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Chapter Six:


Leave me here to rot as you make fun with Evans? That’s fine, traitor. I suppose I can wait another week or so. When I wrote to you before I was in a state of desperation but I’ve actually been having quite a good time again. So I suppose you’re off the hook… for now. I’ve been considering growing out some facial hair. What do you think? Show the girls my scruffy, masculine side. Let them know who’s the man. As if they don’t already, ha! Have fun with Evans. Say hi to mom and dad for me! Let them know that you’ve abandoned me for chick, eh. – padfoot

“Come in,” Solene called after hearing a knock on the bathroom door. She was lounging in a luxurious bubble bath. The large glass windows were open, delicate emerald drapes fluttered in the breeze and sunlight was shining onto the white tile floor. There was a perfect view of the beach from Solene’s bathtub and the whole room smelled of lavender and sugar.

Regulus pushed open the door and walked across the damp tiles and seated himself upon the plush, velvet green stool by the tub. Bubbles tactfully concealed Solene’s figure, but her legs were hanging out of the tub’s side and dripping water onto the floor.

“Was Narcissa unable to come stay here with you?” Regulus asked. Solene was reading, and turned the page before answering.

“No,” she replied simply.

“Her father wouldn’t let her leave Egypt?”

“She didn’t ask. The Malfoys are staying with her family and I think she prefers Lucius’ company to mine.”

“That’s silly,” Regulus could think of nothing better to say and Solene shrugged without looking up from her book’s pages.

“Did you find ways to entertain yourself?” he questioned Solene shrugged her shoulders again. Regulus was confused; he’d expected a warmer welcome home. He had arrived this evening and was exhausted.

“Solene,” he pleaded and she sighed sharply, snapping her book shut and placing it upon the windowsill.

“I was fine, than you for asking,” she replied, waiting for him to say more. She hadn’t seen him in a week but was not going to indulge him. If he did not want to disclose his past whereabouts she would not pester him for them. It was not as if a rift had grown between her and her boyfriend, they had always been distant, it was only the secrecy that felt odd.

“I’ve been with the Lestranges,” Regulus began to form an explanation, “There was some work they needed help with. I saw your father, actually. I hadn’t been expecting to. He sends his hello.”

“My father?” Solene asked, “Was my mother there as well?” she asked.

“No, I only saw him once and did not see your mother at all,” Regulus said ran his fingers through his hair, looking out to the Mediterranean, “It was mostly business.”

“Why do you have to do business?” Solene whined, “You’re only fifteen. And it’s your summer holiday!”

“I know, I know,” Regulus sighed, “but people don’t trust as easily as they used to. They like to keep work in close circles now.”

Solene nodded and felt a pang of guilt and concern watching at her boyfriend. She tried not to let Sirius’ warnings surface in her mind. Regulus looked so tired and worn down, as if this was the first moment he had been able to rest in days. Even so, his eyes seemed clouded with troubles far too heavy for someone of his age to bear.
“Want to join me?” Solene bit her lip and asked mischievously and the tension in Regulus’ face eased slightly.

“Yes,” he chuckled and quickly undid his robes and pulled off his undershirt.

Regulus submerged himself in the water and Solene floated over to him, curling up in his lap and resting her head against shoulder, her hair sticking to his skin. Regulus’ hand stroked up and down her back and arms, kissing the top of her head affectionately and pulling her closer. They had not always been as argumentative as they had been in the past two weeks, he much preferred Solene when she was on his side.

“I missed you,” he said barely audibly and Solene kissed his lips. Bubbles were sticking to her tresses.

“Then don’t leave me,” she replied and just as Regulus was about to admit he had something to tell her, she kissed him again harder, muffling his confession. Solene’s arms slipped around his neck and she readjusted herself to straddle him in the bathtub. Regulus stifled a moan and leaned his head against the porcelain as she kissed down his neck.

They stayed in the bath until every bubble was gone, their cheeks flushed, their fingers wrinkled, Solene using lust as a release of her frustration with Regulus, Regulus grateful of having a way to be distracted from his newfound responsibilities.

