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[a/n: Sorry it took me so long guys! been busy these past few days with enrolment and fixing my schedules lol. Anyhow, i hope you guys like this!!] 

Chapter 10

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As usual, she was late for breakfast. She walked down the steps groggily. Everyone from her dormitory had already left for the Great hall, which she always appreciates. It was quiet in the common room and so she figured she must be the only person left when Tom Riddle suddenly appeared from behind a pillar, giving her a start.


“Is that some sort of habit of yours? Do you get your kicks from creepily appearing out of shadows or walls and pillars like some sort of stalker?” she rolled her eyes and walked on ahead.


He followed her closely behind. “I’ve been waiting for you to come down. Breakfast will be over soon so we should hurry.”


Hermione stopped dead on her tracks. “You waited for me to accompany me to breakfast? And here I thought we’re back to where we started”


“Back where, exactly?”


“Back to loathing each other like a couple of fighter fishes”


Tom Riddle laughed out loud. “Am I to believe you just compared us to a fish?”


Hermione was stunned as she watched Tom Riddle laugh. She has never heard Voldemort laugh like this. It sounded immensely different from when he laughs when he watches someone being killed or tortured back in her time. Somehow he looked even more handsome if that were even possible.


Hermione shook her head hard as she realized what she was thinking. ‘Handsome? In more than thirty years he’ll look more like a mutant toad.’ She thought to herself.


“In any way, Vane, I don’t think we’re back to where we started.”


“So where are we then?” She asked, continuing to walk ahead of him as they left the common room.


“Friends do bicker often still.”


This time, it was Hermione’s turn to laugh. “Bicker? You call last night a bicker? Riddle, I threatened to break you limb by limb and you still think that makes last night nothing more than a simple bicker.”


“I threaten to feed Malfoy to the Giant Squid every now and then so yes I think that was nothing more than a simple bicker between two people that are trying to get along” he told her. He didn’t feel to mention all the other countless horrifying threats he had ever given to numerous people.


Hermione stopped on her tracks and looked behind at Tom Riddle’s face. ‘What is he doing? I expected him to retaliate… to try and torture me for information, even. To hand me Veritaserum and question me in how I have come to know a lot. What in the world is he planning this time?


“Listen, about Hagrid.” He started. He had already planned what he was going to say the night before. “ I admit… I wasn’t… entirely sure that creature was the monster of Slytherin but even if it wasn’t, Vane, Acromantula is still dangerous towards the students. They were threatening to close down the school. I had to do something.”


He continued. “A girl was killed, Vane. When I found out Hagrid was keeping a dangerous creature in the castle, I had to do what I can to protect the school. Two months of misery in the summer is enough in one year. If the school had closed down, I would have had to go back. Unlike some people, Hogwarts is the only place I can call home, Vane.”


Hermione dropped her potions book and was yet again stopped on her tracks, stunned. She turned around and whispered, “Harry”


“What’s that?” he asked. “Harry?”


Hermione blinked a few times before recovering herself. She bent down and picked her book before starting to walk again, this time faster than usual. She was so frustrated that he keeps reminding her of Harry. He is nothing like Harry. He is vile, cruel, and evil and any other word than can describe the spawn of pure evilness fits perfectly to his description.


He truly can be charming. “‘Hogwarts is the only place I can call home?’ Yes, people usually keep a basilisk in the pits of their Home.


“Who is this Harry? Why do you always mention his name?”


“If you really want us to get along, Riddle, I advice you never to say that name ever again” she hissed. ‘You have no right to… you murderer


Tom grabbed a hold of her arm. “In that case… we still have our agreement then? We will try and get along?”


“I suppose.” She answered. “Another foul word about Hagrid however and I wouldn’t consider our little bicker as just a threat. I will break you, mark my words.”


“I suppose I can live with that.” He grinned, his perfect white teeth exposed.


As promised, the next couple of days, both tried hard not to lose their tempers to one another and both have yet to find what they were looking for. Hermione did not pull anymore stunts during her Divinations class, thinking it would be excessively dangerous though it was the only time Tom did not sit with her.


