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CHAPTER 3: Une Journee Dans le Village-A Day in the Village


Wondy-ful Chapter Image from the wondy-ful Annihilation @ TDA 


Previously on C’est La Vie:

“I don’t know…” I started, trying to go through with the plan that I had thought so suddenly of. “You could, maybe…show me how to be bad, you know like you…” I trailed off, my voice ending in a barely audible whisper.


“Let me get this straight: You, Angelique Lanoue-the squeaky clean good girl-, want me, Sirius Black-the infamous maraudering bad boy-, to help you murk up your image?” He clarified, a smile playing on his full lips.




I stared up at the ceiling, pulling my sheets up to my chin and sighing deeply. I surprised myself at just how deep that sigh went. It seemed to rattle around in the deepest areas of my stomach and, as it swirled up and out of my mouth, it seemed to release and communicate my every anxious feeling to the dark, quiet room.


I heard my alarm go off that Saturday morning, however, getting out of bed was the last thing I wanted to do. Why, you ask? Because that Saturday morning marked the first day that Sirius Black would be helping me with my reputation problem. That day he had decided that it was time to literally rough up my image with the age-old feminine tradition of a make-over, and I was not very excited, to say the least.


I looked at the clock next to my bed, three minutes after when I planned to get up. I rolled out of bed with a groan. I stumbled sleepily through the shower and slipped on a pair of jeans and a mint green sweater set that matched my eyes perfectly. I picked up the antique brush that sat on the counter in the bathroom and studied it, every beautiful, swirling, bronze detail, before pulling it roughly through my waist length bright blonde hair, enjoying the feeling of the fibers massaging my scalp. I always loved that brush, it used to be my mother’s, before that my grandmother’s, given to her by her grandmother’s, and on down the line for who knows how long. I set it neatly back down on the counter, brushed chap stick-my only make-up-swiftly across my almost-could-be-called-plump lips.


I glanced back at myself in the mirror one last time, before quietly-so as to not wake any of my roommates-rushing out the dormitory door and into the Common Room. As I reached the bottom of the stairs my head swiveled back and forth, scanning the room for the raven haired boy that was to be my guide for the day. When I finally spotted him my breath caught in my throat. He was leaning against the mantel of the fireplace casually, his elegantly overgrown hair just barely grazing the tops of his high cheekbones. His steely gray irises were looking straight into my mint green ones, but they seemed to be penetrating farther, into my soul.


I blinked and shook my head ever so slightly, inwardly cursing myself for admiring him so. I looked down at my feet timidly for a moment, continuing even when I saw his feet arrive within about a half meter of my own.


“Are you ready to head out, Angelique?” That familiar baritone voice asked, I snapped my head up to meet his eyes.


“Yes, but do we have to do this today? I mean sneaking out to Hogsmeade would defiantly get us a detention, what if we get caught?” the words rushed out of my mouth in a quiet, hurried sentence that I’m sure was barely understandable. A low, rumbling chuckle sounded out from Sirius’ throat as he gave me an amused look.


“Look, I’m here to help you be a little bit bad, why not start by sneaking out of school? I’m not taking no for an answer.” Sirius gave another one of those deep chuckles and pulled me out of the Common Room door.




The fresh air hit my face like a wave of cold water, refreshing and welcome. I stood up and looked around, we were in a basement, a basement with lots of candy stacked high on every wall. A seal was on a nearby box, it said Honeydukes.


“I present to you the Honeydukes basement.” Sirius smiled back at me as he spun around in a slow circle with his arms spread wide, as if he was presenting to me some sort of grand prize.


“Wow, that tunnel thing actually worked.” I all but whispered back before leading him up the stairs. We stayed low and snuck out of the quaint candy shop.


“Alright, if we’re getting you a new, not so squeaky clean look, we’ll have to do hair and clothes. We’ll start with hair; I know a good salon here.” Sirius chattered away as he pulled me along the semi-crowded Hogsmeade streets. A smile played on my lips, he sounded like such a woman, I wouldn’t have dreamed of actually voicing that opinion though.




