Chapter 24 After the Hogsmeade attack Voldermort and his Weapon Mages seemed to be laying low. During that time Harry, Hermione, Ginny and Ron's research into a new form of traveling was not going as fast they hoped. They found two spells that could not be affected by anti spells. They weren't easy to cast but if they could learn them they could escape from any situation without worry. A day before the holidays Harry was in his room finishing up on his homework while Destiny played tag with Shawnee" as a pheonix". The door opened and Dumbledore entered. "Good afternoon Harry, and you too Shawnee," Dumbledore said as he smiled at Shawnee whom return as a girl. "Hi Uncle Albus," Shawnee said happily while hugging Dumbledore. "And hello to you little one," Dumbledore said, hugging her back. "I need to talk to your father, why don't you go play with Destiny again," Dumbledore suggested and Shawnee returned to playing tag. Dumbledore turned to Harry. "Any luck with your special project?" Dumbledore asked. "We seem to be almost there. Maybe after another week of practice," Harry said, looking unsure. "Well, I know you will eventually get it right. Now, about your plans for Christmas break," Dumbledore said, changing the subject. "You're not changing our plans for going to Evans Manor tomorrow are you?" Harry asked, looking worried. "No, I wasn't. I was hoping to add another guest, if you don't mind me coming along," Dumbledore said. Shawnee, who must have heard what Dumbledore had said, quickly turned to a girl and ran to her father. "Please Daddy, can Uncle come? Pretty please," Shawnee quickly said innocently. "Well, I can never say no to Shawnee. Alright you can, I was going to ask you anyway," Harry said, suppressing a laugh at his daughter's behavior. "Then I will see you tomorrow. Good night Shawnee," Dumbledore said pleasantly and left as Harry took Shawnee to her room for an early night's rest. The next morning Harry had Shawnee in his arms at the entrance to the school. A not so pleasant voice came from behind him. "Who do we have here? Potty and his little Potty." "Language Malfoy, or haven't you learned your manners yet?" Harry said, turning to Draco. "Why? I don't see any reason," Draco said, not noticing Shawnee's glare. "Malfoy, I suggest you leave before," Harry started to say, noticing Shawnee's dislike towards Draco's teasing. Before he could stop Shawnee Draco was now wearing clown clothes with messy black hair. "Shawnee, I don't think he should have our hair," Harry whispered into her ear. A second later Draco's hair was a fluffy pink color, making both Harry and Shawnee laugh. "Alright, what's is so funny?" Draco said, not noticing his new look. A full sized mirror appeared next to Draco. The previously blonde boy screamed as he ran to his dorm. While Shawnee and Harry were laughing they were interrupted by another voice. "Well you two seem to be having fun," Dumbledore said, coming up behind them. "Uncle!" Shawnee said happily as Harry place her down and she ran up to Dumbledore. "Good morning Shawnee, I see you are making good use of your magic," Dumbledore said, looking amused. "I'm sorry, I know I'm not supposed to use magic," Shawnee said, now realizing what she had done. "It's alright Shawnee, I know you had a good reason, and the last two parts were not your doing," Dumbledore said, turning to a grinning Harry. "Alright. I'm sorry for suggesting the change in hair color and making the mirror appear," Harry said, failing to look like he was apologizing. "And good morning Professor." "And a good morning to you. How are we leaving?" Dumbledore asked. "Portkey of course. No one but me can apparate there," Harry said. As Harry talked to Dumbledore the others who would be leaving Hogwarts arrived. "Uncle Ron, Auntie Hermione, Auntie Ginny!" Shawnee said. She had decided to call everyone Auntie or Uncle, except for Harry. "Hello Shawnee," they said, each giving Shawnee a hug. "All our things are shrunk and we are ready to go," Hermione said. "Ron, is your family ready?" Harry asked. "Yes, they are waiting for the Portkey," Ron said. "Then I will go and get them. This rope is the Portkey. It will activate in ten minutes so I will have time to get your family." Everyone nodded as Harry apparated with Shawnee. As Harry appeared in the Burrow's parlor he was immediately hugged by Molly. "Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Weasley," Harry said as he was let go. "Good morning to you both. Is everything ready?" Molly asked. "Yes, everything should be. Where are the others?" Harry asked, noticing the absence of the twins. "We're here!" Fred and George said, coming in from the kitchen. "This rope is a Portkey and it will activate in five minutes. I will meet you there sometime after you arrive" Harry said, then apparated to the Evans crypt. Once back in the crypt Shawnee looked sadly at her mom and brother. "I miss them," Shawnee said sadly, with tears in her eyes. "I know Shawnee," Harry said, drying her eyes. "Why don't we put new flowers out?" The old flowers disappeared