Breakfast, Lunch and classes Hermione and Tom Riddle were not seen without the other. She had even gotten used to Abraxas’ excessive hormones though she reciprocated with her usual biting remarks. It was almost a duty to monitor the other. Hermione made sure he wasn’t out of her sight in case he was meeting Deatheaters while Tom observed her hoping he can find answers.


Every now and then, they both exploded at one another but to no fail, Tom always apologized even though at times it wasn’t even his fault. He was determined to get what he wants no matter the cost. If he could not charm his way through her, there would be other ways.


Tom had tried to use Legilimency against her a couple of time only to acquire a horrible headache that he only lasts at least three seconds before he had to stop trying.


She visited Hagrid during dinner, mostly talking about different magical creatures and her life before she had come to the castle as well as the latest news in school. As Riddle promised, he did not utter any more word about Hagrid. He never even asked what she does during dinnertime, knowing the answer.


She didn’t show it, but for the first time in months, she felt scared for herself. She wasn’t even sure if she was doing the right thing anymore. Tom Marvolo Riddle is evil, cruel and manipulative. She did not want to have to hang around with him day in and day out and she will certainly not have herself caught in his web.


He was not only dangerous, he was intelligent, very much so. She wondered if she can outwit the most dangerous wizard of all time. Then again, he wasn’t the most dangerous wizard of all time, at least, not yet. She has not even heard of any meetings involving the Death Eaters.


She tried hard to forget that the boy in front of her was the future dark lord who will end up killing her parents. It was the only way to stop herself from ever losing her temper in front of him. She has to stop him from being the cold-blooded murder that he will become at whatever cost, no matter what she has to sacrifice.


“Vane, are you even listening to me?” said Tom, “I said we need to hurry. We’ll be late for dueling class.”


Hermione nodded before she was snapped back up from what he said, “Dueling class? What are you talking about? Are we having Dueling classes in History of Magic now?”


Tom sighed in annoyance, “This is why you’re not supposed to skip out on dinner, Vane. It was announced almost three days ago, we are to have dueling classes starting today.”


“What ever for?” Hermione asked. ‘The only person we need protection from is you…


“Honestly Vane, don’t you even read the papers anymore?” Tom asked. He knew the answer. Every morning he would read the paper while Abraxas throw Hermione his flirting antics. Not once did she ask for her to borrow it. “Gellert Grindelwald, Vane, that’s what its for.”


Hermione tripped and fell flat on her face.


Tom Riddle watched her from the floor for a few seconds, fuming. She was getting more and more a grievance in his eyes every day that at times he didn’t even think there was any point to his plan anymore.  Every time he tried to read her mind or try any other method to get inside her head, it instead backfires. He sighed before helping her up like the gentleman he was supposed to be.


She was too stunned to care that Voldemort was touching her. “It’s 1945!”


“Honestly, Vane, are you not supposed to be the most intelligent female Slytherin in this school now?” Tom remarked. “Yes, it is indeed 1945.”


Professor Dumbledore defeats Grindelwald this year’ “Of course! I almost forgot! Grindelwald”


“You forgot? Why do look so happy about it, Vane? He’s closing in on England and though he’s bent on terrorizing muggles and mudbloods, he has also murdered a fair few wizards. The Headmaster thought it appropriate to know how to defend ourselves when the time came.”


Finally, they reached the History of Magic class which was somehow transformed into a huge spacious room. It reminded her of Dumbledore’s army.


She could not remember if there was anything on the History books about Dueling classes in defense from Grindelwald. It seemed important enough information.


All houses from the 7th year seemed to be present. “Why couldn’t we use the Great Hall?”


The class was already starting. The Defence against the Dark Arts teacher as well as Professor Dumbledore was present. They were already beginning to demonstrate the proper way of Dueling.


“The rest of the school is using it. The 7th years have a special Dueling Class.” He was getting tired of answering her questions. He walked on ahead of her to look for a better position.


Hermione didn’t mind being left alone as she surveyed the whole room. The atmosphere felt so much like the DA. She tried not to remember in fear of breaking down once again.


It seems she didn’t need to try hard enough as her thoughts were interrupted when someone bumped into her harder than was necessary. She turned around and found Dolores Dreizi, looking fiercely at her.


“What’s got your knickers in a knot this time, Dreizi?”