It wasn’t until the sun was setting and their stomachs were growling from hunger that Regulus decided to tell Solene what he had been keeping from her. They were resting on opposite ends of the tub and he had been enjoying the view.

“Solene,” he said hesitantly and she nodded, her eyes closed and her head tilted back, “I’m leaving again.”

Solene’s eyes opened and immediately narrowed, “What?”

“I wasn’t even supposed to come back. I snuck away for a day. But I have to leave again tomorrow, noon the latest.”

“And what do you expect me to do? Sit and wait for you alone in this empty house each day?”

“Well there’s always Sirius,” Regulus snorted with laughter.

“You think this is funny?!” Solene yelled at him, refraining from telling him that she had spend a few days in Sirius’ company to pass the time. That she somewhat enjoyed Sirius’ company, in fact.

“I’m sorry. Maybe you should go home to Paris for a while, I have a feeling I am going to be quite occupied this summer,” Regulus said rather coldly and Solene felt tears collecting in her eyes. The only person who paid her any attention was stupid, muggle-loving Sirius, and even that was out of courtesy. She had nobody; she was alone.

“You want me to leave?” she asked hurt.

“Of course I don’t want you to leave. I’d much rather you here so I can always know where you are. I just don’t want you to be alone,” he replied. The tears fell down Solene’s face and into the bathwater. She would be even more alone at home, it wasn’t as if her parents would pay her any heed, all of her friends from Beauxbatons were away on holidays, her best friend was too busy with Malfoy to come keep her company.

“Then don’t leave me,” she replied and leaned forward. Regulus took both sides of her face.

“I love you,” he said and the sides of her mouth pulled into a frown. He never told her that he loved her; she didn’t believe him. Solene pulled away sharply, splashed water on his face, rose and stomped out of the bathroom unclothed, bathwater trailing behind her.

He was unbelievable! Solene didn’t want to go home, but she certainly didn’t want to spend another night beside stupid Regulus Black.

“Minny!” Solene called through the house for the house elf that tended to her. There was a crack and Minny was by her side.

Solene did not falter in her rage and Minny trailed behind her master desperately as Solene barked her demands, “Get me my clothes. Fetch all of my clothes and all my belongings. I’m moving into a bedroom in the west wing of the house.”

“Yes mam’,” Minny squeaked out of breath and Solene continued, “I will take my dinner in the library, and I—”

Solene pushed past a very shocked Sirius, dressed in a crisp, navy cotton shirt, on his way out for the evening. Sirius mouth hung slightly agape, his eyes fixated on Solene’s naked body.

“What are you looking at?” she snapped and stormed up the stairs, her wet hair hanging clinging to her back. Regulus and Solene were yet to have a marriage, but they were certainly experiencing a separation.

There was no time that Solene could remember being in a worse mood. She felt abandoned, isolated, and worst of all, unimportant. Her day generally consisted of getting drunk alone off dry gin and bitter wine and exploring the house. She couldn’t handle such unfathomable boredom. The lone queen of La Chateau Noir with no subjects to boss around. Not even the house elves would spend time with her. She was especially rude to Sirius each time their paths crossed to compensate for how little she had been seeing him around.

She was particularly insulted to learn that the few days that they had spent time together had been a form of desperation on his part as well, his friends had been out of town or occupied, but now they were back and he sought amusement from Solene no longer.

Solene was exceptionally tipsy on the evening she forced Sirius to entertain her. She had been sifting through the old photo albums that she had stumbled upon Sirius looking at one afternoon. They were filled of pictures of her and Sirius as children, Solene chasing Sirius through the garden trying to kiss him and the two of them standing as perfect angles, their toothless grins hinting at nothing but mischief.

Inspired by the album, Solene wandered through the house searching for Sirius, hoping to casually bump into him and ask him the question she had been keeping from him the past three weeks—the past four years. She did find him eventually, leaning back in his chair and snacking on apple pieces in the dining hall. He was dressed in a crisp white shirt, the sleeves rolled to his elbows, his dark hair falling across his eyes. He didn’t speak to her.