I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling my whole body stiffen in the uncomfortable salon chair, as I felt the hairstylist’s wand against my neck, preparing to cut my hair. I gasped as I felt it slide across my smooth skin and suddenly my head felt pounds lighter. My head snapped down to look at the length of platinum hair laying on the dirty floor and my hand flew involuntarily to cover my mouth.


Oh mon Dieu, mes cheveux!” I gasped, slipping back into French inadvertently; I raised my eyes to meet Sirius’. “Oh my God, my hair!” I repeated, in control of what language my mouth admitted once again. “Sirius, what have you done to my hair?” My voice came out of my mouth more anxiously this time. I could feel the stylist’s wand slashing away hair more neatly now, forming layers and texture. I repressed the urge to spin around in my chair and look at myself in the mirror, as part of the deal was that I wasn’t allowed to look until it was over, but I was seriously regretting that detail at that moment. I sighed and told myself that I shouldn’t care-it was just hair, hair grew back.


He came over to my chair and kneeled down so that he was at my eye level. Putting his hands on my shoulders, he gave me his ‘trademark’ smile.


“Trust me; you’re going to look fine. I’m a guy, I know what looks good on a girl, it’ll be fine.” He talked so calmly and assuredly I really believed him for a moment, but then he walked away, taking those steely gray eyes with him, and the butterflies were back. I closed my eyes and kept a continuous stream of calm thoughts going through my mind for the rest of the appointment.




“Angelique!” I heard that familiar voice say my name, the inflections suggesting that it was not the first time that he had tried to get my attention.


“Wha-sorry, I must have dozed off.” I looked around, and getting a hold on my location again, I realized I was still in the chair in the hair salon.


“Stephan was just saying that he was finished. So, you can look now.” Sirius grinned at me. “I think it looks great.” I returned his smile nervously, ignoring the slight excitement I had felt when he complemented my looks. I sucked in a deep breath and spun my chair around, closing my eyes and bracing myself for the inevitable surprise of seeing my self for the first time. I pried my eyes open with effort-it seemed as if they were reluctant to follow the commands my brain had sent them-and gasped at the image that greeted me.  


Gone was my waist lengthed hair, and replacing it was a set of short side bangs with face framing pieces that went down to my jawbone. In the back my hair was shorter than in the front, creating a very short angled bob.


Je suis comme un garçon!” I murmured, again slipping back into my dominant language. I looked over at Sirius and Stephan, who were looking at me with an air of bemusement. “I look like a boy!” I repeated, running my fingers through my short hair. Both rushed to reassure me as I turned back to the mirror. I tuned them out as the initial shock wore off and I began to see the redeeming qualities of the hairstyle.


On the positive side, the choppy pieces around my face did bring out the structure of my face, in effect accentuating my favorite feature: my big mint green colored eyes. Sirius’ reassuring words and the stylist’s offers to undo his work were but white noise in the background of the thoughts in my mind.


“Really, miss; if you don’t like it I can undo it. Would you like me to do that, it’s really not an issue.” The eager-to-please Stephan offered insistently.


“No, no.” I began thoughtfully. “I’m not exactly sure, but I think I’m beginning to like it.” Sirius beamed at me, happy about the success of his plan. 


“Alright, how about you can think about it, we’ll pay and then go and get some lunch at The Three Broomsticks, then, if you decide you don’t like it, we’ll some back and Stephan can fix it.” Sirius suggested. I nodded and quietly voiced my compliance. I went up to the counter, where the hairstylist rung up the expenses and I dug out the appropriate amount of money and handed it to him, telling him to keep the change for a tip. Then Sirius and I made our way out the door and up the slightly more crowded street towards the bar.


When we arrived, the bar was uncharacteristically quiet and the barmaid, Madame Rosemerta, greeted us warmly as we sat down on two barstools.


“Why hello there Sirius, who’s your little girlfriend?” She leaned over on the bar, winking at Sirius.


“Oh, this is Angelique Lanoue. But she’s not my girlfriend.” He grinned back.


