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Okay guys, yet another dangerously short chapter, but it's also an update in under a week.
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
Anyway, I may be the only one who understands Anthony's logic, so you lot tell me if I need to go back and do some major revisions.

            At a glance from Draco all of the guys, including Jason piled out of the Common Room, leaving Hermione glaring murderously after them as she made her way across to the still-shell-shocked Anthony.

            Gingerly she dropped a hand onto his shoulder; she really wasn’t good at the whole comforting thing. “Wanna talk about it?” She asked, her voice low, worried as she perched on the wide chair arm beside him.

            “No” was her mumbled reply.

            Hermione frowned, okay, she wasn’t good at consoling, she knew that, but he could be a little more corporative. “I see” her voice was clipped, almost hostile; she was poking him verbally to get his attention.

              Anthony glanced up, startled, and held her fierce orange gaze with an annoyed look of his own. “How do you know Draco’s your Mate?” he snapped at her, clearly on the offensive.

            Hermione was taken aback at the jab, but answered as best she could, “because I close my eyes and can’t think of anyone else.”

            “But why?” he persisted.

            “He’s kind, and sweet, and considerate, and he’s good with Jason. He’s smart; he knows how to handle me when I’m angry, why shouldn’t I love him?”

            “But there are plenty of guys like that.”

            “Pardon” Hermione was stunned, was he trying to tell her Draco wasn’t her Mate?

            “There are plenty of decent guys out there who are patient enough to deal with children and you when you get in one of your moods, so I’ll ask you again, why is Malfoy special?”

            “Well he’s Blood Kin and he-”

            “But there are plenty of us too. Maybe not as many as there are smart, polite, patient guys, but there still are quite a few men to pick from.” Anthony took a deep breath, not breaking eye contact, “So why is he, out of all the available males, your Mate?” he tone was sharp and accusing, “What made him worthy of you?”

            “He just is” Hermione cried, pent up frustration flowing freely now, “He’s the only man I will ever want, he’s all I could hope for, all I need, my sun and my moon, my air and my water. He’s my conscience when I get reckless and he-and he” It dawned on her as she watched Anthony go from antagonistic to miserable.

            “That’s how you feel isn’t it?” despite the framing it wasn’t a question.

            Her Brother nodded, his head drooping lower with every bob.

            Hermione exhaled heavily, running a hand through her damp tangles of hair, “You know she’s happily dating Harry.”

            Anthony nodded.

            “And that they’re crazy about each other.”

            Another dejected nod.

            “Oh dear”

            This time Anthony didn’t nod, his eyes were still riveted on the stone floor; if possible his already low head drooped lower.

            “Well, I suppose we could work on breaking them up.”

            Anthony’s head shot up at the pain in her voice, the idea of destroying her friend’s happiness was almost too much to bear. But yet for her Brother, she was willing to endure the possible loss of a dear and most trusted friend.

            “No” his voice was low and pained.


            “We will not work to break them up.” He met her eyes firmly, “If she is happy with Potter, then I will not be the one to disrupt her happiness.”

            Hermione blinked once, twice, three times, and then laid a hand on her forehead, as if she was suddenly dizzy.

            “Excuse me, I feel like I just woke up in a Dickenson novel, did you just say that you’d rather have her happy and not with you, then risk catching her and possibly having her unhappy?”

            “Um, yes?” he wasn’t entirely sure if her convoluted sentence was what he meant, but it sounded pretty close. “I want her to be content. And if Potter is who she is contented with, then my poor heart means nothing.”

            “So you won’t fight to get her and die without her and such?” Hermione was now supremely confused, “can you at least go back to having meaningless flings?”

            Anthony now looked amused for the first time that morning, “If Draco walked away could you go back to putting heartbreakers in their place? Go back to screwing over those who screw over?”


            “Why ever not?”


            “Because what?”

            “Because I just couldn’t okay.”

            “Well that’s how it is. She’s happy how she is, and therefore I’m happy for her. I put her wellbeing above my own feelings, and will pray to whatever god exists that Potter screws up soon.”

            “How can you take this so calmly?”


            “Well” Hermione drug the short word out, “from what I’ve read Veela can’t live much more than a month without their Mate accepting them once they know who their Mate is. Fey are the same way, only they’re not so picky about their Mate’s happiness as Veela are. Merfolk are pretty much the same as Fey…”

            “But yet we fit none of these.”


            “We, Dragons, are intimately tied to a species that not only mates for life, but will perish without their chosen mate.”

            “None of which is helping me understand why you don’t need Gin to live?”

            “We however can survive, if our mate is happy, therefore, I am content to wait for her.”

            Hermione narrowed suspicious orange eyes, “liar”

            “Yeah, well, you don’t have to tell anyone.”

            Hermione snorted, “So you’re positive you don’t want me to work on breaking Gin and Harry up.”


            “And you know that you are being entirely too selfless.”

            He shrugged modestly, “It’s what I do best.”

            “And you also know that Ginny would probably thank me in the long run if I tied Harry up, shoved you and her in a broom closet together and forgot about the two of you.”

            Anthony shook his head, “No trickery,” he paused, “Or at least minimal trickery” he amended thoughtfully.

            “So I suppose accidentally Vanishing you both to Tahiti for a few weeks is out of the question too.”

            “It might raise some eyebrows.”

            Hermione threw up her hands in defeat, “I throw my hands at you.” She stated, “You’re absolutely hopeless.”

            “It’s why you love me.”

            “Shut up,”

            “Want to go practice some more in the Room of Requirement? The others are probably already there.”

            Hermione considered it for a moment; a migraine throbbed in her right temple, “Do I ever

            Together the Siblings trekked off, love troubles temporarily forgotten in th promise of new challenges in training.


Mmk, so like i said earlier, if you didn't understand, give me a shout out, I'll see what I can do. And the juices are flowing, so look for another update soon.

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