep.

     A few mornings later Harry woke up early and feeling strangely refreshed. He slipped out of bed and hopped into the shower. He let the hot water pour over his neck and shoulders and he relished the feeling, he closed his eyes and let the water flow over his face. Just then he heard the sound of someone else entering the bathroom.

“Mind if I join you?” said Ginny as she stepped around the shower curtain.

     She gave him a kiss and he stepped aside so she could let the water run over her. No matter how many times he saw it Harry could not help but stare at her beautiful body, he could never imagine a day when he wouldn’t want her with ever fiber of his being. He stepped over and put his arms around her so that the water poured over both of them; she leaned up and gave him a kiss as the water flowed over their faces. As Ginny began to wash her hair Harry massaged her shoulders for her and she sighed in enjoyment. Ginny rinsed her hair and then turned back to Harry; she put her arms around his neck and kissed him. The kiss was long and lingering, after a moment he felt her lips part and she gently traced his bottom lip with her tongue. Harry responded by deepening the kiss, he ran his hand down her side from just under her arm to her hip bone and then he placed his hand in the small of her back and pulled her body tight against him. He loved the feel of her soft skin against his. He picked her up and pressed her hard against the wall as he began to kiss her neck and her collar bone slowly working his way down. Ginny let out s small gasp as she entwined her fingers in his hair.

     About two hours later Harry and Ginny made their way towards the Defense Against the Darks Arts class room. The after effects of their early morning activities had not yet worn off, in fact in Potions class they had both been grinning at each other so much that Slughorn had finally asked them if there was some joke he was missing, which simply made them begin to giggle together as they tried to assure him that there wasn’t. When they met up with Hermione outside the Defense Against the Dark Arts class room she gave them both a suspicious look.

“What are you two so cheerful about?” she said.

“Oh nothing…” said Ginny, “It’s just a really lovely day today.”

     Harry’s mood went downhill very quickly when he entered the classroom it was set up with normal rows of desks and each one had a piece of parchment sitting on it numbered one to thirty.

“We’re going to be having a pop quiz today!” said Bill briskly, “I would like all of you to take your seats.”

“Now for the purposes of this exam I could obviously not use a real person as my subject because many of these spell are highly dangerous, I will therefore be sending my non-verbal spells into the chalkboard that you see in front of you.” Harry noticed the large chalkboard that had been moved to the far left corner of the room. “You will have thirty seconds to write down an answer and at the end of the quiz the chalkboard will read back the answers and you will correct you papers. I will warn you that the parchment in front of you has been bewitched so that answers can only be changed within the thirty seconds allotted for them, if you try to change answers later, I shall know. Now let’s begin.” Bill finished and walked to the front of the room.

     Harry was very nervous, he had not practiced his non verbal spell recognition near as much as he should have and he was very worried he might fail this test which would be a dark spot on his almost consistently perfect grades in D.A.D.A. Bill raised his wand and did a swish and flick, a jet of white light shot out of his wand tip and was absorbed by the chalk board. Harry had known it was useless to hope they might get to see the effects the spells, they were supposed to be identifying him them by their movement. Yet for this particular spell it didn’t matter. The minute Bill had made the motion the picture of a large troll getting a club dropped on its head popped into Harry’s mind and he smiled as he began to write.

     Bill cast another spell; he flicked his wand and then pointed it at the board with intensity. The board gave a shudder as the spell hit it, and Harry knew that if it were alive it would be screaming in pain, a shiver went down his spine as he thought of Hermione and Lucius Malfoy, but once again he knew exactly what to write.

     This went on for the next twenty six questions with the exception of two spells that Harry had never seen before; he knew every spell that Bill performed simply from all his experiences. This made Harry think about what Ginny had said the night before, maybe it was time that he stop dwelling on all the bad that had come from his experiences and start to think about the good that brought as well. He knew that having been through what he had been through in his life, would help make him a more keen Auror when the time came, and that in turn could help save even more lives. Bill sent the final spell towards the board. It was one swift and strong slashing movement and a jet of green light shot out of the end of Bill’s wand and hit the board so hard that it jumped and almost toppled over. Harry thought to himself that no one in this room would get the final answer wrong.