“You think you’re some… some pompous little fop princess because you managed to snag the Headboy. Well, let me tell you, today I will show you your place… exactly where you truly belong.”


Hermione was in a fit of laughter. “Snagged… the…. Headboy” she couldn’t stop herself. “fop… princess.” She wiped the tears from her eyes, “You are absolutely side-splitting, Dreizi. You may not just be as bad as I thought you were.”


“Why you—” she was positively livid that it made Hermione crack up all over again. She reminded her so much of Pansy Parkinson before she turned into a Deatheater.


“Miss Vane” Professor Robards bellowed. “Since you’re so confident in your skills, pissing your pants from amusement, why not volunteer yourself to go first?”


Hermione always liked Professor Robards regardless of his sick humour. His son was to be the Head of Auror in her time. He appreciated Hermione for her amazing skills in DADA but he never played favourites. He was strict when he needs to be yet a very competent teacher that never fails to compliments his students where they deserved it.


“I apologize, Professor. I didn’t realize how much a clown Dreizi here was. With that said, I would love to volunteer, Professor.” She said politely. Hermione stepped into the middle of the spacious room, her face red from all the laughter.


“You may choose your partner, Miss Vane.” Professor Robards told her.


She already knew who she wanted to pick before he could finish his sentence. She scanned the room for Riddle and finally found him beside a few other Slytherin boys. He didn’t look surprised that Hermione was watching him, as if he expected her to choose him.


She smiled to herself. Could this be her chance? She wondered. This could be the perfect opportunity that she had been waiting for. If she accidentally on purpose kills him, would they really throw her in Azkaban? Maybe not kill, she could just hurt him enough to send him in St. Mungos for a couple of months.


Even so, could she really do it? Could she be so ruthless?


Hermione shook her head, ‘Why show mercy? He made me into who I am today. The question should be, can I control myself enough not to kill him in front of all these people now that I have a chance?


“Miss Vane?” Professor Dumbledore interrupted her thoughts.


Hermione looked into her old Headmaster’s face. Can she really do this in front of Professor Dumbledore? She already knew the answer before the question even formed in her mind.


“I choose… I choose” She began. “Dolores Dreizi, Professor.”


She saw the shocked look that shot across Tom Riddle’s face. Yet again, he found herself astonished by her actions. He was getting ready to walk towards her, preparing for their combat. He knew the result of it, of course, yet he was deadly curious how she will go about in the spar.



Dolores pranced across the room, believing she finally had the chance for her revenge. Apart from Tom Riddle and the rest of his friends, she was the best dueler in Slytherin. Her self-confidence was emanating throughout the whole room.



Hermione sighed at her decision. If she was not able to pick Riddle she might as well have chosen Malfoy or Mcnair or anyone that might have given her a challenge. She had been duelling for two straight years mostly with excellent wizards, some were highly skilled Aurors training her. She could not believe that the pugs name was the first name that she could provide.



She rolled her eyes as they both bowed and completed all necessary formalities. Dolores smirked as they both had their wands ready.



Before Dreizi could even blink, Hermione cried, “EXPELLIARMUS”



The jet of red light that erupted from Hermione’s wand hit Dolores straight in the chest and caused her to fly across the back wall of the room, approximately 10 metres away.


A lot of gasps were heard throughout the huge room. They had never seen anyone produce such a powerful disarming effect.



Dolores stood up, her nose bleeding. It was a wonder to everyone how she could still be conscious after having thrown into a wall. Hermione guessed the Professors must have intervened to protect her crash.



Professor Robards faked a loud cough and said, “W-well done, Miss Vane.” Both Professors tried to hide the surprise of Hermione’s powerful spell. They too had never seen this level of magic in a student. It was even rare among many adult witch and wizards and it was only a simple disarming spell.



“Alright, who else would like to go next?” The Professor tried to distract everyone’s attention.



“NO” Dolores snarled. “I’m not done with her yet.” She quickly strode forward towards her original position, her hair completely astray. She wiped the blood from her nose and glared at Hermione.


Hermione smirked. “I don’t think that’s a very appropriate thing for you to say. You haven’t even done anything to me as of yet, Dreizi.”


