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Meetings Gone Wrong

"Boys?" Mrs. Potter called out when she heard the door shut.

"Yeah, mum, it's us," James ran into the room. "Are they here?"

"In the dining room."

Sirius scowled clenching his fists tight. "How many of them?" he asked through his teeth.

"Three...they decided to bring us an example."

Sirius nodded to James and they walked into the room one after the other. They kept their eyes uncharacteristically cold upon seeing their guests.

Mr. Potter was seated at the head of the table with Jasmine right behind him with her arms crossed and wand at hand. She didn't say a word, but her brooding eyes watched, waiting for a signal or one wrong word from their company.

Across from Mr. Potter was Orion Black; Sirius' father. His black hair, long like Sirius', was kept in a ponytail leading down his back, and his eyes were a cold gray. So beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Next to him was Lucius Malfoy. He had graduated in Jasmine's year, giving James and Sirius enough memories to know that they hated him. They had heard and seen the kinds of things he liked to do with muggleborns. During his last year at Hogwarts, James noticed that Lucius would pick on Lily whenever James was around, despite his position as Prefect. James had to learn to keep his distance from Lily when Lucius was around just to make sure that Lucius wouldn't have any incentive to single her out

Lastly was the person Sirius wanted to tackle the most. It wasn't because of the crimes he had committed, or the words he had said, in fact, before now Sirius had thought he was still an innocent little boy; but there he sat. Little Regulus Black his hair cropped short and eyes only staring at the table cloth.

"What the hell is he doing here?!" Sirius shouted at his father. "He's fifteen for fuck's sake!"

"Sirius!" Mr. Potter held up his hand, "No need for language." Sirius listened, but still was having a hard time controlling himself.

"He's not the angel you thought he is, is he, Potter?" Orion said. He crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair, eyeing Sirius with a smirk.

"These men have come to give you a message."

"It's a last chance call for a career, really." Lucius looked up. "We would like to speak to them in private if you don't mind, Mr. Potter."

"I do." He leaned forward clasping his hands in front of him.

"Fine," he said stiffly, "Then we ask that the girl leaves the room. The Dark Lord has no use for people like her."

"You watch how you talk about her." Sirius hissed.

Lucius raised an eyebrow. "I'll keep note of that. Mr. Potter?"

He sighed. "Jasmine, wait for us in the other room."

"What!" she exclaimed. "No way!"

"Jas, please?"

She stared at her dad in disbelief, but made her way to the door. "My name is Jasmine, jackass. We went to school together for seven years, get it right!"

"Right," Lucius dismissed her. "Gentlemen?" he gestured for James and Sirius to sit.

James moved towards the table never taking his eyes off the three. Representatives of this Lord Voldey character had come to their house on only one other occasion. He expected they would say just about the same this time.

"There is a change arising in favor of the power for wizards. We plan to wager a sort of...reconstruction with our ways and laws and hope that you can help us."

"You can go stick-" Sirius started to say.

"Has your view of 'reconstruction' changed from the last meeting?" James stopped him.

"In the way that we see mudbloods-"

"Language, please," Mr. Potter muttered.

Lucius pursed his lips in response to being interupted. "In the way that we see....muggleborns, no. We are in the middle of making a plan where they are on the bottom of the food chain." When he didn't get the reaction he wanted his eyes darkened. "Can't you see what they are doing to us? Taking up room in our schools, filling jobs that should be honored by a pureblood!"

"And it's great for kids learning how to be respectful and loyal." Orion spoke up. He put a proud hand on Regulus' shoulder. "I've never been so proud of my son."

"So that's why you're trying so hard to get me to join?" Sirius stood up. "Want a legacy of killers, eh?"

"They are not killers. They're-"

"Maybe not yet, but that's where it's going to be in a short time. You don't see or hear the way they treat them. It's obvius where this "reconstruction" is headed," James said standing by Sirius.

"Sirius Black," Orion clenched his teeth, "I am your father and you will do as I tell you!"

"NO!" he whipped his wand out making everyone tense up.

"Alright, well I would say this meeting has reached its end," Mr. Potter clapped his hands, "James, get Sirius calmed down."

James nodded and pushed Sirius out the door.

"You can't take my son away from me, Potter," Orion hissed.

"He's seventeen, Orion. He can do whatever he wants."

"Mr. Black, please calm down." Lucius stood up. "Potter to make it clear, if you don't support the Dark Lord you will come to be known as an enemy. We will do whatever is necessary to get compliance from everyone."

