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[a/n:Thought i'd update a little sooner than i originally planned since people are so sweet with your reviews! :D Thanks guys! I finally reached 300 and that's all thanks to you! I hope you never stop and i promise never to stop with the updates!!]

About three things she became aware of when she regained consciousness though she kept her eyes tightly closed. One; she was certain she was not waking up in her bed. The mattress was too hard and the sheets were too thin to pass off as her four poster bed. Two; every corner of her body throbbed and ached like it had never felt pain before. Lastly, something was very very wrong due to the first two things she had come to realize.


She couldn’t help but groan from the immense pain. Though she was accustomed to pain, it wasn’t as if she was numb after all no matter how much she wished she was.


“Nerissa?” she heard a girls’ voice speak. She felt a hand touched hers softly.


Nerissa? Is she talking to me?’ she thought inwardly. She let out another moan of pain as she tried to move.


“Nerissa?” another voice said. “I think she’s waking up!”


“Hermione?” a deep voice spoke. The voice was so familiar that her eyes flew open regardless of the pain.


Four people were standing on her bedside; Greta who had her hand above Hermione’s, Emma who looked so worried she could pass as Hermione’s mother, Ames who was waving his hands over her head and Hagrid towering above them all on the foot of her bed looking the most worried of them all.


It was then that she remembered. ‘Oh, ofcourse! How could I forget my own name’ Hermione almost rolled her eyes as her brain finally started to work though it still did not explain why she was here and why they were all watching her while she was sleeping.


“Who’s Hermione?” Emma asked shyly though she looked quite uncomfortable standing beside the alleged Heir of Slytherin.


Hagrid ignored her as he beamed when he noticed the finally awake Hermione. “Yer awake!”


“What happened?” she was surprised by how raspy her voice sounded. She looked around the room, “Why am I in the Hospital wing?”


“You don’t remember?” Greta asked.


“I—” she started. She massaged the temples of her head hoping it would help her jog her memory back. The pain was too much that she just could not concentrate on remembering, “No, can you please tell me what happened?”


“I’m so sorry Hermione! I’m so sorry! I shoulda walked yeh to the common room! Made sure yeh was all righ’!!” said Hagrid, big fat tears were threatening to break out from his small beetle eyes.


The three looked at him suspiciously, “Didn’t I tell you he might have something to do with this?” whispered Ames.


Greta glared at the half-giant while Emma stared at him suspiciously.


The tears that Hagrid was trying hard to hold back fell freely on his face. He quickly wiped it with his big fists trying not to lose face from the three 7th years.


“Whatever it is that happened, I can assure you with my life, it wasn’t Hagrid.” said Hermione slowly as her throat still felt quite soar. She couldn’t help feeling annoyed at the three Slytherins for accusing her friend though grateful they at least cared enough to stand beside her hospital bed.


“Professor Dumbledore, sir!” Hagrid cried, hastily wiping his tears and cleaning himself up.


“It is a relief to have you awake, Miss Vane. Hagrid here has not left your side since you were admitted two days ago.” said Professor Dumbledore with a soft smile on his face as he appeared beside Hagrid. “Madame Kempton would be happy to know you are awake, as well. She had wanted to send you to St. Mungos had you not wake until tomorrow.”


Dumbledore looked around the wing and finally found her attending to another patient a few beds away, “Ah, there she is. Madame Kempton” he called out though his voice was too soft it did not carry across the room.


“Madame Kempton!!” Hagrid’s booming voice made the poor healer drop the potion she had been holding. Hagrid bowed his head shamefully, “Sorry… Professor Dumbledore wants yeh.”


Professor Dumbledore merely smiled. “Thank you Hagrid.”


“What are you doing crowding around a patient and making a ruckus!” the healer demanded in a loud though trying to make it a hushed tone, making her way towards them.


“She’s awake!” Hagrid said happily.


Madame Kempton looked at Hermione in an antagonizing way, “Thought I’d see you again soon.”


Hermione, though in pain, blushed as she remembered she was supposed to come back to the wing for Madame Kempton to check up on her a few months ago.