     Ten minutes later, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny were all sitting in Harry’s room discussing the test. Harry was rather pleased with his results, he had only gotten two wrong out of the entire thirty questions. Hermione of course had gotten one hundred percent but she was fretting over how much more she needed to study because she had actually guessed on one of the spells!

“Hermione,” said Ginny, “Are you planning anything for Ron’s birthday?”

     Hermione smiled at them both.

“Yes actually I’m planning him a surprise party at the Three Broomsticks. I was hoping maybe you could help me spread the word to some friends up here, since I’m rarely up here in the evenings anymore.” She said with a grin.

“Three Broomsticks eh? You letting Ron gawk at Madam Rosemerta as a birthday present?” teased Harry.

     Hermione shot him a glare but as she turned back to Ginny she smiled.

“So have you talked with Harry about the other thing?” she said.

“No… I haven’t really gotten a chance…” said Ginny with an apologetic look.

“What other thing?” said Harry curiously.

“Well we’ve been thinking that we really need to talk about the guest list for the wedding, because it’s going to be a nightmare if we put it off too long…” said Hermione.

“Why would it be a nightmare?” said Harry.

“Oh Harry…” said Ginny, as she shook her head, “because it’s your wedding. Everyone in the Wizarding world is going to be trying to get an invite to your wedding. So we’re going to have to be careful who we tell where we’re having it, and we’re going to have to be very selective about who we invite.”

“But it’s not just my wedding…” said Harry feeling rather frustrated, he was so sick of being famous, “it’s ours” he said taking Ginny’s hand.

 “ all of ours” he added looking at Hermione.

“I know Harry,” said Ginny, “but we all accept the fact that you’re the one everyone is going to clamoring to see.”

“Well it’s not going to happen like that.” said Harry firmly, “We are only inviting people who are there because they are all of our friends or family.”

     Hermione gave him a grateful smile and then without warning she pulled a huge scrap book out of her little beaded purse which she still carried everywhere. She flipped through it and Harry noticed diagrams, and color charts. He chuckled to himself; leave it to Hermione to be organized in everyway. Harry shot Ginny an amused look and she gave him one back that confirmed she had already spent far too long pouring over this book in her spare time. Hermione flipped towards the back were she had some diagrams of the Great Hall.

“Right.” She said, “McGonagall says that the Great Hall can hold up to four hundred people but I very much doubt we want that many.”

     Harry’s stomach rolled over and he shook his head vigorously. He definitely did not want four hundred sets of eyes watching one of the most intimate and important moments of his life.

“How about two hundred and fifty?” said Ginny, “Then we can still have plenty of room for dancing.”

“That sounds like a good number.” Said Harry, it was still a bit high for him, but he knew any less would be asking a lot, whether he liked it or not, he was famous, and a big wedding was going to be expected.

“Ok, so sometime soon we’ll all sit down and talk about guests.” said Hermione, then she glanced at Harry’s watch and jumped up.

“I’m going to be late for Muggle Studies!” she yelped, and she ran through the door.

“I still don’t get why she took that class up again…” said Harry, “she knows how to live in the Muggle world better than most Muggles.”

“Yes but she’s right. It does give her a different perspective on Muggle relations, and with the job she wants…” Ginny stopped quickly and put her hand to her mouth, looking horrified at herself.

“Hermione knows what job she wants to get after she graduates?” asked Harry in curiosity.

“Yes... but I’m not allowed to talk about it. You know how she is… the job she wants requires Outstanding in every single N.E.W.T. and she doesn’t want to tell people about it until she is sure she can get in.” said Ginny with an eye roll.

“But she knows she’ll get all O’s… she always does…” said Harry exasperatedly.

“That’s not true… she got an E on her Defense Against the Dark Arts O.W.L. Remember? Why do you think she’s studying so hard in that class?”

     Harry laughed and shook his head, it was so like his dear bushy haired friend to decide to go for the most difficult job around, and then make herself sick trying to get it.

“So once she’s gotten all her O’s and she is done worrying like crazy then I get to find out?” said Harry.

“I suppose so. I don’t make the rules, I just have to follow them.” said Ginny raising her hands as if to absolve herself.

“Oh and you can’t let her know that I slipped and told you this.” Ginny added seriously.

     Harry began to laugh again.

“You didn’t tell me anything!” he said incredulously.

