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Great news everybody! My mom's going back to school! She's gonna get her high school diploma and is aiming to get a job afterwards! She's really happy and I'm super proud of her and all, but, well....... She's gonna be on the internet like a lot so yeah. But on the bright side, look! More Lucy! Yaaaaaay! More laters! Happy Reading!

"Gotcha!" Lucy threw her arms around the neck of a huge, shaggy black dog. It immediately went into panic mode, desperately trying to get Lucy off of its back. Lucy laughed softly and began scratching the dog behind its ears. It sunk to the ground without the barest hint of protest, letting her continue on. Lucy scratched and petted the dog, smiling easily. She hadn't been able to sleep that night and she knew that the guys were out doing something, so Lucy had set out to find them. Instead, Lucy had come across this dog in the hallway. It didn't look like it belonged here, and was extremely cautious for some reason. But Lucy had outsmarted the dog. She had snuck through a shortcut, waited until the dog went past, and jumped onto it, arms around its neck.

The dog's tail was wagging speedily, a doggy smile on his face. Lucy continued scratching and petting the dog all over, as well as giving him kisses all over his great black head and rubbing her face in his side.

"You're a good boy, aren't you? So pretty." Lucy said softly, in the same gentle, soothing tone she'd used with the little brown rat from the train. "What're you doing here, huh, boy? Did you loose something? Are you looking for someone?" The dog's tail wagging increased as Lucy found a place on his neck that was particularly sensitive. "You like that, do you, boy?" The dog barked in agreement, causing Lucy to laugh again. "Lucy found your special place, huh?" She paused. "Most dogs have it behind their ears." Lucy shrugged and continued petting the dog. "You're special then, aren't you, boy? Yes you are!" Footsteps approached quickly and Lucy froze. "Don't move. Don't make a sound." She commanded the dog. Lucy held the dog by the neck again, careful not to hurt him. She closed her eyes tightly, and an odd thing happened.

A silvery light began to cover the two of them, spreading from Lucy's hands to the dog, then to Lucy herself. It covered them in glowing brilliance, a shimmering light settling over them like snow on a cold winter's day. The light was so bright that neither Lucy nor the dog could see anything for a long moment. Then an odd warmth enveloped the pair, the silver light dimmed just enough for them to be able to see around them in perfect clarity. The two shone with the silver light, more beautiful than stars.

"Who's here?" An angry voice demanded. Argus Filch, a squib. He was Hogwarts' own caretaker, and had been for years. He, along with his not-so-young-or-little kitten Mrs. Norris, made up a dangerous duo, out to punish students with insane severity.

The dog stiffened in Lucy's arms. She held it close to her, gently smoothing its fur and whispering soft words of encouragement, all the while coaxing it to remain still. The dog obliged, eyes trained on Filch and Mrs. Norris.

"Where are you? I know I heard someone in these halls! And a dog!" Filch whirled around in place, looking everywhere for the noisemakers he'd heard. He began checking the empty classrooms. "Find them, Mrs. Norris. If anyone can, it's you. Everyone knows that nothing escapes your vision." The dog trembled some in Lucy's arms. Lucy stroked it softy, all the while murmuring praises to it for keeping so still under both Filch's and Mrs. Norris' scrutiny.

Filch banged the last classroom door shut fiercely, anger radiating off him in waves, furious that he'd lost the trouble makers so quickly. "Come on, Mrs. Norris! We'll find them yet! This way!" Filch lead Mrs. Norris away from them quickly. Both Lucy and the dog could hear him slamming doors and cursing fiercely.

After a long time, long, long after Filch's footsteps had faded and early morning light was beginning to color the sky, Lucy released the dog.

"Good boy." She murmured softly, stroking its fur. She kissed his head, relief pouring out of her. "Good boy." Lucy repeated, thanking the dog. Lucy stood and held out her arm, open hand aimed at the dog. A beam of silvery light shot out of her hand, winding itself around the dog's neck. The light formed a magnificent collar and leash that fit the dog perfectly. If it was possible, the dog looked shocked beyond belief.

