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A Black Heart by Dru Dreams
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Molly had been on her way down the stairs to see what the commotion was about. Harry had run in yelling. She couldn’t tell what he yelled, but she could tell that Hermione hadn’t even noticed Harry run into the burrow.

“I- exciting- bring back- Sirius.” Hermione didn’t really pay attention but picked up on a few words of Harry’s exclamation. She didn’t hear the rest.

Had Hermione heard, she might have known that her world would be changing forever.

Hermione woke up hearing a tapping on the door. She wasn’t sure how long it had been since her breakdown in the kitchen, but she was certain that she had slept pretty well since.

She heard the door creak open and heard a rustle of fabric as someone sat next to her on the bed. She was amazed someone took the risk of coming in. Last time someone entered this room without Hermione asking them too had several hexes come their way.

“Hermione, I brought you something to eat.” Hermione opened her eyes and seen that she was being frowned at by Harry.

“How long has it been since I went downstairs?” Hermione asked quietly, her throat hurt from lack of fluid and use.

“About two days. I brought some tea and some soup. I thought it might help you feel better.” Harry set the tray on the bed next to Hermione. She lifted the mug of tea and took a drink. It almost immediately relieved the soreness she had felt. Hermione noticed a vial of red liquid sitting on the tray with the food. She shot Harry a questioning look.

“It’s a sadness draining potion. Professor Snape left it for you. He said that it will leave you with any feelings of happiness you would normally have, but take away any sadness and anger. He thought you could use it. You don’t have to take it, but I wanted you to have it in case you decided to talk to anyone, you wouldn’t have to worry about a breakdown.” Harry looked at her with pity in his eyes. Hermione hated that look. She hated to be pitied.

“How long will it last?” Harry looked shocked that Hermione Granger would think about taking a potion to alter her mood. He knew if she considered it that she must be dealing with a lot more than anyone could imagine.

“It lasts for 48 hours, at that time you can take another dose. Professor Snape said he had plenty on hand and would be willing to make up more if need be.” Hearing this Hermione didn’t think twice and swallowed the liquid. Immediately she felt her entire body relax and heart stopped hurting. It was the first time since the final battle that Hermione didn’t feel on the verge of tears. She smiled at Harry, and it didn’t feel awkward. She leaned up and hugged Harry, something she hadn’t done since the funeral when she cried on his shoulder.

“I assume it helped then?” Harry asked into her hair that seemed to be suffocating him.

“Yes. Thank you for bringing it. Had it been anyone else I probably wouldn’t have taken it. I’m going to jump in the shower and then I will be downstairs. I am starving and I don’t think soup will cut it. Do you think Mrs. Weasley would mind fixing me something?” Harry grinned widely.

“Has Molly ever turned down trying to fatten you up?” They both laughed. Harry walked downstairs to let everyone know she took the potion and asked Molly to fix something for her to eat.

Hermione came downstairs fifteen minutes later and was greeted with the smell of roasted chicken, baked potatoes and carrots. Her stomach growled loudly, she was certain everyone in the house heard it. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, Hermione eyes came upon a sight that made her smile.

Ginny was on the couch with Tonks discussing wedding plans, Harry and Ron were in the midst of a heated game of wizards chess, Fred and George were telling Remus of their new invention and Snape sat in the corner reading one of her muggle books.

As she hit the bottom stair, it sent out a creaking noise that caused everyone to look in her direction. Ginny ran over and wrapped her arms tightly around Hermione, saying she was glad to see her looking and feeling better. Hermione, once released from Ginny’s grasp, walked over to Snape and pulled him up from his chair. She reached around his neck and hugged him. He, never really being in this position before, patted her back softly.

“Thank you, Professor.”

“Miss Granger, you are no longer a student. You may call me Severus.”

“Well, thank you, Severus. And if that’s the fact, then you should call me Hermione.”

“Then, Hermione, would you please remove your arms from my neck, I can’t breathe.” Everyone around them giggled as Hermione slowly unwound her arms from his neck and stepped back. Snape straightened his clothes and sat back down, continuing his reading.

Molly came in just as Hermione was letting go of Severus and smiled.

“Everyone come eat. Lunch is on the table.”

Everyone crowded into the kitchen and started eating. Hermione ate two full plates of food and drank 3 glasses of pumpkin juice before declaring herself full. She asked to be excused and walked outside. Harry followed closely behind with Ginny and Ron.

“Harry, I heard the other day you had exciting news. I didn’t hear what you said after that though. What happened?” Hermione looked at the black haired boy that sat next to her on the bench.

“We may have found a way to bring Sirius back.” Harry grinned at the expression on Hermione’s face.

“Harry, that’s wonderful. Is there anything I can do to help? How will they bring him back?” Hermione noticed a solemn expression cover everyone’s faces. She was worried about what would need to be done.

“We have to sacrifice something from the person who caused him to fall into the veil.”

