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    CHP 3 ‘WHAM’ “Ouch,” I yelled of a hit to my head, I rubbed my forehead to ease off the blow from the pillow that Ginny hit me with. I stifled a yawn and glanced drowsily at my cousin who wore a sly grin. “First Hermione, then Harry, now you, get up lazy arse,” she said teasingly. “What did you guys do, chatting all night long?” if you call a snogging session with a quarrel and ended a great friendship then yes – I would call it a chatting. “Seriously you don’t want to know Gin,” I warned in a low voice. “What time is it?” “Well… the three of you got up very late and you miss breakfast so its lunch time,” she replied. “Can’t you just say its afternoon?” I asked and she shook her head to tease. “Well see you downstairs; tell your mum I’ll come down.” With that she left and I did my morning stuff, you know made the bed, brushed my teeth and so on. *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ I went downstairs still feeling tired and guess who I encountered at the dining table, well none other than the twins, Fred and George. Unc has gone to work, Aunt is preparing lunch, Ronnie and Gin were at the table talking about how they were going to plan to make their friends come back together, a worthless try I thought. Charlie looked crossly at me as I made my way to the table. “Well if isn’t King Richard of the Mongoose Clan,” Fred greeted in a joking manner. “No Gred, its Fickle Richie Witch,” George’s turn to mocked me. “Thanks for the greeting, two escaped red haired gorillas from the zoo,” that ticked them off, Ron and Gin laughed out loud, the twins glared at me, it was rare to see them glaring. Bill called these two gorillas of a play the Weasley family reunion once played eight years ago. Both of them were put in a gorilla costume which I put some hungry ants in them and they shrieked like real monkeys that they were. The glaring continued but halted when we laughed reminiscence the memory. “How could we forget the gorilla incident, George?” Fred asked, his laughter was very loud. Aunt came out to see what happened and she went back into the kitchen smiling, seeing her children having a good time. “That’s the point where we became pranksters my dear brother,” said George thoughtfully. Then came Hermione, looking sullen and moody, the first thing I thought about her was her time of her month but it wasn’t. Harry came down afterwards; nonchalant was shown on his face. Both sat down at the table, opposite each other, each at the end of the table. He sat between Ron and Gin, she beside me and an unoccupied. Both not looking at each other, this was not a angry with each other sort of situation, this was like the time you were in your first year, not recognizing any other people beside yourself. Ron and Gin were instantly worried feeling the silent vibe that was upon the Weasleys. Fred and George were clueless and Charlie… can’t say anything about him. Them Aunt came out with lunch, it was odd that she didn’t ask for help. Maybe there was a reason. All of us ate quietly, something that I don’t expect every time I came to the Burrow. Usually, it was supposed to be noisy and joy filled the air but this time, dreadfully awkward silence. The twins might come up with something to chat since they were the noisiest. “Hey what’s with the silent treatment here?” Fred asked, everyone looked at him puzzled. “Did something bad happen last night?” “You had no idea,” Charlie replied, he just couldn’t take his eyes of me. “What did Mr. Rich did this time that might attract our interest?” George asked, with a malicious grin. Ron and Gin muffled their laughs as they were eating. “Why don’t you ask your mother about a… GIRL?” I said, shooting back a glare plus smirk at Charlie. Aunt was eager to tell and Charlie turned solemn all of a sudden. Aunt tell every single bit of detail that was quiet embarrassing and the twins made some wicked jokes on Charlie. At least the air was fun for now. I kept my eyes on Harry and Hermione to see if they were in the conversation, none of them opened their mouth. “So what do you kids want to do today?” Aunt asked, Ron and Gin looked at each other and then looked at Harry and Hermione who were staring at the plate. I on the other hand had a better plan when I saw Bill’s fishing pole. “I’m going fishing after this,” I said nonchalantly, Ron and Gin were eager to join but I wanted some privacy. “Alone,” I added and both of them turned gloomy. “How about you four kids? What are you going to do?” Aunt asked again. “Um… maybe some Quidditch, I want to test my new broom,” said Ron, hearing the word ‘new broom’, Harry’s face lit up like magic. “Nimbus 2004, you ought to thank us for that broom,” said Fred, and Ron grinned sheepishly. The twins joined in and surprisingly Charlie didn’t, I sensed revenge. “How about you, Hermione?” Gin asked, everyone looked at her like it was a