“Imagine my surprise when Tom Riddle came barreling inside my wing with you all covered in blood again.” The women said as she checked Hermione’s pupils. “And here I thought Déjà vu is implausible! Is it some sort of act you two pull off? Tom Riddle waking me up in the middle of the night with you in his arms? Why, this is the third time! And I hope it is the last!”


“T-Tom Riddle brought me here?” Hermione blinked.


“You don’t remember? Understandle, since you were having delusions.” Said Madame Kempton, “I had to put you to sleep. It was the only way you would let go of Mr. Riddle. Poor Riddle, you were practically strangling him.”


Hermione’s eyes were wide. ‘Was I unconsciously trying to kill him? And... delusions?


The healer mistook her expression as worry for the boy, “Don’t fret, he’s perfectly fine. Goodness knows, I kept telling you that last night a thousand times when you would not stop saying it.” She assured her.


“Stop saying what?” Hermione looked at the healer incredulously.


“Well you kept saying it over and over again like a mantra, girl, how he’s alive and well.” The woman rolled her eyes as she recalled the night, “Honestly, not even worried you yourself were half covered in blood. Tom Riddle did not even have a scratch on him. Why you were deathly worried about him is beyond me.”


“He was here yesterday morning.” Greta told her. “He never came back after Madame Kempton told us all you were going to recover just fine.”


“I don’t understand… what exactly happened?” Hermione looked at Professor Dumbledore for answers since nobody else would volunteer.


“We were wondering that ourselves, Miss Vane.” The Professor said, “The only information Mr. Riddle provided us is that he found you in the second floor, attacked by masked men who ran away when they saw his presence.”


Madame Kempton lifted up her arm to examine it when she cried in pain. Suddenly, it all started coming back at her as if a flash. The men in the shadows that she had initially thought was Riddle grabbing her; Hermione being dragged inside an empty room and her being bind in ropes.


She took a sharp intake of breath, “I… I remember now”


“Who was it, Hermione?” Hagrid asked angrily.


“I don’t… know. They were all wearing masks. The seven of them… I couldn’t even recognize their voice.”


“Of course you wouldn’t recognize their voice. The only person in this school you ever seem to have an interest in talking to is Tom Riddle” there was a slight tone of resentment in Greta’s voice though her face was still worried.


Hermione did not blame the girl for having resented her. She suddenly realized she had stopped seeing them around after she had started acting chummy with Riddle. She was surprised to even see the three in front of her when she had abandoned their company almost two weeks ago.


“Thank Merlin for Tom Riddle” said Madame Kempton, “If he hadn’t found you like he had and brought you to the wing in time… Tom told us they were torturing you using the ‘Cruciatus curse’” She whispered the last words as if afraid of even saying it.


The ‘WHAT’ and ‘OH MY GOD’ that came after from the three Slytherins including Hagrid made her wince that the healer had to shush them.


“You would have been tortured into insanity if he hadn’t saved you. The curse had temporarily given you hallucinations. Thank goodness there weren’t any permanent damage. Make sure you express your gratitude, girl. Bless that boy”


The Professor ignored the Healers praises and said, “Would you have any idea on who might be behind these horrifying acts?”


Of course, she knew. They need not even have asked when they should know themselves. Who else would have the motivation to cause her pain after public humiliation? 


“Should we find who is responsible for this; the consequences will be very grave. They may have to spend time in Azkaban and an expulsion from Hogwarts is to be anticipated.” said Professor Dumbledore.

If Dreizi was to be kicked off from Hogwarts, how else was she to seek the men who had done this to her? Her anger towards Dreizi wasn’t as huge as her anger towards the men who had attacked her. She was sure no matter how psychotic Dreizi was; she would never have wanted or told them to use the Cruciatus curse on her.


She was not even supposed to exist in this time. If they send the boys and Dreizi to Azkaban, who knows how that would affect the future. She was not even sure exactly the identity of the boys.


“I really don’t know, Professor. There was so much going on. I only remember one of them stating he did not intend to kill me, only to harm me.”


The Professor nodded silently, “If you were to remember anything crucial, please do not hesitate to approach me or the headmaster, Miss Vane. It is important, not only for your safety but the safety of the other students that we find these attackers.”


“Yes, Professor.” said Hermione in a quiet voice.