“Oh, of course not.” She grasped my hand in a startlingly firm handshake, giving me a wink this time, in a manner that she clearly thought was discreet, causing me to play host to a small blush as Sirius disguised his chuckle in a cough. “Well, what can I get for you two?”


“We’ll have two butterbeers and I’ll have a dragon steak, and Angelique here will have a…” he trailed off, looking over at me expectantly.


“Oh, I’ll just have a salad with gillyweed vinaigrette.” I finished the sentence.


“Alright kids, I’ll have those to you real quickly then.” She flashed us one more smile and trotted off in the direction of the kitchen, yelling something inaudible, mere seconds later she came back with two glass bottles, clanking together with every step she took. She came to a stop in front of our seats, placing a bottle almost roughly before each of us, tapping the top with her wand, the bottle tops popping off and landing with a metallic clang on the long table, where Rosemerta swept them off and into the garbage before turning and heading to the sink to continue scrubbing the mountain of dirty glasses.


Absentmindedly, I ran my fingertips over the top of my head, feeling the newly diminutive pieces of hair there. I peeked over at Sirius out of the corner of my eyes, admiring the graceful, almost refined way he took a swig out of the bottle. I turned my attention to my own bottle, thinking about if I could just reach over and grab it and take a sip whilst looking casual and not betraying the fact that I had never had even butterbeer, the weakest form of alcohol, ever before that time. I snorted to myself about the nervous state a simple drink had found me in.


“What?” I looked to my right and found Sirius looking at me confusedly, his gray eyes questioning.


“It’s just…I was just thinking that…” I sighed, resting my forehead on my hand. “I’ve never even had butterbeer,” I laughed, “and I’m nervous to drink it.” I looked up at him again, to find him softly chuckling, a sound I was rapidly becoming familiar with.


“God, Ang, just do it. Even Lily Evans drinks a little bit, and she’s almost as good as you.” He chuckled. “Merlin, I have a lot of work to do.”


“I don’t even understand how you do it, aren’t you scared you’re, I don’t know, going to get caught or something? Or doesn’t it at least make you feel bad?” I looked at him, pushing the words forcefully out of my mouth so that I wouldn’t wimp out of getting them out there.


“Honestly? No. Getting caught gets old fast, and it’s not like I do anything so bad that it haunts my conscience or anything.” Sirius said, an air of amusement hanging on his words.


“Okay, I guess I can see that. You just, you seem so nice, not like a person who is pulling pranks and humiliating Slytherins left and right would be. I expected you to be, maybe arrogant or a little mean, I guess.” I repeated the forcing the words out process again, I wouldn’t let my bashfulness get in the way of a normal conversation.


“Well, I may be more of a ‘bad boy’-for lack of better phrasing-but I’m not a mean person. People don’t take the time to get to know me because they think that, but ask anyone who really knows me, I’m pretty nice, I think.” Sirius answered, seeming a little shy himself, obviously not exactly comfortable talking about his character. Thankfully, Rosemerta chose that moment to bring our food out to the table, breaking the awkwardness.


We sat partially in companionable silence and partially making pleasant talk about things going on at school and occasionally about the things we would work on to break the image I had become so stuck in. We finally finished our meals and decided that today was not the day for clothes shopping and began our journey back to Honeydukes and from there back to Hogwarts.


We slipped through the halls and to the Common Room door with no one in the halls, but when we arrived at the portrait hole the butterflies in my stomach kicked into high gear. My hair might be somewhat old news between me and Sirius, but the absence of over a foot of hair would most defiantly be noted amongst a big group of people. Sirius, sensing my apprehension, turned to me and looked me straight in the eyes.


“Are you ready for this?” he asked me, trying to catch my eye as I looked at the ground. “C’mon, it’ll be no big deal, just get that confidence that you had when we were in Hogsmeade, it will be fine.” He reassured me. I nodded, still taking an unnatural interest in my shoes and the floor around it. I heard Sirius mutter the password then the door swing open, light and noise from the Common Room flooding out into the corridor. I sucked in a deep breath and took my first step into the crowded room.


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