and new ones took their place. "How does it look?" Shawnee asked. "Good job Shawnee. Everyone will be here in a few minutes. We can come back later and show our friends your mom and brother if you want, alright?" Harry said and Shawnee nodded. Harry apparated them to the front of the Manor. A minute after Shawnee and Harry arrived the others appeared around them. "Welcome to the Evans Manor," Harry said as they all looked around in surprise at the large castle that was almost as big as Hogwarts. "Wow Harry! You didn't tell us it was this big," Ron said, looking awestruck. "Well, let's go in and find a room for each of you. I have over a hundred fifty rooms. You can pick any room you want. Don't worry, they are all updated to this century. Each has a bathroom of it's own. All hallways are connected so you will always find yourself in the front entrance sooner or later," Harry said as he lead everyone inside. The inside of the castle was just like Hogwarts. It had suits of armor lining the hallways, moving paintings, torches lining about the walls, and a number of other items found at the school. The Great Hall threw it's large doors open. "I will meet you there in the next hour. Please look around until then," Harry said as everyone left for their rooms. In a hour Harry was in the Great Hall making plans with Shawnee when both Fred and George arrived. "Neat place Harry," George started. "Are there any secrets to the castle?" Fred asked. "Well, I'm sure Merlin must have added a secret or two. Good luck finding them," Harry said. He smiled as the twins left to find the secrets. In a little while the three Grangers were talking about the magical things that were around in the Manor as they walked into the Great Hall. "Hey Hermione, did I tell you that the Manor is shielded from the Ministry. They can't detect underage magic here," Harry said as Hermione grinned at him. "Thanks for telling me Harry! Now I can show my parents what I can do," Hermione said happily as they continued walking about. As soon as lunch was over Harry had everyone conjure up Christmas decorations and started to decorate the main rooms of the manor with small christmas trees, wreaths, moving magical pictures with Christmas themes, and other christmas items. After an hour of working on the rooms, Dumbledore turned to Harry. "Is it about time to get Sirius and Remus?" he asked. The two decided to come later after finishing some shopping. "No I have an hour left, but I will apparate now to the Leaky Cauldron so I can do some of my shopping. Care to watch over Shawnee?" Harry asked, grinning. Shawnee had just made mess, getting herself tangled in a large pile of colorful streamers, to the amusement of those around her. "I see no problem with that. It will give us some time with her," Dumbledore said, smiling as he went see about Shawnee's predicament. At Diagon Alley all the shops were decorated for the holidays. Everyone was in a good mood as Harry made his way into a number of shops, leaving with tons of shrunken packages. After sitting at the table for a while Sirius and Remus appeared, trying to act normal. "Sorry guys, being normal isn't you. So tell me, what are planning to do to my daughter?" Harry asked, trying to look sternly at them. "Hey, I do act normal. Unlike a certain Godfather of yours," Remus said amusedly. "Hey, I can't help it if I love to pull pranks and train future Marauders," Sirius stopped when he saw Harry glare at him, then quickly changed his words. "When she turns ten. And when I get your permission of course," Sirius said, grinning at the thought. "Great, I'd better keep an eye on both of you," Harry said as Remus protested. "Alright. Are you guys done buying things to corrupt my daughter with? Then here is your Portkey. It will activate sometime in the next six years so you can show my daughter what you bought," Harry said, grinning. Before Sirius and Remus could say anything, Harry apparated. Just as their hands automatically went for the rope they were gone. Back at the Evans Manor everyone was putting up the finishing touches on their decorations. Shawnee, who was now streamer free, was enjoying herself by helping to conjure more christmas items to help the adults. Two large elves appeared in green outfits, including tights, carrying two large red bags, and singing out of tune Christmas songs. It took the adults a minute to release who they were. "Sirius, Remus!" Molly yelled, laughing as well as well as the others. "I'll deck the Halls with Harry," Remus sang, trying to talk normally, making everyone laugh. "Joy to the world, Harry is dead," Sirius sang as Harry appeared. "Well I did warn you both. But since it is the holidays I will let you teach Shawnee some of your tricks. Not many of them and only during this time, do I make myself clear?" Harry said as he looked to Sirius. "Oh come all ye faithful, I will do it," Sirius sang as Harry wave his hand and they were back to normal as Harry apparated away with Shawnee. Harry appeared back in Evans crypt. "This will be the last place they