“Yes, but she’s being very funny about all of this. She doesn’t want anyone to know she’s got a job in mind. I don’t think even Ron knows, the only reason I know, is because she told me when she thought she was pregnant, cuz she was so worried she’d never get the job if she had a baby.” explained Ginny.

“Ok… Whatever you say Gin...” said Harry with a shrug, sometimes he wondered if he’d ever understand girls.

     Ginny walked over and sat down in Harry’s lap, he could tell by the look on her face that she had something she wanted to talk about.

“What’s up sweetheart?” he asked.

“I wanted to ask you something about the guest list.” she said.

“Ok go for it...” he answered.

“Harry are you going to invite your Aunt, Uncle, and cousin to the wedding?” she asked.

     Harry sat there looking at her for a minute. He had not expected this question, and truth be told he had not thought about it at all.

“I hadn’t really thought about it…” he answered truthfully, “but I guess I might... I mean they were horrible to me, but they’re still my family. I doubt they’d even come… well... Dudley probably would, we made up before I left last summer. Yeah... actually now that I think about it... I think we can just invite Dudley, he’s the only one of the three of them that admitted he didn’t think of me as a waste of space, so I think that warrants and invitation.”

Ginny smiled and gave him a kiss.

“There’s actually something else I wanted to talk to you about Gin.” said Harry.

“Sure, what’s up” said Ginny

“Remember how last night you were talking about how everything I’ve been through with Riddle has brought about good as well as bad?” said Harry. Ginny nodded as she absentmindedly ran her fingers through the untidy hair on the back of his head.

“Well I was thinking about that today in Defense Against the Dark Arts class…. Ginny I realized that everything that I’ve been through and everything that I’ve seen gives me an advantage that other Auror’s won’t have. I’m not saying I’m better than them, or more skilled... it’s just…” Harry struggled to find the words to explain what he was thinking.

“It’s just that you have learned how to handle situations by being thrown straight into them, and it’s given you very keen instincts.” Ginny finished for him.

“Yes,” he said thankfully, “That’s exactly it.” He took her chin between his index finger and thumb and pull her face down so he could kiss her.

“This is what I’ve been trying to tell you silly. If you stop to look at, you have so much to give the world that no one else could. You are much more of a blessing than you have ever been a curse.” she said gently.

“And I can use what I know to save lives…” said Harry. Ever since he a truly understood that fact it had been like a fire in his brain, every time the face of a dead loved one floated to his mind he would tell himself that he would make amends, he would save more lives.

     Ginny took his face gently in her hands and she looked deep into his eyes. He could tell that she was trying to figure out what was going on inside his head. She gently caressed his cheek and looked at him thoughtfully.

“Harry you have nothing to atone for,” she said as if reading his mind, “but I know that I can’t convince you of that by just saying it, I’m simply going to have to stay here beside you until you finally realize it for yourself.”

     She gave him a kiss and he put his arms around her and held her close to him.

‘Thank you...” he whispered, ‘I truly do not know what I’d do without you.”

‘Well hopefully you’ll never have to find out.” She said with a smile, and then she stood up.

“Come on we have to get going or we’ll be late for Herbology.” She said and she held her hand out to him, which he took gratefully, and they walked out of the portrait hole hand in hand.

“OUCH! Neville that’s my foot!” whispered Ginny furiously.

“Sorry! It’s not like I can see anything in here its pitch black. Where are they anyways.” said Neville.

“They should be here any minute!” said Harry softly.

‘Oh I see them their coming up the road!” said Luna from her spot as lookout by the window.

     Everyone crouched low, and waited. They heard the voices of Ron and Hermione coming up the street.

“Hermione, I don’t see why we have to come over here. I honestly don’t care that Aberforth is out of butterbeer, I’d rather just spend my birthday alone with you…” Ron was saying.

“Oh don’t be silly I want to toast you turning nineteen!” said Hermione as they walked up the front steps.

“Umm... Hermione it doesn’t look like its open.” said Ron.

“Oh nonsense, it looks perfectly open to me...” she said pulling him into the dark bar.

“Umm... Hermione…” Ron began questioningly, but then the lights flew on and everyone shouted surprise!! And they cheered.

     Ron was so shocked he jumped back and looked around at the twenty or so faces that filled the room. Then he turned back to Hermione who was grinning at him and he gave her a hug all the while shaking his head.

