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“What the hell are you doing here?” She shouted before she had even stopped running. She spun around knowing he would be there. She was right, there he was, in all his brilliant, Scandinavian glory, smiling calmly at her.

“I told you we have open campus. Bella said something about visiting Narcissa this weekend, so I thought I’d make a visit of my own.”

“You are so stupid!” She shouted again, thankful for the nearby woods that would mask them from much attention. “If my friends see you, they’ll….I don’t even know what they’ll do!”

“They did see me though,” He pointed out cheekily.

“I didn’t exactly explain in detail what you looked like!” She snarled, her heart still beating wildly from his unexpected appearance. “You have no right to see me at school! You could ruin everything! You could get me in so much trouble!”

“How?” He dared to ask. “Dumbledore doesn’t know who I am, the Dark Lord certainly wouldn’t disapprove of you seeing me…I don’t really see what the problem is.”

She struggled with the right words. She couldn’t exactly tell him she didn’t want to see him because she didn’t want that one night to come back full force. “Why are you here?” She forced herself to calm down and to start breathing normally.

“I wanted to see you,” he shrugged. “It’s not everyday I meet an amazingly beautiful girl who also leads this really dangerous double life and doesn’t give shit what people say about her.”

She struggled to hide her blush, which was coloring her cheeks hurriedly despite the bizarreness of the compliment. “Well, you saw me. Good bye!” She declared, and began to turn away against her own wishes.

He grabbed her hand, holding it tenderly. “Come on, let me buy you lunch.”

“Someone would see us!”

“So?” He asked, completely oblivious to the havoc it would cause. “I just compliment you for not caring about what people though of you, now live up to it.”

“Winston, you knew me one night. That’s not me usually; you got the wrong impression of me.”

“Then give me a chance to get the right one. Even if I was wrong about everything else, you still are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.”

Kristen bit her lip, desperately keeping an all resounding ‘yes’ from escaping. “You don’t understand. It can never go anywhere, this is pointless. I’ll be your friend, but it has to stay as that!”

“Why?” He questioned her yet again. “Who would object?”

“Sirius!” She blurted out.

He crinkled his eyebrows at that name. “Black? Bella’s cousin would disapprove? Well, I guess that makes sense since I’m a supposed death eater, but why do you care what he says?”

“He’s my best friend, and my unofficial watchdog. He’d never let me get away with this,” she sighed. “Besides, there’s Dumbledore and Voldermort to get through too.”

He plopped down onto the grass, patting a spot beside him invitingly. She hesitated only a moment before agreeing. “Let’s talk this over rationally then. Sirius first, since you seem so concerned about him. He’s sounding more like a matron than a watch dog. A watch dog would let a boy get close so long as he’s not a threat.”

“You’re a death eater!”

“I’m as much of a death eater as you are!”

“He won’t believe that,” She informed him, not bothering to tell him that she didn’t believe it herself.

“Then who gives a shit? Honestly, it should be about what you believe, right?”

“What about Dumbledore?” She asked next, ready to get off that topic.

“He has no idea who I am. If he found out, you could just pass it along as part of your job.”


“The easiest of all,” he sounded quite sure of himself. “Won’t he be ecstatic when he finds out your dating a death eater and not some ‘Gryffindor trash’, as Bella has so affectionately dubbed them?”

Kristen stared at the ground, not sure what excuse she could use next. “We would never see each other…”

“Every Hogsmeade weekend and Owls.”

“You barely know me –”

“That’s how all relationships start.”

There was silence as they sat side by side on the grass. “Why didn’t you owl me back?” He asked suddenly.

“Sirius.” Was all the explanation she gave, and he seemed to accept it as quite suddenly he turned her face to his and reminded her exactly why she had been so stuck on him for two months.

“Just lunch Kristen, let me buy you lunch at least,” He whispered against her lips, his hands wound in her hair.

“Okay,” she answered, unable to think clearly anymore.

“Let me show you who I really am.”