“Before I forget, our detention shall take place in my office Miss Vane,


Hermione’s face fell as she remembered. She still haven’t thought up excuses incase he asks her questions. She nodded in response.


“I wish you a fast recover, Miss Vane and Hagrid, I’m afraid Ogg is requesting for your assistance in the grounds.” He smiled silently before leaving the wing.


“I’m glad yer awake, Hermione. I ‘ave to go but I’ll come back ter see yeh later.”


“Thank you, Hagrid.” Said Hermione sincerely before Hagrid gave her a soft pat on the arm and leaving.


“Why does he keep calling you Hermione? And since when have you two been friends?” asked Ames.


“It’s quite a long story.” Said Hermione, sitting up a little straighter and wincing again. “Anyway, Thank you for coming.” She addressed the three.


“Surprised, were you?” said Greta haughtily. “We weren’t surprised when you abandoned us to hang out with the Slytherin prince. I have nothing against Tom of course, I mean he’s polite enough.  Just the girls that fan around him, ridiculous.”


“I’m sorry.” Said Hermione, thinking her manners seemed to have fluctuated after coming here. She had never expressed friendship towards the three though she constantly sat with them beforehand but they gave her kindness that she did not repay. “I didn’t mean to. And I can assure you me and Riddle are—


Greta laughed, “You don’t have to explain, Nerissa. We aren’t mad, I was only teasing. We were glad you finally found someone who you have an interest in actually speaking with though you sometimes look as if you’re in pain doing it.”


Hermione laughed but had to stop as her ribs began to throb from doing so.


“Might as well though... if you hadn’t been friends with Riddle. We’d be visiting you from a coffin instead of the Hospital Wing.” said Ames though there was still a tinge of annoyance in his voice when he said his name.


Greta sighed and sat back down on a chair beside the bed. “So many tragedies happening in this school these days, it’s so hard to keep up sometimes.”


“What… do you mean by that?” asked Hermione, slowly. “What sort of tragedies?”


“Since yesterday, every other hour someone gets attacked. It’s as if their brains get… scrambled almost like the Dementor’s kiss. They have all been sent to St. Mungos but recovery is slim apparently since they have no idea what hit them in the first place.” Greta told her.


Hermione tried to rack her brain for this kind of situation that she might have read in a history book but she could not remember any. “How many students were attacked?”


“So far… there has been seven, I think.” answered Ames.


Hermione was horrified after hearing this. Though she was not sure, she had such a feeling this might have had something to do with her. Greta mistook her expression as being frightened for herself.


“Oh, don’t fret. They only attack Slytherin boys.” said Ames, dryly. “I knew I should’ve been in Ravenclaw.” He added.


“There hasn’t been an attack since last night though” Emma added shyly. “I mean it attacked every hour or so but it suddenly stopped. There hasn’t been an attack since11 last night. Everyone’s being ready for it though.”


“Yeah, all Slytherin boys have to be accompanied by a fellow student. It’s better if you’re with a girl since they never seem to attack girls.” Ames rolled his eyes.


“Who… Who exactly has been attacked?” Hermione asked though she didn’t have to.


“You wouldn’t know any of them, don’t worry” said Greta, “The person you should really worry about is Hagrid. Rumour has it it’s the Slytherin monster attacking again.”


“What?” Hermione bolted right up, not caring how painful her chest as well as her head felt. “Why would anyone even think that? Why in the world would the ‘Slytherin monster’ attack Slytherins? That’s completely idiotic!!!”


“Hey, calm down, Nerissa.” Greta tried to gently push her back to the bed. “You’ll hurt yourself, you’ve barely recovered.”


“I don’t care! I have to talk to Professor Dumbledore! Or— or the Headmaster! It isn’t Hagrid!” she began to shout. “I bet you with my life those Slytherin boys that were attacked were not even muggleborns or even half-bloods! The Heir of Slytherin’s task is to get rid of those unworthy to study magic!!! Why would the Heir of Slytherin attack its own house?”


“Its only but a rumour, Nerissa.” said Emma, a little panicky. “Please calm down. I’m sure they won’t do anything to Hagrid. They won’t be able to prove it’s him.”


