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Abstinence by fishergirl
Chapter 9 : Chapter IX: Forgive
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An apology from a very sorry author: At times it seemed the fate was conspiring against this being posted: Between burnt fingers, a grassfire, a severe heatwave in a house with no air-conditioning, renovating, starting a new fan fiction forum complete with library for recommendations (check out my page for details), not to mention the recent attack of the homework monster, you really are lucky to have a chapter at all.

Chapter IX

I confronted my family the very next morning. Telling them in no uncertain terms that if they ever wanted to see me again they would have to accept that Scorpius was a part of the deal was one of the most nerve wracking things that I have ever done. The shocked silence that followed was broken only by James making sounds similar to those made by a feral cat on heat. I had another confrontation between Albus and myself, however this time I stood my ground, needing only the memory of lips upon mine to provoke me to take the offensive. Gradually I won most of my family over until eventually only James, Hugo, Lucy and of course Albus stood against me. With Lily’s help I managed to persuade them to say nothing to my parents until I told them. After her success Lily has decided that she wants to get into politics after her N.E.W.T.S. The Wizengamot doesn’t stand a chance.

The letter to my parents was easier than I thought it would be. Deciding that subtlety was lost on Dad, I simply stated in the first sentence that I was now seeing Scorpius in a decidedly non platonic relationship and there was nothing that they could do about it. I wish Mum had a camera on hand when she read that out to him. Judging from the confused mess of the letter that I received back it would have been priceless. Mum simply told me that she wished us well.

His parents reaction was unnervingly similar to mine. Scorpius’s Dad sent back a very strongly worded letter with liberal use of exclamation points detailing that he hoped that Scorpius knew just what he was getting into that often wandered off into meaningless tangents about Weasleys and Ferrets. Neither Scorpius nor I had any idea what he was on about, but oh well. Scorpius’s mum seemed pretty okay with it all though.

The Hogwarts rumour mill went into overload, and within two hours of me telling Hugo as well as my multitude of cousins I had people asking if we were engaged. Lily once again proved her worth, digging up gossip of an affair between Professor Corner and the Slytherin Head of House. The news that Professor Corner was cheating on her husband with a member of the staff more than fifteen years her senior seemed much more exciting to most people, and for that Scorpius and I were grateful.

This time it was the Daily Prophet that an article about my activities was printed in. It was a slow news weeks so somehow we made the second page. The wizarding world found it to be of great interest. Owls were pouring in all weeks, some people writing into to us with utter crap about blood purity and the like. But they were far overshadowed by the well wishes, which incidentally are all kept in a small chest underneath my four poster bed. Beetle face Skeeter tried to get an interview, and after she got quite enraged out our initial polite refusal we took great delight in the use of the bat bogey hex. Which Lily took a photo of, so now I think I might frame it and give it to Mum for Christmas. I think she’ll enjoy that.

Scorpius and I are inseparable. Albus grudgingly got to know him, and now I cant get the pair of them to shut up. James even helped when I bought Scorpius around for Christmas lunch at the Burrow, things got a bit dicey for a while, but then James stepped in and decided that the best way to break the tension would be a food fight. I can proudly say that Scorpius gave as good as he got. And he got a lot. And then I snuck off to err… help him with all of the treacle tart decorating his face while everyone was throwing chocolate pudding at Dad.


A/N: I think I’m going to cry (I say this as I switch the story to Status: Completed). A massive thank you goes to everyone who reviewed and favourited Abstinence, and a big hug goes to all of amazing and fantastical Validators.
Im also writing a missing moment from Scorpius' POV at the moment. Keep and eye out for it. I’ve been thinking about the possibility of writing a sequel, so if anyone wants to be informed when it’s been posted (if it gets posted), drop me a owl with your email address over at the forums and I’ll put you on the list of people to inform. However, I think it has to be said that a sequel probably wouldn’t be about Rose herself, probably about another character whose story I feel is yet to be told.
Thanks to my sister Kate for putting up with my ramblings, and most of all, a e-chocolate chip cookie goes to you, the reader for not getting annoyed at Rose and then sticking pins in a Voodoo doll in the rough shape of fishergirl during her temporary leave of absence. Thank You!
:D Sharon.

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Abstinence: Chapter IX: Forgive


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