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Lily walked against the cool wind with her red hair completely in her face. She knew 

there was something changed about that boy. That certain hazel eyed raven haired boy. Lily shook her head, how could she be thinking of the guy that annoyed her to death?, she thought.

Maybe there was something different about him. For one thing James Potter became head boy.” Professor Dumbledore must have been crazy." she muttered. 

He had grown mature, he took things seriously now and.........James Potter did not ask Lily Evans out anymore.

Lily wondered why, but mentally slapped herself for thinking for asking God such a thing. James was now kind towards her, he was sweet and loving and he wasn't half bad looking either.

Why was Lily thinking such things? Why, and above all why him???

She recalled a flashback earlier at the end of sixth year.

"Hey Evans, now will you go out with me?"
Lily was raging; this was not the first time he asked in the whole minute! 

James faked a sad look and said," Oh, that’s no fun."

Lily's temper was raging.

"Potter, stop asking me out! I am sick of it! If you want to please me do not, I repeat not, ask me out again!" 

The look on James' face was unforgettable, sad, dejected.
Lily blushed a little bit about that flashback. She actually couldn't believe he listened to her.

Why him???

Was it that she, Lily Evans, was actually wanting James to ask her out again?

Was it that she wanted to run to him and kiss him senselessly?

No, she thought, you are just wondering why he has changed, that’s all.
Yet Lily found herself liking the change in him. 

Of course he was the same old James but now once Lily started talking to him, she realized there was more to him. More than just a arrogant, prankster boy. 

Suddenly she came to a conclusion, and she knew it was there from the moment she really knew he changed, she just never found it.

Lily Marie Evans was finally in love with James Harry Potter.

Lily shuddered at the thought, how could she, after all these years of her rejection?

Sadly it was too late; too late to tell him,
 yes I want to go out with you.

Yes I want to be with you.

Yes you.
Suddenly she saw James walking and happily talking with a girl.
Lily’s insides flared but on the outside she was calm. If she went to them and start yelling there might be weirdness.

Suddenly she saw something awful; the girl kissed James on the lips, flat on the lips.
Lily gasped and felt tears coming to her eyes.

She realizes she loves him and then her hopes are broken. Lily Marie Evans must have the worst luck.

She forcefully looked back at the scene, and saw James not moving during the kiss.

Heck, he was not even moving his lips or his body, or anything really.

Lily took a few seconds of thinking and saw that James was under a body-bind curse.

Lily immediately walked over and took the curse off of him. She glared at the girl with the fieriest glare on Earth. 

Lily spoke with a harsh voice," 50 points will be taken from your house for cursing a student. You will also get a detention and possible an expulsion!"

The girl looked an utter fear and her black hair whirled around as she ran.

Meanwhile James was gasping for breath and finally looked up to see a beautiful redhead.

"Lily?"Lily nodded.

"What happened?" James had a very curious expression on his face.

Lily  had to mentally slap herself  for staring, but she answered, “You were under a body-bind curse from that girl. You were not moving and she was kissing you and I thought you were kissing back when I saw you were not moving and..."

Oh God, Lily was babbling and she never babbles unless she is nervous. She went tomato red after that.

How could she say that he was not moving twice, not once but twice? Of course he was not moving! She was pathetic.

James looked at Lily with kind eyes," So you saved me from the evil Chang?"

Lily nodded, again, twice.

"Thanks.” Awkward silence.

"You’re Welcome." Awkward silence.

They both stood up but there was a big rock and Lily fell. James tried to catch her. He ended up falling too. 
Soon they were in an awkward position, outside where they were only ones outside, which made things more awkward.

Lily was on top of James with her hands on his formed chest. James was lying on his back his hands on her waist.

They looked into each other’s eyes deeply and Lily found herself getting closer.

Finally she couldn't take it anymore and kissed him flat on the lips. James was surprised but not hesitant.

Not only did Lily start the kiss but she was the one asking for permission in his mouth first. Lily did not understand herself now.

James smirked.

Lily was really starting to beg now and she thought, does he like to torture me?
Finally he let her in and their tongues were battling against each other. Lily put her hand in his hair while the other hand went on his cheek.

James' hands were firmly on her waist. The kiss would have gone on longer if it were not for breathing issues.

Lily looked at James with loving, yet satisfied eyes.

"Umm, James?"
James looked at her with intent eyes which showed that he was listening.

"I love you." Why did she just say that? Sure she meant it but how could she say it, she thought.

James smiled a very huge grin but responded," Took you long enough. I love you too. You know I always will."

In each other’s eyes they meant could see the other meant what they said.

With that out of the way, they kissed again and went back to the castle, new happiness in their futures.

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