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A very interesting sorting

As they walked out into the smoky mist that was the Hogwarts station they heard a big booming voice from the fog. Scorpius jumped a littlebit but Rose and Albus where so used to the sound that it didn't effect them at all. All three of them turned around to see Hagrid coming towards them and shouting for the first years to follow him to the boats.When he spotted the three he waved and came stumbling over surprisingly not running into students.

"Hello Rosie, Albus and who do we have here?" He was looking at Scorpius with a stare that would make a pit bull put its tail between its lages, but Scorpius just looked back and answered calmly and politely."Scorpius, Scorpius Malfoy pleased to make your ..." He stops talking.

At the sound of his last name alot of looks came his way. Scorpius gulped at the site of all the students either glaring or scared faces all on him.Then when they finally looked at Albus and Rose they all started wispering to one another.Hagrid seemed to notice also and started telling kids to get to there carriages or the boats for the first years. After he was done with that he quicklly told them to get to the lake shore. Hagrid put them in a boat and after waiting for him to finish making sure that all the first years had a boat he got in his and they magiclly started streaming across the lake. When the castle came into view everyone just gasped even Rose shut up, but it didn't last long, and she was back to going on and on about Hogwarts a History and the castle's history in it.

When the boats got to the other side of the enchanted lake they where led to a large door that looked like it went into the mountain. At the door Hagrid stopped. He turned to face them and begaqn his speach.

"I bet your parents didn't tell you about this if you are from a magical family it was bilt after the war and it is just a fast way to get to the castle."He beamed at them as he said these words."Now this is where I leave you kids and put you in the hands of Proffessor Longbottom, the deputy head master, and he will take ya to the feast. I'll see ya there." He gave the three of them a wink before moving out of the way to reveal a man in light green robes that had a smal smile on his face, but for Rose and Albus this was a man they see on a regular basis during the summer and holidays. To them he was just Uncle Neville.

"Thank you Hagrid." Was all he said before Hagrid was out of sight down the hall way.He turned back to the kids with an even wider smile.

This seemed to make the kids not so frightend."Well come on in you will catch your death out here, and we can't be late even though they can't start without us."He was his cheary self and we followed Nevile into the hall. As soon as all of them were in the hall the doors shut with a slam. This scared some of the kids and Neville or should I say Proffessor Longbottom assured them that they were all right and not to worry. As they walked there were moving pictures of magnificent paintings talking to themselves and pointing out children that they recognized from there parents. Just then a painting called."Look there there's another Weasley, can't you tell by the red hair and freckles? That family mates like rabbits I tell you."At this Rose was ready to go right over there and give that painting a piece of her mind but Albus grabbed her arm and dragged her away. They could still hear him when his friend pointed Al out."And look who's with her a Potter you can tell by the eyes and everything else about him he is the spitting image of his father!!"

That made him stop. Almost making Scorpius collide right into me. He looked back. Sure everyone told him this but he had never heard this from a painting before.Now Rose was the one pulling Albus along as Scorpius was right behind. After walking awhile the children came to a set of long stairs and started to climb higher and higher until they reached a hall way that lead them straight to another even grander door and to the left was the staircase, the staircase that moved that there parents had told them so much about.Albus couldn't believe that they were actualy there in this anazing magical casle called Hogwarts.Rose had to keep telling him to pay atention during Uncle Neville's speech but he really only heard half of it. Then Neville left and all the children started talking amongst themselves. You could barely hear yourself think though all the chatter.

Albus took this time to look around at the others. There were two girls that looked like they were twins, both blond, standing near them talking about makeup, and over on the other side of the hall there were a bunch of not very friendly people all mocking the other kids. There was a girl that seemed to have brought a book to read and was trying to find a quiat enough place near the back of the group. Just then Neville returned and told them all that 'they were ready and to smarten thereselves up a bit during these last few moments they had left.'

Then he led the kids into the great hall that was so amazing that the only word Albus can think of to describe it was amazing! He could see his brother and Fred over at the Gryffindor table trying to poor something into a rather large boys drink while he wasn't looking, and Roxanne staring at them with that 'if you do it I'm telling mom' look on her face.They still don't no were she got her tatletailing geans from but all the family likes to jock that she got it from unkle Percey.