courtroom. “I, I’ll just watched you guys,” she said in a weak tone. Ron and Gin noticed her nervous tone but just shrugged it as they went on with their plan, unknown of the last night circumstances. ~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~** After that up and down lunch, I was at the fishing pond at the far back of the Burrow where the wind breeze was always nice under the beech tree. I wanted some privacy very much and thought of my journey from France to the Burrow. I cast Bill’s fishing pole onto the water and wait for the fish to come. Oddly, only Bill and I were the only ones who were fond of fishing. One fish caught the bait and I reeled it in, put the odd looking coloured salmon in the pail. I cast again and waited. The fishing pond was magically made to fish any kind of fish around the world, and just wished you can catch one that’s all. My privacy was disrupted by a certain red head who wanted revenge on Sir Richard. He brought along a pole, seemed like he wanted a match-up. He sat on the log beside me and never even greeted or said ‘hey’. Poor fellow must have been really mad at me. “I thought you’re terrible at fishing,” I inquired, Charlie just snubbed me. “I know you want to kill me but it ain’t good for you.” “It’s not your fault, cousin,” he said, I was quite astonished by his words, it was sincere. “I wanted to hide the fact that I got a girl from mum, she’ll urged me to marry Stellar as soon as possible… I date her like two times around the circus.” “I’m sorry Charles… I got carried away… want to have fun with my family you know,” I said with utter consideration. “I came here yesterday and got caught in a war of friends.” “You mean Harry and Hermione?” said Charlie, turning his head to me. “What’s got into them?” “Last night they ended their friendship just like that,” I answered and Charlie was stunned silent. He mouthed an ‘Ouch’. “No wonder they were quiet,” he said blankly. Caught another fish by the time he finished his sentence. “You’re great, cousin. How may now?” he asked, still trying to catch up. “Five fishes, two salmons and three guppies – all odd coloured,” I said, showing the fishes in the pail to him. “Another six and then dinner is served.” “The odder the colour, the better it taste,” said Charlie snidely. We laughed harshly, that we didn’t hear someone coming. “Can I sit with you two?” voiced a weak sad girlish tone. We whipped around, stopped abruptly our laughed and met our visitor, Hermione. “If you don’t want to be disturbed, I can leave and do something else,” she said shyly, where was that snobbish tone I heard yesterday. She crossed her arm with a book on her chest. “Sure why not,” I said, and she sat between me and Charlie. She maybe bored with the others, I knew she dislike Quidditch according to Ron. That reminded me why Charlie was here instead if the front lawn. I caught another one, and this time it was a rare looking fish that I don’t know its type. “Wow! A blue waterbilly,” a word of astonishment escaped from Charlie’s mouth. “That’s a rare and beautiful fish,” said Hermione lively. “A blue what billy?” I asked. Who would give a stupid name like that to a fish? “It’s a fish that Bill caught when he was in his 7th year,” Charlie informed me, “It’s good for eating since it has more meat. I didn’t think there was another one here.” “You’re quite the fisherman, Rich,” Hermione complimented me, I gave a blushing look and she giggled. “Well can you do when there are only two people in the Weasley who can fishing?” I said sarcastically, throwing a smirk at Charlie who was fuming. “You haven’t catch one yet you oaf,” I mocked. “We’ll see about that, I’ll catch a whale by the end of the day,” he said in a determined spirit kind of way. “You want to catch Moby Dick? You can’t even catch a tadpole,” I teased him not only to make Charlie suffer but to make Hermione laughed and it did the trick. She muffled her giggles with her hands clapped over her mouth. Charlie was harsh on the rod. “If you going to be that hard, you can’t treat Stellar like that,” by now, Hermione released her hands and laughed loudly; Charlie stopped fuming and looked at her surprised. We smiled because we took away some of the tension from her. Eventually, she snorted and stopped laughing and looked at us sheepishly, and then shifted her attention to me. “So how do you catch a fish?” she asked in an inquisitive tone and a bit snobbish. “That’s easy – you got to dance your bait like this and don’t simply pull your rod,” I said, as Charlie and Hermione closely watched my hand movements. I shook Bill’s fishing pole to make the string move so the bait moved underwater like it was dancing. “Wow! I never tried fishing before… you know because… it’s kind of waste… time and my dad used to sleep a lot during fishing… now that you taught some moves, it’s kind of interesting,” she said, and sounded livelier. Charlie was copying my moves