“Okay,” she answered once more, gratefully letting him entice her body to lie down in the grass.

For several minutes they stayed together, reveling in the freeness of it and their momentary reunion. Kristen stomach gave an extremely embarrassing growl, clambering for food. Winston only laughed and stood up, taking her hand to help her up as well.

“We have to stay hidden,” she hissed at him as they entered the bustle of Hogsmeade once more. “If anyone I know sees you with me –

“All Hell will break lose, I got it,” He told her, throwing his arm around her shoulders and pulling her close to kiss the top of her head. “Relax.”

“Not until we are safely inside the Hog’s Head,” she said, unsuccessfully trying to shake off his arm. As that wasn’t working, she decided to enjoy it as much as possible, keeping her head down and crooked into his arm.

“See, this isn’t too bad. I’m kind of enjoying it myself,” He teased her.

“So long as no one sees us!”

“Oi Kristen! Who’re you with?”

“Shit!” She exclaimed, looking at Winston in absolute horror as James’s voice rang in her ears. She quite suddenly pushed Winston into the closest shop before turning around, smiling brilliantly at the boys. “Why hello! What are you doing here?”

Sirius’s face was very red, something she tried hard not to notice. “Oh, you know, there was this Hogsmeade trip, and we all had our permission slips signed –”

“Oh, well, that’s not what I meant,” she fumbled her words horribly, acutely aware of their inquisitive looks. “I mean, over here. I though you were all having lunch.”

“We already did,” James answered, looking like he was holding back laughter. “That was like an hour ago.”

An hour? Exactly how long had she dared to enjoy that freedom, it hadn’t felt more than a quarter hour at the very most. “Oh! I’ve….you know, just been busy…”

“Apparently,” Remus smiled, trying to peer into the shop Winston had disappeared into.

“Who is he?” Sirius demanded to know.

“No one, not really I mean,” she began thinking quickly, wondering why she could so easily think on her feet when faced with Voldermort, but was a hopeless cause when it came to Sirius. “He’s a Ravenclaw.”

“I probably know him. What’s his name?” Remus asked innocently.

“You know, I really don’t want to talk about it,” Kristen tried to back away, to get away from them at any cost.

“Don’t pull a moony here,” Peter warned her.

“I’m not, he’s no one!”

“He certainly didn’t look like no one,” Sirius growled, James eyeing him wearily.

“Um, well, I don’t really know what you want me to say…”

“How about a name?” Peter suggested.

She could tell how this looked to them. She had given Remus such crap when he didn’t tell them about Briar, and now they assumed she was doing the same thing. “It’s not important!”

“You do know his name, right?” James asked, easily taking this the best of the four, though she had a feeling that would change if he actually knew who was hiding in that shop.

“You know what, I’ll just go see this ‘no one’ for myself!” Sirius declared, bee lining for the door, but Kristen hurriedly stepped in way.

“Back off!” She snarled unexpectedly. “You have no authority over who I associate with Black!”

“I need to know if you’re doing something stupid again!”

“You see Kristen, matron, not watch dog.”

Her face flushed brilliantly as she realized that Winston had decided to join the fray. The boys looked at him, clearly confused by the fact that they didn’t recognize him in the slightest. Kristen could only groan and look away from the fight that was sure to erupt.

“Who are you?” Sirius asked bluntly.

“Apparently no one, weren’t you listening?”

“Don’t be a smart ass,” Sirius squared his shoulders, gleefully noticing that this boy was at least an inch shorter than him.

“Then how about you stop being an overbearing jerk,” Winston readily fought him, seeming to enjoy himself as he did so.

“I really don’t see how that’s any of your business,” Sirius got dangerously close to him.

“I’ve made it my business.” Winston told him with a proud smile, putting an arm around Kristen’s shoulders. “So maybe you should just back off.”

“Look, just tell us who you are, that’s all we really want,” James interceded, grabbing onto Sirius’s arm should things become nasty.