“What are you doing?” Solene asked, the determination she had to interrogate him fading rapidly with out of place nerves. He raised his eyebrows and looked around the room as if there was someone else.

“Me?” he smirked sarcastically.

“Of course you,” she snapped.

“Who gives you the right to come to the room that I am occupying and cross-examine me? I’m eating an apple. What are you doing, Solene?”

“I didn’t mean it as a grilling,” she huffed, “no need to be so sensitive.”

Sirius chuckled, “Would you like something?”

“No…” Solene’s voice drifted off as she tried to decipher what, exactly, she was doing. She had nearly given up on her plan to destroy Sirius and Regulus, neither of them seemed invested enough in her to care. She slipped into a chair, her head leaning against her hand. Sirius chewed in silence until he had finished his meal, rose out of his chair and walked towards the exit of the room.

“Wait!” Solene called after him and stood up as well, “Where are you going?”

“Out,” Sirius replied simply and continued down the hall.

“Can you wait,” she whined trailing after him, “Out where?”

“Out with friends, what do you want?”

“…Can I come?” she asked softly and Sirius spun in his tracks, an accomplished smirk growing on his face.

“What was that?” he forced her to repeat herself.

“Can I come?”

Sirius’ arrogant smile was broadening by the second, “You want to come out with me?”

Solene nodded.

“…To a muggle town?”

Solene nodded.

“…With my muggle friends?”

Solene nodded.

“…Let me repeat: Filthy, unworthy, muggles?”

“Yes, yes yes,” Solene groaned and tried not to make eye contact with Sirius. He understood completely why she wanted to come. She was deathly bored and alone, she was using him as a last resort.

Sirius’ arms crossed across his chest, “And you’ll behave yourself?”

“Oh, shut up you,” Solene snapped and rolled her eyes, “Can I come or not?”

Sirius paused unnecessarily long, building the suspense and relishing in his delight until he shrugged and said, “I suppose so. We’re going to a nightclub. Can you be ready in five minutes?”

Solene vanished up the stairs and Sirius stood smiling alone in the entranceway. He could barely contain his smugness and was quite sure his haughty smile would be planted upon his face the whole night. Solene was always Miss. High-and-Mighty and there she was, in need of his help, in need of his company.

She came slinking down the stairs about fifteen minutes later in a pair of obscenely petite black shorts and a loose fitting, low-cut silk black top. Her hair was pulled into a harsh ponytail and hanging down her bare back, her face was almost void of make-up, but for a dark outline of her eyes. She looked amazing and she knew it.

“I can almost see your butt,” Sirius commented, walking behind her as they started down the stone steps of the chateau towards the cement road to town.

”You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Solene smirked and sauntered with her unrivaled confidence, her heels clicking against the ground.

Sirius stopped in front of a brightly lit club in the center of town. A line had formed outside of its doors and music was seeping through its entrance and echoing throughout the street.

“Nate,” he said and slapped the back of a young man outside of the clubs doors.

“Sirius, you’re late!” Nate replied and shook his head.

“I had to wait for this one,” he chuckled and stepped aside, allowing Solene the space to move towards the boy. She didn’t take a step.

“Nate, this is Solene,” Sirius attempted an introduction.

“Hi,” Nate replied ever-so smoothly, walking towards Solene and shaking her hand. He was flabbergasted and couldn’t bring himself to let go of her delicate fingers. She pulled her hand out of his, disgusted.

“I’m Nate,” he said, his eyes wide, trying to soak in all of her beauty.
“I gathered that,” she answered, bored.

“I’m Sirius’ friend from Manchester,” he clarified, as if Solene would have heard of him.

“Fascinating,” Solene commented rudely and looked to Sirius in the hope that he would rescue her. Sirius laughed.

Nate was standing astonished, nodding slightly and forgetting to make conversation. Solene was nearly his height and her soft skin was almost glowing. Her teeth shone in the dark, her shirt was hanging slackly against her collarbones. Nate shook his head sharply to wake up and turned to Sirius asking, “How do you two know each other?”

