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The next morning Rose woke up in her bed with Scorpius’s necklace still around her neck. Holding onto it she tried to work through her feelings. When she started back at school she had no feelings for Scorpius. He was a friend who she found it easy to work with nothing more. Or was he? Rose tried to be very honest to herself and tried to recreate how she saw Scorpius on the last day of school. He was handsome and smart. She enjoyed being with him and felt comfortable with him. I think I have something here but I need to talk to Cate to sort it out. Rose got out of bed and went down stair to call Cate. It was not till she walked in on her parents sitting at the table loaded with presents she remembered that today was Christmas day. She could not ruin Cate’s day just because she wanted to talk to someone wiser in emotions than she was. Ron and Hermione looked up as Rose came in to the kitchen. They could see Rose hesitate to come in and was not her usual self. When Hermione glanced from Ron to the door he took the hint and left the room. Hermione then got up and poured another cup of tea and put it on the table in front of the chair Ron had just left. “Sit down love and tell me what happened” she said.

Rose walked across the room still holding the pendant and sat down. “Mum; I don’t know how I feel, I don’t even know how I am meant to feel.” Hermione sat there sipping her tea knowing Rose needed time to get her thoughts in order. Eventually Rose continued “Just after I broke up with Zabini I thought Scorpius would kiss me and I really wanted him to but he didn’t. A couple of weeks ago I again thought he would kiss me. He didn’t and I thought that it would have been nice if he had.” Rose looked at her mum and saw understanding in her face. Rose took a deep breath and said “Last night when I saw Robyn and Al kissing, I mean really kissing, I got scared. I could not face kissing anyone like that. That is when I realized that I don’t really know what I want.”

Hermione said very clearly so that there would be no mistake; “You still like to be kissed and you enjoyed a fairly passionate kissing only two days ago.” Rose blushed when she remembered the kisses she shared with Robyn. Hermione continued “So I think that the kissing is only a part of the problem. I think that the biggest part is Scorpius and whether you think you are ready to kiss him. What you need to do is tell me how you feel about Scorpius.”

Rose looked at her mother as if she had never seen her before. When did mum get so smart and wise? Rose decided not to beat around the bush any more. “Last year I liked him as a friend, I enjoyed being with him and I don’t know how else to say this but I just felt comfortable with him. Do you think that is why I never saw him as a potential boyfriend?”

Hermione did not answer Roses question instead she asked one of her own. “When did you see him as a potential boyfriend?”

“I think that it was after I walked away from Zabini crying. He held me and let me cry on his chest without saying a thing.”

Hermione continued to question Rose; “Was it because you realized what he would do for you or was it simply because you needed to prove something to yourself?”

“I don’t know” Rose admitted. “I do remember that when I saw him coming over to me I thought that he was the exact person I wanted to see just then. When he held me I felt so safe and loved that I never wanted to leave his arms.”

“And what do you think now?”

Rose put her head into her hands and said “I don’t know. One part of me says he is fantastic person that I stupidly overlooked for five years and I want him as my boyfriend. But the other part tells me I only want to be with him because he was there when I needed him and I am using him as a shield against the world or as evidence I am still desirable.”

“I think I need to tell you a true story” Said Hermione. There was once a boy named Ron, he loved a girl called Hermione but did not know it. The reason he did not know it was that Ron and Hermione had been friends for years and he was content with their relationship as friends. It was easy and comfortable to keep treating each other the same as they always had. They would have to learn a whole new way of behaving towards each other if they became lovers.”

Rose started at her mum, “You and dad had the same problem. How did you solve it?”

Hermione smiled “I went to a dance with someone else and he got jealous.”

Rose giggled “If I had know that is all it took, I would have had Robyn take Scorpius to the party last night. If I got jealous then I would know which part of me was right.”

Hermione had a twinkle in her eye when she said “You already know. What did you feel when Robyn kissed Scorpius?”

Rose thought back, “Angry, I would say.”

Hermione kissed Rose on the cheek “Then I would say you are your fathers daughter and unable to see love, especially when it is under your nose.”

“That does not help” Rose pouted “What do I do about my phobia of being kissed?”

Hermione said “I believe that if you don’t try to force the point then things will work themselves out.”