“We’ll see about that” she muttered before screaming, “FURNUNCULUS!”


Hermione deflected the spell with a lazy flick of her wand, “Boils? Come on Dreizi you can do better than that. You’re a Slytherin, aren’t you?”


“MOBILICORPUS!” She screeched at Hermione.


Again, Hermione swiftly waved her wand for another Shield Charm, this time the force knocked Dolores off her feet “What exactly were you planning to do? Hoist me up in the air and throw me out the window?” she stated, noticing Dolores eyeing the glass windows from Hermione’s left beforehand. “We’re on the 7th floor. That could very well kill me you know.” Hermione clicked her tongue. “Well, at the very least, it proves you a worthy Slytherin.”


Hermione tried very hard to remind herself that she was not in a real duel, afraid she would end up harming Dolores.


Dolores stood up and screamed in frustration, “IMPEDIMENTA”



After Hermione deflected the spell for the third time she said, “Too much emotion, Dreizi. You need to control it… concentrate on the enemy, examine their weakness, look for an opportunity and attack



Dolores’ hands were shaking from anger. “DENSAUGEO”



Hermione blocked the curse once again and finally feeling restless and also feeling sorry for Dreizi for trying so hard, she sighed, “May I have my turn now please?”



Without waiting for a response, Hermione slashed her wand and casted a non-verbal spell. It seemed as though nothing had happened but after three seconds, Dolores began to gag and opened her mouth only to start vomiting a pool of muddy brown water.



Everyone back away from disgust more so when the smell hit them.



Hermione shrugged. “The sewage had some blockage. Thought I’d do the school a little favour.” She had invented the spell not too long ago with a little help from the Weasley twins. She half expected it not to work, thinking the sewage might have been different than in the future.


This was the only spell Hermione could think of that was perfectly harmless yet will teach Dreizi a very hard lesson.


“MISS VANE” Professor Robards bellowed.



Professor Dumbledore flicked his wand and almost immediately, Dolores stopped being a human drain. Another flick of his wand and the mess was cleared out though the stench was still quite strong.



Dolores crumpled into the floor, whether in exhaustion or from the strong reek, no one could be sure.



“Bring her to the Hospital Wing” Professor Dumbledore told a few Slytherin boys calmly. Though the boys were a little reluctant due to her smell, they carried her and hurried off.



“Dueling class over!” Professor Robards roared. “Go to dinner, everybody”



Hermione began to walk away before the Professor stopped her, “Except you, Miss Vane. Stay here”



As soon as the room cleared, the two Professors faced her. Professor Dumbledore looked simply solemn while Professor Robards face was livid.



“What exactly entered your mind when you transformed Miss Dreizi into a human drainage?” Professor Robards questioned her, his voice hard and his accusing finger pointed at her was menacing.



She felt nervous being this close to Professor Dumbledore again. She was afraid he would finally break out her secrets. He was after all the wisest man ever to have walked in the Magical world since Merlin.



“I thought it was very appropriate, Professor.” She tried to keep her voice even as to not give away just how immensely nervous she really was.



Appropriate? Appropriate to have Miss Dreizi choke out grime?” Professor Robards voice reached a few octaves higher.



Hermione nodded and managed a small shrug; “Her mouth is full of garbage in any case. I thought it most appropriate.” Garbage was not exactly the word she was planning to go for. She didn’t know what the big deal was. Terrible things had been done to her in her dueling classes which in turn she could have easily done to Dolores but had chosen not to.



Dolores Dreizi was a self-absorbed weasel but Hermione would never dream of killing or causing anyone huge physical pain when they had not done anything grave to her. After all, she has never done anything to Hermione except throwing her n a couple of pathetic threats.



“10 points from Slytherin and Detention, Miss Vane. Three weeks of Saturday and Friday detention with Professor Dumbledore.”The Professor told her, “Is that alright with you, Albus?”



“Certainly, Cruxtus” said Professor Dumbledore, smiling.



Hermione’s jaw dropped. Detention? How could Dumbledore even agree to this when it was totally uncalled for.


