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I sat in the library waiting for Scorpius, thinking about what had just happened in the past three hours. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t fall for him…but of course, I did. Something that would happen to me. I flipped through the pages of the Divination book; Firenze had given us an essay on Mars’ moons for homework, and I planned on working on it with Scorpius. I ate lunch alone, while Scorpius was on the far end of the table. I couldn’t help but catch a glance at him when my face wasn’t in the book I was reading. I could feel his eyes on me, and I blushed a few times. I hurried, for we only had an hour break before we both had Defense Against the Dark Arts together.


“Hey Rose,” came a familiar voice and I turned around to see him standing there. I smiled as he took the seat next to mine.


“Hi,” he adjusted himself so he could see my face, and I could see his. His flawless face…


“I was wondering, do your friends know about us?” I asked. I had thought about it earlier. Even though we just started going out only a couple hours ago, his friends might have found out. News travels fast. Trust me, I know.


“Well, no…not yet. Why, do you want me to tell them?” He asked. I wasn’t so sure, I mean…our families weren’t exactly the all good going ones. My parents hated his dad in school, and his dad was a such an ass to them. They’d probably ban me from seeing Scorpius ever again if they knew I was with him now. No good that would do – what are they going to do? Barge into Hogwarts and beat him to a pulp? Well, my dad might but that’s a whole different story.


“We should probably lay low for a while. I mean, you wouldn’t want my dad to find out, right? What I mean is – just not make it too obvious. Walking around the corridors when they’re full of students would be blasphemy. My mum and dad would freak. And yours too, I’m sure.” I saw his eyes get wide, and I knew I had gotten him to agree with me.


“Yeah, my dad would probably disown me. He’d have a heart attack.” I nodded, imagining it. It wouldn’t be pretty. I looked down at the book, and the empty parchment and quill with ink that lay next to them.


“Listen, let’s skip the study session today…one won’t hurt.” I smiled, and he looked a little surprised.


“But don’t you want to study?” I shook my head, and gave him a mischievous smile.


“No, let’s go somewhere.” I said, and took his hand, leaving our stuff behind.


“Ah, I guess one won’t hurt…” his sentence was cut off as I pulled him towards the restricted section. I knew that we didn’t have permission to be in there, but I didn’t care. I started to kiss him like mad, like I wanted every part of him, right then and there. But that was totally unacceptable – what with my age and our families would probably disown us.


He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and slipped my robe off. I snaked my hands around his waist and up to his upper back. He started to send kisses up and down my neck. I grinned up at the ceiling. Nothing would ever compare to this feeling – of being loved. Having a friend, someone to depend on, and someone that can depend on you. I looked up in to his face, and read his expression. His eyes were full of desire, as were my intentions. I felt an electric surge through my body as he held me against the books.


Suddenly, I heard a noise and saw a swish of a long cloak. “Malfoy – if I get in trouble for being here,” he put his finger on my lips to silence me.


“It will be on my account.”


I gave him an indignant look, putting my hands on my hips. I felt my face get hot as he smiled down at me, totally unaware that we were about to get in trouble.


“What do you two think you’re doing in here?!” Shouted the librarian, Mrs. Poppyweather.


“We were, erm…uh,” I stammered, but it was no use.


“I’m sorry ma’am. It was my fault. Rose here was looking for a book on Werewolves and I distracted her. It won’t happen again.” Scorpius was taking the blame for me? I looked up at him incredulously, and then back to the batty librarian.


“Dear, is that what happened?” She asked me. I glanced back at Scorpius. He gave me a look that clearly said I should lie.


“Yes, and I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” I replied respectfully.


“Well make sure it doesn’t. I’m giving you both a warning, Mr. Malfoy, and yes you too Miss Weasley. Don’t come into the Restricted Section without permission from a teacher. Good day now.” She shooed us out of the library, letting us grab our things on the way.


We looked back and then broke out into a run. After about three corridors down, I stopped to catch my breath. Scorpius leaned alongside a windowsill, while I slumped to the ground.


“That,” he started, breathing heavily, “was a close one.”


“Too right it was. Do me a favor, and remind me not to lure you into the Restricted Section ever again.”


He chuckled. “Alright, I’ll remember.”



As the months wore on, I found myself becoming more and more engrossed in my relationship with Scorpius Malfoy. We spent most of our time together, either studying or just hanging out. When it came close to the end of the year, I finally realized that if I came home with a Malfoy around my finger, my parents would have an uproar. As would the Malfoys. Every day I became even more worried, the image of my father’s face when I would tell him that I was in love with Scorpius truly scared me. And I wasn’t so sure if my mother would be as understanding either. One night in the common room, just days before our finals and the end of term, I came to the simple, yet totally complicated fact that I would have to break up with Scorpius. It made me depressed, thinking about it. I just didn’t want him to be put in danger because of our relationship. After all, it was me who couldn’t keep friends.


I had been sitting in my four poster earlier, crying my heart out. I knew I couldn’t do this, and it hurt me too much that I would have to hurt him. He was sitting on the couch nearest to the fire, studying the last of our Charms notes. I smiled at his concentrated state, he looked so wonderful sitting there, I just wanted to throw myself at him.


But I knew I couldn’t. I walked towards the couch, and sat down next to him without saying a word. I stared into the flames for a bit, just breathing in his presence.


“Scorpius?” I asked, not turning to look at him. I didn’t want to see his face. I knew what I had to do. Looking at him would only make me break down and regret ever thinking about breaking up with him.


“Mmm?” He mumbled, just to let me know he was listening.


“We – I, we can’t be together anymore. I’m sorry. It’s just prudent that we split – our fathers would disown us if they knew.” I couldn’t believe the words that just left my mouth. I felt soft tears that were starting to roll down my cheeks.


He stopped writing, and put his pen down on the parchment. His essay was more than halfway done, and it wasn’t due until the very last day of classes. I had already finished mine, just to keep my mind off what I was doing right now. My grades had gotten back where they were supposed to be, but I wasn’t sure if that was going to happen next year.


He turned to look at me, but I couldn’t face him. I felt his eyes on my face, and the room suddenly got much warmer. Tears were streaming down my cheeks, and I felt his arm brush up to wipe them. I pushed him out of the way.


“I understand.” The words were like sharp daggers piercing my heart thousands of times over and over again. How could he understand? I didn’t understand. I was doing this to protect us, it may sound stupid and ironic that I was trying to protect us from our own families, but I had to. But it was too hard.


“I’m sorry, Scorpius. My dad would kill you, and I doubt my mother could stop him. And your father would probably disown you for going out with a Weasley.” I was sobbing by this time now, big wet tears were falling uncontrollably down my cheeks and onto my lap.


“I’m sorry too Rose, I’m sorry.” I looked at him, and he looked into my eyes, and I was so grateful for him to be so understanding, but deep down – I regretted it. I wanted to lean into his shoulder, drop my head to his stomach and let his fingers run through my red hair, but I couldn’t. It was for the best.

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