There was a long moment of silence, all of which Kristen refused to answer. The only thing she had managed thus far was to get herself into more trouble. Winston looked at her, and, seeing no look of warning, told them. “My name’s Ranulf Thorbjørnsen. Or Winston, that’s what most people know me as.”

Things happened very quickly after that. Sirius ripped himself away from James and lunged, knocking Winston to the ground. “Stop it!” Kristen shrieked, trying to pull Sirius off. Neither of the boys listened to her, preferring to hit each other than negotiate. “Help!” She shrieked at the others, who had idly stood by, somewhat in shock that it was actually him. They hurriedly leaped into action upon her cry, James, Remus, and Pete all having to work together to get Sirius off the boy.

“Get away from her! You’ll get her killed!” Sirius struggled against his restrained in vain.

“Why don’t you let her make her own decisions,” Winston shouted right back.

In tandem, they both turned to her, each with a look of intense anxiety. “Come on Kristen, which one of us?” Sirius asked, looking to be calming a little, but hardly enough so that his captors felt he could be let go.

She shifted uneasily from one foot to the other. “I don’t really see why I have to choose at all…it’s not like you two fall into the same category.”

James winced for his friend, knowing that blow had to have been worse than anything Winston had thrown at him. “Me or him Kristen! You can not even speak to me when associating with scum like him!” Sirius declared.

“But…” Kristen looked from Winston, whose perfect hair had been ruffled to even greater perfection, to Sirius, who looked uncontrollably angry. “I don’t understand why I have to choose.” She repeated, not really knowing what to say that would satisfy them both.

“Because he’s an evil son of a bitch!” Sirius shouted at her.

“You don’t have to choose,” Winston told her. “Just stop listening to him and come with me, then you can go back to your oh so happy life.”

“I can’t,” Kristen sighed. “They’re my best friends. Everything I do revolves around them.”

Sirius smiled brilliantly at that, until Winston opened his big mouth. “This is your life. It should be about you, not about some boy that doesn’t want you to live your life.”

Sirius opened his mouth to yell again but Remus stepped on his foot harshly to stop something he would most likely regret. “Choose Kristen,” James told her, surprising quite a few of them. “Us or him.”

She felt that all too familiar feeling. Heart constricting, breathing shallow… “I’m not choosing! We can all get along here.”

“I don’t think we can,” Winston said calmly

She took a deep breath, turning to look Sirius directly in the eyes. He still looked angry, but he visibly softened at her gaze. “I’m not choosing,” she repeated as she took Winston’s hand into her own. “I promise.”

And then she walked away with him.

“I’m going to fucking kill him,” Sirius lashed out as soon as they were out of ear shot. He ripped free of James and Remus and pointed an accusing finger at them. “You two just let her go! He’s going to kill her!”

“He’s not going to kill her,” Remus stuck his hands in his jean pockets and looked at Sirius in exasperation. “You know that as well as I do, you just wanted to make things difficult.”

“James agrees with me!” Sirius turned to him, hopeful for an ally.

“He’s a Death Eater, what was she thinking?” James exclaimed, looking at the path they had followed. “She’s even dumber than I thought!”

“And you wormtail, what do you think?” Remus asked him, sure that his answer would be just as harsh.

“I don’t know, she said he wasn’t bad.”

“She also said that drugs weren’t bad, and look where that statement got us!” James chided him.

“Don’t you guys get it?” Remus laughed harshly at them, his smile grim. “She likes him, and nothing you say is going to stop her! It never did, and it never will.”

“But…but he’s evil.” Sirius sounded hopeless. “This isn’t fair! Look, a lot of the other guys she’s been with may have been marginally better than me, except Lucius, but this guy is not! I’m better than him at the very least! He’s a trainee murderer!”

“I know,” Remus sighed. He hesitated for a moment before realizing that Sirius did not need to be told off right now, that wasn’t going to make anyone feel better. “Why don’t you find Georgie and go have a good shag? That should take your mind off of it.”

“Yeah,” Sirius sighed as if that sounded not at all appealing. “This sucks, you know that?”