“Of course they wouldn’t be able to prove its Hagrid because it isn’t him in the first place!” she said angrily, “Seven attacks in one day? Didn’t Professor Dumbledore say Hagrid hasn’t left my side since I was admitted?”


‘If it was the Basilisk they would be dead by now’


The three looked at each other and hung their heads as if ashamed of themselves. Hermione figured they must have believed the rumours to be true. She sighed and lied back down. After calming down, the pain was even harder to endure.


It did not make sense at all. She was sure these attacks did not happen in her own timeline so it definitely has something to do with her. Who else would have the ability and power to do those cruel things?


Riddle’ she acknowledged mentally.




After long hours of convincing, Madam Kempton finally agreed to discharge her but in return, she had to come back in three days time for a check-up. If she does not do as she promised, another week of detention with Professor Dumbledore would be added.


She entered the Slytherin Common room, searching for Voldemort. She had to know if it was him, if it had been him doing all those terrible things. She already had a feeling but it did not make any sense at all.


After inquiring from a few Slytherins, she found out he had been in the library since yesterday and hasn’t been seen since then.


She had no idea whatsoever on what she was supposed to say to him, as she rushed towards the library. It was true what the Healer said that if it hadn’t been for him, she would be in St. Mungos by now in the psych ward. She also still had to ask. She had to know if it had been him doing all those terrible things. She had to stop him.


It was not even supposed to happen. Seven attacks in Hogwarts is huge news, it’s not possible that she had not heard of it in the future which can only mean one thing; the butterfly effect has started, she had changed the future somewhat. 


Unless of course for some reason, the school covered the attacks but that would be impossible since she was sure it’s all over the newspapers by now with the amount of students affected. 

If it were Riddle, why would he even try to hurt them? It isn’t as if he was doing this to avenge her since that would be entirely preposterous.


She was still mulling over what to say to him when before she knew it, she was standing right infront of him.


He was sitting by himself in the coldest and almost dark corner of the library with books and parchments surrounding him. She stood there not really knowing what she can say when finally he looked up, sensing her presence.


He stared at her for a couple of seconds before looking away and continuing his work. “I see you got out of the Hospital wing alive.”


Her mouth was dry as she said, “Thanks to you I heard.”


She thought she saw his mouth move into a frown and his eyes stopped moving across the paper for a second. He ignored her statement as he busily scribbled on his parchment.


“Three times.” She said quietly.


“What are you talking about, Vane?” he said without looking up.


“That’s how many times you’ve saved my life.” said Hermione, quietly approaching his table until she was towering above it.


This time, Riddle looked up from his work and stared at her. He coughed before saying, “Let’s hope it’s the last this time” He continued on his work as if he had never been interrupted.

Hermione pulled a chair and sat across from him. “What were you doing yesterday?”


Tom stopped writing and said, “What do you mean?”


“Yesterday… where were you?” she asked. She did not have to ask. She already knew it was him. Only, she could not understand why. They did not hurt him at all. Why did he need to attack them? She needed to understand his motives.


He continued writing, “I was here all day trying to finish my work. Why do you want to know?”


“There were attacks… yesterday.”


“Yes, I heard about it. I was in the library all day and night. Fortunately, the attacker didn’t think to look here.”


“Strange isn’t it? The attacker went through every corner of this castle except the Library where a Slytherin student is in a dark corner all alone.” She watched his expression but was unable to read it.


“Yes, strange.” He agreed. “And lucky. Anyway, Vane I still have a lot of things to do. I’d appreciate it if you could let me finish it.”


She knew she would not be able to get the answers she wanted. Instead, she tried to change the subject. “How did you know where to find me? Better yet, how do you always know where to find me?”


“I was simply doing my Headboy duties.” He stated as a matter-of-factly. “I was off doing my rounds when I found an unconscious body sprawled on the floor. Which reminds me, I also found your wand.” He pulled a wand from the bag on his left and handing it to her without ever looking away from the parchment.


“You were doing rounds in the middle of the night?” asked Hermione suspiciously.


“I didn’t find you in broad daylights the first time I’d found you weeks ago either, Vane. Be lucky I did those rounds at the exact moment you needed to be found or you’d be buried six feet under.” He briefly glared at her before pulling more parchments from his bag.