“But Bellatrix is gone.” Hermione thought and slowly came to realize what they needed, and it was something Hermione loved and hated all at once. “You need her wand, don’t you, Harry?”

“Yes, it is the most personal thing we have of hers. If we sacrifice it into the veil, we will be able to pull Sirius out. Since we killed Voldemort, the block on exiting the veil has been lifted. Many have come back already. There are some that were there for decades and when they came out, they looked just as they did when they fell in. It was like they walked in and right back out again. Only seconds passed for them.” Hermione could hear the hope in his voice and couldn’t help but smile.

“Harry, it will be hard to let it go, but I will. I would much rather you be happy than for me to have the weapon that took Percy away from me.” Hermione started to walk back in the burrow. “I’ll get it now; we’ll go and free him.”

On the way up to Ginny’s room, Hermione was thinking. She was unable to feel sad, but the potion didn’t keep her from having sad thoughts. The wand that she would be sacrificing killed her love, but it also killed so many others that night. It helped in the destruction of Voldemort. But she would give it willingly to have Sirius back.

Outside, Harry, Ron and Ginny looked absolutely joyful. They ran inside and told everyone they would be back in a while. They didn’t want to tell them where they were going; they wanted Sirius’s return to be a surprise. Ginny had agreed to stay at the burrow to keep everyone from being suspicious. She told them the ‘golden trio’ needed some time to talk.

Soon after, the three friends were standing in front of the veil. They could see the faces of the people still trapped, and spotted Sirius. He looked serene. Hermione pulled the wand out of her pocket and looked at the two boys.

“Here Harry. You are the closest to Sirius. The best possibility is for you to be the one to sacrifice the wand. Remember you need to say the spell ‘libertas’ as it passes through the veil.” Hermione handed the wand over to Harry and felt a weight lift off of her shoulders. She realized that holding onto the past probably wasn’t helping her. She was glad her friends were here while she was letting go. And it was for a wonderful cause, Sirius would be back!

Harry stood with Hermione and Ron on either side of him. He threw the wand at the veil and just as it passed through, he yelled, “LIBERTAS!”

A bright light flashed and Sirius was thrust into the waiting arms of Harry. Hermione and Ron joined in the hug, as Sirius looked around confused.

“You all look so much older. How much time has passed?”

“Four years. Four long years have gone by since you fell through the veil, Sirius.” Hermione hugged him tighter. She assumed his age and experience is what made her feel safe with his arms around her. Yes, that must be it; he was like a father, though now he was merely fourteen years older than them.

“But how am I back. I thought Voldemort had a block on anything returning.” Sirius looked confused, but happy. He held the three kids tightly in his embrace, feeling warmth where Hermione was pressed against him. He didn’t think anything about it, he was just happy to be back and be able to clear his name and be with Harry as a family; and then there was Remus, who he was itching to see.

“The block lifted when he died.” Harry forgot that Sirius didn’t know of Voldemort’s death or anything that had happened.

“It’s going to be a long night. Let’s go to grab a couple butterbeers and talk.” Hermione grabbed one last hug from Sirius and felt warmth inside. Warmth that she assumed was the body heat one normally feels hugging a man so much larger than you.

They went to the Three Broomsticks and each had a butterbeer. Hermione, Ron and Harry filled Sirius in on the past four years. He couldn’t believe how much he had missed. He had missed the entire war, the final battle, Voldemort’s death. He had been in safety while so many died: Luna Lovegood, who had attempted to help save him the night he fell into the veil, Mad Eye Moody, several Hogwarts students he hadn’t met, Minerva McGonagall, and of course Percy Weasley, whom he was amazed to find Hermione had been with the entire time. The list of dead went on and on.

Then there were several on the side of Voldemort that died: Lucius and Narcissa (though Draco turned out to help the order, much to his amazement), Pettigrew, several kids from Hogwarts, as well as Bellatrix, whom he found Hermione killed herself after Percy was killed by the Avada curse sent by Bellatrix. The list of their dead and captured was nearly endless. He was amazed to find that no death eaters escaped. All were killed or taken to Azkaban.

Hermione decided they should be getting back to the burrow soon, otherwise Molly and Arthur will worry. She flooed and asked them to gather every person they possibly could because the ‘golden trio’ had a wonderful surprise that everyone will want to know about. The each had one more drink, waiting about 30 minutes to floo back.

Every order member, every friend, every Weasley was crowded into the burrow’s living room. They waited impatiently for whatever the surprise was. They watched the fireplace, which started to shoot green sparks. Hermione appeared seconds later. After her came Ron and then Harry.

“Okay, what’s this big surprise?” It was getting to be close to the full moon and because of it Remus was impatient and irritable.

“It should be arriving,” green flames started appearing again, “now!”

Everyone gasped as Sirius Black stepped out of the fireplace. 

A/N I have the next chapter written and will have it up once this gets validated. I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks.  If anyone would like to make a banner for this story I would be very appreciative.

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A Black Heart: Chapter 2


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