When we got to the front of the hall everything got quiet as unkle Nevile placed the legandary sorting hat on a stool. Everyone in the great hall stared at the hat whating for this years song and riddle about the four founders and the houses.

I am the Sorting Hat
And a great task has been given to me
Many minds, all of them great,
Eager to learn all that can be
Four great Houses individually run
Each with different qualities beloved
A castle for all, but a House for one
Is what my fathers creatively thought of
Using logic and knowledge as a means to grow
In Ravenclaw, the wise and crafty thrive
To take what they will all soon know
And become the wisest wizards alive
In the house of Slytherin
Those with determined minds find their way
Succeeding by all means within
What more is there to say
Perhaps you will find yourselves in Hufflepuff
Where patience is a virtue
And friendships there are never enough
For all Hufflepuffs are pure and true
For those with daring and nerve within
In the House of Gryffindor will you find your place
Brave at heart and chivalrous to the end
Never to allow fear show in their face
So step on up and place me on your head
I thank you all for hearing my song
From your minds I would have read
And tell you all where you belong!

Then  the sorting begun and profeser Longbotom was calling names.

A verry prity brunet named Anna Smith was the first and they all wached on as the little girl sat on the stool and the hat was placed on her head.Only after about three seconds the hat yelled, "Hufflepuff!!"makeing all the Hufflepuffs cheer with pride as the girl walked over to sit with her house. That's how it whent on. Name after name.

Alvin,Aiden went to Ravenclaw.

Baits.Cornelia Gryffindor.

Baker,Gore was the first Slytherin.

Barton,Eric after five minuts with the hat was the second Gryffindor.

Cadwell,Alaina Hufflepuff

Carmichael,Reed was another Hufflepuff

The list went on and on as all the houses got more new students.

The girl with the book turned out to be Luanna Edwards and was placed into Ravenclaw as you would have expected.

Neville bemed with pride as his youngest son Frank was placed into Gryffindor. Albus had forgot that Frank was going to hogwarts this year to and was extremely happy to see a formiluer face.

Just then Scorpius was called and the whole hall was staring at Albus's new friend as he mad his way to the sorting hat.Albus hoped and prayed that he wouldn't get sorted with Slytherin he just didn't think Scorpius was right for that house.

The hat was placed on his head and they wached for about 30 seconds until the hat finally called "Gryffindor!!"

The whole great hall even the teachers all went silent exept for Albus and Rose who where cheering on there friend for being sorted into Gryffindor.After a few seconds Headmistris McGonagall started clapping to and the teachers followed her example.The Slytherins were furiouse and started yelling for a second sorting and the hat must be rong.McGonagall quicly quiated them and said that the sorting hat was never rong. Albus even though only kowing him a fue hours could tell what the expretions on Scorpius's face ment.As he took the sorting hat off he had a look of confution on his face, then when he gave the hat to Proffesor Longbottom he had a look of joy on his pale expretion, and finally when he was half way down the Gryffindor table he had a look of fear.Albus just couldn't understand the reson of this fear that scorpius was fealing though.

He didn't have much time to think about this because in only a few minutes after Scorpius was sorted it was time for him, one of two people that were getting sorted with the last name starting with a P. The other was Daniel Paris.At the sound of Albus's name the hall started singing in whispers.Albus went up to the hat after getting a reasuring smile from Rose.

Neville put the hat on his head and soon Albus could here a voice inside his head."Huh a Potter. I really do enjoy sorting all of you. Lets see I see kindness, compation, and courage. Yes there is no way you could be put into Slytherin my boy and I can see that has been troubling you."Albus said in his head"Yes sir it has.""Well you are cunning and very bright but I don't think Ravenclaw would fit you so as I suspected the place for you is obviously Gryffindor just like all of your ansesters. Can you be happy with that decision?""Yes sir I would love to be in Gryffindor.""Well then GRYFFINDOR IT IS!!!"The hat said the last three words out loud and before taking it off Albus said "Thank you."

He handed the hat to Neville who was almost as happy as he was for his on son being in Gryffindor and made his way to a spot next to Scorpius while he heard James yelling "That's my brother and I always knew he was Gryffindor material!!" That earned him some glaring from Albus and Rose both considering all he did this summer was tease Albus that he was going to be put into Slytherin and that he would disgrace the whole family.