but failed miserably. I caught another one, that’s eight. She clapped her hands as I caught an octopus, small but good for eight people. “Want to try?” I offered her, after putting the octopus in the pail, she obliged. She took the pole from me and cast it perfectly – beginner’s luck I guess. She copied my hand movement and all of a sudden she caught one, a catfish. She shrieked of joy, I wonder Aunt or the others could hear her. “What?!” Charlie yelled frustration, shocked of Hermione’s achievement. Truly lucky for her, she grabbed the fish tightly from the hook and put it in the pail. “Congratulations, Hermione, you’re a fisherwoman now,” I said. “Thanks,” she replied and the sadness came back, probably the black- coloured fish, reminded her of Harry. I was eager to ask her so I didn’t hesitate as she handed back Bill’s fishing pole. “Are you alright?” I asked nonchalantly, she didn’t answer and stared sadly at the water. “Are you okay with what happened between you and Harry - I listened a bit on you two,” wrong words to say, Rich. She glared angrily at me for spying in on her. I tilted my body backwards a bit, cowering and panicked from her glare, “I didn’t watch you two snogging, honestly, I didn’t know you like him and I know he kind of like you in some sort of way.” Her faces suddenly melted into a crying face as tears strolled down form her cheeks. Oh no, please don’t cry. She cried – miserably like last night. She buried her face to my shoulder and cried out loud, arms around me in a hugging position. I was kind of feeling awkward about the situation, even Charlie was quite taken from our position. “I love him!” she cried, now I’m really wondering if the others could hear her… I doubt it though. My shirt was going to be wet at this point but what can you do when a girl cried on your shoulder. “Love him still or love him lost,” I asked, just to make sure. “I, I still love him,” she confessed in a staggering voice, she sobbed terribly. I have to do something, without jeopardising my plans for a good couple fight. “There, there- Hermione there’s nothing to worry about,” I said, patting her head, stroking her messy hair. I hushed her softly trying to relax her and halted her from crying. She sobbed softly and I took that as a stop. “Everything will be alright, let time decide what will happen to Harry, he’ll come around,” I said; that was the most affective advice and at the same time pathetic. I meant that, if you let time moved on, you’ll lose someone if you don’t do something. She stopped crying but still had her face on my shoulder. “C’mon, I think I had enough of fishing, let’s go inside and give this catches to Aunt to cook,” I suggested and she nodded and backed off from me. She tidied up her shirt, wiped her tears off her puffy eyes and stood up with me. I picked up the pail and fishing pole. “That’s it, just nine,” Charlie retorted, still couldn’t let it go. “What? – you want more or you want to beat me?” I replied nonchalantly, he was taken aback. “We’ll see about that, I’ll catch more than you, twenty, you’ll see,” he said with an evil smirk and a little determination. He turned to the water and cast. “Yeah, yeah, and you’re still a virgin,” I teased and left with a giggling Hermione to the house. “Yeah, you betcha…………….. HEY!” After dinner was the commencement of Ron and Gin’s plan. They still have no clue of last night’s event so without further or do, take away Ronnie. ~Ron’s P.O.V~ “Don’t call me Ronnie, Fich,” I retorted. “And thanks for the nice seafood dinner.” Damn bloody cousin, can’t say my proper name properly. I told you, Fred and George can affect everyone’s life either terribly like me or supportively. But thanks heaven that their business was booming or I couldn’t have gotten my superb new broom. Too bad, Charlie didn’t play with us, wasting time catching fish when he was not the fisherman type. Now for the plan, with the twins gone to their apartment and that left us with the same people last night, I thought that this going to work out. It better be or we’re going for a lousy summer. Gin and I planned to have a group talk with Harry and Hermione later that night in Rich’s capacious room. But one thing that bothers me was that Hermione always hang out more with Rich and Harry was alright with it. Maybe I’m a bit over exaggerated but I better watched Hermione closely. Before the plan, Harry, Rich and I sat in my room talking about Quidditch and stuff. We talked about plays and some great players other than that dumb Krum; I wonder what happened to him. I couldn’t wait to talk about Hermione so I brought up it up. “Um…. Harry?” “Yeah,” “About Hermione, shouldn’t you um…” Harry and Rich looked at me with glares of expectation. Now I’m beginning to regret to bring it up. Harry looked away from me. “Should I what?” his voice was loud, different from yesterday. “Make… amends with…. Her… Hermione,” I stuttered, Rich rolled