look," Harry said, suppressing a laugh. "Daddy, that was funny," Shawnee said, laughing. "I know, come on. I want to check something" Harry said as he lead Shawnee through the right wall. Back in Shawnee's secret room Harry looked around. He had never had a chance to look at the room closely before. "Shawnee, here are some of your things," Harry said, opening a chest of toys then another of clothes. "Can I keep the toys Daddy? I don't care for the clothes," Shawnee said, looking over her old things. Harry nodded, looking them over then shrinking them to place them into Shawnee's pocket. Once Shawnee's things were secured Harry sat with Shawnee on her bed. "Shawnee, I don't want you to take Uncle Sirius' jokes seriously. What ever your Uncle teaches you, I want you to only practice on Uncle Sirius, Lupin, or a troublemaking Slytherin. So no one else alright?" Harry said and Shawnee nodded. "I promise," Shawnee said shyly. "That's a good girl, now," Before Harry could continue he turned to the fake wall. "Great they are outside the crypt." "It's Auntie Hermione and Uncle Ron," Shawnee said, looking at wall. "Shawnee, can you feel others like me?" Harry asked and Shawnee nodded. "Hmm, if you can sense magic then here is a spell you can use. It will erase all traces of magic on a item, especially the magic that is on foods." Once Shawnee learned the spell Harry focused again on the wall. "Hmm, I think I will do it," Harry said. "Do what Daddy?" Shawnee asked. "I will look like a ghost, Shawnee. Don't be afraid alright? I want to cast a invisible spell on you. Don't worry, I will know where you will be, but stay near me, alright?" Shawnee nodded as Harry cast both spells and grinned as he felt his two friends enter the crypt. Ron and Hermione entered the crypt. "Are you sure they are in here?" Ron asked, not feeling so great being in here. "I guess not, it looks like no one is here," Hermione said as she looked about. She froze when a cold air rush through the crypt. "What was that?" Ron said, shivering. "I think we'd better," Hermione stopped when she and Ron noticed a silver mist coming out of the middle coffin. "Is that Harry's body from the past?" Ron said. "Ah," Hermione started, but quickly stopped as the mist took shape, and a ghost of an older Harry appeared. "Who disturbs my sleep?" Harry said calmly. "Sorry we disturbed you, we will be on our way," Hermione said, quickly dragging a frozen Ron away, not hearing the laughter from Shawnee and Harry. Back in the Manor Hermione and Ron didn't stop running until they were with the others. "Hey! Where's the fire? You both look like you've seen a ghost," Remus said. "Uh, we did, and it's in there," Ron said, pointing to the ghost of Harry that had just floated through the wall. Everyone looked shocked at the ghost. The shock quickly turned into grins. They noticed a smaller ghost skipping around. "Harry Potter! That is not very nice," Hermione said, realizing Harry had fooled them. "Shawnee, I told you to stay invisible," Harry said, smiling at the playful ghost. "But this is more fun," Shawnee said, running through things. "Alright, joke's over," Dumbledore said and Harry and Shawnee returned to normal. Once Harry and Shawnee had apologized to everyone they went to work on finishing the decorations. By dinner the main rooms were fully decorated for the holidays. The day before Christmas Harry was just finishing his gift wrapping in his room when his gifts vanished. "Now Shawnee, I know you are there. Weren't you supposed to stay with your aunts?" Harry asked an invisible Shawnee. "Sorry Daddy, but Auntie Ginny thought you were done and wanted me to get you for lunch," Shawnee said, appearing. "It's alright, I'm all done. Next time use the door, alright?" Harry lightly scolded and Shawnee nodded. Harry took her in his arms and left his room. Talk was abundant down in the Great Hall as all who were staying at the Manor were sitting at the tables. "Guess who I found sneaking into my room to check her presents," Harry said as he sat down while holding Shawnee. "You know it's your fault for using the invisible charm on her," Remus said. "And the one to turn you into a ghost," Hermione added. Shawnee was using the spells to sneak up on people or to hide if she thought she was in trouble. "I know, I know. At least she can use them to hide or escape from Death Eaters," Harry said, trying look on the bright side. "Yes, you are right Harry, that would be a useful trick," Dumbledore agreed then turned to Shawnee. "Now, Shawnee, try not to do this again, alright?" Shawnee nodded. "I will try to remember Uncle Albus." "Now that that's settled let's eat," Molly said as the food appeared and everyone ate. After an afternoon of Quidditch everyone had separated to be on their own. Sirius and Remus took Shawnee with them to teach her in the ways of being a Marauder. Harry didn't like this idea but since his talk with Shawnee she had kept her promise only to prank on Sirius or Remus. Harry had no choice but to allow the two to borrow Shawnee. Once alone Harry went into