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I felt kind of stupid. Just staring at him, frozen to the spot, but I couldn't take my eyes away as much as my heart was aching right now. I knew if they saw me they would think I was the creepiest girl ever, and Remus would  probably just throw another tantrum or something along those lines, but he just looked so... sad.

He sat in the corner, his head resting against the window watching as the trees whizzed past. His expression sullen, his body slouched. I couldn't see his eyes, and part of me was glad because they would probably just hurt me more. I just wanted to rush in there and curl up in his arms, and say something to make everything okay, but I I knew I couldn't.

I shouldn't feel this bad. I really shouldn't. He had hurt me first after all. He was the one who had broken the tie between us that included the 'no cheating' clause. We were broken up, and I still didn't understand why I still felt so guilty. It might have to do with the fact that I had slept with his best friend.

Speaking of whom, was completely the opposite of Remus at the moment. Sirius and James were laughing hysterically at something that had been said. James even went so far as to slapping his knee.

I should leave. I shouldn't just be standing here staring through the door's window. They would notice me eventually --- .

Sirius' laughter suddenly stopped, and I tore my eyes away from Remus, the abrupt sound change startling me. My cheeks burned as I saw Sirius staring at me. He seemed to be searching my expression, and I tugged at my sleeve uncomfortably. Then he glanced at Remus, and back to me. James, Remus, and Peter (who was sitting awkwardly in the corner) hadn't noticed.

After a few seconds (which felt like hours), I finally tore my feet from the place were I stood, and walked hurriedly away. I hurried down the corridor until I got back to my compartment where Marlene was talking to two good friends of ours; Jakarta and Colleen.

I pushed my way through the door and sat beside Marlene with a sigh.

"What's up, girly?" Marlene said with a smile that faltered a bit upon seeing my face. I wasn't sure what emotion I was displaying. She wrapped an arm around me squeezing me.

"I saw Remus." I said quietly. Jakarta (or Jack) reached out and squeezed my knee sympathetically, I smiled at her. "No, I think I'll be okay. It's just a little hard."

"Of course it is. But it'll get better." Colleen said reassuringly. Marlene must have told them about the breakup.

I sighed pushing it out of my mind. "I hope you're right." Then there was an awkward silence.

"So, anyway!" Marlene said. "Who's looking forward to classes?" All of us groaned.


"I must say, I did miss the food!" Jack exclaimed as she quickly began shoveling food onto her plate as soon as it appeared.

Marlene, Colleen, and I laughed. "Doesn't your mum cook?"

"Are you kidding me?" She said spraying bits of food on the table as she talked through a mouthful of food. "She's a horrible cook!"

"I know how you feel." I chuckled. "My dad tries, but he does not succeed."

"Haaa. It stinks. I become so malnurished!" We all cracked up, because her cheeks looked like a chipmunk's.

Lily Evans suddenly appeared at my side. "Hey you guys." She said brushing her fiery hair out of her eyes, and taking a big breath.

"Where have you been, Lils'?" Marlene asked leaning around me to look at her.

"Head Girl stuff." She said. "Guess who is Head Boy?!"

"Who?" I asked through a mouthful of food. I really couldn't make fun of Jack for eating so much, because I ate just as much as she did.

"James freakin' Potter!" Her cheeks touched with pink and I couldn't tell if it was from anger or not. Her voice didn't have the same edge it usually did. No one else seemed to notice though.

"Oh my gosh!" Marlene.

"Are you serious?!" Jack.

"No way!" Colleen.

"I know! It's so horrible." Lily exclaimed scooping some food onto her plate. Her hair was about to dip into a sauce and I pulled it back for her just as James himself practically skipped over and squeezed himself between Lily and I.

"Ow, Potter!" Protested Lily and I, and then Marlene as I was squished against her.

"So, ladies." James said wrapping his arm around Lily (did anyone else notice how she hesitated before she pushed it away?). "There is the annual back to school party tonight. Are you all attending?"

"For sure!" Both Jakarta, and Marlene piped up. I thought for a second, Remus was going to be there... Would  it hurt? I decided it would hurt more staying back by myself then going. What were the odds of having to talk to him there anyway? All of the 5th, 6th, and 7th years were going to be there. For every house! That's so many people.

"Count me in." I said, with a smile. Marlene squeezed my hand with a smile.

"Lily-bear?" James said looking at her lovingly, and hopefully.

"Okay, a. don't call me that. And b. I guess I am if everyone else is." James started hopping up and down like a child.

"Yes!" He said so loudly that a few people turned around and gave him a weird look, but seeing who it was they simply smiled and turned back around.

"James!" Giggled a girl coming up behind him and leaning over to touch his shoulder so her boobs looked bigger.

"Hey, Ginger." Now I know that the others had to see the flash of anger in Lily's eyes, but they kept going about their business, so I guess they hadn't...

"I'll see you at the party, right?" She was so stupid. It was his party, why wouldn't he be there?

"Of course." He said turning to look at her, smilng.

"Save me a dance." She said with a wink before walking away, strutting was more like it.