his eyes at me. “I’m not going to,” Harry was utterly angry at this point but he didn’t show it. Rich picked up a book and read it whilst lying on the bed. “But yesterday, you said….” I was cut off immediately. “Don’t start Ron,” he said harshly and I was petrified with his cold green eyes. I thought blue eyes would show cold; never thought green could tell coldness. I’m fidgeting right now, better gave back to Rich. () () () () () () () () () ~ Rich’s P.O.V~ What a dense boy my cousin was? He left his own room with a reason to talk to Hermione, leaving me and Harry. Good thing too, because I wanted to do my own plans. After waiting a good minute of awkward silence, it was time. “You alright, Harry?” I used my sincerity voice. “No,” he muttered. “About last night, are you sure about it?” “I don’t know,” “You knew I was listening last night?” “Yeah and I don’t care,” “Don’t care? I talked to Hermione about last night and she seemed pretty angry when I said I spied on you two,” I stated and he jumped, surprised at Hermione’s reactions. “Hermione is angry?” he turned his face to me. “After that she cried and wet my shirt, she was really upset about last night,” I said, Harry sat down and let out a huge sigh. “We’re not friends anymore… we’re - strangers… what can we do to make things to go back the way we were,” he said with a sad tone mixed with regrets. A smile crept on my face; things were going to be good. “C’mon, let’s go to my room, I think they’re waiting for us,” I suggested and we walked out of the room, somehow I felt like stuck in the middle with this two people. A position I can took control of. I saved my cousin’s arse, now I better gave him back the spotlight. () ~Ickle Ronniekins Pointy views~ Plan failed miserably, a total failure, Harry angry at me; Gin got a shout out from Hermione. Things were getting in a mess here. Well plan B will take place in Rich/Percy’s room. Hermione, Ginny and I were in the room waiting for Rich and Harry to arrive. Even though we’re in here, we were too quiet, Hermione sitting on the chair near the desk reading her favourite book and Gin swaying her legs on the bed. As for me, I’m being clueless. The two black-haired guys arrived, I swore that both of them looked the same from behind of they have the same hair style. Rich wore a gaily smile when he walked through the threshold, something odd can be told form his eyes. Harry on the other hand was quiet and had a sulky face. “So cousins, what is the topic of tonight’s boy girl chat?” said Rich jovially, he was sure in a good mood today. “Let us sit in a circle first,” I said in a casual tone of voice. “What’s with the voice?” Rich asked, giving me the what-in-the-bloody-hell-is-wrong-with-you look. “Um…um…,” I panicked. “You sound like Gilderoy Lockhart, when he showing off and when he panicked,” Harry joked, Ginny giggled but Hermione buried her face in her book. “Gilderoy Lockhart? – That dainty guy who wears women’s dresses as a past time hobby and travelled all around the world fashioning them in front of couple of old witches?” Rich’s turn to joked, Harry laughed, Ginny laughed and Hermione muffled her giggles. Rich was really good with girls. “He does that kind of thing?” I was surprised. “Hermione, you have a crush on that kind of guy,” I blurted and she dropped her book and scowled at me. “Why don’t we just sit down and forget what I just said.” Hermione didn’t look at me and Harry and he too didn’t look at Hermione. She sat closely to Rich on the floor beside the bed, now I’m suspicious of a treachery; Harry sat between me and Gin near the window. “What are we talking about, Fred and George’s new invention,” guessed Rich, I shook my head. “Girls?” I shook again. “Your problem in the loo,” the girls giggled, Harry chuckled and I was flushing red, Rich sure has a way of playing people’s emotions. “Would you stop it,” “Stop what?” “Stop irritating people,” “Did I irritate you, cousin?” “I think he just can’t take the annoying anymore,” said Harry getting into the action. “True, true,” now Ginny is getting some. “He sure do the idiotic thing at the most awful time,” Hermione was taking a shot at me, I scowled at her but had no any affect on her. “Knock it off, all of you - we’re going to play a game, and don’t even think of protesting,” “A game,” said Rich, I swore I heard Rich muttered boring. “Ginny, can you please explain to them,” “We’re going to play……………” Ginny was looking slyly at the three people’s eyes. “Truth or dare.” I could see Harry, Hermione and even Rich flinched at the idea of playing of a dreadful game. Harry and Hermione gave Gin and I a manic Death Glare. “No thanks,” Harry protested. “No way for me,” Hermione excused, but I wouldn’t give up yet. “C’mon, guys, we can’t just play Quidditch, studying or fishing all summer,” I stated and they still seemed disoriented, but Rich’s face was full of curiosity like he knew what I planned. “Is