Lucy had to laugh at the expression on the dog's face.

"C'mon, boy, I'm taking you someplace safe." Lucy led the dog through the corridors and into Gryffindor Tower. She led it past the common room and girls' staircase straight up the boys'. "You'll be staying with some friends of mine. James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Their room is right........ here." Lucy pushed open the door to the guys' room quietly. She waited until the dog was inside to close and magically lock the door behind them.

"James! Sirius! Remus! Peter!" Lucy hissed. "Wake up!" Nothing. "Look out it's Filch coming with Mrs. Norris!" James, Remus, and Peter shot up in bed, looking properly terrified. When they saw it was just Lucy their expressions went from looks of horror to glares of annoyance.

"We were sleeping, you know." James hissed at Lucy, who was laughing.

"Yeah, we just came back from a full night of trouble-making not to long ago." Remus said, yawning.

"It's five in the morning!" Peter agreed loudly. Lucy just rolled her eyes.

"I found this dog." She said, as if that explained everything. Which, in this case, it did.

James, Remus, and Peter's eyes swiveled to the dog who was sitting next to Lucy. It was then that they noticed the odd silver glow around the both of them.

"What the—?!" The three boys said in unison, staring. Lucy looked down at herself and laughed.

"Sorry, forgot." Lucy closed her eyes. She held her closed fists out in front of her, whipping them open quickly at the same time. The sliver light flew from her, the dog, and the magically created collar and leash into her hands like rushing water. When the last drop of light was in her hands they snapped shut, as if on their own accord. When Lucy opened her eyes and hands again, the room was dark and dimly lit, as a room should be at so early a time. Lucy smiled broadly and flicked on the light, which sent the three boys ducking under their covers in agony.

Lucy laughed again. "Anyway, I need you guys to take care of this guy. Send him home to one of your parents or something. Just make sure you don't get caught, because Filch is out for this dog's blood....... Isn't that right boy?" Lucy kneeled and rubbed the dog's head affectionately. Its tail began wagging madly, earning another laugh from Lucy. She straightened and looked around, suddenly noticing something. "Where's Sirius?" The room went deadly quiet, even the dog's panting coming to an abrupt end. "You know what, I don't want to know. Just as long as he doesn't get himself into trouble and is back by breakfast, okay? Whatever he did, I'll take care of it later." The dog padded over to Sirius' bed and went straight for the covers. Lucy laughed and shook her head.

"I swear, you could be Sirius. You sure remind me of him." The room, if possible, got quieter. Lucy didn't notice this, though—or  pretended not to, anyway. "Well then, g'nite all. Sleep tight, see you in the morning, and do something about the dog. I'd keep him, but........" Lucy trailed off, and all three boys, as well as the dog, could see something bad lurking just behind her eyes. It troubled them greatly but, before anyone could voice their concerns, the look was wiped away, replaced with the usual Lucy smile. "See you in the morning!"


"Open your books to page 734 and read everything on Wild Magic. An essay will be due in two weeks' time. One foot three inches long. You may begin working on it." The class groaned, but set to work. It was History of Magic, and Professor Binns had just assigned an essay for the class. Apparently Dumbledore had made him change the two weeks' worth of class to study this, as Binns usually just ranted on about, well, the history of magic. Happy though the class was at the change of pace, no one wanted to write an essay. "Don't blame me." Binns said in his usual monotone. "Headmaster Dumbledore insisted I do this. Said it was important for this generation." Binns said no more and sat back down in his desk. The class began working.

Lucy flipped to page 734 and began reading.

Wild Magic is something not seen in the Wizarding World for many generations already. It seems to have disappeared along with Merlin, if that is possible. How, the world may never know. It is said that Wild Magic existed even before Time was created, and would continue on even after Time has finished.

Wild Magic is said to be the most powerful magic that ever existed, as well as the most powerful. Wild Magic does in fact exist, and has been proven to be so by the greatest of witches and wizards. Throughout magic's past, bearers and controllers of Wild Magic have proved again and again its existence. Wild Magic is, quite possibly, the only type of magic known to the Wizarding World that can be almost impossible to control.