Sirius looked to Solene puzzled. They weren’t exactly friends, they didn’t exactly have any friends in common. Sirius wasn’t sure of what to say.

“She’s my cousin,” Sirius replied.

Solene’s face scrunched, “I’m not your cousin.”

“She’s my cousin,” Sirius stressed again, this time only to annoy Solene from the thought of being related to such a bloodtraitor.

“Stop trying to be cute,” Solene snapped at Sirius and he drew back, pretending to be shocked and insulted from her discourtesy.

“Shall we go inside?” Sirius asked.

“Yes—get out of my way,” she brushed past Nate and he stood like a deer-in-headlights, unable to interpret her disrespect. There introduction had left Solene revolted, but Nate was somehow charmed.

Sirius walked past the line and exchanged a few words with the bouncer. The moment Solene stepped inside of the club she was mesmerized. It was dim and the music was so loud it felt like it was pounding inside of her. Bodies were merging into one on the dance floor, as if a large wave of hands. She could barely see the faces dancing before her and the bar was glowing and drawing her to it. Her drinks tasted like candy, not bitter like those she was accustomed to at the chateau and women and men were climbing up on tables and platforms, dancing as if they were completely unaware of the crowds below them. Solene’s mouth hung open fascinated.

Sirius seemed completely in his element. It was as if he knew every person in the club and Solene’s face would pull with irritation each time a shrill would sound and a new girl would surface from the crowd, throwing her arms around Sirius’ neck and kissing his cheek roughly.

Unlike the quiet and shunned Sirius that Solene had become so accustomed to, this Sirius was like a god. He was a friend with everybody, stopping to chat with his mates, laughing with women, waving to the DJ. Solene was essentially ignored and Sirius moved from person to person, charming and enchanting his way through the crowd.

Solene didn’t care much, she got herself drink after drink and made gagging movements towards Sirius each time he had his arms around some muggle trash. Sirius tried desperately to irritate Solene even further, flirting with every girl that he saw and winking to Solene from across the room as she tried to ignore him and dance alone.

Nate found Sirius in the crowed and yelled above the music, “Solene—do you think she and I are a possibility?”

“Not a chance,” Sirius laughed. Nate was a good-looking guy, but the chances of Solene intermingling with muggles were slim to none. Sirius, on the other hand, had no issues with mingling with muggle girls, in fact, his favorite example of this had walked through the door and he was off to find her.

Sirius occupied himself with his preferred beautiful brunette, her long tan legs brushing against his and her bracelets falling to her elbows as her thin arms wrapped Sirius close.

Solene was keeping herself entertained. She could understand why Sirius would slip out each night and come to town. Submerged in the crowd, Solene was completely forgetting herself, completely losing herself in some unknown ecstasy. Strobe lights were hypnotizing her, she was hot and drunk, the air was moist and the beat of the song playing was spellbinding. That is, until she saw Sirius.

And suddenly Solene felt her skin writhe with an unknown burning. What was that muggle tart doing draping her hands across his chest? Why was he smiling at her so brilliantly? She had never seen him watch her like that. Friendly, amused, gentle. She swallowed with difficulty and felt her stomach begin to twist in knots as he leaned down, the bright smile still illuminating his face, and whispered into the girl’s ear. She giggled annoyingly and Sirius’ hand slid around her waist.

Solene had never, never, never experienced envy. The occasional trace of jealousy for an exceptionally pretty blouse, perhaps, but never an overpowering, painful and consuming force of resentment.
She could see now why Sirius had managed to be so content with himself, why her presence didn’t astound him in the least. That brunette girl beside him, practically on him, was beautiful—gorgeous, even. The filthy muggle’s lips were sucking up Sirius’ neck and his eyes closed in satisfaction. His hands slid lower, one tactfully slipping up the bottom of her skirt as she pushed him against the wall and forcefully pressed her lips against his.