"You're barking up the wrong tree if you think that meek threat will persuade me. I'll see you on the battlefield."

Lucius smirked and walked closer to Mr. Potter. "Your boy's little girlfriend is a mudblood, isn't that right?" Mr. Potter didn't move an inch. "Pity."

And with that they all three popped out of the dining room. Mr. Potter sat back down and sighed rubbing the bridge of his nose.

Jasmine stormed through the doors. "If they ever decide to discriminate against me again I expect you to teach them a lesson in manners, daddy. They are unbelievable!" she fumed.

"Where are James and Sirius?"

"Calling an emergency cult-Marauders meeting to plot."

Mr. Potter walked through the door and saw them hovered around the coffee table.

"No! Don't put it like that! Moony will never come if it sounds like we're planning a prank! This is for the protection of mankind!" Sirius threw a fist into the air.

"If we put it like that he would definitely think we're joking. It's too hard to write!"

"I have an idea!" Jasmine exclaimed, "Why don't you just tell him to come and you'll explain when he gets here?" She put on a sarcastic excited face.

James shrugged. "That might work."

"No, no, no. Everyone stop!" Mr. Potter threw up his hands. "We all need to talk about what this means. Sit."

Sirius dropped down where he was. "Good dog!" James laughed.

"Be serious, you guys." Jasmine scolded only to make them laugh harder. She narrowed her eyes and smacked them both upside their heads.


"Well then pay attention!"

Mr. Potter sighed. "Thank you, Jasmine. You guys this is going to be bigger than just shooting some funny curses in a Slytherin's way. Much bigger in fact..."

"We know dad. We want to stop them."

"Then....I think we need to set up an appointment with Dumbledore."

"What?!" Jasmine gasped. "MUM!"

"Why with Dumbledore?" James asked.

"Mum, get in here quick!"

"Does he teach a class?" Sirius asked.

"Not exactly...."

Mrs. Potter ran into the room breathless. "What? What happened?"

"Dad wants to get them an appointment with Dumbledore."

Her face visibly paled. "Go take a walk, boys," she mumbled.

"No way! We want to know what this is all about!"

"Go take a walk!" She yelled uncharacteristically, "Jasmine you go with them."

"But I-"

"Jasmine! Please. Go."

"Fine," she grumbled. She grabbed the sleeves of the boys shirts and started to walk outside muttering, "Twenty years old and I can't listen..."

"What's going on?" They asked once they were out of the house.

"What would a meeting with Dumbledore mean?"

"Would we be going to a different school?"

"A school of defense?"

"Did you go to the school of defense?"

"Is it in Russia?"

"Are there Russian girls?"

"Where the bloody hell are you guys getting these questions from?" Jasmine asked exasperatedly. "I can't tell you. It's not my job. But it's not a school, it's not in Russia, and I'm pretty sure that means no Russian girls. Merlin, your imaginations are annoying." She looked across the street to where one of their neighbors were having a party.

"Can you tell us anything?" James asked.

"Nope," she said, "I'm sure you'll find out in good time though. Mum looked furious, didn't she?"

"Yeah, because you called her in the room!" Sirius said.

"I had too," she hissed, "You guys need to finish school before you get caught up in that."

"Caught up in what" Sirius groaned. "I want to know!"

"It's too dangerous for you!" She took a threatening step towards Sirius. "Know one piece too much of it and you could end up killed the next day."

"Like anyone would be able to kill me," Sirius scoffed. "Between my quick brain and wit with my wand I'm practically untouchable."

"How about this?" She smacked him upside the head.


She punched him in the gut. "Couldn't stop that one could you?"

"James, tell her to stop abusing me!"

"Will both of you just stop it?" James said. He looked up to see another car pull up to the neighbor's house, only catching his eye because of its vivid red color. "We have bigger things to worry about. If things go their way loads of people are going to get hurt, whether they want to be involved or not."

He couldn't stop thinking about Lily. They would be getting out of school this year and if she didn't know how to protect herself without Dumbledore's help....he would have step in. He would keep her from any danger.

A scream came from the red car. "This world is already a mess," Sirius commented. "That was a girl, wasn't it?"

James scowled. He couldn't believe how screwed up both of these worlds were. "Yeah," he muttered. "Lets go."