Everyone at the Gryffindor table was staying as far away from Scorpius as they could and the site of Harry Potter's son sitting by him and not hating it was making the whole hall stare at them.The sorting continued and the two blond twins were Stephanie and Kimberlee Tomas and Stephanie was placed into Gryffindor while Kimberlee (after correcting Uncle Neville that she liked to be called Kim,) was sent to Slytherin.

"What's wrong?"Albus asked his friend in a hushed tone so only he could hear.

"Nothing."He lies.

"Come on I know there's something bugging you and you better tell me."He jokes as he makes a small smile.Scorpius finally cracks a grin and says"Ok, I'm worried about what my parents will think when they here that I got into Gryffindor.I mean that's almost as bad as being a Hufflepuff." This sends alot of looks his way again, this time all glares.

"Sorry I don't me to offend you or anything it's just the way my family thinks. I mean my grandfather might be even more angry then my dad and that's pretty hard to do."

"Well I don't know that much about Slytherins and there views on the world. I do know that one of my grandad's friends come from a pure-blood family and they weren't the happiest when he got sorted into Gryffindor, but his mom was also supposedly crazy so I don't know if that counts."Scorpius had a look of fear an his face again.

"Thanks that makes me feel loads better!" If it hadn't been such a serious momment that sarcastic remark would have had them laughing like a bunch of hyenas.At that very moment Neville called out the last name on the list."Weasley,Rose"The two boys attention went straight to the curly red headed girl walking to the sorting hat.Professor Longbottom put the hat on her head and they all stare as the hat goes through sorting the young witch."Gryffindor!!"The hat yells out and the Gyffindor table starts clapping and chearing for the new member.

Rose went and sat on the other side of Scorpius.At that moment James Sirius Potter getting out of his self absorbed state for once noticed that his brother and cousin were sitting with the Malfoy boy.he tapped on Fred's arm and pointed him in the direction of the three. Without saying a word they quickly left their seats and headed over to them.

"What the hell are you doing with him?"Fred asked to his cousins as he pointed at Scorpius.

"Do you have any idea what this will do to my rep. if you lot are friends with a Malfoy?"

"James we don't give a damn about your reputation and we are sitting with him Fred. I thought even you would be smart enough to figure that out? I guess I was wrong."Rose said with a evil grin on her face.Her comment about Fred's stupidity really stung and James being the selfish git he is really only had his reputation in mind and would never think that a Malfoy could be anything else but the son of a Death Eater.

Before anyone could say another word Professor McGonagall Interupted,"Well now that we are all sorted I would like you all to get to your seats."as she said this last bit she took a quick glance at Fred and James and they reluctantly went back to where they were sitting by Victoria and she continued."I hope that we all had a marvelous summer and to all the first years welcome and I hope that you have a wonderful year at Hogwarts.Now are normal rules to all of you,"she looked at the two second year boys again as she said this,"is that you stay far away from the Forbiden Forest.I have also been informed that tryouts for the Gryffindor quidditch teem will be held this Saturday morning at 7 until 9 and Ravenclaws on Monday the same time.Slytherins will be on Wednesday in the afternoon at 5 until 7 and Hufflepuff at 6 until 8 that morning.I hope you all show house spirit and go to the tryouts.Now before all are stomachs think are throats have been cut let us eat." She smiled at her last bit of humor before the tables were magically filed with all sorts of mesmerizingly delicious food.Albus had to admit that this was even better then Nana Weasleys cooking.

Scorpius and Albus leaped at the food. "Honestly do you always have to act like a pig in public?"Rose spat at Albus as he was munching on a chicken leg.Then she turned to Scorpius and was so horrified by the site of him and his potatoes she couldn't even get the words out of her mouth to try to get him to stop.She just looked back at Albus and said"Never mind I am never going to bug you about manners again compared to him."Scorpius stopped eating his mashed potatoes and looked at her with a full mouth and said something that sounded like"A huh" and then something about manners, but Albus didn't mind the way him and his friend scarfed down the food and thought that Rose was being over dramatic.Rose just went back to her plate and tried not to look at either of them while she ate.