Wild Magic is the purest magic known to man. No other magic can compete with the raw power of a Master of Wild Magic. Many born with the power of Wild Magic die almost instantly, or die as they try to develop their powers. Very few have survived and learned to control the power of the Wild Magic contained just under their skin, in their very cores. Even fewer become Masters.

Those who become Masters find that ordinary magic can be done with the simplest thought or inclination. Even a feeling can explode into Wild Magic. Masters of Wild Magic must exercise great caution with their impulses, as nearly anything dealing with Wild Magic can either kill them, or strip them of their magic. That is not to say that all Squibs were once Wild Magicians.

Wild Magic, if in the right hands, can bring peace to the world. Wild Magicians can protect and save almost everything and everyone they chance upon, not matter how large the problem. Wild Magicians can bring a person back from the very brink of Death, although none have been known to bring one back from it. Wild Magicians can speak to animals, plants, even the very Earth itself. Wild Magicians can control weather, people, even alter the future, if they so choose.

There have been Wild Magicians who have, shall we say, 'a foot on both sides'. This expression is not to be used lightly, as it is truly impossible to determine the danger, or the 'sides' the Wild Magicians stand on. If a Wild Magician chose to, he or she could watch your every move inside his or her mind, and you will never know of it. There have also been Wild Magicians who see into the future of others, so far that they visit even their children and explore their lives, before they're even born. For example, a Wild Magician would be able to see your future, even past your death. But not only that, the Wild Magician could also watch your children's lives unfold. And, should this Magician not like something they see, they could change it. But only if it will benefit others. Wild Magic has  rarely be accessed for evil, although it is quite possible.

If you were to research Wild Magic, you would find that not many witches or wizards that possess it used it for evil. In fact, it seems that a true Wild Magician would not even know of their power, let alone acknowledge it. It is only through research and careful questioning that Pure Wild Magicians have been found.

There is, coincidentally, two types of Wild Magicians. The first is an average person of Wild Magic. They can control and use it, but it is hard for them. Accidents happen, whether or not they are controlling their magic. More often than not, these people die as a result of trying to warehouse such a powerful magic within them. If they are not careful, the magic could consume them. This is how many holders of Wild Magic have met their demise. Luckily these live much longer than those who never learn to control their powers, though it is still a sad thing.

The second type of Wild Magician is the pure, unfiltered one. The Wild Magician that is nothing but Wild Magic. The Wild Magician that is in perfect control of their magic their entire life, whether or not they realize it. More often than not, these Wild Magicians never know of their power, strength, or gift. They simply use it because it is familiar to them, and never suspect others as unable to do the same.

Pure Wild Magicians are, ironically, very, very innocent people. They suspect no treachery and are quite forgiving. Trusting, kind....... unaware of dangers. A Pure Wild Magician is always young at heart. They are innocent, childlike spirits who see no evil, though, more often than not, they've been face to face with it. No matter what evils are done to a Pure Wild Magician, they never seem to notice it.

This is not to say that Pure Wild Magicians do not fear. Quite the contrary, actually, as many Pure Wild Magicians live in fear their entire lives. By some odd twist of fate, those gifted with the complete and total Purity of Wild Magic are more often than not those with the most horrid, dangerous lives. Pure Wild Magic seems to be called to those destined with the cruelest of fates. For example, there was one instance where a Pure Wild Magician was raised in a home where the father made 'improper advances' and was later condemned until death for said advances. The odd thing was (and this will prove the innocence of a Pure Wild Magician) that this man was meant to be killed instantly, for the crimes he committed both in and outside of his home were too heinous to believe, and too many to count. The thing that saved his life, was his daughter. She begged and pleaded with the jury to release her father. 'It wasn't his fault! It was an accident! All of it. He didn't mean to!'  The child actually apologized to her father. The jury refused to release the man, instead sentencing him to life in Azkaban. The girl, only a child, really, had to be removed from the courtroom, crying too hard to see. Crying for the man that had almost killed her without mercy.