“Yes,” Remus answered, almost feeling sorry for him. “Yes I know, but you can’t sit here and mope about it. Go find Georgie and forget this happened. You’ll see Kristen tonight anyways, I doubt she’ll push her luck far enough to stay out after curfew.”

Sirius guffawed at that. “I hope she does, I don’t want to see her. I meant it when I said me or him. She made her choice very clear. She cares more about that stupid boy than she does me.”

“I don’t think that’s what she meant.” Peter tried to put in, but Sirius wouldn’t hear it.

“How much clearer could she have been? James too, she chose him over her best friend since infancy!”

“Georgie! Go find Georgie!” Remus pushed him back towards central Hogsmeade. He could already there was going to be one hell of a fight that evening.

* * *

“That actually felt kind of liberating.”

“Yeah, I would imagine suddenly getting to make your own decisions would do that to you.”

She smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry they acted like that, I did warn you though.”

He waved it off, calling for two butterbeers as they sat down at table together. “So where do we stand? You’re friends hate me, and you don’t know how to survive without them.”

“I can survive without them, I just don’t like to.” She bit her lip in contemplation. “As to where we stand, I don’t know, you tell me.”

“I’m pretty sure we just skipped the whole friend phase.”

“Oh I never do that. Being friends with a boy before you date them is just messy.” Kristen told, remembering the disastrous Lily/Remus ordeal.

“Well then, I suppose we jumped right into a relationship.”

“No, that doesn’t sound right either.” ‘Relationship’ was such a mundane word, not right for a death eater and a spy who had met twice and yet were quite ready to jump into something that was potentially deadly. “I don’t think there’s a name for what we have.”

“Well, so long as I get to kiss you again, I don’t really care what it’s called,” He smiled brightly at her, taking a sip from his recently procured butterbeer. “And write to you, I think I’d enjoy that.”

“I could handle more roses,” Kristen told him off handedly.

“I’ll send you a dozen a day then,” he said wistfully, leaning close to her.

She shook her head at the thought of what a daily reminder of his existence would do to Sirius. “We have to be discrete. Getting a bouquet of roses every morning does not fall under that category.”

“Fine,” he sighed dramatically. “How about once a week?”

“He may be able to handle that.”

“He?” Winston asked, not recognizing her train of though until then. “You don’t want roses every day because of that boy?”

“I just don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble!” Kristen quickly tried to cover her tracks. “He’s just trying to protect me. And, I suppose, he doesn’t like you because you’re what he could have become.”

“He could have become a Norwegian?”

“No. He could have, should have by most people’s judgment, become a Death Eater. Instead, he passed the burden of protection onto his little brother, which I don’t think he’s really forgiven himself for.” Kristen explained, swirling her drink around in the bottle pensively. “You chose Death Eater over getting away, and he holds that against you.”

“I’m not a Death Eater though, not really. I mean, I go to meetings to keep face, but it’s not like I’ve ever gone on a raid or anything.” Winston protested futilely.

“How long until they make you though? I’m dreading the first time I have to do something drastic to prove my loyalty, but I know it will happen. I’m surprised you’re being so naïve about it.”

“I thought you were on my side, not his.”

“You told me I didn’t have to choose,” She reminded him. “Look, I know that you’re a good person that didn’t get out in time. Sirius just sees you as one of them.”

“I don’t care what he thinks,” Winston said decidedly. “And neither should you. A real friend is supportive.”

Kristen shrugged, not really sure how to explain their friendship in terms that were really appropriate. She’d been through enough boys by now that it was best to not mention that their friendship bordered on the ‘friends with benefits’ line rather frequently. “You know, right now I don’t. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since Bella’s wedding, and I don’t know why. Something about you is quite simply magnetic.”

“I could say the same about you.”

“Will you be at the next meeting? I don’t want to wait until the next Hogsmeade trip, it won’t be until Christmas.”

“I can work that out. I’ve been meeting with Lucius a lot recently; I think that’s a good sign.”

