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A/N: So I’ve had this story in my mind for a long time and I usually don’t take this long to put anything up but I’ve been a bit busy with my D/G. So the main characters are James, Sirius, Remus, Lily, Emily, and Karma. Em and Karma are made up characters. I promise I wont abandon so read! And review, that makes me really happy.

P.S. I borrowed bits from Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows [memories] so I don’t own that or characters you recognize 

P.P.S. there will be bits of Snape.

+Banner shall be up soon, if it isn’t already.

At the end of each chapter, you shall receive a quote and a few lyrics via my ipod+memory



Chapter One: Hogwarts Express, again.



James opened the compartment door to reveal a small, blonde haired, eleven year old staring out the window nervously. Opposite him, sat a red haired girl, she looked like she had been crying. He heard Sirius snort behind him. Who cried while going to Hogwarts, the most amazing place perhaps in the world!


“Can we sit in here?” James asked the boy.

He nodded nervously, “I’m Remus Lupin.” The boy said, introducing himself.


“Cool-” James was cut off by the compartment door opening again.


A small, slightly chubby boy came in, “Everywhere else is full can I join you? By the way I’m Peter.”


Sirius nodded, “My names Sirius Black, and that’s Remus Lupin, and that’s James..?”


“Potter” James supplied.



Severus hurried along the corridor of the Hogwarts Express as it clattered through the countryside. At last he stopped, outside a compartment in which a group of rowdy boys were talking. Hunched in a corner seat beside the window was Lily, her face pressed against the window pane. He sat down across from her.


“I don’t want to talk to you,” she said.


“Why not?” Severus asked.


 “Tuney hates me because we saw Dumbledore’s letter.” Lily said, looking like she was going to cry again.


“So what?” Severus said nonchalantly.


“So she’s my sister!”


“But we’re going! We’re off to Hogwarts! You’d better be in Slytherin,” Severus said excitedly.


“Slytherin? Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I’d leave, wouldn’t you?” James asked turning to face Sirius.


“My whole family has been in Slytherin, but maybe I’ll break the tradition. Where are you heading.” Sirius asked grinning.


James lifted an invisible sword, “Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart! Like my dad.”


Severus snorted. James turned to glare at him, “Got a problem with that?”


“No, If you’d rather be brawny than brainy-” Snape sneered.


“Where are you hoping to go seeing as you’re neither?” Sirius interjected, standing alongside James.


Peter sniggered quietly receiving a glare from Snape.

Lily stood up, looking at James and Sirius in dislike. “Come on Severus lets find another compartment!”


“See ya’ later, Snivellus!” James and Sirius cried out in unison. 






Lily angrily led the way to another compartment. Two girls were sitting inside. The one with long curly blonde hair was taking notes as she read Hogwarts a History. The other girl, had shoulder length reddish-black hair, and she was playing with a blue tattered baseball cap.


“Can we sit here?” Lily asked timidly.

The black haired girl nodded at them once.


“I have to go speak to Avery. I’ll see you later.” Severus said before quickly escaping the compartment.


Lily had a feeling that he didn’t do so well with girls, though he seemed to get along well with her.


“Hi my names Lily Evans and that was Severus Snape.” Lily said.


“My name’s Karma Bell.”


“Hey my names Emily Emmett Emerson” the blonde haired girl said proudly, “but you can just call me Em.”


“So what are you doing?” Lily asked politely.


“I’m taking notes, I’m actually a muggleborn and I thought I’d get some background reading.” Emily said, smiling shyly.


“Me too. It’s a really informative.” Lily said, smiling. It felt better once she realized she wouldn’t be the only muggleborn.


Karma wrinkled her nose, “I’m not much of a reading type.”



Karma rushed after James.


“We are going to be late and it’s going to be your fault!” Karma yelled at James who was hurrying along beside her.


“We are not going to be late.” James reassured as they crossed the barrier from the muggle world to the wizarding world.


James had waited till the last minute to do his packing and Karma had to wait for him since they were going to the station together.


They could see the Hogwarts Express shining brightly. They walked towards the group of people waiting near the corner.


“Hey, Remus!” Karma said, leaning over to hug him.


“Hey guys!” James said to Remus, Sirius and Peter.

“Have you seen Em or Lily?” Karma asked, rolling her eyes as James perked up to the sound of Lily’s name.


“No sorry.” Remus said.


Karma nodded and dragged her trunk to the train. Stepping inside, she headed all the way to the back and sure enough, Emily was sitting in the last compartment, reading a book.


“I’m just waiting till the day you run out of books to read. It won’t be that far.” Karma joked.


“Ha-ha. Have you seen Lily?” asked Emily, tying her hair back.


“Head girl duty probably. Shouldn’t you be in the prefects’ carriage for the meeting?” Karma asked, as she lifted her trunk to the shelf above the seats.


“Oh yeah! I completely forgot!” Emily said as she quickly put away her book and grabbed her cloak, pinning the Prefects badge on it as she left. “See you in a while.” She called out.


Karma changed into the school uniform and sat down only to be joined by James and Sirius.


“Hey Karamell, mind if we join you?” James asked, using his nickname for her.

Sirius had already started to put up his trunk before Karma even answered.

“Of course” Karma said grumbling, Lily wouldn’t be happy when she came back.







Emily rushed into the Prefects compartment. It wasn’t like her to forget things. Lily had already started giving out duties while the Slytherin Head Boy, Lucius Malfoy, winked at another Slytherin blonde girl.


“Sorry I’m late.” Emily said meekly, as she took her seat next to Thomas Abbott.


“That’ll be fifteen points from Gryffindor.” Lucius said, grinning.


“You can’t take away points; we aren’t even at Hogwarts yet.” Lily reminded him.


Lucius scowled and returned to sneaking glances at Narcissa Black.


“Narcissa, you have patrol duty, Tuesday nights with Lucius. Em, you have Friday nights with Remus, Thomas, you have Monday’s with Tanya.” Lily concluded, reading off a sheet of paper.





Lily sighed as everyone left the compartment. She loved being Head Girl even if it meant having to work with Lucius, but it was still a lot of work since Lucius did absolutely nothing except take away points from Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws.


She quickly walked back to her compartment, only to find, much to her annoyance, James Potter.


“Hey Lily, wanna go out with me?” James asked hopefully.


“No!” Lily said as she sat down next to Karma who gave her an apologetic look.


Lily rolled her eyes. She would just have to figure out a way to stop James from asking her. He’d have to get tired eventually…

Lily glanced around; Emily and Remus were discussing the fastest way to patrol the hallways in hushed tones, James was staring at her. Lily quickly looked away. Sirius was staring out the window, his eyebrows furrowed deep in thought, which was quite unusual.

Lily gazed to her right. Karma had fallen asleep, her head resting on Lily’s shoulders. She covered her face with her hand, peeking through her fingers at James; he was still staring at her. She groaned. This was going to be a long ride.



A/N: Did you guys get that it switches from the past to the present? Or am I giving you lot too little credit? BTW, Karamell is a combo of her name, Karma and Bell. Got it? Anything else you might be confused about? P.S. the pairings aren’t exactly what they seem.


“We can see Russia from Alaska

-Tina Fey (Sarah Palin)

“So I’m gone. Go find another shoulder you can cry on.”

-All American Rejects (Night Drive)


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