Pure Wild Magicians have almost no limits to the power, the things, they can do and have. The laws that make certain things impossible, both for average witches and wizards, even average Wild Magicians, do not apply to Pure Wild Magicians. There was one instance where a Pure Wild Magician has walked up and out of the Earth's atmosphere. To observers down on the ground it looked as if the Wild Magician was simply climbing a set of stairs. He continued going until he was nothing be a star in the distance, moving steadily away from the Earth. He came back weeks later, stating that he had been to both the Sun and Pluto, two completely impossible places for anyone to visit. Yet, even under an impressive amount of Veritaserum, the Wild Magician could not say how he had done it, just that he had.

This is another odd trait of the Pure Wild Magician. They do not seem to know how they are able to control their powers, nor notice when they use them.

Another odd trait of the Pure Wild Magicians is the fact that they never believe the fact that they are Pure Wild Magicians. Even presented with facts, even doing any number of impossible things, even while they are talking to animals or forming living creatures out of air, a Pure Wild Magician will never believe that they are what they are said to be. A Pure Wild Magician could spend his or her entire life studying and researching Wild Magic, and they will never, ever believe that they possess it. Not even under Veritaserum will they agree to the obvious fact of their power, as they simply cannot believe it.

Pure Wild Magicians cannot be contained in small places, such as closets, for an extended amount of time. They will begin to panic, and quite possibly hurt themselves. If they remain in such a small space with no means of escape, a Pure Wild Magician just may go mad. Pure Wild Magicians need open space. That is not to say that they need large houses, no. A Pure Wild Magician can live in a small flat in, say, London, just as any other could. But they cannot be locked in a small, contained area for lengths at a time without posing a danger to themselves and others around them. Pure Wild Magicians, as was stated before, are made up entirely of Wild Magic. This means that they need to be outside, and enjoy being outdoors as much as possible. It is said that Pure Wild Magicians are a new type of crossbreed; Wizard and Animal.

It is said that, long, long ago, there were many Pure Wild Magicians. Wild Magic ruled the land, and there was great peace. Nature and Magic lived side by side in perfect harmony. There were no natural disasters, no threats. Even Muggles lived in peace. But, as technology advanced, more and more witches and wizards forgot the magic that they had lived by for so long, thus shutting themselves from it forever. Bad things began happening, things began spiraling out of control. Even Muggles were affected by the time of turmoil that followed this betrayal to both Nature, and Wild Magic. By the time the Wizarding World realized its mistake, though, it was too late. Wild Magic had all but been wiped away.

Fortunately for us, Wild Magic can never be forever erased, or that is what we thought. As said before, no sign of a person bearing the gift of Wild Magic has been found for many generations. It is the hope of the Wizarding World that one will come soon, to restore order and peace, and to heal a much-broken world.......

Wild Magic is too great a topic to be encased into one History book, let alone one book at all. For a more in-depth history of Wild Magic The History of Wild Magic; Pure Wild Magic; The Powers of Wild Magic (Both Pure and Average); How to Recognize Wild Magic; and Pure Wild Magicians are suggested. These books as well as others can give you a greater understanding of Wild Magic and its controllers, as well as lists of traits, powers, and signs that are obvious when encountering Wild Magic.

Lucy sat back in her chair and stared down at her History of Magic book. All those pages, only to be told that they hadn't even scraped at the surface of Wild Magic?! Impossible! How much more could there possibly be in the world?! Were there any Wild Magicians in the world yet? The book said that there hadn't been one in generations, but what if a Wild Magician had been born after the book was published? Was it possible that there was a Wild Magician here at Hogwarts? What about a Pure Wild Magician?

"C'mon Whit. It's time to go." Lucy jumped, startled out of her thoughts by Remus' hand on her shoulder. Things had gone back to normal between the two of them, the beginning of the year all but forgotten to both of them.

"Okay Fox. I'll be right out." Remus nodded and left. It had been his turn to pull Lucy out of the thoughts she always seemed to sink into during classes. All of them, Lily and the guys, wondered how Lucy managed to stay at the top of their classes (along with Lily and Remus). She always seemed to be off in another world.