It seemed odd to her that meeting with Lucius could ever be a good thing. She wondered how much Malfoy had told Winston about her, if anything at all. “Before we get to deep into this, we have to set some boundaries, rules if you will.”

“I’m listening,” he told her, his smile amused.

“I can’t tell you everything, but you have to be completely honest with me. I know, that’s not fair in the slightest but –”

“That’s fine, I have nothing to hide from you, and you have everything to hide from me. It’s not like I didn’t expect it.”

Kristen was a little taken aback by his ready acceptance. “I just, you know, this is so incredibly stupid to begin with, I can’t take chances. Dumbledore’s going to be pissed enough when he finds out about this. And I don’t really know how public we can make this within our…circle.”

“Perfectly public,” he told her. “Everyone knows how I feel about you; I certainly wasn’t quiet about it.” He grabbed her hand across the table. “Stop stressing. Everything will be fine. Why don’t you stop focusing on everyone else, and instead think about you, and what you want.”

“Because what I want is to not die, and to accomplish that, I really need to keep tabs on what everyone else is thinking.” She told him with a sigh, holding his hand tighter as if afraid she was going to scare him away. Part of her would love nothing more than to do that, to get him as far away as possible. That’s what everyone wanted her to do after all, and who was she to say otherwise? “I mean, you know, everything, somehow. You could end this all for me.”

“Why would I do that? Watching you pull one over on him is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“What if it stops being so funny? What if we break up?”

“You think so little of me?” He asked, smirking. “Well, I guess that makes sense considering that boy you hang out with. I would never turn you in, I’m not one of them Kristen.”

“But you are one of them!” She couldn’t hide that from him anymore. “You’re one of them as much as Bella is. Your reasons are different, but that doesn’t change what you are.”

“Then you’re one too!” He fought, looking hurt for the first time by her words.

“Yes, I am a Death Eater. But I’ve got a lot more holding me back from doing something I regret than you do.”

“You can hold me back.”

“Maybe,” she shrugged, not really liking the sound of that. For one, she wasn’t going to be able to use that one on the boys as they’d already decided it was a stupid idea. Secondly, that was an awesome amount of responsibility, such a huge amount that she wasn’t sure she could handle it.

“So, anymore rules?” He asked her after a moment of thoughtful silence.

She bit her lip in contemplation. “Don’t purposefully hack them off. You don’t have to like my friends, but don’t make them any angrier than they already are.”

“I don’t want to have any contact with them, so that shouldn’t be an issue.”

She racked her brain for something else. Surely something this outrageous should have a whole list of regulations to deal with. But right now, nothing else seemed to matter except this moment, and why should she ruin it? “Then no, no more rules, just the one I guess.”

“Then let’s forget everything else. Forget that we’re Death Eaters….”

“That this is all wrong.”

“That we’re hundreds of miles apart.”

“That my friends hate you.”

He grabbed both her hands. “Right now, we are all that matters, no one else.”

It was so easy, too easy really, to believe him. She let herself be whisked away by words that mean nothing and would likely lead to trouble. Parting was difficult as the sun sunk below the horizon. Finally, she had found someone that didn’t want to follow her around at school and always come way to close to finding out something they didn’t need to know; someone that understood what it was like to have to lie to yourself and everyone else on a daily basis.

“I promise, a dozen roses a day.” He had said as he held her face tenderly.

She smiled and leaned into his hand, enjoying the warmth he gave. “I promise you a letter in return.”

“I’ll see you in a few weeks then, if all goes well.” He looked at her for a long moment before sighing and kissing her forehead. “I don’t know why this is so hard, I barely even know you.”

She nodded in agreement at the surrealness of it. He’d given her one last kiss, and then apparated away, leaving her at the gates to Hogwarts. She didn’t move for several minutes, not wanting to face reality. But as curfew came and went she forced herself to turn and go. The boys were already going to give her hell, might as well not make it worse.