Rose stood and walk towards the door, “I know, good thing come to those that wait.” With that she went upstairs to wake Robyn and open some presents.

Lunch was at the Barrow. As the Weasley family had only grown from year to year there was no chance that the celebration was going to be held indoors but it seemed that all the preparations were well planned and rehearsed. Bill, Percy, George and Ron set up the marquee, tables and chairs. Fleur, Audrey, and Angela did the cooking. Ginny and Hermione had to keep Grandma Molly out of the kitchen and out of the way. Victoria, James, Rose and Al normally had to cast the warming charms around the marquee. This year they had Robyn to help. The rest of the children had to run plates out and set the tables. Robyn was a little worried when she was first asked to help with the warming charms as most of the people casting the spells were under aged. Rose soon put her straight.

“Robyn with this many wizards and witches all casting spells no-one will notice a few extra spells. Beside who in their right mind is going to send the Head Auror, the Deputy Auror, the personal Secretary to the Minister and the Golden Trio an owl to say that some underage magic was detected around them.” Robyn still did not seem certain so Rose told her “I have been doing this since I was thirteen.”

The actual meal was sheer utter chaos. There was yelling up, down and across the table. There were jokes and pranks played on everybody. There was enough food to feed an army; which was appropriate as there was an army present. After deserts and people were starting to relax from over eating Percy and Audrey came over to where Robyn, Rose and George were discussing a new line of trick hats George was developing.

Percy sat next to Robyn and said “Thank you for everything you have done for our family. If you ever need any favours or help with the ministry just send me an owl and I will fix everything up for you.”

When he heard this George stood up and clutched his chest. “The shock, the shock. Percy bending the ministry rules to help his family. It’s too much. I’m going.” With that George sank to the ground and kicked his feet in the air a few times.

Percy looked at George on the ground and said “Idiot!”

Looking up from the ground George said “How come you would help me with the approvals to open the Hogsmeade store?”

“Because you are a prat and didn’t do anything to deserve help” said Percy as he walked away.

At the mention of owl Rose had a burst of inspiration; jumping up she went to find her grandfather. “Granddad can I borrow Hermes?”

Arthur looked up from the Popular Mechanics magazine he had been given for Christmas “You know you don’t have to ask. Sure you can.”

“Thanks Granddad!” Rose yelled as she raced into the house to write her note to Scorpius. Ten minutes later she was still not happy with the note; she wanted it to be from the heart without being soppy. She was not even sure how to start it. Should she just use his name or should she use Dear Scorpius, maybe Dearest would be better. My love was out but she could finish it Lots of Love. “Bugger it” Rose sworn to herself; this will have to do she thought as she read the final revision.

    Hi Scorpius
    How is my KISA.
    I just wanted to say have a Happy Christmas.
    I loved your present, I am still wearing it and
    I refuse to take it off.
    I have a present for you but you are going to
    have to wait for it
    I can’t wait to see you again;
    it is not the same with you gone.
    Yours with love

Rose sealed the letter and gave it to Hermes. As the owl disappeared in the distance Rose wondered if Scorpius would figure out that KISA stood for Knight In Shiny Armour.

Dinner was a quiet affair when compared to lunch; it was at Rose’s maternal grand parents place in Hove. They were muggles so there was definitely no use of magic here but there were still a surprise install for Robyn. As soon as they flued into the lounge room an elderly version of Hermione came through the doorway “Rose; how is my beautiful granddaughter? Hugo I think you have grown again.”

Hermione gave the woman a hug and said “Hi mum, how have you and dad been?” Without waiting for an answer Hermione started put the presents that they had brought with them under the tree.

Ron then bent down and gave the woman a hug and mimicked her greeting by saying “Hi Eileen; how is my bestest mother-in-law.” Looking up he added to the man still standing in the doorway “Hi Jon enjoying retirement?”

While all the greetings were happening Robyn moved back to one side of the fireplace with the intension of going unnoticed. Eileen was not going to let that happen. She walked over to Robyn and said “And how are you Robyn. I hope my daughter has been treating you well.” Eileen then gave Robyn a big hug and pulled her back into the middle of the family.