Lucy packed up her things, making sure to bookmark the section on Wild Magic. She couldn't help but wonder what else Pure Wild Magicians could do. Lucy wandered out into the hall, mind still rooted firmly in her History of Magic book, a thing that never, ever happened, not once in the History of Hogwarts.

"Whit! Hello, anyone in there?" Lucy jumped again. Remus had been trying to get her attention for quite a while now, James, Sirius, and Peter smirking just behind him.

"What?" Lucy asked, confused.

"Honestly, you go out into space so often it's amazing you know you're own name." Lily said from Lucy's side, startling her. Lily grinned. "Wow, you must really be out of it today, huh?"

"Uh-huh." Lucy agreed absent-mindedly. "What did you thing about that chapter on Wild Magic today?" Lily shrugged.

"Interesting, I guess. I wouldn't mind reading up on it more later on." Lucy nodded, mind wandering back to her History of Magic book.


"Woah! Did you check out the entire library?!" Lily had just walked into her dorm, which was also Lucy's and gotten quite the shock. Piles and piles of library books were all around Lucy's bed, books scattered all over it. The only way Lily could tell that Lucy was in the room at all was because she'd just barely seen the tip of her curly black hair. Lucy was surrounded by books.

Lucy laughed at Lily's comment. "Just about. Everything on Wild Magic, except what's in the Restricted Section. I'm gonna asked Binns for a note, though."

"Wow. You're really interested in Wild Magic, huh?" Lucy nodded vigorously, carefully climbing up to her bed and jumping over to Lily's.

"Yup. Can't say why, but it interests me. Caught my attention." Lucy jumped off of Lily's bed and onto the floor. She looked over to all the books, grinning.

"Aren't you worried about them being late?" Lucy shook her head.

"Nah. I charmed them so that they would return themselves to the library when they're due." Lily looked properly impressed.

"And how are you going to finish them all?" Lucy grinned.

"Easy. I'm not going to sleep, eat, or socialize till they're all done." Lily's eyes widened.

"You're kidding, right?!" Lucy shook her head, curls flying everywhere.

"No way! I want to at least finish half of them!"

"How many books are there?!"

"2, 569." Lucy replied, shrugging as if this were no problem.

"2, 569?!" Lily exclaimed. Lucy nodded.

"That's what I said." Lucy said cheerfully.

"How can our library even have that many books?!"

".......Irma isn't that bad, if you get to know her. I think she likes me. I've helped her fix and reshelf some books before. She showed me some places where there are hidden bookshelves........ Oh, and I used the Room of Requirements."

"Room of Requirements?" Lucy nodded.

"I'll show you later. I think half of these are from there........"


"Lucy's gone mad." Lily announced to James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter later.

"What do you mean?" Asked James, looking concerned.

"You should just see what she did to her part of the room!" Lily exclaimed. "Books, everywhere!" Remus' ears perked up a bit.

"Really?" He asked, excited. "About what?"

"Wild Magic. It's all about Wild Magic." Lucy answered, shaking her head.

"Why Wild Magic?" Sirius asked, confused.

"I don't know!" Lily exclaimed. "She's gone mad!"

"But........ don't you like reading, Lily?" Peter asked.

"Well, yes, but....... oh, if you four could just see it!"

"You could always take a picture, you know." Remus said sensibly. Lily nodded thoughtfully.

"Okay, yeah, that could work." Lily agreed, getting up and leaving. She came back a short while later with a picture. "Here." The four boys crowded around the picture. It was of the room from the doorway. Mountains of books were piled up all around one of the beds, some of them even on the bed. A hand appeared out from behind one of the piles and waved the person away impatiently. "........And she says she's not coming out until she's done with at least half of them!"

"How many are there?" Asked Sirius, eyes wide.

"2, 569!" The four boys eyes grew as wide as dinner plates.

"She's gone mad!" James exclaimed.

"That's what I said!" Lily exclaimed, putting the picture in her pocket. "And she's already finished three!"

"What?!" All four boys exclaimed in unison.