his large library in the Manor to catch up on some reading. As soon as he sat on a large couch the door opened and Hermione entered. "Oh Hi Harry, do you mind if I do some reading too?" Hermione asked hopefully. "Go right ahead, I don't mind," Harry said as Hermione sat on another couch. For a while the two sat quietly until Hermione spoke. "You and Shawnee get along well, don't you Harry?" "Well yes. Shawnee is my only family that cares about me," Harry said, wondering why she was bringing this up. "Ah Harry I was wondering if you-would-go-out-with-me," Hermione said quickly, blushing bright red. "What was that?" Harry asked, knowing what she had said. "Would you go out with me Harry?" Hermione finally said as Harry sat up, looking at Hermione. "Hermione, you won't be jealous of my attention towards Shawnie, would you?" Harry asked. "Harry, I like Shawnie. I know how much you and Shawnie care about each other and if you still have feelings for Shawnie, I will understand if..." Harry quickly stopped her. "Hermione, both Shawnie and I knew once I returned to the future we would both try again to start another relationship. We had both accepted this as long as we still remember our love for each other. I would love to go out with you." "You mean it?" Hermione asked and Harry nodded. Hermione went over to Harry and hugged him. As Harry and Hermione sat closely the door to the library quickly open and they separated quickly. "Harry James Potter, get Shawnee Potter to reverse this spell," Sirius said as he came over to Harry. "What spell?" Harry said, suppressing a laugh at seeing both Sirius and Remus covered with feathers. "You know what I'm talking about," Sirius said, pointing to the feathers. "Oh that? I didn't notice," Harry said, now laughing out right with Hermione. "Alright, I'll get Shawnee now. Hmm, where is she?" "Harry, I'm still waiting," Sirius said after a few very impatient minutes of waiting. "Ok, ok, I think they've had enough Shawnee," Harry said, turning around. Shawnee was hiding behind the couch. "Awe, Daddy, can't we keep them like that?" Shawnee said sadly. "No Shawnee, they have jobs to go to. I don't think they want to go like that," Harry said, failing to sound like he meant it. "OK Daddy, I will remove it," Shawnee said and with a wave from her hand the feathers were gone. "Now with that out of the way, Remus can you hold her," Sirius said, coming up to Shawnee. "With pleasure," Remus said, grinning. He apparated behind Shawnee then to grabbed her. "We'd better punish her away from her father." "Yes we'd better, I don't think there will be witnesses in the Great Hall," Sirius said and they started out of the door. "Daddy help me!" Shawnee said quickly. "Sorry dear, you should have removed the spell sooner," Harry warned as Shawnee was taken out of the room. "I hope they won't over do it," Hermione said. "Don't worry, they will just tickle her until they see a teardrop. They know when to stop. Anyway, I think Shawnee likes it. She could have easily escaped from Remus' grasp," Harry assure Hermione, then came closer to Hermione. That night as Harry started to tuck a now sleepy Shawnee he talked to her. "Now Shawnee, I hope you learned your lesson." "I did, I won't leave the spell on that long anymore," Shawnee said, smiling. "I'm glad, now good night," Harry said, kissing her on the forehead and went to his own room. When Harry got into bed he felt like he should visit Voldemort. He only spent a second in Voldemort's thrown room then he quickly woke up. "Great, why them, why now?" Harry said as he got his armor on and quickly apparated The Death Eaters had already left a while ago. In a familiar room a group of Death Eaters were taunting three family members who were cowering in the corner. "Freaks! Hah you one to talk, we should just get it over with," one said, pointing his wand at the huge man. "No, you remember the plan," another said, but was cut off. "And what plan is that?" Harry said, appearing between the Death Eaters and the family. "The plan to get you here," the first one said, but Harry quickly waved his hand and they went all went flying into the wall, unconscious. "Great it was a trap," Harry said, feeling wards being placed. Once Harry knew what wards were around the house he turned to the frightened family in the corner. "Dursleys, if you all want to live I suggest you all keep quiet," Harry said, but that order was not needed. He noticed their mouths were moving but no sounds came out. "Oh never mind, just stay there," Harry said, then started walking away. He would probably need the room for a fight. As Harry was standing his sword appeared in his hands. "Great, I know they are here, but somehow I can't feel them as much as before." Just as he thought that he felt a presence to the right and swung his sword there and missed but at the same time was kicked hard the ground, making him tumble to the wall. "Great," Harry thought painfully as he got up. "Not bad Golden Mage, I never thought you would have felt us," a voice resounded around Harry, but this