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[a/n: Hey sorry if i took so long! Anyway i hope you guys will enjoy!!!!!! Again, this is not beta-read yet so i apologize for the mistakes.]

Chapter 11




Abraxas was still laughing as they sat down in the common room after dinner. “Sewage, Tom! Sewage!”



“I’m not blind, Malfoy. I had a perfectly clear image of Dreizi spitting drain from her mouth.” Tom informed him, exasperated. He didn’t have the appetite for dinner and he noticed a lot of other 7th years’ foods were left untouched but as usual, nothing could keep Malfoy from his proteins and from his joyous mood.



“The mouth she had used so many times trying to take advantage of yours! Imagine that!” Abraxas chortled.



Tom tightened his mouth in anger. He was getting tired of Malfoy’s endless taunting. In their next meeting, he would remember to make him pay for sure.



“I wish Nerissa would stop disappearing to that bloody musty library and start coming down to dinner.” Abraxas sighed in clear disappointment, “I’d have loved to know where she learned that spell.”


“I doubt you’d find it in any book, Malfoy. She had obviously made it up herself.” Tom observed. What he was really wondering was how she had learned to perform a powerful disarming spell using the most common one and how she had accomplished deflecting Dreizi’s spells continuously without a breath.



He had no fear he was still above and well beyond her yet he has never before seen such an incredible performance. He had, once more, underestimated the girl.



“I knew I was right about her!” Malfoy exclaimed. “However, she had better watch herself from now on.”



“What exactly do you mean by that, Malfoy” he asked as he watched the fire. It was more like a habit watching the fire, controlling and flicking it every now and then. Somehow it relaxes him from his everyday pretense.



“Dreizi has her flock of admirers, Tom, you know that as well as I do. Not only that, she can perfectly afford to pay any hit man in the world to ensnare Nerissa. Though, I imagine she can without a flaw handle herself after that show”



Tom lost control of the fire as it somehow trailed across the couch. “Aguamenti” Tom said under his breath. Fortunately, Malfoy did not notice anything as he was too busy muttering to himself about Vane.



He couldn’t help but dwell on Malfoy’s words. It was not as if he cared about the girl walking into harm, it was more that he had yet to uncover her mystery. If something were to happen to her, he would be left forever blind to the truth and he would not be satisfied, he manage to tell himself.



He glanced at the long-case clock. Malfoy glanced at the clock himself after noticing Tom’s stare. “10:30? Nerissa should be here any minute. The library should be closed by now.”



Tom knew she usually comes back from Hagrid’s hut around 11:30 but kept this information to himself. Abraxas yawned loudly.



“You will not die if you fail to see Vane tonight, Malfoy. Go” he commanded, nodding towards the staircase leading the boy’s Dormitory. Most students had already gone up either to sleep or to chat among their friends in their dormitories.



Malfoy frowned at Tom. He did not feel like arguing with Tom and so without a word, he grudgingly went up to the dormitory. He felt as though he already used up all his chances with Tom Riddle for the day and fear he might come down on him hard on their next meeting.






Hermione and Hagrid laughed quietly as they walked towards the front doors. She had recounted all that had happened to Hagrid that day which she usually does every day. She wanted him to feel much more a part of Hogwarts. It felt weird to Hermione whenever Hagrid treats her like an older sister. Hermione knew Hagrid needs a friend more than ever and so does she; or at least a friend she didn’t have to fake a smile.



“Can’t believe yeh turned her to a drain, Nerissa” Hagrid hooted.



“If you had told me earlier that she pushed you off the lake on your first year, I would’ve done much more” she now sulked.



“What yeh done was brilliant!” said Hagrid, patting Hermione in the shoulder.



Hermione smiled sadly at Hagrid. Though she was somewhat happy she was able to see Hagrid almost everyday she felt guilty lying to him every second of it. A pain always shots through her heart whenever he calls her ‘Nerissa’.



“Hagrid” she started as they stopped in front of the front doors. “Can you keep a secret?”



“O’course, Nerissa”



Hermione watched Hagrid’s face through the dark. She bit her lip, wondering if it was safe to tell Hagrid everything. She wanted nothing more than to confide in someone. She was absolutely exhausted from all the lies and from her charades. Would Hagrid really mind that she was here for the sole purpose of killing Tom?


Would I really give Hagrid that big a responsibility of learning the future when he’s only 15? Even if she decides to tell him, Hagrid had always been just a little bit tactless. With charming Tom Riddle strutting around the castle sucking every valuable information he can find, it would be a nightmare if Hagrid accidentally slips.



“Nothing, never mind” said Hermione. “I’ll tell you some other time”



Hagrid nodded politely, not daring to badger her. “Well, goodnight, Nerissa!”