“Pardon me, Professor but I don’t understand how I could deserve such a punishment. Dolores Dreizi would have done more damage to me had it not been for my blockings. I would have, no doubt, been thrown out of the window! My spell would never have caused her any physical harm except maybe being impervious from any smell for a couple of months”



“Excellent blocking might I say however I specifically asked only to use Disarming spells, Miss Vane.”



Hermione’s eyes widened and looked at Professor Dumbledore for confirmation. He simply nodded in response and smiled at the confused girl.



“B-but… what about Dreizi? I had used only one non-disarming spell while she had used over four.” She had never been given detention for not listening in class. How could she have missed such simple rules?



“I am aware of that, Miss Vane; I was after all standing not a few feet away from you.” Professor Robards eyed Hermione. “Miss Dreizi will be dealt with as soon as she recovers.”



Hermione could not believe her bad luck. The one person she was trying hard to avoid and now she somehow managed to get stuck out of her free will for six days.



“You best be off now, Miss Vane” Professor Dumbledore told her.


She nodded at the Professor, avoiding his piercing blue eyes at all cost. She slowly turned around and walked towards the door.


“Oh and Miss Vane?” The DADA Professor called out. “25 points to Slytherin”



Hermione whipped around to face Professor Robards who, just a minute ago was positively angry at her and yet now he was reluctantly smiling. “For outstanding blocking skills. I have never before enjoyed a student’s duel in my life.” He admitted.


Hermione smiled and nodded.



“Next time, however, I advise you to listen to instructions.” He raised his eyebrows at her. “You might just create some permanent damage.”



Hermione grinned weakly before she left the two Professors. It had been awhile since she was happy for her school achievements. She felt refreshed after a good duel though she just piled on about a million problems in the future. She had no idea what she will do to avoid Dumbledore’s questions that she was sure without a doubt he will ask.



“Did I not tell you Albus?” Professor Robards told the wise man beside him after Hermione was out of earshot. “Did you see the way she handled Dreizi’s spells as if a master of duels? I have yet to see such precision and perfection in Deflection spells and Shield charms especially at her age.”



Professor Dumbledore simply nodded as he waved his wand around, returning the room into its original structure and trying his might to remove the horrible stench.



“And did you notice her pose? It was as if she was a Professional Dueler! You heard what she said to poor Miss Dreizi like an instructor… as if she’s been trained for battle!” he exclaimed. “In class, it’s as if she’s mastered Defence against the Dark Arts!”



“Peculiar girl isn’t she…” Professor Dumbledore quietly mused.



“Pity. I wonder myself, almost all the time, where in God’s earth this girl had come from.” Professor Robards scratched his beard, “I wonder if she started getting her memories back? We should send her more to the Hospital Wing or take her to St Mungos for a quick check-up.”



“Madam Kempton has expressed concern over this matter, also. Miss Vane never once returned to the wing. She deems it mental and emotional rather than physical meaning Madame Kempton might not have done any difference for her.” Professor Dumbledore told him.



“Such a pity… pity really” The man kept muttering to himself before finally realizing something, “Oh my how time flies, we should head off to dinner, Albus”



The two men walked out of the room, one of them in particular was looking forward to his meeting in Friday with a most peculiar girl.



Albus Dumbledore smiled to himself, satisfactorily.


Chapter 11 Preview

Tom Riddle glanced at the clock for what seemed like the hundredth time. It was already midnight. She had never been this late before. He wasn’t even really sure why he was waiting for her.  


He was already starting to grow weary from waiting and considered going to bed instead of waiting for her. As he stood up, intending to walk towards the boy’s dormitory, he remembered what Malfoy had said.



Dreizi wouldn’t dare, would she? She knows what Vane is capable of. Even if she is able to get even tonight, she’d think Vane will surely go after her if she tries anything’ he mused.



His instincts were more than usually right. He did not think Dreizi would be idiotic enough to actually try and get revenge. Yet, his instincts also told him something was wrong.



Frustrated, he stalked out of the common room.  He wasn’t worried per se of neither her safety nor her well-being, he was simply following his instinct; he began to tell himself.



[a/n: The next chapter is my personal favourite so i hope you guys stay tuned! A big shout out to all the people who reviewed!!!!!! you guys rock! Hopefully, you guys will review again this time!!! like i said, it really inspires me to write : D] 

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