From the doorway Jon called out to the crowd “Before you lot get too settled anyone who wants a drink or something to eat follow me.”

After all the food and drink at the Barrow Robyn did not think anyone would take up his offer. She was wrong; Ron and Hugo almost ran to the kitchen. Even Rose grabbed Robyn’s hand and forced her to follow the men. “Have you ever had muggle soft drink?” Rose asked as they entered the kitchen. Robyn shook her head and Rose giggled “You are going to love this.”

In the kitchen Ron was at the table with a mince pie in each hand and Hugo was reaching for some gingerbread. Rose ignored the table and went straight to the fridge. “Two cokes please Granddad” said Rose.

Her grandfather reached into the fridge and handed each girl a red coloured tin. Even though her mother had worked in the muggle world Robyn had virtually no interaction with muggle; as such she had no idea of what to do with the tin she had just been given. Robyn heard a hiss next to her and when she looked around Rose had somehow got a hole to appear in the top of her tin and was pouring a nasty black liquid into a glass.

Jon understood her confusion, it happened every time they had visitors from the magic world. “Let me show you” he said. Robyn watched as Jon lifted and pulled forward a small tab on the top of the tin. This in turn pushed down a small flap revealing a hole just like Rose had made in her tin. Jon then poured the drink into a glass. Robyn watched in amazement and the drink started to froth and bubble in the glass. Jon stopped pouring when the froth reached the top of the glass but after a few seconds the froth had settled and he finished filling the glass for Robyn. It still looked disgusting but Robyn sipped it to be polite. Bubbles seemed to explode in her mouth and the taste was indescribable. At first Robyn could not decide if she liked it or hated it. Rose had finished her drink and was reaching for a second when Robyn took a second mouthful. Again she had a mouthful of bubbles and unusual flavour; she decided she liked it. Robyn quickly finished her drink and was about to ask if she could also have another when she felt a pressure building in her stomach, in seconds it had forced it’s way up her throat and out as a long loud burp. Robyn felt so embarrassed and Hugo cheering “Way to go Robyn!!” did not help.

Again Jon came to her rescue “Don’t worry it was the gas in the drink that caused the burp. If you drink it a little slower it won’t have a chance to build up pressure like that.” Jon then smiled at Rose “Though some people deliberately drink it fast just so they can burp.” To prove his point Rose then gave a long slow burp and started laughing.

When they returned to the lounge with drinks and food in hand Hermione and Eileen had set up little pile of presents on the floor. Everyone except Jon sat down around the fire, Jon went to the presents and pick up the first one. He shook it “Hmm it doesn’t rattle and it is not soft. Wonder what Hugo got?”  With that he passed the present to Hugo and picked up another present.

Rose whispered to Robyn “He does this every year, he slowly and methodically checks each present before handing it out and it drives dad mad with anticipation.” Robyn was about to laugh when she heard her name. She turned around to find Jon holding out a present for her.

Robyn just stared at the present not daring to touch it. Jon smiled and said “You will never fit into this family until you learn how to grab your presents and rip the paper off them.” Robyn took the present and saw the tag hanging off the ribbon;

To Robyn
Love from Grandma and Granddad.

Robyn felt the tears fill her eyes as she stared at the little piece of cardboard that held those seven words. This tag was worth more to her than any bag of galleon would ever be.

Rose put a gentle hand on her shoulder and said “Let see what you got.”

Robyn carefully removed the tag and put it into her pocket before opening the present. Inside were some warm blouses and a pair of jeans.

Hugo looked at the gift and said “Why does everyone think kids need clothes for Christmas.”

As the evening passed Robyn received presents from Rose, Hugo, Ron and Hermione. She ate mince pies, gingerbread and trifle. She drank several tins of Coke. But the thing that had the greatest impact on her was the little piece of cardboard in her pocket that had “To Robyn love from Grandma and Granddad” written on it. It turned this stranger’s house into her home. Of all the people she had meet only Jon and Eileen had unconditionally and completely accepted her as a part of their family; she was even told that she had to call them Grandma and Granddad.

When it was time to leave Eileen slipped a little present into Rose’s and Robyn’s hands and said “A little something extra for my granddaughters” she then kissed each of them and waved goodbye.

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