Hermione winced as she heard the name. It doesn’t really bother her as much when everyone else calls her this yet hearing it in Hagrid’s familiar voice, it felt as though he was talking to someone else, “Hagrid, can you do me a favour?”



“Sure thing” said Hagrid.



“Will you call me Hermione?” said Hermione in a quiet voice. She saw the confused look in Hagrid’s face and quickly explained, “It’s what my old… friends and family used to call me. It’s a very long story. I just… really miss it.”



 Hagrid beamed, “Hermione, it is then.”



Hermione smiled tearfully at the teenage half giant before finally bidding him Goodnight. It was almost a routine to her by now, quietly walking in the corridors and hoping to Merlin she would not get caught. It wasn’t as if she had an invisibility cloak.



As she reached the long corridor in the second floor, she heard shuffling from beneath the shadows in the corner. Her heart leaped thinking it was a Professor but only for a second as she remembered who it was that had a knack for lurking in shadows and who liked to surprise her by suddenly popping out.



“Riddle, did I not tell you about creeping around in the shadows?” Hermione whispered into the dark. She silently approached the murky corner, wondering why Riddle was hiding when in a cry of yelp she was hoist forward.



Two pairs of hands were holding both her hands and covering her mouth. She bit the hand that was covering her mouth and kicked one of the people from behind her. She swiftly drew out her wand and cried, “Stupefy!”


One of the men crumpled to the floor, unconscious. She turned to the man behind him, intending to disarm him when someone from across the corridor snarled, “Expelliarmus!”


Her wand flew from her hand and landed on the floor a few metres away from her. The guy from behind her hit her hard in the stomach and she fell to the ground. They began dragging her into a classroom nearby leaving one of their men unconscious. They let her go roughly into the middle of the room.



“Tut tut, feisty, isn’t she?” the man who had managed to disarm her said. “You shouldn’t be walking around the castle at night, Vane. It’s quite dangerous”



When she looked up to see who the culprit was, she was surprised to see a mask hiding its face. “Deatheaters?” she whispered.



“What’s that Vane? Death eaters?” the man beside him laughed, “ We aren’t going to kill you, Vane. We wouldn’t be wearing masks now if we intended to kill you. I advice you not to waste your breath on screaming either, no one will hear you. We put up a silencing spell.”



She heard more than two people laughing. She looked around the room and found two other guys with masks on their faces, leaning against the wall, and another two across not including the person she had stun earlier which they had left outside.



“If you were going to show off in Dueling class, why couldn’t you have picked another person?” one of the men from the wall asked. “I thought you were supposed to be smart, Vane.”



“You were sent by Dreizi?” asked Hermione. As she pondered over this, she began to laugh out loud, “She sent seven men to do her job? Do you know how incredibly pathetic that makes you?”



The man nearest her kicked her in the stomach. Hermione grunted and glared at the man.



“You need to keep your trap shut.”



“You know I’m not going down without a fight.” said Hermione.



A man grabbed her jaw roughly. “And what are you planning to do without a wand eh? Hit us with your little girly fists? You have to use your brain sometimes.”The six men laughed.



“Six armed men and a girl with only her little girly fists to defend herself? What does that make you?” Hermione began standing up. She hated having to look up to these disgusting people.






Tom Riddle glanced at the clock for what seemed like the hundredth time. It was already midnight. She had never been this late before. He wasn’t even really sure why he was waiting for her. Maybe it was because of the fight earlier on that made him want to see her, he contemplated. He was interested to know how she had learned to duel in that way.



He was already starting to grow weary from waiting and considered going to bed instead of waiting for her. As he stood up, intending to walk towards the boy’s dormitory, he remembered what Malfoy had said.



Dreizi wouldn’t dare, would she? She knows what Vane is capable of. Even if she is able to get even tonight, she’d think Vane will surely go after her if she tries anything’ he mused.



His instincts were more than usually right. He did not think Dreizi would be idiotic enough to actually try and get revenge. Yet, his instincts also told him something was wrong.



Frustrated, he stalked out of the common room.  He wasn’t worried per se of neither her safety nor her well-being, he was simply following his instinct; he began to tell himself.



He reached the 5th floor and peaked towards the large window that was looking out into the grounds. From afar, he could see Hagrid’s little hut through the dark. There were no lights on and so he figured, Vane would have already gone. He did not think she would have a sleep over with the huge oaf, no matter how chummy they were.



He was not afraid of getting caught and so he walked freely around the corridors. He was, after all, the Headboy. The castle was so huge, he had no idea where he supposed to find her. He half deliberated in giving up yet somehow his body was taking him down the steps, searching for the girl.



