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Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.

AN: I known that I’ve been horrible lately, and I’m so sorry. I’m going to be better now, or at least I’m going to try to be. Anyway I just posted the last chapter, so I don’t know how you all did yet. I’ll remind you one more time; the more reviews I get, the more likely I’m going to be to update. Thanks a lot.

The second she walked in room, James panicked, and without thinking dropped his wand. The paint cans came crashing down, and unfortunately for us, Lily was standing right underneath them. The paint splattered everywhere, drenching her from head to foot. Light blue paint covering her, she spat a few drops out of her mouth.

“Hi honey,” James said, smiling guiltily. “I bet you’re wondering about that paint there. Right?” She nodded slowly, her feet seemingly stuck to the floor. “Ok,” he began choppily. “So we were up here, and we got to thinking that this would take so much work and work always takes such a long time.” He was tripping over himself trying to explain. “And I thought to myself you haven’t seen Alice in a while, and I thought that if we finished early enough we could pop over to the pub and see what she and Frank are up to.”

“And then Sirius, Remus, and Peter would happen to be there when we popped by right?” Little Lovely asked handing Dursley the tea tray and wiping paint out of her eyes. “And then coincidentally they’d have tickets to that quidditch game tonight, and they would just happen to know how long it’s been since I let the three of you hang out. Even though you’re the one who has refused to leave my side for more than five minutes.”

“Who can say what’s a coincidence and what has been premeditated?” Potter asked shrugging his shoulders innocently.

“James,” Lily began, her voice shaking. “What did we talk about when we were fixing up our baby’s nursery?”

“Don’t cut corners,” he recited apologetically.

“That’s right,” she said taking a step forward and pointing at him, her hand literally shaking in rage. “And you thought I would be a good idea to cut corners on my sister nursery too didn’t you!! What is that matter with you!!” she hollered losing her mind, completely. “Do you like me yelling at you?!?! Do you want me to KILL you!!?!” James put up his hands and took a couple steps back from his charging fiancée.

“Of course I don’t want to upset you. You’re my world,” he said delicately.

“Then why do you make me want to smash your head into a wall!! What happens when I give birth? Huh James? How do you expect to raise a baby, whose maturity level is higher than yours!?!”

“I am very mature! I will have you know I checked for muggles, and your dad and brother in law said I could!!”

“Yes because those are two guys who you want to listen to! What is the matter with you three!” Lily hollered, clearly losing what was left of her mind, just as her mother and sister walked in. They took several slow steps till they were level with my youngest, staring at her the whole time.

“What did you do to her? You stupid prats!! She’s pregnant and the second she walks in the door you throw paint on her! Oh! James are you trying to kill your child!?!” Petunia demanded panicking. “Lily you can’t go home with him! You can’t marry him! He’s abusive, and he’ll kill you both! You and the baby can stay here! We have an extra room, and we’ll be pregnant together! We can be belly buddies!!”

“No! Petunia I was not trying to kill the baby! You know what pregnant women are not made of porcelain. I mean just the other night it was late, and we were in bed…” he trailed off as I cracked my knuckles. “But that’s not the point. The point is that this,” he said gestering at his paint soaked girlfriend. “Was an accident. We accidentally dropped all the paint of her head.”

“How?” Kendra demanded, wrapping an arm around our youngest. “You don’t just accidentally dump three paint cans on a person’s head?”

“JAMES WAS USING MAGIC!” Vernon yelled, snapping under the pressure. “We were using magic to paint the room! We thought it’d go faster! And your dad told me to!!”

“What are you six!” shrieked the blue blob. “Have you lost your mind? Your dad told me to? I’m sorry Vernon but how do you expect to raise a baby, whose maturity level is double to yours?”

“Are pregnant ladies always this mean?”

“Yes,” I answered without thinking. Kendra eyes widened, as she focused on me. “I mean…no.” I stammered. “I think you might just be an awful person Dursley. Because pregnant ladies are perfectly sane, and I love them.”