“I didn’t ask for you to save me, Riddle. Don’t think I’ll get on my knees and praise you in gratitude.” Hermione said, dryly.


Tom smirked, “That’s some way to express your gratitude.”


“What? You fancy a Thank you card or some sort?” snapped Hermione.


“Maybe” said Tom, leering at Hermione.


“I strongly advice you not to hold your breath on that.”


Tom did not answer as he began to flick through his parchments, searching for something.


Hermione could not stand it any longer. She owed him her life so many times it was making her sick. “Alright, Here’s the deal Riddle, I absolutely hate being indebted to somebody so put it on the table.”


Tom raised his eyebrows, “Exactly what am I to put on the table? Honestly, Vane are you quite certain you don’t need to stay in the Wing any longer? Your brain seems to have been damaged.” He said, acidly.


Hermione’s eyes narrowed, “I don’t want to owe you anything, Riddle. Tell me what you want and we’ll call it even now.”


Tom stared at the deranged girl in amusement. She has definitely gone mad. “Alright, I’ll escort you myself to the Wing, Vane.”He started to stand up but abruptly stopped in midway when Hermione angrily stomped the table with her fists.


“I don’t have any patience for this, Riddle. I have a pounding headache that feels as if my skull might burst and my ribs have not completely healed. Mockery is not exactly my favourite past time. Tell me now what it is you want.”


Tom sat back down. The truth was, he was not making a mockery out of her at all. He truly did think she had gone mental, “I see your temper has worsened. I saved your life, Vane. Why can’t you just simply thank me and be over it.”


Hermione continued her glare, ignoring what he had said.


Tom sighed heavily in frustration. He had more important things to attend to than entertain a mad girl who had just come out of the Hospital. “Alright, anything I want, is that right?”


Hermione nodded curtly, trying to calm herself down. She would not be able to do what she had planned if she owed him anything at all.


“I want you to stand up, leave the Library and go back to the Hospital wing to get a re-examination on your head. After that, go back to the common room to sleep, work on your hideous temper and never bother me again.”


“For the love of God, Riddle, is it so hard to ask me to do any errand you might have forgotten to do or not have any ability to do?”


Tom barked a single laugh at the thought of the girl being able to have a capability he did not posses.


“If you could kindly help me out here, Riddle, I would appreciate it. Tell me what I can do for you and I’ll be done with it. I will not bother you again and leave you to your work.”


“Do you know how impossibly stubborn you are? I don’t see the problem with owing someone their life and simply expressing gratitude with a mere Thank you.” He said, acidly. He was getting more impatient by the minute. She was the oddest creature he had ever come across with. He could not understand her at all.


With a small scream of frustration, she hastily stood up with a loud creek from her seat and was about to leave when Tom said, “Wait, come back.”


“What for? To be made a mockery by some arrogant toerag?” she hissed but when she turned around to glare at him, all amusement, annoyance and frustration were ripped from his face like a mask.


This was the perfect moment he had been waiting for unless ofcourse she chooses not to give out the truth. Was he not frustrated by the mystery of this girl for months now? Did she not just tell him to ask anything and she shall give? He had been waiting for an opportunity to arise and for their alleged ‘friendship’ to deepen that she would trust him enough to tell him the truth.


Hermione sighed and sat back down. She could tell from his face he had already thought of what to ask. She was even willing to become a house-elf for a week if it meant she did not have to be grateful to him for saving her life and continue on with her vendetta.


“There is something I have been wanting for quite some time now.” He started slowly. “But it isn’t going to work if you are not truthful.”


Hermione rolled her eyes, “Spit it out, Riddle.”


“Where did you come from?” the first question and the easiest of them all.


Chapter 13 PREVIEW

“When are you planning on asking her?” Malfoy spoke up. His legs were resting on the table in front of him and his hands were behind his head.


Tom sighed as he ruined the silence he so longed for. “What are going on about, Malfoy?”


“Nerissa.” said Malfoy as if it was the most obvious thing. “When are you planning on asking her to the ball?”

[a/n:Please i hope you guys review? The next chapter is coming along pretty quickly..I'm finally getting closer to the parts i've been DYING to write. LOL PLEASE REVIEW!!]

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