"I know! I was shocked! She's only been for, what, four hours? Maybe more? And she's already through three! And they're not short either, believe me." James whistled low, shaking his head.

"This is gonna be interesting."


It took until Christmas vacation for Lucy to finish half of the books, having to return to the library on several occasions to renew them. 1, 285 books on Wild Magic, all finished, all from the library. It was an impossible feat that Lucy had done. Even Lily and Remus' reading combined wasn't half as fast as Lucy's was. Lucy tore through those books day and night. She scarcely ate a thing and read straight through every class, somehow managing to keep her grades up. Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter were amazed at the rate Lucy was tearing through the books. There was an enchanted board above Lucy's bed that was enchanted to tell her how many books she'd finished. Lily checked this board at least twice a day; when she woke up, and before she went to bed. The numbers kept rising, even through the night, and no matter how hard anyone tried, Lucy would not stop reading. It was the Gryffindor hard-headed stubbornness mixed in with fascination that kept her at her crazy reading, they all knew. Lucy just wouldn't be a Gryffindor if she wasn't stubborn and hard-headed........ at times.

"No way are you done with all those books!" Lily exclaimed when Lucy came down into the common room. Lucy shook her head, yawning.

"Half. 1, 285 books." Lucy collapsed onto a couch, grinning. "All finished."

"And you remember all of it?!" Lucy nodded.

"Yup." Lucy yawned again. "Tired."

"Speaking in monosyllable now, are we?"

"Yes. Lucy speak caveman now. Lucy tired. Lucy read lot book. Lucy steal Lily bed. Lily sleep outside tonight." James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter all burst out into fits of laughter, but Lily paled and ran up the stairs.

"Lucy!" Came the scream from the top of the stairs. The guys stared at Lucy with looks of astonishment mixed with awe and disbelief.

"You didn't!" James whispered. Lucy grinned broadly, eyes gleaming mischievously.

"She did." Sirius confirmed.

"Lucy!" Lily screamed as she stormed down the stairs.

"Watch this." Lucy whispered. She snapped the fingers on her right hand down near the floor, opening her hand as she did so. In the center of her palm a bright light began growing, stopping when it was the size of a Snitch. Lucy closed her hand around the ball of energy tightly and it disappeared within her fingers. She pointed up the stairs with a quick flick of her wrist and a jet of light shot out of her index finger and up the stairs. All this only took a matter of seconds, Lily reaching the common room just as a loud clunk was heard from upstairs.

Lily's emerald eyes were practically on fire as she tore over to Lucy.

"Where. Is. My. Bed!" Lily shouted. Lucy bit back a smile.

"Where it always is. In our room."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN, 'IN OUR ROOM'?! I WAS JUST UP THERE AND IT IS NOT--" Lily disappeared. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter jumped up from their seats, shouting.

"Chill out. She's--" Suddenly pounding footsteps were heard on the stairs again. Lily appeared at the bottom, breathless.

"How did you do that?!" Lily asked, panting.

"Did you find your bed?" Lucy asked, unable to mask the grin stealing across her features.

"Yes I found my--Wait, what?!"

"Your bed."

"I landed on it!"

"I know." Lucy said cheerily.

"But how?!" Lucy shrugged.

"Cause I sent you there."

"But how?! Apparation is impossible within at Hogwarts, and I don't even know how to Apparate!" Lucy shrugged, then yawned again, her next words so distorted by the yawn that Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter couldn't make out what she'd said, except for didn't and silly. Before any of them had a chance to respond to this, Lucy climbed to her feet and hopped up the stairs, calling over her shoulder to Lily.

"Hey Lils, if you wake up on the ceiling tomorrow, would you be mad?"

"Yes! I would be very mad!" Lily yelled after her friend, chasing the younger girl up the stairs to their dorm.

Lucy just laughed.