this the game which we used Fred and George’s new game,” he said coolly, he saw through half of it. I flinched the thought of him knew our plan. “Um, yeah, they wanted to test it but I need at least five people to do it so I got my five here,” what a smooth talker I am. Gin gave me a wink of approval, Ron Weasley did it again. “I’m in,” said Rich with a reassuring smile, glad he was on our side. He looked at his side and whispered to Hermione, now curiosity got the best of me and Harry too. He stopped whispering and Hermione glared at me, “I’m in.” Thank you, cousin. “Join us, Harry, please, the twins would love if you tested them since you gave them money to start their business,” I pleaded with a very good excuse, he will submit to me. Unfortunately, he looked away from us and stared at the wall liked it was interesting. “It’s going to make you better from what happened late last night,” said Rich nonchalantly, Harry and Hermione immediately flinched hearing Rich’s statement. Gin and I were pondering, was there something going on between the three. “What do you mean what happened late last night?” Gin asked demandingly, but the three gave different reactions to her. Hermione pursed her lips, crossed her arms and looked away; Rich gave a warm-hearted smile and Harry still staring at the wall. “Nothing,” said the three. Ginny showed a sign of frustration and I was annoyed by this three. “If make you feel pleasant, I’m in,” said Harry looking back at me, this was going to be a fun time. Ginny let go of her frustration and I was over-excited. “Okay, here’s the rules, whoever passed out a dare, must east a Sardine Flavoured Bean, - are you guys alright with this rule?” I notified them and they all nodded, Harry and Hermione were reluctant, Ginny was arduous because she knew of if she passed out a dare, she won’t be eating the terrible beans. Rich gave me a sly one, he has something up his sleeve, I better watched my back and be very careful of him. Gin took out a deck of cards that contained dares and truths. “Okay let’s start in alphabetical order starting with Ginny,” I started the game, it was part of the plan to let Ginny started things off. “Hey, no fair,” Hermione protested. “Her name does not start with G its Virginia, Ron have you forgotten your own sister’s name.” Oh shoot - a flaw in the plan. “Does it matter, Hermione, let’s just start the game,” said Rich firmly, all of a sudden Hermione melted listening to Rich. “Okay, Gin, can you start things off.” “OK, I pick Ron,” she said and picked up a card and read it. Gin would pick me to be the first one cause its part of the plan. She sneered, “Truth or dare?” “Truth,” “Hm…. If you choose dare, it would be an easy one but I guess the truth is quite alright,” she said with a disappointed frown. She looked at me, “Is it true that you are jealous with someone or more people in your house.” That’s easy, I’m going to confessed now to show my honesty to Harry and Hermione. “I was jealous of,” I looked at Harry and Hermione, eyes to eyes, “I’m jealous of my two best friends.” They were surprised to hear me confess, they looked apologetic to me and I accepted those apologies. “Yes, it’s true, I’m jealous of you two and I’m over it now, because you two are Hogwarts brightest students and….” “Brightest?” Harry retorted, he sounded angry but why – oh no! I forgot about his 8 O.W.Ls. “What do you mean by brightest?” “I meant great in Defence arts class, you’re the greatest in our year,” with that, Harry cooled down a bit but kept glaring at me. Hermione seemed a bit scared looking at Harry’s angry face, she held Rich’s hand. Harry didn’t notice her action. “O,o,okay – my turn, I pick Rich,” I picked up a card and read it. The truth asked about who would you like to kill while the dare said go to the window, shout and confess your love. I sneered, “Truth or Dare?” “Dare,” He was sure gallant to do the dare, hope he didn’t confess he love Hermione or else the plan would be in jeopardy. “I dare you to confess your love to someone by shouting to the world.” “Now how do I do that?” “Go to the window and shout,” I replied and he smirked maliciously, he stood up leaving Hermione to be near Harry, both of them didn’t take a glance at each other. Rich went to the window and took a deep breath. Here went nothing. “AUNT MOLLY, RON WET HIS BED!!!!!!” “What?!... Why you sneak of a cousin, I’ll get you,” I was angry, furious; my face was flushed red all over and chased my cousin all over the room. “Damn You Fich! I’ll bloody kill you-you-you inconsiderate git.” Everyone laughed at how fool I was and Rich being the joker he was. Rich hid behind Hermione who stopped laughing and gave him me a glare that made me squirmed. She has that same control over me even when she was crying. Rich stuck his tongue out at me and could no bear it, Harry pulled me away and told me to relax. “You got yourself a Sardine Bean for breakfast