James turned back to Lily, and smiled at her. "See you there, love." Then he leaned down and quickly pecked her on  the cheek, hurrying off before she could slap him. Her cheeks turned pink and she didn't even comment on what happened. This is when the others finally noticed something.


We were seriously late to the party, but we all just decided that we were going to say we wanted to be 'fashionably late' and not admit  to the fact that we couldn't figure out what to wear. After about to hours though, we'd gotten it down:

Lily was wearing a pretty green V-neck shirt with a white tank top underneath, jeans and green flipflops (always the conservative). However simple, her outfit sounds, she looked absolutely stunning.

Marlene was in light blue shorts (they were just that - SHORT) a black tank top and sparkly light blue flats. Of course, her normally good looking legs looked amazing. Her golden hair was up in some style that looked simple but had taken her forever to do.

Jack was wearing shorts too, and a red V-neck (which looked nice with her brunette hair), only she didn't wear a tank top under it.

Colleen wore what she normally did (a pretty sundress), not bothering dressing up (to her, a sundress is casual), but she opted for wearing her contacts instead of her glasses.

I wore a black miniskirt with small pink flowers (mid-thigh), a pink tank, and black heels. The girls that I should  look sexy and make Remus regret ever breaking up with me. I really didn't want to do that, I felt bad enough already, but they told me looking sexy would make me feel better, so I ended up giving in.

We reached the Room of Requirement and could already hear the pulsing music before we even opened the door. After, we stood in awe looking at the amazingly decorated room.

There were different platforms. The first was the largest, and the dance floor where already tons of bodies were smooshed together. Then, along the walls, there were assorted platforms about two feet higher off the ground with couches and punch bowls (though I figured they weren't holding fruit punch).

The lighting was amazing. Colorful lights light the floors, and they moved around, disco balls placed around on the extremely high ceilings.

"Wow." Breathed Marlene next to me.

"Wow, indeed." Jack said in agreement.

"James really outdid himself." I said in awe.

"That he did." Lily added in.

"Jack!" Collin Ambers exclaimed spotting us. Jack beamed.

"Hey, Collin!" She said, and reached out her hand which he immediately took and pulled her away. She waved over her shoulder. Colleen and Lily, smiled at us and headed for the couches, as they left I saw James following after them. I laughed.

"Drinks?" Marlene said turning to me.

"Sure." I said smiling, and she pulled me off towards the punch bowl. I took one sip and I knew I was right about this not being fruit punch. I coughed a little as it went down. "Okay, I'm done."

Marlene laughed. "Never were a big drinker."

"Let's dance!" I exclaimed as one of my favorite songs came on. I grabbed Marlene's hand and pulled her onto the dance floor. I loved to dance! I loved listening to songs and keeping time with their rhythms...

Eventually I felt Marlene be pulled away, and when I glanced over my shoulder I smiled seeing her dancing wildly with some boy. I laughed, and kept on dancing not caring that I was alone.

I felt hands land on my waist, and someone come up behind me. I smiled. Sure mister whoever-you-are, I'd love to dance.

I pushed myself against him swaying my body with his, not knowing or caring who he was. I was surprised at how great he was of a dancer, really surprised. Most guys at Hogwarts couldn't even keep a beat. When I started recieving glares of jealousy from multiple girls after the third song, I turned curiously around and was planning on dancing front-to-front, but I stopped dead  when I saw my dancing partner.

"Sirius!" I yelled. "What the hell?!" He looked confused.


"Why are you dancing with me?" I accused.

"We've danced before..." He said slowly, having to raise his  voice a little over the music.

"That was before - " I stopped myself.

"So, we can't dance now because we've had sex?" My eyes widened.

"Shhh!" I shushed angrily. I glanced around but no one had seemed to notice, they were too busy humping their dancing partners.

"Please, Addison. Just a dance?" He widened his eyes adorably, and gave me the cutest puppy-dog look I'd ever seen. How could I say 'no' to that?

"Fine. Only ONE!" He smiled widely, and I noticed for the first time the dimple in his left cheek.

He moved towards me and placed his hands on my hips and pulled me against him in one quick, smooth motion. My arms instinctively went around his neck and we were dancing again. I couldn't get lost in the rhytm as easily this time, I was looking around. I didn't want him to see... Could he tell that something had happened between me and Sirius if he did? But it was true, Sirius and I had danced before (I actually couldn't believe I hadn't knew right off the bat that it was Sirius whom I was dancing with, he was the best dancer in the school).

"Don't worry." Sirius said whispering in my ear. I felt his hot breath on my cheek. "He's not here. He didn't come, he didn't feel good. You know, full moon tomorrow..." Suddenly I felt relief, and I smiled up at him - his face was only inches away.

"Thank you."

"I just can't have you distracted during the one dance I get to have with you." And he pulled me closer wrapping one of his arms around my waist, holding me. "By the way." He added after a while, "You look incredible tonight."

I was pretty sure we danced for more than just one song...

A/N: So, what did you think? This was again more of a background chapter on her friends and stuff, but a little bit of Sirius coming in! Chapters pick up from here.

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