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“What’s happening?” Tonks asked. It was starting to get cold. Very cold.

“I don’t know,” Remus said, pulling her closer.

“Sirius,” Melody whimpered. “I’m scared.”

“Don’t be,” I said. “We’ll be fine.” I, too, pulled her closer. Then, the car rattled. I remembered that I had a gift for Mellie in my pocket. I took it out and gave it to her, the best way i could think of to distract her.

“Here, love,” I said. She took the box and opened it, revealing a note. She read it. After she finished, her tear filled eyes stared into mine. She nodded her head yes. I was elated. I took the box from her, took the 14-karat gold ring out of the box, and placed it on her left ring finger.

“Oh. My. God!” Tonks screamed. We all looked at the door. There, in the hallway, was a very slim, very tall, figure: a dementor. It started to open the door. The only things that moved – besides the dementor – were Lily and James as they both jumped up and whipped out their wands.

“Expecto patronum!” They yelled. Suddenly, two silvery white deer – a buck and a doe – ran towards the dementor. It left quickly; the poor thing was scared to death! When it was gone, James and Lily sighed and turned back to us, eyes filled with concern.

“Are you guys all right?” Lily asked. She came over to Melody and me. “Is anyone – OH MY FRICK!”

“I’d never thought I’d live to see the day when Miss Lily Evans would swear,” I said. She gave me a sarcastic smile that said ‘you – think – you’re – so – funny – Sirius' and rolled her eyes. She took Mellie’s hand and looked at it, gob – smacked. There was silence through out the entire compartment.

“You’re engaged!” She finally said. All eyes were on us.

“Yes, I know!” Melody said. The two girls started squealing. Everyone looked at the two girls. Except for me. I was looking at a very pained, yet angry face. It was the face of that which yearned to have what I had: the face of my newly formed enemy, Peter Pettigrew.

We arrived at the school just in time for the thunderstorm.

“Do we have to get changed?” Tonks, annoyed, asked.

“Unless you want to ruin your pretty outfit...” Remus said, leaning over to kiss his girlfriend. She blushed a deep crimson and murmured something like, “Later, Remy.”

We walked out to the carriages, either holding hands, or (in Prongs’ case) arms wrapped around waists. Murmuring romantic things and whispering promises, the six of us climbed into an empty carriage. James was entertaining Lily.

“Hey, Mellie,” I said. “I know it’s hard to see, but there’s an inscription on the ring.”

She looked at the ring and took it off. “Lumos,” she whispered. The concealed compartment was alight as the tip of her wand bounced into life.

“Hey! We’re blind here!” Tonks exclaimed. Melody ignored her. She was reading the inside of the little ring. It read:

“Love is everlasting. Mellie is forever.”

“Siri!” she said, touched.

“Let me see,” said Lily. The little gold band was passed from person to person. When it got back to Melody, we were already pulling up in front of the majestically beautiful castle known as Hogwarts. She grabbed my hand, but once we got out of the carriage, I put my arm around her waist.

“Well, well, well,” sneered a familiarly, cruel, slimy voice. “If it isn’t Potter and his mud – blood, bitch of a girlfriend!”

“Malfoy,” James said through gritted teeth. Turning around he growled “If you so much as THINK about touching Lily at all, I will hex you until Judgment Day!”

“Relax,” Lucius said. His friends had started gathering around him. It figured that Peter would be among them. “I’m here for Rogers.” He took a step towards Mellie.

“You will keep those filthy, slimy, greasy twigs you call fingers away from my fiancée!” I yelled. Everyone looked at me.

“Your . . . your fiancé?!” Lucius said. I snickered.

“I’d think you’d know that word, Lucy,” I said. “Since you have a slut of a wife yourself!” I heard the bitch herself crying behind him.


“Yes,” said Melody, grabbing my arm. “Now let’s go inside, Siri.” She tugged me inside and we sat at the Gryffindor table.

“Thanks, Mellie,” I said. She kissed my cheek and said, “Anytime, love.” It was at that moment that Professor McGonagall entered with the first years. She was carrying the Sorting Hat and its stool. Once she set it down, it started singing.

“In Gryffindor,
The brave must go
Either Anglo or Latino.
To Ravenclaw,
The smart of all
Must face their call.
Hufflepuff is pure and true,
But their house colors are black and yellow,
Not blue.
Slytherin is the pureblooded of all purebloods,
But ne’er are they good,
For Voldemort came from there,
How about you?
Oh, the Houses at Hogwarts are made for thee,
But be forewarned,
It is the house that I choose
That will be for ye.”

As soon as the Hat was done, McGonagall started calling names.

“Aaron, Luke!” A small, blue – haired boy stumbled his way up to the stool and placed the Hat on his head.

“RAVENCLAW!” The Hat shouted. Luke bounced down to the Ravenclaw table. More names were called; the Angel twins, Melissa and Marissa, joined us. Then the “r” section came.