“Lumos” he whispered, as he strolled around the 4th floor. He was getting angrier and frustrated with every step he took and every second that passed, thinking how much a bother she was.






Hermione managed to knock one man unconscious with a kick, and given one man a black eye and a bloody nose. In the light of the panic, one of them managed to stun the other which leads two men on the floor, unconscious. Just as she had promised, she was not going doing without a fight.



She was preparing another kick towards the man nearest her who was just starting to raise his wand when someone from behind her yelled, “Incarcerous!!”



With a huge yelp, Hermione fell down unbalanced as ropes were suddenly binding her body.



“You will pay for this you stupid girl!” one of the boys growled.



Hermione’s whole body was shaking not from anger, not from fear of the men infront of her and not even from the cold. She shook from the memories that were suddenly thrust into her mind.



“Incarcerous” suddenly ropes were binding around Hermione’s body.


“Look what we have here… it’s your mudblood girlfriend Potter”


“Leave her out of this” Harry choked out, struggling to stand up. “This is between you and me”


“Oh come on, wouldn’t it be more fun?” he said before pointing her wand at Hermione and yelling. “CRUCIO!”



Minutes before Harry died, she was in that exact same situation, bound by ropes with malicious men surrounding her, watching her, laughing at her pain.



“Is it really worth taking advantage of her? I don’t like the fiery types.” A voice said. “I say just torture the girl. She did say do what was necessary to teach her a lesson.”



“Move aside then, she’s exactly my type of girl.” A man leaned in and softly grazed Hermione’s cheeks, “She’s quite a beauty now, don’t you think?”



Hermione spat into the boy’s mask, “Don’t you dare touch me, you toerag. I swear on my grave I will kill you!” she snarled.



The man simply laughed, “Now how are you going to do that? You can hardly even move.” The man’s cold hand began moving up her leg.



She began kicking and squirming her legs, “Get your filthy hands off me!”



Everyone laughed as they watched her squirm in disgust. The man began to rip her robes apart which caused Hermione to panic even more. With all the strength she could muster, she scratched, kicked and bit any part of his body that came in contact with her.



The man yelped as she managed to bite his arm. He hit her so hard, Hermione thought she was going to black out. Even so, she smiled as she noticed blood dripping down from the arm in which she had bitten. She could taste his disgusting blood on her tongue.



“You’re right; she’s not worth it at all.” He decided as he stood up angrily and took a few steps away from her. He then raised his wand and cried, “CRUCIO!”




As soon as he reached the second floor, the first thing he noticed was a wand carelessly left on the cold granite floor. He bent down and picked it up in time to hear a groan from a far.



Expecting to see Vane, he whipped his head around; his body felt a slight relief which was immediately replaced with disheartenment when he realized it was a man. He sighed in annoyance and walked towards the boy. It was his job, after all, as the Headboy just as it was his job to carry Vane the first night he had found her.



When he finally reached the man, he noticed the mask he was wearing. He swiftly ripped it from the boy’s face. “Alberic Bullstrode?”



He was not that very familiar of him. He only ever sees him following Dolores Dreizi around like a pathetic puppy. ‘Was he not one of the Slytherin students that carried Dreizi to the wing?



He examined the wand in his hand more closely. He had found Vane’s wand in the forest the night he found her and so it was easy to recognize it.



‘They could not be far from here.”




Hermione screamed in agony. She was screaming not because of the pain though of course it was hugely because of it. She was screaming as she remembered as soon as she was released from this agony, she would then have to watch Harry murdered right in front of her eyes.



She almost did not want the pain to stop. She wanted the pain to go on for as long as she can hold if it means she did not have to watch Harry die.



“Shouldn’t that be enough?” a man said, a little panicked.



Hermione could barely understand their words from the pain.



“No, we haven’t even started the fun yet.”



“I’ve heard rumours that some people lose their minds after the Cruciatus curse. Maybe we should stop.”



“That would be even better!” she somehow heard the man growl.



“You’re crazy! We’re only meant to teach her a lesson not… drive her mad. Stop it”



‘No don’t stop’ she tried to speak but no words could form from her mouth except screams of pain and agony. ‘I can’t watch him die… I won’t watch Harry die!’



She almost did not hear the loud bang. In barely a second, the pain was removed from her body. She struggled to open her eyes and coped in making out a figure from the doors. A man with dark hair and even from the dark room, his green eyes managed to stand out, had walked inside the room, his face murderous. ‘Harry?’ she tried to speak and yet she still could not open her mouth. Instead she began choking blood.



She watched as boys ran from the other side of the room, through the other door. She could not understand why she was in a room when she remembered she was in the forest. She could not understand why there were boys there when she was sure Deatheaters were surrounding her.



