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This chapter will be all based at Hogwarts so the preview from the last is taking from the last time Hogwarts was written about.

I know that in previous chapter I have misspelt Emmett’s name along with Rosalie’s name, I will go back and fix these errors once I have completed the story

Also for a reminder Renesmee was NEVER born. And a truce was held between the vampires and the werewolves for some reason which I still have to think about, lol.


Chapter six

Yes professor, although I gather they are not like the others.” said Bill

No, and most things you have learned about then are in fact myths”

What? Really” replied Charlie

All six boys watched as Ginny walked out of the hall, with a smirk that could beat even Malfoy on her face.



It was the morning after Harry and the Weasley had all been introduced to the Cullen family. Ron, Harry and the twins still didn’t know what the Cullen’s were.

Ginny was up in her dorm room. While the boys where outside playing quidithched (spelling?).

Ginny heard someone or something knocking at her window. Standing up she walked over and opened it. In jumped two people.

“Hey Ginny, me and Bella decided to go out climbing. We saw you alone, so we had to come to visit you” smiled a hyper Alice.

“You need to tell us about yourself Ginny, you seem such a nice girl” replied the angelic voice of Bella

Ginny looked up to the two vampires, a blush forming on her cheeks, “ there is not much to tell” said Ginny moving back to sit on her bed.

“I am the only daughter in a family of nine, my best friend is not here and I am board stiff” smiled Ginny

“Gin, how much did Maya tell you about my family?” asked Alice,

“Who’s Maya?” asked Bella sounding a little nervous

“She’s my best friend “replied Ginny

Alice suddenly gasped, “Edward never told you did her Bella. Of course he wouldn’t have it was such a sore point in my family, her name never came up. Oh my God.”

“What are you going on about?” asked Bella whom had now joined Ginny on the bed.

“I guess I better start from the beginning, Ginny will you be able to tell everything from when you meet her” said Alice settling herself on the floor as Ginny nodded her head, saying yes.


“Well, it was the year 1986, Carlisle had started to work at Forks Hospital, Jasper, Rose, Emmett, Edward and I, where all supposedly getting home schooled. Carlisle had been working at the hospital for a few months by then.

A call had come in; the call said that a family of two, a father and daughter, had been rock climbing, both fell. The father was dead at the scene, the daughter still alive but just. Officer Swan, Bella’s father, had found the daughter. When Carlisle first heard the call; he straight away though that the daughter was a teenager. It turned out the child was only five.”

At this Bella gasped, “You mean that my father knows this girl you are talking about?”

“Yes Bella, I don’t think she would have lived if it wasn’t for your father.” Responded Alice

“She was only five years old” said Bella in turn

“Just, she turned six a few days after the accident. Can I continue now?” asked Alice

“Sure” replied Bella

“I remember Carlisle describing her to me, ‘she is beautiful Alice, soft brown curls, big chocolate eyes; but her injuries they are horrible Alice. Her legs have been crushed, her left arm is in two, and she has three broken ribs. And worst of all she also has a broken back, I don’t know if she will walk again. She is also black and blue; and covered in scratches. And her scent it so usual, so wonderful but not appetizing.’ his voice showed his concern for her. Carlisle had always hated seeing young children hurt.

Yes Chaz, in fact nearly all of it is myths. I know what they are and the truth about there kind.” said Ginny standing up and leaving the table since she had finished eating. This child was not different. It took her four days to wake up, by then her birthday had passed. They had been able to find her date of birth on a bracelet she had worn, a gold teddy bear baby bangle. Her name, they had found out was Hermione, this from her necklace, but everyone called her Maya instead.
The first thing she asked for when she woke up was for her father, Carlisle couldn’t tell her. Luckily Esme had went into the hospital that day, to make sure Carlisle was ok, in those four days we had hardly seen him. He had been at her bedside majority of the time Esme told her about her father being dead. We found out that day that her mother was dead to, and it seemed like she had been for a few years.

She was in the hospital for six months. Everyone in my family felt drawn to her, and then as we got to know her we all fell in love with her. How couldn’t they, she was a lovely girl. But out of us all, she took a shine to Edward and me the most. We both took it in turns to spend the day with her. I helped her learn to walk again, Edward to write and read. Her smiled would always light up our day.

It was on the 16 of December, early in the morning when I got a vision of our house all decorated for Christmas. I was so surprised, we never really celebrated it. I sat all day so confused about it, Edward too. Esme had blocked her mind to Edward, and Carlisle was at work so Edward count read his. It was around five when the sent of roses filled everyone’s noses. And the sound a heart filled our ears.

Esme ran to open the door. There stood, little Hermione. Wrapped in a thick coat, Carlisle stood behind a grin plastered on his face and a small suitcase in his hand.

‘Guess who is staying with us for a while’ smiled Carlisle. At this Rose, Emmett, Edward, Jazz and I ran to Maya, each of us spinning her in the air. Her laughter filling the house.

That Christmas had to be one of the best in my home. Laughter was heard from everyone including Edward. I remember the gifts we all got her.

Carlisle and Esme chipped in together and got Maya a white gold Cullen chain, as by then she felt like part of our family because of all the time we had spent with her. Rosalie had went all girly on us and got Maya a beautiful baby doll; Little Rosie, Maya called it. Emmett went all soft as well, he got her a dark brown teddy bear; she called the teddy Emmy, sort for Emmett. Edward had recorded a CD with songs which they would sing together, he also gave her a white mask- which covers half you face. The mask was in a way a joke between the two or something like that. Jasper went and got her something that represented him, a toy soldier.

And myself, I spent ages looking for something. After hours I found it; once her spine had healed Maya and I would dance about the room, she had always wanted to lean ballet. So for that Christmas I bought he a pair of pink satin ballet shoes, I then taught her to do ballet.