time Harry couldn't locate its source. "I had a good teacher, who every you are." Just as he said that he rolled to the side just as a something made a small hole into the wall. "This isn't good, I can only feel them just as they attack," Harry thought, trying to locate the attackers. "Great, I've got to get the Dursleys out," Harry thought as he again dodged an attack. At the same time he got out his wand and shot the spell he was working on at the Dursleys. Once the spell hit the floor under the Dursleys glowed and they fell through. "It worked. I think," Harry thought, but was interrupted by having to dodge more attacks. "That spell, what was it?" the voice sounded. "Like I will tell you," Harry said as he kept dodging attacks. "Great, I can't keep this up." He rolled to the ground and felt himself colliding against someone. When he got up he saw a Mage rising from the ground. "One down, an unknown number to go," Harry said as he slammed the side of his sword just behind the Mage's neck. Once the Mage was unconscious Harry got ready to defend himself again. "That was dumb luck, but you won't be so lucky again," the voice said. "Tell me something, where did you learn to be a Weapon Mage?" Harry asked. "What do you mean learn? Did you not go to that blasted school, since you are a Weapon Mage?" the voice sounded shocked. "Thank you, that is what I wanted to know," Harry said and cast the transport spell on himself. He felt himself being sucked in. "Great this is worse than the floo network." He only could see beams of light surrounding him. After what felt like forever Harry landed on his feet. Within seconds he collapsed to the ground. "Ouch! At least I am where I cast the spell to send me," Harry said as he got up and looked about the darkened Great Hall and at the same time hoping that Dursleys had stayed where he had sent them in an unused room of the Manor. Once Harry's dizziness went away he apparated to his room and changed out of his armor. "Great, I am in trouble. If the Weapon Mages are this powerful, there is no way I can survive another encounter. Oh no, the Dursleys! What was I thinking?" Harry quickly changed and ran out of his room. Once Harry reached a door he quickly knocked and Dumbledore answered. "Harry, what happen?" Dumbledore asked. "The Dursleys are here, I just saved them from some Death Eaters," Harry said breathlessly. "Let me get dressed and I will meet you in the Library to talk about this," Dumbledore said as he closed his door and Harry left. In half an hour Harry was done with the story. "These Weapon Mages are more of a threat then we thought," Dumbledore said grimly. "I know, but I'm sure if I continue training I might stand a chance. And now we know the transport spell works, but I don't want to do that spell again unless I have no choice," Harry stated. "But I still want you to practice it since it is a new spell you just learned," Dumbledore said and Harry nodded. "Should we see about the Dursleys?" Harry asked. "We might as well get this over with," Dumbledore said sighing as they left the library. In another room, far from the occupants of Evans Manor, there was a big commotion being heard as Harry and Dumbledore walked up to the door. "Great, the silencing spell wore off," Harry groaned. "Come on, we should get this over with," Dumbledore said, now knowing why Harry didn't like the Dursleys from the colorful phrases coming from the room. As Harry and Dumbledore entered they were quickly pounced on. "What is the meaning of this fre..." Vernon started yelling but Harry quickly placed a silencing charm on him. "Uncle I suggest you refrain from using that word, and we will refrain from using magic," Harry said. "Now that we got that settled, let's talk without insulting anyone. Now, I want to welcome you three to Evans Manor." "It can't be that place. It's only a myth in our family. Just a tall tale that says we are from a royal family," Petunia said, looking shocked as Harry looked at her. "Aunt Petunia, this place is called Evans Manor and you are my guest until we see that the danger to you and your family is over. For now you are welcome to enjoy what I have to offer, free room and board, a large garden to look at, and good hospitality, and if you need to go anywhere I will provide transportation. Other then that you will be safe as long as you stay here, and also," Harry turned to a deserted area of the room and waved his hand to make a christmas tree and a large assortment of presents appeared. "That should be all your gifts from your home. Have a Happy Christmas and Professor, do you anything to add?" Harry turned to a very quite Dumbledore. "No, I think you said everything that needed to be said. Have a Happy Christmas and I hope to see you three in the Great Hall tomorrow," Dumbledore said pleasantly as he and Harry got up and left. Early the next morning Harry felt someone in his room as he woke up. "Now Shawnee, you know better than to sneak up on me," Harry said as he released a yawn he saw Shawnee appear beside his bed. "Daddy, can I open my