The walk lasted much longer than she would have liked. Her thumping heart became steadily louder as she neared the common room, her foot steps unnaturally thunderous as they echoed through the corridor.

And yet, he wasn’t even there.

“Where is he?” She asked James, Remus, and Peter as they shared the best couch in the common room.

“Shagging Georgie,” Peter answered without reserve.

She finally allowed herself to breath again and sunk down onto the floor. “How much damage have I caused?”

“Well, he thinks you chose pretty Winston over us.” James answered, looking especially put off by her.

Kristen cringed at the nickname, but knew better than to point it out as James apparently shared this assumption. “That’s not what I did at all.”

“I know, but the idiots do not.” Remus assured her, rolling his eyes.

“I am not an idiot,” James snapped at him. “Like Sirius said, how much clearer could he have been? She was given a choice, and she chose wrong!”

“The only choice I made was to spend the day with Winston, rather than with you,” Kristen shot right back. “Stop being a baby about it!”

“I’m being a baby?” James looked completely affronted and stood up angrily. “You go gallivanting off with a boy that could get you killed instead of listening to reason from your two friends that care about you!”

“Perhaps we shouldn’t have this discussion in here,” Remus discussed, gathering his books and smiling apologetically to the alarmed people around them.

“You’re just taking his side because you like Sirius better than me!” Kristen told him angrily as Remus pushed them towards the common room door.

“Now you’re just being ridiculous,” James scolded her. “I’m taking his side because he’s right!”

“So you agree with him that I should never take risks?”

James scoffed at her complete lack of insight into what the real problem was. “We take risks all the time. Not ones that have a certainty of death though. When you two break up, there goes everything!”

“Maybe we won’t break up, maybe we’ll get married. I love him James!”

James stopped walking and stared at her with a mixture of horror and surprise. “She’s joking,” Remus quickly interjected, glaring as Kristen smiled at her momentary victory. “Let’s just get to the room, and then we can calmly discuss this.”

“Like James is going to ‘calmly discuss this’,” Kristen mocked him. “He’s too angry that I ditched him for a different boy.”

“You’re totally missing the –

He stopped as they reached the room of requirement, where a very giddy looking girl was attempting to sneak out. When she saw them, it was like a deer caught in the headlights, she was petrified.

“Good evening Georgie!” Kristen greeted her with a very cynical smile.

The poor girl’s eyes only grew wider at her words and she anxiously pulled on her rather haggard looking shirt. She visibly jumped when Sirius appeared behind her, his hands sneaking their way to her waist.

“Now I’m never going to be able to go in there again without feeling awkward,” Peter complained.

“Listen closely buddy because I’m only going to say this once. Sorry, okay? Sorry I hurt your feelings.”

“I think Georgie and I are going to grab a bite from the kitchens, we’re rather famished,” Sirius looked directly at James, ignoring Georgie’s inflamed face and Kristen’s dangerous scowl.

“Don’t ignore me!” Kristen demanded, grabbing his arm roughly. “We are not going to do this again. I’m sorry, what else do you want me to say?”

“Tell that annoying noise that I gave it a decision and it chose wrong,” Sirius instructed James as he shook her off.

“Sirius you’re being stupid! It doesn’t matter anyways I guess, I have Winston now.”

“So you’re replacing me?” Sirius finally looked at her, any mention of Winston garnering his full attention.

“No!” She exclaimed. “That what I’m trying to tell you didn’t happen! I can have a best friend and a boyfriend, they’re not the same entity.”

“I think I should go,” Georgie mumbled, trying to untangle herself, but Sirius only made his grip tighter.

“No, no Georgie. She realizes she’s in the wrong, this shouldn’t take too long.”

Kristen groaned loudly in frustration. “Why can’t you live and let live Sirius?”

“Because I hate him.”

“Fine,” Kristen conceded. “But that doesn’t mean you have to hate me too! I rarely like any of your girlfriends but I don’t take it out on you!” She declared, and then quickly added, “Except you of course Georgie, you’re very sweet, if a bit easy.”