Solene’s stomach had dropped to her knees. The music around her that had once captivated her with such astounding force before was still pounding through her body but she could not hear it. Everyone around her was jumping in unison and the ground shook. She couldn’t turn away. She couldn’t keep her eyes off the nauseating blood-traitor and his girl.

How could he be like that with a muggle? Lower than a mudblood, maybe even lower than a squib. Solene waited, hoping, praying he would come to his senses and pull away. He didn’t, in fact, he flipped the girl so it was she instead that was pressed against the wall, and her bare leg pushed up between his thighs.

This is disgusting, Solene thought, her mouth pulled into a scowl, I am not going to watch him dry hump some muggle whore.

“Sirius Black!” Solene screeched storming up to him, and smacked Sirius across the head. He pulled away lazily and gave her a perplexed look, wondering why she was intruding on his good time.

The girl that had been kissing Sirius looked up puzzled as well, but kept her hands around Sirius neck.

“What are you doing?” Solene snapped and yanked on his arm.

“Who’s she?” the brunette girl finally spoke with a heavy French accent and gave Solene a glare.

“Cousin,” Sirius muttered and tried to shrug Solene away.

“Can you back off?” he muttered to Solene under his breath irritated but she simply crossed her arms.

Putain! You get off him right now,” Solene spat to the girl in French and gave Sirius the dirtiest look she could manage, “And you! Learn to have some decency! Do you have no shame?”

Sirius laughed and leaned towards his girl, “I’m sorry, she’s a bit ill.”
“I am not sick!” Solene smacked Sirius across the head again and pulled on his arm, dragging him out of the club.

“I’ll be right back, love,” he winked at the brunette and she scoffed.

“What are you doing?” Solene asked angrily again the moment they stepped outside. There was a cool summer breeze and the sky was absolutely clear. People streaming into the bar gave the couple understanding looks, assuming a lover’s quarrel.

“Why do you care?” Sirius responded laughing. There was something so endearing about Solene getting extremely worked up. She always got her way; Sirius loved being the one who got under her skin.
“Because it’s disgusting. And indecent and pathetic and unnatural,” her head shook as she spoke and her hair fell into her face.

Sirius fished his pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and smiled amused at the infuriated girl in front of him. She watched him light the cigarette and inhale deeply, “Smoking. What a filthy muggle habit. I thought you were tolerant of muggles, but this… what you do takes it too far!”

Sirius cocked his head to the side, fluttered his eyelashes and teased in the most annoying tone he could voice, “Is someone jealous?”

Solene snorted with laughter, “You must be joking.”

“Listen Solene, maybe if you’re boyfriend spent a little more time kissing you than he does Voldemort’s ass—”

“Stop it—,” she interrupted.

“Anyway, I’m not interested. You aren’t my type,” Sirius finished.

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Solene spat, “The day I would ever stoop to wanting you—“

“Like tonight—“

“I have no personal interest in engaging in any sort of physical contact with you! I’m just nauseated by having to watch you have dry sex against the wall of some trashy muggle club,” she replied.

“Well how about instead of watching me, you make some friends, Solene?” Sirius questioned and Solene huffed.


“Well then I don’t know what you want from me. You don’t have to come out with me, you’re welcome to stay at home.”

Solene shrugged and looked out to the water. The thought of the chateau evoked such loneliness. She preferred fighting with Sirius to lying alone in bed.

“I…I,,” she started but was interrupted by the drunken shriek of “Black!” as a pretty redhead girl, covered in freckles and wearing a clingy short white dress and red pumps ran up to Sirius, jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his hips.

“Oh for pity’s sake! One at a time, you tart,” Solene snarled and the girl slipped down, stared and Solene at a loss, and frowned.

“Charlotte,” Sirius smiled, “you remember Solene?”

A/N: Thank you so much SILLYBEE for the beautiful chapter picture!!! What a long time! I know I know! I have no excuses—I’m a bad person! I’m so sorry and I’ll really try to be better. Thank you guys so so much for all of your support, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. Looooove!

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