presents now? Pretty please?" Shawnee said innocently. "Sorry, we have to wait for your Aunties and Uncles, then we all will open them together, alright?" Harry said kindly. "Alright," Shawnee said. "Come on, lets' get you changed. I think it snowed, we can build snowmen after we open our presents." Shawnee jumped up in joy as Harry smiled and they got ready quickly. Later that morning in the Great Hall everyone was sitting on couches around the large Christmas tree. A very happy Shawnee sitting on the ground, surrounded by crumpled wrappings and opened presents piled up as high as she was sitting. Everyone watched in amusement, they was more interested in watching her than seeing what they had received. Once Shawnee had banished her presents to her room she noticed no one else had opened their presents. "What about your presents?" she asked, wondering why they weren't opening theirs. "Sorry Shawnee, thought you would like to watch us open our presents," Harry said, making it up as an excuse. "OK, hurry up, I want to see," Shawnee quickly said as she climbed up on Harry's lap and watched everyone open their presents. Once presents were out of the way everyone went to the hall's tables to eat. A few minutes after they sat the doors opened to reveal the Dursleys. "Good morning Harry," Vernon said, in a attempt to act nice. "Good morning dear," Petunia said, sounding she like she had forced it as Dudley grunted a hello. "Good morning Aunt, Uncle, Cousin," Harry said in the same tone as the Dursleys. "Please sit down, we'll be having breakfast in a few minutes, but first let me introduce my friends." Harry, Shawnee, Ron and Hermione were outside making snow people. When Harry looked to the side he said, "Hermione, Ron duck now." As soon as they did several snowballs flew over them. Harry danced around a good number of snowballs that were now directly thrown at him. "Sirius, Remus, Fred, George, and Dudley, you want a snowball fight? You got one," Harry said, taking out his wand. With a wave walls of snow formed around him and his friends. It grew ten feet high and twenty feet wide as it formed into a formidable fortress. As Remus and Sirius watched they couldn't believe that Harry made a huge fortress of snow without any trouble. "Any ideas Remus?" Sirius asked. "Just pray Harry doesn't use any of his abilities to attack us," Remus said with a gulp. "Then we'd better form teams and surround them with our own forts," Sirius said. Sirius and Remus stuck together, while the twins and Dudley formed another group, then made smaller forts not far from Harry's one. As Harry watched from the walls of his fortress he smiled at his friends' attempts to defend themselves. "Ron, Shawnee, Hermione, let's show them our little surprise." They nodded, the surprise was a large arsenal of snowballs. For fifteen minutes tons of snowballs went flying. Sirius and Remus could not get a clear shot at Harry or his friends. They threw blindly at where the incoming snowballs were coming from. "Any ideas Sirius?" Remus asked. "Bring down the walls by casting this spell on our snowballs." The spell was a simple one that hardened the snowballs. Hopefully they would knock loose some of the walls of Harry's fortress. The plan was working as Harry and his friends found themselves slowly losing the thickness of the walls. "Harry, now what?" Ron asked as he, Shawnee and Hermione went up to him. "Well if they want to upgrade their snowballs, why cant we?" Harry said, grinning, and got a plan started. The walls of Harry fortress were slowly crumbling. Sirius and the others thought once the walls were down they had a clear shot at Harry and the others. That was until hundreds of snowballs started falling on them. "Everyone retreat!" Remus yelled as he and the others ran far from their forts and out of the range of the never ending snowballs. From the walls Harry and the others were laughing at the retreating snow covered enemies. "That will show them," Ron said. "And teach them a lesson about using spells during a snowball fight," Hermione said. "Well, looks like we won this round. Let's celebrate with smores," Harry said as he conjured a small fire, marshmallows, chocolate and crackers. By the end of the day only Vernon was not having much fun. Dudley was hanging around the twins and Petunia was sharing gardening tips and walking with the others in the Evans gardens. Vernon was practically left alone. By dinner, Petunia and Dudley were the only ones talking to Harry and the others while Vernon kept quite as they ate. "Harry dear, may I ask who is that girl?" Petunia asked, pointing to Shawnee. "Oh just a cousin, her name is Shawnee Potter," Harry said, smiling at Shawnee. "But Harry, I heard her call you Daddy," Dudley said, startling Petunia. "It's because she lost her family, and she now thinks of me as her father," Harry said as the two accepted it. During their talks a new relationship started between Harry, Petunia and Dudley, one that would finally bring their family together.

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