The next day, Lily did not wake up on the ceiling, though the redhead was especially careful to make sure it was safe for her to get out of bed. When she was sure Lucy hadn't done anything to her bed, Lily hopped out of it, eyes going towards Lucy's bed. Surprisingly enough, Lucy wasn't in it. It was a Saturday, after all........ Not that Lily had ever seen Lucy sleep late, but still. If she wasn't in bed, chances were that she was running around somewhere with the guys......... Or worse, off on her own somewhere doing something that only Merlin himself might be able to guess at. It made Lily smile, though, knowing that Lucy was most likely having fun wherever she was. Especially when Lily thought of the one time she'd visited Lucy's house and had seen her room. The room, though rather big, was crowded horribly and looked extremely uncomfortable and hard to live in. What really bothered Lily, though, was not just the fact that Lucy had refused to give her a straight answer about whether or not she liked living in that attic, but the fact that she had all but begged for Lily not to question her about it. It bothered Lily: That was the first time in the redhead's memory that Lucy had ever withheld something from her—from anybody, she thought.

Lily frowned thoughtfully as she moved to the window, all thoughts flying from her mind as she realized that the small dot out moving on Black Lake was Lucy. Lily's movement after this realization struck home resembled her the way her thoughts had: All but light speed. And why not, what with the fact that Black Lake not only had the Giant Squid sleeping at the bottom, but no one had tested the ice to see if it was safe.

"Lucy! What are you doing out there?" Lily shouted once at the edge of Black Lake. Lucy turned around, looking surprised to see Lily there. Lily's heart beat ten times faster when she took notice of the Giant Squid surfacing just behind Lucy. Lucy must've sensed the Giant Squid's presence, as she turned around with what Lily was shocked to see a huge grin on her face.

Lily watched in complete and utter disbelief as Lucy slowly climbed up the Giant Squid until she was level with its face, climbing on a tentacle to sit on when offered. Though Lily couldn't hear what Lucy was saying, she could've sworn Lucy was having a conversation with the Giant Squid....... The sight of which left her floored.

It wasn't long before James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter arrived on the scene. Instead of panicking, they stood gaping in Lucy's direction just as Lily was. It wasn't too long after this that Lucy looked back and took notice of her five friends' frozen states. She seemed to bid the Giant Squid goodbye just before it slid her all the way across the ice to Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. Lucy hopped to her feet and began brushing herself off with a large grin.

"You five look like you need some hot chocolate. Meet me in the common room, kay?" And with that, Lucy bounded off. James took off after her barely a second later, he keeping her from falling when she turned to look at him. "Thanks Jamie!" She said cheerily, tugging at his sleeve before disappearing into the castle.


"See you next year!" Lucy called, waving to James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. The four boys waved back as they left with their parents. Lucy turned to Lily, a huge grin on her face as Lily's parents walked up to them. Both Lily and Lucy ran at the Evans, hugging them tightly. "Thank you so much!" Lucy exclaimed, voice very much muffled thanks to Mr. Evans' coat. He laughed and hugged Lucy back.

"It's our pleasure, Lucy!"

"Yes, we love having you over." Mrs. Evans agreed as Lily released her and hugged her father, Lucy turning to hug Mrs. Evans.

"Yeah, but still!" Both parents laughed at that, but not in a mean way. The four of them walked over to where Petunia was standing. Lucy greeted Petunia warmly, as she did everyone. Petunia said a stiff hello to her, and nothing to Lily, who looked hurt. Lucy pulled Lily into a one-armed hug as the five of them exited through the barrier. 

Back at the train, James' parents watched Lucy leave from the corners' of their eyes wistfully before turning to say goodbye to Peter and Remus' parents, the letter of whom had edged closer upon guessing that their son wouldn't immediately follow them from the platform as he had before. Remus, though shocked that his parents were there with the group at all, was the only one that had noticed the elder Potters' watching of Lucy. Eyes narrowed slightly in thought, he looked closely at them until something Sirius said got his attention and he was distracted, but not enough to forget to file away what he'd seen for later.
Gotta love that Giant Squid, ey? I mean, it's, well, Giant! (Aaaaaand the Understatement of the Year Award goes tooooo.......) But anyways, it looks like Christmas'll be good for Lucy this year, huh? Here's to hoping this gets accepted ASAP (and that I get better soon, and that my mom doesn't go insane)!
Happy Reading!

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