Lily had decided not to bother calling her mum to pick her up. 'It's a beautiful night! A walk will do me good.' she thought. Locking up the store she threw her keys in her pocket and started the walk. Instinctively, she had her hand on her wand, just in case.

She couldn't help but think how drastically things were changing around her. She was just making out with James Potter on the whipped cream covered floor for Merlin's sake! She had never imagined she would pull that kind of stunt in the market!

There was something about James that made her feel lively; Like there's more magic than meets the eye. Just thinking about the way he would bite her bottom lip so tightly made her stomach fill with butterflies. She giggled at the feeling.

"Boys...." she muttered. "They're going to drive me crazy one day."

Behind her she could hear a few cars coming up. 'One car. Two cars. Three cars,' she counted. A fourth had just passed her when its breaks squealed and the reverse lights came on. It blinded Lily as it pulled beside her, making it hard to see who was getting out of the passenger seat.

The way he walked and the way his hair was done told her it was Marcus. The light post proved her theory right.

"LILY!" he called, "'ello, love! Wha're you doing out here so late?"

She shook her head relieved and walked over to see him. "Just walking home from work."

"Want a ride?" he asked pointing to the car. It was a bright red Buick, a classic, though she had no idea what year. "I'm sure Brad wouldn't mind. Right, Brad!"

"Course not!" The driver called back.

"Thanks, but I think I'm good."

"Non sense! What kind of friend would I be if I just let you wonder the town all by your lonesome?" Lily took a step back when she smelled the strong liquor on his breath, but measured that he was still in control of himself.

"I guess, but just straight to my house. No where else."

"This'll be a two stop bus," Brad said. "I have to stop by my cousin's place. Then I can drive you anywhere you want, honey," he winked.

Lily mentally shuddered and hoped that this cousin didn't live too far away from her.

They drove around for about fifteen minutes before Brad parked in front of a house saying he'd "Be back in a jiffy." She was in the backseat with Marcus who was smelling more and more like the drink in his hand. It had gotten to the point where Lily was trying to confuse him with his own words; just for fun. She started laughing when she got him to admit that Michael had an attractive body. Her eyes were glistening from the laughter and she couldn't help but miss having these time with Marcus. It had all been so different....

"Lily?" She shook the thoughts from her head. "Do you ever miss me?" Marcus' eyes were slightly frowning making Lily feel a slight bit of guilt. She sighed knowing no words were going to come out of her. "Because I miss you. I miss your laughter, and your hair, and how you used to get riled up so easily from kissing."

"Marcus, I don't think-"

"We could spend hours on my couch, or in your grass. Do you remember that time in the park?"

"Of course I do, but-"

"Then why don't we just give it another go?! I'm sure your parents will have forgiven me by now. We can beg them!"

"Marcus, it doesn't matter anymore! I don't feel that way about you....I'm dating James now." His mouth was moving, but no words were coming out. "Remember when you came to my house that night? We decided to be friends, right? We need to stick to that."

"Potter? You're dating that joke Potter?" Lily rolled his eyes hating the way everything always turned into a fight between them. "I bet you already gave yourself to him, DIDN'T YOU?!"

"Of course not! Even if I had it would be none of your bloody business!" She had had enough. "I'll find my way home from here. Tell Brad thanks."

She reached for the door handle, but was jerked back into Marcus' arms. "You're not getting away that easily. If he gets some of you, so do I."

She wriggled to get free of his grip, but his arms were made of iron. He turned her around roughly and forced her against him.

"LET GO!" she screamed. She could feel her wand jabbing into her leg, but it was stuck around her pocket seam, and she couldn't get it out of the material.

Marcus grabbed the front of Lily's shirt by the buttons and ripped down causing them to rain around in the car. Groaning, he pushed her onto her back searching for the button of her jeans.

"Please, Marcus, think about what you're doing," she cried.

"I just. Want. You."

Lily pushed as hard as she could at his chest, and he went flying back and out of the car door. She let out a relieved sob thanking Merlin for that unbelievable strength, but knew she would only have seconds before he was up again. She scrambled as fast as she could across the seat and leaped from the door running into something tall and hard.

Thinking it was Marcus she kicked and hit hoping the grasp on her shoulders would loosen until she heard,


edt. 10/12/10
Author's Note: hahaha omgsh i loved you guys complaining about a cliffhanger so here's all of the answers!! ahh! i hope you guys love this chapter as much as i do!! hopefully it won't take as long for it to get validated. lol!
as always, read and review!! :D

disclaimer:no ownership.

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