Once everyone in the great hall was finished Professor McGonagal stood up and with a clap of her hands the food was gone. "Well that was delicious and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, but it is late and the learning starts tomorrow. So prefects will escort the first years to their houses and I do hope you all get a good night sleep."

Albus looked over at his brother at the ecxact moment Victoria slapped James in the back of his head.He didn't know what it was for but frankly he didn't care as long as James was being hit for it.Then she got up and started gathering up all the first year Gryffindors.

The first years were leed out of the great hall and up the spiral starecase at the seventh floor Victoria and the other Gryffindor prefict stoped infront of a panting that Albus was shure was the Fat Lady."My name is Jacob Cho and I and Victoria are your preficts. Well this is the intrance to the Gryffindor comen room and to get in you hafe to say a pasword to the Fat Lady.Don't forget the pasword because there is no ather way to get into the coman room, and now if you would like to say a fow words." He requested apone the panting.

"Hello children I am so exited to have some know faces to see and Mr. Cho has covered almost everything, but the curfow is 9 and I will not be happy if you wake me in the middle of the night. The pasword will be changed once a week and I will not let you in if you forget, and know Miss Weasley if you would do the ouners."

"Bable-head"The panting opend and Victoria moshund them inside.Albus was so intranced by everything in the coman room as soon as he was far anufe through to be able to see the room he stoped died in his tracks.Scorpius actualy did walk into him this time makeing him fall back onto the floor.A fue of the kids that saw started to lafe at the two, but then thay saw Rose giving them evil looks and quicly moved to the other side of the room.

"Sarry."Albus quickly said while he was helping Scorpius back onto his feet."I definatly know now that I shouldn't walk behind you."The three children started to lafe a little when Victoria interupted them."I gave James a furm talking to about what he said to you three and and I'm sorry not all of are relitives are so thick minded."

"Thats alright I'm ust to people giving me that reaction by now." "Well you were good enuf to get into Gryffindor and that should tell people that you are not as bad as thay think and remember you are not your family you are you and don't let enyone tell you different."

"Thank you but I'm not so sure my father will understand that."Scorpius was completly serius and Albus wasc reminded of the time when he didn't no how his parents would react if he got into Slytherin.

Victoria left them to go to the front to the room."Now I'm sure you would all like to see whare you sleep so girls are on the left and boys on the right there is a dormatory chart at the top of the stares. You can't miss it."Almost all the first yours rushed up the stares but Albus, Rose, and Scorpius all whated in the coman room for the line to go doun.

"Wow this house has gone to the dogs having a Malfoy in Griffindor."Scorpius, Albus, and Rose turned around to see a brunet boy glaring at Scorpius.

"And who are you?"Rose asked as her ears were going red.

"I am Eric Barton and I can already tell that you must be a Potter. We should hangout sometime because I wouldn't want the son of the Harry Potter asosheating with a malfoy."

"I am pritty sure I am a good jugge of charecter, and I think I can figur out who I should and shouldn't talk to."Albus and Eric were staring each uther doun when Victoria saw what was hapening and quickly came over to intervene. "What is going on over here?"

"HUh nothing miss?"

"Victoria, Victoria Weasley and you so hapen to be glareing at my cousin. Albus what's going one?"

"It's nothing I can't handle."Albus said still staring strate at the boy.


"It's nothing Victoria. Barton here just dousn't no how to stay out of other people's business."Rose was still steming and Victoria wasn't convinced.

"All of you get up to your dormatories and I will talk to you about this tommarow. Go of to bed."

The three went up the stares with Barton staying a fue feet behind when they reached the top they looked at the paper and Scorpius and Albus both growned at the exact same time. There right below there names was Eric Barton. He came up the stares and brephly looked at the chart."Well it seems we will be seeing alot of eachather." he went into the right door and vanished."Maby you can change that."Rose said a little hopefully."Well see you in the morning." Albus said with a look of depretion on his face.

Albus and Scorpius left to go find there room. It wasn't hard it was the first one and they went inside and luckly Eric had already had his certons drawn and the wouln't have to deal with him tell the next morning.

It was dark and everyone els was sleeping. There beds where right next to eachather and they went to sleep without saying a single word they were both exosted from the long day and anctius for tommarow.

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