"Reynolds, Jenna.” “GRYFFINDOR!” “Richards, Julie.” “HUFFLEPUFF!” “Rinheart, Ian.” “SLYTHERIN!” “Rochet, Peter.” “RAVENCLAW!” “Rogers, Michael.” Melody grabbed my hand and squeezed it. This was the year that her younger siblings, who were triplets, came to Hogwarts.

“GRYFFINDOR!” “Rogers, Michelle.” ‘GRYFFINDOR!” “Rogers, Mitchell.” “GRYFFINDOR!”

All of the people in Gryffindor were clapping, especially Melody. I chuckled at her spontaneous and ecstatic exclamations after each of her younger siblings.

“Good job, Mikey! You rock, Michey (Pronounced Mishay)! Welcome home, Mitch!” She cheered. Then the rest of the students were called up. After the last person, Nitchy Zumas, went to Slytherin, Dumbledore stood up to give his speech.

“Welcome, to those who hath yet to gain knowledge, and welcome back to thee whom hath come once more to be informed. The Forbidden Forest is FORBIDDEN; hence the name Forbidden Forest. Filch has a new list of banned items, of which I will NOT go over. And so, with that in tone, I will say these last words: jiggly, piggly, pumpkin, pie!”

And with that, food began to appear. I tried to eat, but found that I didn’t have much of an appetite.

“Mellie,” I said. She looked at me with concerned. “When do you want to get married?”

Her face lit up. She put down the drumstick that she’d been picking at. “Over winter holidays. We could ask Dumbledore if he could marry us. Lily will be my Maid of Honor, and Tonks will be the bridesmaid. Michelle would be the flower girl. And I’ll have to find a dress! And bridesmaid dresses! And – “

“Why don’t we get married BEFORE winter break?" I said cutting off her gushing. "I know how much you love being the center of attention."

“Oh, Siri, that’s perfect!” She kissed my cheek.

We talked animatedly for the rest of dinner, Lily and James joining in a little while later. It wasn’t until Dumbledore told everyone to leave that the flow of plans stopped.

"Everyone except Mr. Sirius Black and Ms. – soon – to – be – Mrs. Black – Melody Rogers.” We paled.

All of the student body got up to leave, staring at us as they passed. As soon as everyone was out, Dumbledore walked straight up to us.

“December 17,” he said. I looked at Melody’s face and saw my own expression mirrored on her face: confusion.

“Sir,” Melody said. “What are you talking about?”

“Ah! Silly me! I would love to marry you two, and the only available date is December 17. For everyone to see you get married, of course.”

Mellie and I smiled at each other. “That would be perfect, professor,” I said. I looked back at Dumbledore. He was beaming.

“Well, then,” he said. “That settles it! You two will have extra Hogsmeade visits to get prepared. And so will the bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearers, and the Best Man, Now, off to bed! You two are allowed to use the bridal suite. It is by the Gryffindor common room, behind the portrait of the Married Couple. The password is ‘sirimellie’. Good night.” He then left us.

“Sweet!” Mellie squealed, getting up. “C’mon, Sirius!” She ran out of the Great Hall. I chased her playfully. We ran all the way up to the seventh floor. We ran until we spotted a picture of an oddly familiar married couple. I stared at it, when suddenly...

“That’s us!” Melody exclaimed. She was inspecting it carefully. It was, infact, us; Mellie was in a white, strapless dress that flared out at the bottom. She was so elegantly beautiful in the painting that I thought it was a dream. I was dressed in a black tuxedo with my long hair falling into my eyes. My arms in the painting were wrapped around Melody, and we were both smiling. I wrapped my arms around Melody now and said, “Sirimellie.” The picture of Melody looked at us and said, “Have fun, my friends.” And the portrait opened. We walked inside. There was a crimson couch; two scarlet sitting chairs, and a table that looked like it was only used for special occasions, all placed around a huge, grand fireplace. I dropped my arms from Melody.

“Wow,” she whispered awed. She walked around the room, me trailing behind her. When we reached the bedroom, we stopped. I scooped up Melody bridal style. She giggled.

“My, my,” She said, still giggling. “You are quite the gentleman, aren’t you?”

“Only for you, baby,” I said. I walked into the room and looked around. There was a king sized bed, with a maroon bedspread that had the golden Gryffindor crest on it. Candles were placed all around the room, either floating in the air or resting on tables. There were two dressers: one in the left corner, the other near a separate door that led to the bathroom.

“This is amazing!” Melody looked around in total awe. I walked her over to the bed and gently placed her on it.

“I’ll give you a minute,” I said, walking over toward the dresser near the bathroom. I opened a drawer and found boxers and pajama bottoms, but no top (which I was fine with). Tomorrow would be a Saturday, so I could sleep in. I went into the bathroom and got changed. I thought that Melody would need more time, so I went Exploring. There were two rooms in the bathroom: the part that had the toilet, and a separate room that contained a titanic sized bathtub. The tub could have been at least 20 feet deep.

I heard a timid rap on the door. I walked back and opened it. Melody was standing there, looking down towards her right. She was wearing an ebony, lacy nightgown that stopped just above her thigh. It was spaghetti strapped. There were French tags in her hand. I gaped.

She was wearing lingerie.

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