tomorrow, cousin.” “So what, it’s one of my favourite, dear cousin,” he shot back with a sneer. I gritted my teeth for the anger that was boiling in me. “Hey, your mum should have come up by now, there’s nothing to worry about, she maybe doing something else so she didn’t hear me shouting.” “Honestly Ron, this is a game, you wanted this,” Hermione exclaimed, defending Rich and against me. Damn! I have to admit defeat but wait till the next dare Rich. I sat back down beside Ginny and Harry, Rich took a sit beside Hermione and she was close to Harry. “My turn,” said Rich gleefully. “Harry!” “Truth,” “Wuss” “Hey! I resent that,” “Is it true that you hide a secret from all of us?” Harry gulped; he really was hiding something, maybe about the summer at those bloody muggles. Harry looked at each of us and was sweating massively. Hermione looked anxiously at him; this was the most wanted thing she needed from Harry. Yes, this maybe the perfect chance for them to get together. “Oh! So sorry, wrong question,” Rich blurted. I whipped around, glaring incredulously at him. “What do you mean, wrong question?” I was bewildered; a chance was ruined by my stupid cousin. “I read the wrong question, here goes, is it true Harry that you have…..” he motioned Harry to leaned to him. Harry did so and Rich whispered something to his ear. Gin and I couldn’t hear it well. Hermione seemed to hear some of it but disappointment was shown on her face cause Rich screwed up the ultimate question. Harry blushed furiously and immediately whispered some words back at Rich. “Really?” said Rich gleefully and giggling like a girl, he was like Parvati and Lavender. “When.” “Last year, frustration got the best of me, so I release some of it,” said Harry, making Gin and I partly clueless on what he and Rich was talking about. “And you were thinking of a certain girl?” I flinched when Rich said the word ‘girl’. Was Harry eyeing a girl at Hogwarts? Who or when? “That’s my personal business,” Harry spat and sat back. “My turn,” he said angrily. “Ginny! Truth or Dare?” “Dare,” Harry read the card, “I dare you to suck Ron’s toes.” I didn’t expect this to happen. Ginny was shocked, I gasped, what in the bloody hell was Fred thinking of coming up with this stupid dare. Gin and I exchanged a disgust look and turned our view to the other three participants. “Well are you going to do it?” Harry asked with a sly smile. “Of course I am,” Gin retorted and crawled towards me, I was fidgeting, was she going to do it? She took out my shoes and socks and started sucking my toes vigorously, in five seconds it was over. “There - are you guys happy?” she asked madly. “Pretty much,” said Hermione with a wry smile. Ginny gave the three glares, now I’m thinking it’s three on two, I’m at a handicapped here. Ginny rushed to the window and spat. She was utterly disgusted by my toes. I should have washed my feet this morning. Ginny whipped back around and stared at Hermione with utter loathing. “Now it’s my turn and I choose Hermione,” Gin was clearly angry at released it on Hermione. “Fine…..Dare,” she was being brave. “I dare you to kiss Harry passionately,” that’s the plan, this would make them back together but why Rich slapped his head in frustration. Hermione and Harry’s face were utterly shocked, stunned and they fidgeted. There were awkward silence filling the room; the tension of waiting those two to kiss was suspense at its best. “C’mon, kiss already.” “Kissing this guy? Mr. Whiny,” said Hermione with rhetorical retort. “Not what after last night,” Harry blurted intentionally, what did he mean last night? “I’m not going to kiss this Ms. Prissy.” “Oh! Harry Potter, all too great to kiss me,” Hermione mocked. “Who’s going to kiss you, know-it-all Hermione Granger,” with that he left and another door slammed. I was shocked; at least it wasn’t as long as yesterday. Hermione too left, and crying, all of a sudden. I was so into the sudden argument between my two friends that I didn’t bother looking at Gin and Rich. “What the bloody hell happened last night?” Gin asked Rich, who was burying his face in his hands. Rich released his hands and told the whole story. I couldn’t believe what I’m hearing, my two best friends, no longer friends, just Harry and Hermione, two people who never met. “Why didn’t you tell us?” I demanded, I was furious at Rich for not telling. “Hey, you’re the ones who didn’t include me in the plan, don’t you remember of including me in your plans,” Rich retorted, he was good in comebacks, nobody ever won an argument with him. “Sorry,” Gin and I said in unison, we forgot, we should have told him. Rich might’ve given us some ideas and this night ought to be fine but it wasn’t. *@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@*@ End of the chapter…. Next chapter, Rich’s powers and his connection to the Haters….. Diagon Alley and more.

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