“I really think I should go,” Georgie persisted, but to no avail.

“I warned you, that’s why! I told you he was bad for you and you went ahead and did it anyways!”

“God forbid I make my own decisions!”

“He should because every time you do you nearly get yourself killed!”

“Yeah, this isn’t going to work, sorry.”

Sirius suddenly turned his attention away from Kristen as Georgie suddenly dropped, escaping his grasp. “What you mean ‘this isn’t going to work’?”

“Jocelyn warned me she would get in the way,” Georgie glared openly at Kristen. “I didn’t really believe her, but now I do. I do not want to get caught in the middle of this.”

“You won’t! This rarely happens,” Sirius tried to speedily assure her.

“Look, you’re great, really, but I…I just don’t want to do this.”

“Did I just get dumped?” Sirius asked in shock as she walked away.

“Sucks, doesn’t it?” Peter shot at him.

“If it wasn’t for Kristen, it wouldn’t have happened!” Sirius turned to her angrily.

She raised her eyebrows in challenge as she leaned easily against the wall. “I think it’s for the best. She was bad for you, so I took it upon myself to end it.”

“This is not the same and you know it!”

“Not it’s not. I believe she has an STD, and I’m simply trying to protect you from that.”

“Shut up!” James interjected before Sirius could retort. “We all know how this is going to end. You two are going to hack each other off even more, not talk to each other for about a week, make out, and then be all peachy again.”

“I’ll agree to everything but the making out,” Kristen told him. “I don’t want to ruin this on the first day.”

“I’ll agree to nothing but the making out!” Sirius countered.

“Then let’s meet in the middle.” Kristen tried to barter, though she wasn’t very hopeful to its success. Sirius wasn’t what you would call the most reasonable of people. “You leave me alone about Winston, and I’ll…kiss you on the cheek.”

“Nope. I want snog fest. You fail to see that I am in total control of the situation. You’re the one that wants something, not me.”

Kristen though on it for a moment and then shook her head sadly. “Can’t do it. I believe we have reached an impasse. You hate me, and I won’t make out with you to fix that.”

“Why not though?” He whined, noticing James’s smirk with apprehension. “You used to never care about making out with me behind you boyfriend’s back.”

She was sure her blush was incredibly noticeable. “I have morals now.”

“But why? Morals are for squares!”

“Morals are for those of us who chose to grow up a little.”

Sirius looked at her as if she was totally missing the point. “That’s what I said. Squares.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “So what do we do now?”

“Personally, I plan to uphold my end of the bargain.”

It took her a moment to realize what he was talking about, but it hit her quickly. “You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re going to, what, just disown me?”

“James, you need to come be my wingman. I’ve got to get a new squeeze before Georgie, that way no one will believe she broke up with me,” Sirius acted like he hadn’t even heard her, like she didn’t exist.

“Sounds good,” James agreed without some much as a glance at her.

“What an ass,” She said loudly as they walked away. She then turned to Remus with an imploring look, “Do something! Control them, please!”

“You’re assuming, wrongly so, that I actually have any say in what either one of them does.” He smiled sympathetically and put an arm around her shoulders. “Don’t worry. Like James said, within a week, you’ll be all sunshine and rainbows again.”

“We’re never sunshine and rainbows,” Kristen mumbled dejectedly. Though she knew he was probably right, she knew the waiting would be terrible.

*   *   *
In light of the fact that this is late and I have no quotes for the next week, I would like to tell you...I don't know if you consider my story worthy enough of spoilers but if so, here goes a spoiler warning, we have reached a major turning point in the story, the home stretch if you will. I don't think I've ever hid it from you that they will be together at some point. I have so much planned for them afterwards. Whether you read it or not after that is totally up to you. Personally, I know that when I read a story and the characters that I desperatly want to see together finally get together...the story kind of loses its luster. I hope I can over ride that for you by putting in lots of excitment because I promise that they will never have normal lives. Lastly, I promise to have a chapter out in a week, though it may not be as long. Adios!

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