We were happy, that was until the call came. It was 11 June 1987, a week before Maya’s 7th birthday. It was the social services from Britain. The country in which Maya was born. They had found a young couple wishing to adopt her. We never wanted her to go. It hurt us all. In that last week we never left her alone. As a family we made her a quilt as a present. Upon it we stitched he Cullen crest in the centre surrounded by two roses, one black (Maya would say that it represented the darkness in our lives), one red (symbolised life). We then stitched pictures of things we all loved. The surrounded by a heart we wrote the word ‘the angels of the night care for you’. It was on her birthday, seven days later that she left. It took us years to recover from the blow. It was only a few years later we meet you, Bella.”

Alice looked at the other two. Ginny looked as if she already knew the story, but then again she properly did.

“Is that why you all found it hard with me in the beginning, another human in the home?” asked Bella in a whisper

“Yes, especial for Rose it hurt the most, she felt as if she had lost her daughter. It’s not just that though, just as Maya left to go on the plane she turned around to us and said ‘I know what you are. You are all like my daddy’. That was the last thing she said to us.”

“She’s a vampire” shouted Bella in shock

“No, she was human at the time. She’s a hybrid. A hybrid, of a vampire and a witch. That’s why she grew at a normal rate. Human/ vampire hybrids mature within seven years after their birth. ” replied Alice, “she didn’t know what we where all she knew we were like her father”

“She can‘t remember any of her life before that accident, only little things. She says she remembers a woman’s screams. A mans promise. And a smiling face with butterscotch eyes. Hermione told me that she thinks the woman to be her mother. The mans face and promise, being her fathers” said Ginny looking to the two vampires.

Bella got a fright when Ginny spoke. “You mean that the fall…”

“Made her lose her memories, yes” replied Ginny

“So gin, can I do your hair?” asked Alice standing up

“Go on” replied Ginny, “Bella could you paint my nails? Then I can tell you both about everything I know.”

“Of course, what about dark purple?”

Ginny nodded her head while she made herself comfy. Alice knelt behind her and started to tug on her hair. At the same time Bella sat in front of her, prepping her nails before she painted them.

“Well, I think it would be best for me to start from when my brother started Hogwarts.” started Ginny

“It was 1991, September the first. Ron was starting Hogwarts; I still had a year to wait. While on the platform I saw a girl, with curly brown hair. As like your family Alice, I felt drawn to her. I smiled and waved towards her. She did the same back. It was not until I started Hogwarts that I found out that her name was Hermione. We became close friends. She was also friends with Ron, and both of them friends with Harry. As the years went passed our friendship had grown strong. Hermione knew all about my family but we knew nothing about hers. All she had told us was that her parents where dentists. Before the start of my fifth year, that was last year. Hermione invited me to stay at her house for a few weeks. So I did.

It was only the second day in when I noticed things. There were no baby pictures of Hermione and Hermione’s parents both had straight light brown hair. Her mother had blue eyes her father green.

I also noticed Hermione never called them mum or dad. Later that night I asked her why.

‘They are not my parents Ginny’ she said ‘they adopted me on my seventh birthday. Days before my sixth birthday, my father had took me rock climbing. I remember falling. My father tried to grab me but lost balance too. He died saving me. I lived in America for a year, six months in the hospital, then six months at my doctors house“.

Hermione then went on to tell me all about your family Alice. She told me about how her heart was filled with music when she was with Edward. The motherly love that came from Rosalie and Esme. Fatherly love form Carlisle. The fun, brotherly love from Emmet. Her big teddy bear, as she put it. Then she said how she loved you. Her sister, the one who taught her to dance, sing, and have fun. She also mentioned Jasper, how he would tell her great tales of war as he tucked her into bed at night.

She told me of the heartache she went through when she was taken away. How nightmares, seem to come for years afterwards, nightmares that she still seemed to get.

It was when she described your family, I realised what she was going on about. I used to get Charlie and Bill to tell me about their classes in the holidays while they were at school - that was way before I started. It was after their last year the told me of a magical being, I remember Charlie’s description ’ the books say that in the light of the sun they sparkle like a diamond, the smell of them makes you want them, the voice draws you to them. They are said to be more enchanting than a veela and more dangerous. These creatures have strength and speed that man wishes to have. But these gifts come at a price; their diet is of blood, animal, or human. They are a special kind of vampire.’ I told Hermione that she had described these vampires to me. That was when we both went to the library. We looked it up. I was right. You were vampires.

She showed me everything that you had all giving her, including the photos. I promised not to tell anyone of the truth. That’s why everyone it clueless to Hermione’s background, well not including Dumbledore.

Everything was going fine, that was until a few days ago. Hermione turned 17 last week, two days later she was in pain. Her temperature was high. My mother sent us all out to let Hermione rest. Once we came home she was gone, we where then told we were coming here.”

“She has went to my house, it is safer for her there, all of us except Esme, Carlisle and Jasper have been kicked to here.” smiled Alice, as she finished braiding Ginny’s hair “Carlisle want to surprise the other three at the beginning of term. Hopefully Maya will be fine to come back, she has Jasper to help her control her thirst”

“Wow, that girl has quite a story” said Bella, after screwing the lid back on the varnish, “done. I can’t wait to meet her.”

“You want have to wait long” smirked Alice

“What did you see?” asked the two girls at the same time

“Nothing.” replied Alice jumping off the bed.

“But I did see that the others are looking for us” said Alice before skipping out of the room

Bella and Ginny looked at each other before shaking their heads and following the pixie.

A/N hope you like it, next chapter may take a few weeks before it is done. Please, review and tell me what you think.

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