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Chapter 5: The First Prank


            The Marauders crept into The Witches 4’s dormitory and snatched the school bags lying at the foot of each bed. They hurried back to their own dormitory and dumped the books on the floor.


            “Alight, get started. You all remember the spell?” James asked.


            “Yeah,” Remus replied and tried to ignore his conscience.


            “Moony, they’re going to do something horrible to us too. We’re actually just fighting back.” Sirius patted Remus on the back.


            “Yeah, and they declared war first,” James pointed out.


            “I know.” Remus half-smiled and pulled out his wand.


            “Err—James, I don’t think I’m getting it right.” Peter had turned the book cover purple instead of taking the cover off.


            “Here, it’s like this, Peter.” Remus waved his wand and the cover came off.


            “Excellent. Switch them with the classes they have in the afternoon,” James reminded them.


            After they were done, they stuffed the books back in the bags and placed them back in the exact spot they found them. The Marauders didn’t make mistakes.





“Evans! I don’t need this from you too. You’re a prefect!”  Professor McGonagall thundered. Lily’s eyes widened and she opened her mouth desperately. The words “It’s Potter’s fault!” were at the tip of her tongue.  “All’s fair in love and war.” The annoying voice in her head whispered jeeringly. She bit her tongue and couldn’t do anything but hang her head in shame. The Marauders sniggered quietly in the corner.


            “Now, get an extra book from the cupboard or look on with someone else!” she snapped.


Professor McGonagall had heard three—now four, cries of disbelief when each of the Witches 4 opened their textbook and found that the content was not what the cover promised. Their supposed Transfiguration books contained the pages of their Astronomy book. All of their book’s covers had been switched. They couldn’t switch them back because they were all mixed up coordinately to their schedule. The pages of Transfiguration were probably in their Astronomy books, which they didn’t need until the afternoon, therefore, were in their dormitory. This had been going on all morning in Charms, Potions, and now this.


            “Yes, professor,” Lily mumbled and shuffled over to the cupboard where the shabby extra Transfiguration books were kept. She exchanged glances with Brittney, Jessilyn, and Helena, who were all getting extra books.


            “I can’t believe it!” Helena huffed.


            “I can,” Lily said darkly.


            “You’ll get used to it,” Jessilyn whispered.


            “Maybe this was a bad idea,” Brittney worried.


            “Our revenge will make up for it,” Lily promised.


            “Take your seats or you’ll all have detention for a week!” Professor McGonagall barked. They rushed to their seats.


            Class ticked by while they struggled to transfigure a book into a teapot. It finally ended with the assignment of a three page essay. 


            “Honestly, three pages?” Jessilyn complained, already forgetting about the book mishap.


            “Looks like the little prefect finally got in trouble,” Jenny Hastings jeered as she walked by with Laura.


            “Was it your work, James?” Laura asked admiringly.


            “We never boast about our work,” James answered with a smirk.


            “Oh please, Potter. Don’t you think it’s a little too late to be modest?” Lily said scornfully.


            “Modest? No, I just don’t like to show off. Unlike you,” James said coolly.


            “We should go fix the rest of our books.” Brittney tugged on Lily’s arm.


            “Yeah, we have Potions next and I left my other books in our dormitory,” Helena added, also sensing a Lily vs. James dual in the corridor. Lily allowed herself to be tugged away.


            “Hey, wait! Jessilyn, we’re going to be in the headquarters today to work on The Plan,” Sirius told her.


            “I’ll be there.” Jessilyn nodded and took off after the others.








            “We can do it tonight,” Jessilyn announced triumphantly when they were all settled into their dormitory.


            “Perfect. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces!” Helena cried.


            “Are you sure it’ll take at least an hour to grow back?” Brittney asked, pulling out the pranking checklist.


            “Always trust Penelope’s Perfect Permanent Hair Removal,” Jessilyn answered.


            “Lily, is the camera ready?” Brittney asked.


            “Of course.” Lily held up the camera.


            “Good.” Brittney checked it off from the list.


            “Now, what?” Helena said after a minute.


            “Now, we wait.” Jessilyn flopped back on her bed and pulled out the three page essay they were assigned. The others followed and waited.








            The door of The Marauder’s lavatory creaked open as Jessilyn stuck her head in. She gave the signal to the others and soon they were all crowded around the shower. They took the bottles of shampoo and added Penelope’s Perfect Permanent Hair Removal.


            “Alight, let’s get out of here.” Brittney placed the shampoo bottle back inside the shower.


            “Wait.” Jessilyn pointed her wand at the bottle and muttered under her breath. “Just in case they decide to check,” she explained. Lily nodded approvingly and did to the same to the other bottle. Then they all filed out and retreated back to their dormitory, waiting for the cry of surprise in the morning.

Dear Readers,
What did you think? Thanks for being patient with the updates. The next one is coming up soon. I hope you like the new, neater, version. :D
Hogwarts Cupid <3 <---


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