The newly named Bellatrix Black lay quietly not uttering a single scream, this was odd her mother thought as she stared at the dark haired pale child before her. She had birthed this baby only hours before and it hadn’t cried once. Druella Black stared at the strange little thing and wondered what her child would one day do for the house of Black. She smiled coldly feeling no motherly feelings towards the quite little form. Reaching forward she placed a cool hand on the infants head saying, “You my pretty are a true and Noble Black.” the cold smile once again dawned her face as she began to siphon milk for the thing.

“Mother.” a loud cry behind her warned her of Andromeda’s approach. Her eldest daughter, at the great age of six and a half, walked into the room. “Mum,” she repeated slipping into the dreaded mother nicknames, “can I hold the baby? Please? I really want to she’s so cute.” it was a true statement. Once you got past the cold look on the infants pale face you could admire her full lips, big eyes and nearly full head of jet black hair. She would most likely be a beauty when she was older, Cygnus thought.

“Here.” she told her eldest thrusting the newborn into her arms. “You take care of her for now. Feed her milk from that bottle every time she reaches for it.” she quickly summoned a bottle filled with milk. “I have to go, I need to get cleaned up. Your father will be home soon and we are going out to celebrate the birthing of a new Black. She gave another icy smile stiffly returned the Andromeda’s hug, then left the room.

Andromeda sat with her new baby sister for an hour before getting bored and leaving the infant to fend for herself while she played with her dolls. This was how life started for Bellatrix Black.


Misty wind blew through the cracks of Number 12 Grimmauld Place. A small pale child around four years old sat with her jet black hair covering her thin face. At her side another pale girl similar in features but much healthier looking sat talking animatedly to a tan boy with curly brown hair around the same age as the thin girl.

“And next year I am going to Hogwarts!” The brown haired girl said a pretty flush coloring her cheeks.

“wish I was goin’ to Hagwerts.” said the little boy smiling slightly and showing off two missing front teeth.

“Well Mum wants me to be in Slytherin but I don’t really know if that’s the best house for me. Ravenclaw sounds just marvelous don’t you think?” the boy nodded shaking his head so hard he almost hit the wall behind them.

“You excited for your new sibling Bella?” the boy asked the thin black haired girl who flinched as though he hit her.

“course.” she muttered turning her head away as if to get the image of his happy face out of her mind. At that moment the screaming from the room across from them stopped. They had gotten so used to the sound that it came as a sudden surprise when silence fell. Then the air was split with a new cry, one of life. The child had been born.
“Andromeda! I think the babies been born!” the boy cried and the trio raced into the room to see a tall pale women with long shining hair holding a little screaming infant with a tuft of hair so blonde it was almost white sticking out of the top of its head.

“It’s a girl.” The women gasped moaning a little at the effort. The brown haired rosy child picked up the infant and cleaned it expertly while its mother swished a stick through the air conjuring a bottle of milk which the eldest girl fed to the infant.

“Andromeda, take care of the child. Watch out for Bella and Sirius too.” Andromeda looked at her mother quizzically. “My time is short. The life is leaving me as we speak tell Orion and Walburga to look after you and your sisters. Your father is not competent enough or sane enough to look out for three little girls.” then Andromeda’s mother did something truly unexpected, she reached out one weak arm and pulled her eldest daughter into a warm embrace. Then she did the same with Bella and lastly she hugged the new baby.

“Her name is Narcissa.” she moaned then rough coughs racked her body. Blood began to spew from her mouth.

“Mum, what do you want me to do? I can help!” cried Andromeda.

“No. I am choosing the only freedom I can ever have, death.” gasped the women. The little boy Sirius looked on in horror as his aunt gave a last rattling breath than her eyes lost there light. She was dead. He turned towards Bella as if to hug her, for her comfort or his he didn’t know, but she was staring out the dusty window a smile playing on her lips as she hummed a haunting tune.


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