Only Two men remained inside the room. “I highly suggest you follow your friends.” The man standing near the door told the masked man in a quiet and almost controlled voice.



“What are you going to do, Headboy? Throw your books at me?”



Tom Riddle smirked as he slowly approached him, “I’m giving you a chance to get out of this room alive… A chance to see one last morning. Enjoy it, it will be the very last you will ever see.”



“You’re not going to kill me, are you?” The man laughed though his voice began to sound unsure. From the dark room, he noticed Riddle’s eyes were oddly red but he thought nothing of it.



Tom smiled maliciously before raising his wand.



Hermione could not hear a word they were saying anymore. All she could see from her blurred vision was Harry and a man. ‘This was it. This is when Voldemort kills Harry. I can’t let him kill Harry... I can’t.’



With all the strength she could muster, though she was still half choking from the blood in her mouth, she managed to say, “Don’t… don’t kill him please. I beg you.”



Tom turned around and saw Vane in tears, begging. She was practically half undressed with her clothes torn apart, her legs were still half shaking from the pain and yet she would not even let him kill the person responsible for all that.



From his peripheral vision, he saw the guy in front of him raise his wand. Without so much a word, Tom waved his wand and the other boys’ wand flew straight into Tom’s hand.



“This is the last chance I will give you.” said Tom in a quiet yet menacing voice. “Leave now.”



The boy did not have to think twice. He ran from the other door just like his friends with their tail between their legs.



He waited a few more minutes trying to control his temper. He was a breath away from committing another murder. Though he was charming and level-headed in the eyes of his peers, in truth, he had never mastered control of his temper. His anger more than usual, blinds him from everything else in the world but the root of his rage.



He took a few more breaths before he was finally able to face her. He slowly approached Vane, and took off his robes. He put them around her shivering shoulders and asked, “Vane? Can you hear me?”



Hermione was still lightheaded from all the blows that she acquired. She blinked a couple of times before looking into his eyes; Harry’s eyes. “You’re ok! You’re alive!” her voice rasped.



Tom almost laughed, “Of course I’m alright, why would I not be? I’m not the one lying on the floor choking on her own blood.”


Before Tom could say another word, before Tom could protest or even take another breath, Hermione put her arms around him and embraced him tightly. “I’m fine… I’m fine now. I’m just glad you’re alright.” She began to sob, burying her face in his neck.



Tom opened his mouth to protest but no words formed from his mouth. He had never been hugged before in his life. He tried to avoid physical contact with anybody at all cost unless it was necessary.


His body was stiff as he let the girl embrace him, his hands hesitantly hovering a few inches from her back, unsure and confused. He could feel her wet tears on his neck and her warm breath. For the tiniest split second, Tom Marvolo Riddle was scared.


After a few more seconds, her arms around him grew limp as she soon fell unconscious. He had never been so confused. He began to ponder over her sanity. It was the only explanation. She had obviously lost her marbles.



Just as the very first night he had found her tattered and bloody, he heaved her up and began his journey towards the Hospital wing, with the estranged girl cradled in her enemies’ gentle arms.




Greta sighed and sat back down on a chair beside the bed. “So many tragedies happening in this school these days, it’s so hard to keep up sometimes.”



“What… do you mean by that?” asked Hermione, slowly. “What sort of tragedies?”



“Since yesterday, every other hour someone gets attacked. It’s as if their brains get… scrambled almost like the Dementor’s kiss. They have all been sent to St. Mungos but recovery is slim apparently since they have no idea what hit them in the first place.” Greta told her.



Hermione tried to rack her brain for this kind of situation that she might have read in a history book but she could not remember any. “How many students were attacked?”



“So far… there has been seven, I think.” answered Ames.



Hermione was horrified after hearing this. Though she was not sure, she had a feeling this might have had something to do with her. Greta mistook her expression as being frightened for herself.



“Oh, don’t fret. They only attack Slytherin boys.” said Ames, dryly. “I knew I should’ve been in Ravenclaw.” He added.



“There hasn’t been an attack since last night though” Emma added shyly. “I mean it attacked every hour or so but it suddenly stopped. There hasn’t been an attack since 11 last night. Everyone’s being ready for it though.”



“Yeah, all Slytherin boys have to be accompanied by a fellow student. It’s better if you’re with a girl since they never seem to attack girls.” Ames rolled his eyes.



“Who… Who exactly has been attacked?” Hermione asked though she didn’t have to.



“You wouldn’t know any of them, don’t worry” said Greta, “The person you should really worry about is Hagrid. Rumour has it it’s the Slytherin monster attacking again.”

[a/n: I promise i'll post up the next one soon!! Please review!!!!!! pretty please with a cherry on top? It definitely inspires me to write. ]

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