“Edward,” Kendra simpered, “I want to go home!” I smiled nervously. While Lily’s furry was great and a force to fear her anger could never hope to match her mother’s. I would never dare refuse her in front of the girls.


“What were you thinking!?!” she screamed the second the car door was closed. “Have you lost your mind? All I wanted you to do was have you spend one afternoon with them. Just one afternoon!! Is that too hard for you to do!! These boys are our son in laws. They’re the fathers of our grandchildren! Is it impossible for you to spend even five minutes with them?”

“Yes. Besides it wasn’t my idea. James suggested it. And if you remember I didn’t want to come to this in the first place. You made me! What did you expect to happen!!”

“Edward, you are just going to have except the fact that from now on if you want to see the girls, Vernon and James are going to be around. You can either start getting along with it, or you can live through an argument like this every time we see them. Might I suggest the first option because the second option means you’ll only see the girls for less than an hour! Good God Edward! This was supposed to be a bonding experience!” she screamed.

“Mum? Dad?” I looked up and saw Petunia sticking her head out of the front door. “You’ve just been sitting out her for five minutes. Is everything ok? Or do you need a ride?” Kendra quickly rolled down her window.

“No honey we’re fine. We’re just leaving. Go back inside and lie down!” Tuney smiled pulled her head back into house. Kendra closed the window, and rested her head on her hand. “Edward, can we please just leave. If we talk about this for another second I might wind up killing you.”

“Fine!” I snapped. “But I want you to remember the second we stop communicating is the second this marriage fails.”

“Ok! You want to know what I think!! I think that you’re a git! Just leave those two alone!”

“What do you think I was trying to do! We were trying to get the work done quickly so that everyone involved would live to see the baby use the nursery!”

“No! What you were trying to do was get done quickly so James could hang out with his friends!” she shrieked in rage. “I can’t believe you let him talk you into this! First off it’s against wizard law! You can’t do magic in a non-magic area!”

“The blinds were closed! Nobody could see, and Potter is trained to keep muggles from seeing when he uses magic. You worry too much.” I sighed, coaxing the engine into gear. She stared at me as I back slowly out of the driveway. “Oh don’t look at me like that. Think of it this way sweetie we all decided to do it that way because we all hate each other, and since it’s all out in the open now we’ll be able to fall into a rhythm.”

“A rhythm were you all cut corners and dump paint on Lily.”

“You know that was an accident. I adore that girl, and would never cover that pretty little red head of hers in blue paint. I do love her hair. I reminds me of someone,” I said sweetly, wrapping a strand of her dark red hair around my finger. She sighed and took my hand.

“Don’t think it’s that easy though. I’m going to be livid for a while.” Glancing at her I noticed pursed lips and tapping fingers, always a danger sign. I smiled innocently, and tried to look as cute as possible. “No. It’s not that simple.”

“How about I do the laundry for a week.”

“Not good enough.”

“And I’ll cook dinner.”

“Try again.” Looking at her I knew she only wanted me to say one thing. I gritted my teeth and moaned as loud as I could.

“FINE! I’ll cook dinner for Lily and Petunia and I’ll even let them bring James and Dursley along if they like.”

“They’re spending the rest of their lives with those boys. James and Vernon will always be joining them darling.”

“You enjoy torturing me don’t you?”

“Actually you do most of it for me. But I’m sure it’ll be fun.” I groaned as I turned onto the main road of our town.

“Can I at least sleep in our room? My back’s been killing me on the couch.”

“I’ll consider it. We’ll have to see how it goes when we have our daughters and their husbands over for dinner.” I made a face as I pulled into the driveway.

AN: I am so sorry! I don’t want to sound cheesy or stupid or anything, but like two weeks after I updated this guy I’d had a crush on for like three months asked me out. And I’m just gonna say that I completely and totally love him and that I’ve never been happier or busier. I’ll stop boring you now, and I’ll try to update sooner. No promises though. I AM SO SORRY!

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