“Wow… umm... thanks everybody. I definitely did not see this coming. You got me good, but um… yeah… let’s have a party!” said Ron with a smile and they all cheered again.

     Ron made his was over to where Harry and Ginny were standing, and they both gave him hugs. Ron still looked slightly dazed but also very pleased with the turn out he had gotten.

“Happy Birthday mate.” Said Harry, and Ron gave him an appreciative smile before turning to Madam Rosemerta behind the bar.

“One Firewhisky please” he said and then he turned to Harry and grinned, “I’ve always wanted to say that to her.”

     Harry laughed before he also turned to the owner of the bar.

“Make that two Firewhisky’s” he said.

“Three,” said Ginny from beside him.

“Four,” said Hermione coming up beside Ron.

     They all took their shots and then turned to each other, and raised there glasses.

“Here’s to Ron Weasley, the best friend anyone could ask for.” Said Harry and they all clinked their glasses together while Ron turned slightly pink.

     After they had finished their drinks Harry and Ginny made their way through the bar to a table against the wall. They sat their watching with amusement all the things that were going on. Hermione and Ron had taken a seat at a round table with George, Angelina, Charlie, Lee Jordan, Charity, and some other people from Ron’s work, there seemed to be a steady stream of drinks coming to the table and with time everyone seemed to get louder and crazier. After about a half hour Ginny and Harry were distracted as Hagrid came to have a seat next to them.

‘How’re you two doin?” he said.

“We’re great Hagrid.” said Harry.

“Not partakin in the festivities?” said Hagrid.

“No we are... I guess we’re just not as fond of drinking.” said Ginny sending a slightly reproachful look towards the larger table.

     Just as she had said that Hermione got out of her seat and swayed dangerously as she made her way up to the bar, Ron followed her to help her get another bottle of Firewhisky.

“You know...” said Hermione to Rosemerta with a sloppy grin, ‘he’s always fancied you.” She pointed lazily at Ron and giggled.

“I can’t believe you said that Hermione!” said Ron, but he didn’t not look angry he simply laughed with her. Harry seriously wondered if either of them would remember this in the morning. Rosemerta, who had plenty of experience with drunken patrons, simply smiled at the two of them.

“Well it seems he only has eyes for you now.” She said to Hermione patiently.

“Yes... he does...” said Hermione, and then she threw her arms around Ron’s neck and began kissing him avidly, which he responded to immediately.

“Ugghh... gross.” Said Ginny in disgust, “I do NOT like drunk Hermione… it’s like Lavender Brown all over again. I swear if she starts calling him Won-Won I’m leaving.”

     Both Harry and Hagrid laughed appreciatively, and then Hagrid went to the bar to get them each a butterbeer.

“So are you sure you’re doin all righ’ Harry?” he said as he returned, “I heard abou’ the thing you three did fer the Ministry… an I just wanted to be sure tha’ things were goin ok since then.”

     Harry was touched by the amount of care that Hagrid had, he really was like a family member to Harry, like a loveable uncle. He smiled up into Hagrid crinkled black eyes and he patted his arm assuringly.

“I’m actually doing really great Hagrid. That mission helped me realize what’s really important. And even better a combination of that mission and Ginny’s amazing patience helped me finally start thinking about all the ways I can use my past to help make the world a better place, so I think I’m probably the most at peace I’ve been in a long time.” Harry said sincerely.

     Hagrid’s small black eyes began to tear up as Harry spoke and when he was finished Hagrid gave him a firm pat on the back, that almost made Harry choke on his butterbeer.

‘I’m so happy to hear tha’ Harry. I worry ‘bout you so much. Too much put on yer plate too young… I’m so glad you are finally findin some peace.” Hagrid said.

“Thanks Hagrid.” said Harry with a smile.

     Just then there was a loud thump and they looked over to see that Ron had tried to sit down and missed his chair, he was now looking around rather confused, as if he thought the chair had somehow tricked him.

“Hagrid do you think you could maybe help us get Ron and Hermione back to their flat, I think their about done for the night.” said Harry in amusement.

“No problem…” said Hagrid who was chuckling.

     He went over and stood Ron back on his feet, while Harry and Ginny helped Hermione up. They bid goodbye to the rest of Ron’s party guests and then took Ron and Hermione back to their flat and put them in bed before making their way back up to the castle.

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